Whether you are going to some faraway tropical destination, winter wonderland, or simply enjoying some staycation time, nothing says kicking back like indulging in some good relaxing strains when all you have to do is exactly what you want to. As such, I wanted to share five recommendations for your much-needed and well-deserved time off from the hustle and bustle of life and its demands.

Relaxing Strains

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But first, a few generals for those of you who are maybe newer to cannabis usage. If you’re looking to just chill out, relax, nap, and/or get some extra sleep, going for an indica or indica-dominant strain is the route to go. If you’re wanting to go out, socialize, mingle, and party til the cows come home, then opting for a sativa or sativa-dominant strain is going to be your best bet.

And, if you’re wanting a mix of chill, lazy vibes that aren’t necessarily going to have you fast asleep beside the pool or in a hammock within a short time and where you’ll feel alert and energized enough to just enjoy how relaxed you’re feeling, then going with a 50/50 hybrid is going to do that for you. Of course, every strain has its different effects, so you always want to read the descriptions and/or talk to your budtender as, for example, some 50/50 hybrids tend to be a bit more energizing, while others can lean more towards the sedating side.

Hopefully, the list provided below of relaxing strains to enhance your vacation or staycation time that much more will help get you on your way.

Relaxing Strains

Five Relaxing Strains to Pack With You

Strawberry Cough

This creeper of a feel-good strain is known for having you ready for being up for almost any kind of activity be it go body surfing at the beach, going to a backyard BBQ, or heading to a local watering hole to mix and mingle with the locals, all without overwhelming you with its uplifting and elatedly euphoric effects. 

Lemon Haze

This spectacular summertime strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid with lemon-fresh zestiness that fills your body and being with a sense of happy positivity and energized motivation. With a THC content of around 22%, this is a potently psychoactive hybrid that might first have you chatting away and then eventually blissfully reclined as your mind travels from thought to thought.

Basically, Lemon Haze offers a feel-good wake and bake, daytime cerebral and physical effects, or a loquacious and sociable late night out kind of high. Nothing quite says “vacation” when your two big decisions for the day and night are “have a nice, lazy day hanging out by the pool with a friend” or “go out with friends and dance, and party the night away.” And, regardless of which you choose, Lemon Haze will help to enhance your experiences just that much more.

Green Crack

Speaking of relaxing strains, this sativa-dominant hybrid used to more commonly goes by the name “Cush,” until none other than rap and cannabis legend Snoop Dogg himself tried it and renamed it “Green Crack.” Green Crack will provide you with a long-lasting high that should soothe any tensions remaining in your mind and body as you start off your vacation, allowing you to really just decompress and re-energize. And, really, a sativa that has the blessing of Snoop Dogg is saying a lot for just how good this one can be.

relaxing strains

Our Top Two Relaxing Strains

Bubble Gum

Want more choices for relaxing strains? You know how folk often joke after returning home from a vacation that they need a “vacation to recover from their vacation” on account of being so busy going out and doing things they were when away? Well, Bubble Gum, which is a near-evenly-balanced hybrid, which leans slightly to the indica side, is the perfect way to just allow your mind and body to get the actual vacation they need while you’re on your vacation.

This popular strain, which is loved by many in part for its sweet pink bubblegum taste, is best known for its ability to get those creative juices flowing, and deliver deep relaxation. If you want to feel cheerful and relaxed, you’ll love Bubble Gum’s effects. While it definitely makes for great daytime usage, it’s best used on a day when you’re planning on just hanging out indoors or out without plans to go anywhere or do anything in particular as it is possible that its indica side could have you feeling pretty happy about not moving from sitting on the couch in front of a nice warm fire as you take in the mountain views or from your towel as you soak in some rest and relaxation on the beach. 

Flowerbomb Kush

This potent and fragrant indica-dominant strain makes for the ideal vacation strain as its effects are both soothing and energizing. While it is an indica, that doesn’t mean that Flowerbomb Kush will knock you out from the get-go. In fact, this delightful hybrid is known for inducing a giggly, chatty, social, and creative state–making it a good option for hanging out with friends that you’re spending time at a cabin or camping by a lake, etc. Its upbeat, calming effects are also known to provide relief from any stress and anxiety. ‘Cuz, just because you’re on vacation doesn’t always mean the things that have been plaguing your mind got that memo, and Flowerbomb Kush can help deliver that message to them.

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