You’ve discovered Pacific Seed Bank, and if you’ve already browsed through our offerings, you’re no doubt happy you did! But if you’re wondering what makes Pacific Seed Bank different from other online marijuana seed retailers, you’re not alone! What is a marijuana seed bank, anyway, and why would you buy from us?

Different Ways to Get Your Weed

These days, there are tons of ways you can get your hands on some marijuana, and it doesn’t even matter if you’re looking for a cheap dime bag or top-quality medical fare. Gone are the days of taking whatever the teenager on the corner had stuffed in that secret compartment in his backpack. Not only do you have options now, but they’re predominantly legal!

You can buy prepared flower from a dispensary. This is probably what most people think of lately, assuming they live in a state or province that offers such amenities. You walk in, you browse the offerings behind the glass, and you pick your poison (or, well, your medicine, technically). Dispensaries can have anywhere from a few to dozens of strains to choose from, and the people working there are usually pretty knowledgeable. In addition to fresh weed, you can pick up concentrates, vape pens and cartridges, and maybe even edibles if you live in a place where they’re legal. Some dispensaries will sell seeds, too, but this is less common.

You can buy clones from a nursery. If you want to grow but you’re a little nervous about starting from scratch, clones let you coax assured genetics to fruition, and dub yourself a medicinal green thumb with less risk. Obviously, it’s important to choose knowledgeable breeders if you’re going to go this route since your clone is a copy of the mother plant, and if the original had any issues, it’s a good chance yours will, too.

You can order prepared bud or clones online. Same deal, more or less, as the previous examples, minus the opportunity to examine the flowers or plants before you buy. There are lots of reliable companies out there, however, and the internet is certainly not afraid to set you straight about them (though keep in mind people tend to complain publically more than they celebrate, unfortunately). The biggest advantage to this option, I’d say, is the selection.

You can order seeds online from a seed bank. Like buying clones online (or shoes, or jeans, or hair products, or dishware, or…), one of the biggest benefits of buying marijuana seeds online is the selection from which you have to choose. Breeders and seed banks like Pacific don’t have the upfront costs of brick-and-mortar shops so we can bring in a much larger selection. Luckily, with the ease of transport in this modern world, it’s often not even that much more of a wait when you order seeds online. Think about the time you’d take calling or emailing shops if you were set on a specific strain. Then you have to get there. Of course, you could luck out, but ordering online removes that issue and lets you place your order from the comfort of your bed if you want — and all without talking to anyone (viva la introvert revolution!).

marijuana clones under lights

The Differences Between a Seed Bank and Online Shops

At Pacific, we’re old hat at sourcing and selling cannabis seeds, and we’ve experienced the single breeder side of the coin as well as the seed bank. If we have to boil it down to one sentence, here’s the difference: some online shops sell one breeder’s cannabis seeds, and some sell marijuana seeds from lots of different breeders. We’re the latter. Really – that’s the only difference.

Besides the benefit of having way more to choose from, there’s really nothing else to it. Seed banks don’t sell crappier seeds – we research the partners we offer and lab-test our products just like companies that hawk a single breeder’s wares. We have almost every strain on our site on hand when you order, so there’s rarely a long wait time between order and shipping. We use real people to put together your order, we package everything up nice, and we ship it discreetly — all the little pieces of the puzzle we know you want to see.

hand with marijuana seeds industrial hemp

Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds From a Seed Bank

Just like the prep and shipping process is no different, nor is buying from a seed bank. We take out the middle man, so you don’t have to go back and forth with our partners and deal with varying shipping rates and communication styles — if you think about it, we’re even better than Amazon in that regard! And as such, you just place your order the same, every time, regardless of which breeder you’ve decided to buy from. You can look at it as having hundreds of strains at your fingertips, or you can look at it as a great place to get seeds from your favorite breeder — either way, we won’t steer you wrong. Just like any other site, all you need to do is choose your seeds, choose your quantity, place your order, and chill. For real!

Buy Your Weed Seeds Locally

Some companies sell marijuana seeds from nearby, but most get their products from huge white-label breeders across the ocean. While some of Pacific Seed Bank’s partners do live over in Europe, we also source seeds from right here within our own shores. This is one advantage to buying from a seed bank — more selection means you can sort of “shop local” if that’s your thing.

Learn More About Pacific Seed Bank

We hope this answered your question. Pacific Seed Bank is all about bringing the people the best marijuana seeds out there, whether you’re looking for medicinal, non-psychoactive strains (check out CBD Depot) or an autoflowering strain that’s perfect for an indoor-growing first-timer. Whether you have a closet or a garden plot, just need to relax, our options, filters, and quick checkout and shipping have you covered. Thanks for shopping at Pacific Seed Bank!

  1. John Edwards says:

    I’m today years old when I first discovered Pacific Seed Bank. I placed an order, took advantage of a 20% discount, and paid via Zelle. After placing the order I stayed on the site to look around and discovered they have what could arguably be considered a stocked library. Then, while reading up on my fav strain, I found there is another in the family and one I wanted. So, I hit the chat bot to ask if I could alter my order. I could, and did, with the help of the live chat rep who was awesome in the short process it took. So yeah…I dig Pacific Seed Bank…you will too.

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