It’s a scientific fact that smoking marijuana is the best pre-workout ritual. Okay, that’s not exactly true, but if you’ve ever hit the pipe or bong before a yoga or spinning class, you know the feeling we’re talking about. This sense of calm, motivation and empowerment comes over you to push your muscles harder than ever before and walk out of that class dripping in sweat. And wouldn’t you know it? Some professional athletes feel the same way. You’ll never guess which NFL players smoke weed before the game!

NFL players smoke weed

Marijuana’s Place In The NFL

Firstly, we need to determine if marijuana is even legal in the National Football League. This subject has been the topic of heated debate for many years now. Unsurprisingly, it’s illegal to bulk up on steroids and other drugs in the NFL as they can enhance physical performance on the field, which would make the match-ups rather unfair. But guess what? Marijuana has been said to augment performance as well.

Healthline did a piece on Marijuana And Exercise, noting, “some users report that using marijuana prior to exercise makes it more enjoyable or that they find they can push through the discomfort — pounding out a few extra reps for example — because of the high.” But then again, too much marijuana can make us “green out” and fall flat on our butts. It’s this hazy, grey area that has NFL officials stumped on the marijuana rules. Take it from veteran Rams safety Eric Weddle, who claims, “It’s kind of tricky.”

According to the Los Angeles Times, “pro football has a history of keeping marijuana on the banned substance list, even as public opinion has gravitated toward its legalization and available research has identified its potential to alleviate a range of ailments. 

Players wanting to use cannabis or related products, such as Cannabidiol extract, have needed to do so quietly, sidestepping periodic tests.” Up until now, it’s been a “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. But that could all change in a flash as some players are finally coming clean about their weed usage.

NFL players smoke weed

NFL Players Who Confessed to Marijuana Use

The NFL pro to make the biggest splash so far is Martellus Bennett, a now-retired tight end for the Dallas Cowboys, who dropped a jaw-dropping statistic — “about 89%’ of NFL players use marijuana.” Say whaaaaat? How did all these players side-step the mandatory drug tests for so long? 

Then there’s Jacksonville Jaguars offensive lineman Eben Britton who, before most games, took a refreshing ice bath, followed by a hot shower, followed by a joint. “NFL games I played stoned were some of the best games I ever played. Cannabis cements your surroundings,” he says. “A lot of people say they’re useless when they smoke weed. But hell, I played NFL games [while stoned], dude. My performances were solid and I felt really good after.”

NFL players smoke weed

Can NFL Players Miss Games Because of Weed?

According to Long, the NFL knows exactly which players smoke but chooses to turn a blind eye to avoid public scandals and drama. If they banned every player for lighting up, there wouldn’t be any games to play! We’d be looking at one or two players on the field. 

To give the illusion that marijuana is highly illegal in the NFL, they banned running back Le’Veon Bell from the Pittsburgh Steelers for three games after they found traces of cannabis in his drug test. In fact, he’s such a regular smoker that the NFL apparently surprised the Steelers with a random drug test on April 20th, also known as 4/20. Now that’s hilarious.

Other players who reportedly smoke marijuana include…

  • Martavis Bryant
  • Von Miller
  • Josh Gordon
  • Shaun Smith
  • David Irving

The Biggest NFL Controversy

Remember this fact — Le’Veon Bell was banned from three games after he got caught smoking marijuana. Meanwhile, Tom Brady’s supposed 4-game suspension from #DeflateGate was lifted almost immediately, practically before the official season even started. How on Earth does that seem fair? Wouldn’t you think that cheating in the playoffs (deflating the footballs) should have a harsher punishment than marijuana use? Not in the NFL, apparently. And that’s what thousands of football bans were furious about, including the outspoken Snoop Dogg.


If you’re feeling highly confused right now, you’re not alone. The NFL supposedly turns a blind eye to marijuana use half the time but bans professional athletes the other half. Could this be due to NFL ranking? Maybe if you’re a 5-star player like Brady the rules don’t apply to you and you’re “allowed” to cheat. Let the conspiracy theories begin. Were you shocked by some of the NFL players who smoke weed? Tell us in the comment section below.

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