If you’re in the market for marijuana seeds, you’re probably wondering how much weed seeds cost. I recently read an article (but of course, I can’t remember where now) that questioned the rising cost of marijuana seeds. It said something along the lines of, “Whatever happened to cheap weed for stoners?”

Think about it for a second — remember the stoners you went to high school with? Smoking underneath the bleachers in between classes? No way did they spend hundreds of dollars on marijuana seeds! Not on their allowance! Some of you may be in the same boat, wondering why marijuana seeds are so expensive. Please allow us to explain why our marijuana seeds are worth every penny.

teenager smoking cannabis

The Benefits of Buying Weed Seeds

Even though marijuana seeds may seem like a blow to your paycheck at first, most growers wind up saving money in the long run. That’s because you can typically get about $200 worth of weed from one single marijuana plant. Say you love the Purple Punch strain (one of our bestsellers): all it takes is one plant to get you high for months. One gram of marijuana costs between $5 and $10 depending on the strain; an eighth ranges in the $20 zone (in Oregon, at least, where I’m writing from). Marijuana flower is undeniably cheaper than marijuana seeds, but how long does it last you? One week? One month? That’s nothing compared to the longevity of a marijuana plant.

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Why Do Weed Seeds Cost So Much?

Following negative feedback from certain marketplaces, we felt the need to address the cost of marijuana seeds ASAP. Take California, for example. Retailers in the Golden State “are struggling to cope with customers angry about price hikes and less product choice.” Customers say they’re being “ripped off,” by “astronomical” or “overpriced” weed. These are direct quotes. What happens next is a bit of a domino effect. Customers upset by the high cost leave negative reviews, which eventually leads to a decline in sales. As an Oregonian who usually spends no more than $20 on one dispensary visit, I was shocked to see that California flower retailed for $35 in 2017.  Ummmm….what? No wonder people are pissed! That same spike also affects marijuana seeds. Let’s look at a second market. According to Newsweek, Canadians are already complaining that legal marijuana is too expensive, just months after the recreational laws changed. “I want to buy legally! But the prices are almost double what I pay now,” one Canadian cannabis user posted on Reddit. “Who priced these things?” 

price of weed dispensary

The Cost of Weed Seeds in Various States

Another Redditor had this to say — “Just checked and 3.5g of Blue Dream [a west coast strain created from crossing blueberry indica and sativa haze] is $56 ($43.11 in U.S. dollars) are you insane!” Holy cow. I wish I could lower these prices for everyone, but the best I can do is invite you to stay at my home in Oregon, where the weed is significantly cheaper. Canadians might be better off buying marijuana illegally for half the cost (not that we’re recommending you break the law). Naturally, this led me to Google marijuana costs from state to state. Which has the cheapest marijuana seeds and flower? In order from most to least expensive, this is what Leafly had to say for the average item price:

  • California ($30.90)
  • Nevada ($26.94)
  • Colorado ($23.95)
  • Washington ($15.33)

Prepare to be blown away — a gram of cannabis flower runs an average of $4.90 in Washington, according to the Headset data. Meanwhile, one Canadian paid $56 for a gram of Blue Dream. What’s the solution, here? What can marijuana enthusiasts do to cheat the system a little bit? Here are our two cents: stop buying individual flower and grow your own marijuana at home with our high-quality seeds!

bowl of marijuana seeds

The Solution to Rising Weed Seed Prices

Our second-most-popular strain is Blueberry CBD. For $99.99, you can buy a 10-pack of seeds. That’s approximately two dispensary visits for our previously mentioned Canadian shopper. If one marijuana plant produces $200 worth of weed, imagine what 10 plants can do! That’s TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. Need we say more? Save your money at dispensaries, skip marijuana flower, and go with marijuana seeds instead.

  1. Martin O'Leary says:

    The problem is, not everyone knows how to grow marijuana. I believe they are getting $ 50 for an 1/8 of an ounce. But not everyone can afford to but the equipment necessary to grow, or they don’t have someone to teach them. I am all for buying seeds at $10 each. I was lucky though. I had a friend who taught me how to grow medicinal grade weed. So far I am averaging about 4 ounces / plant. Indoors around 5 / plant. And another hurdle, is if you want to do it right, it’s a lot of work. I was able to legally grow 12 plants this outdoor season. they kept me running all summer. I am on disability, so I grow for my own nerve pain medication, nothing else works. But that is the only reason I have the time to put into growing properly. But it is true that it is more than worth the time and starting expense to grow your own. Also I grow as close to organic as I possibly can. I would not trust the stuff they are selling at the dispensary. You don’t know where it’s grown, how it’s grown, what they’re using for fertilizer or what kind of pesticides they are spraying on the plants. They just want to get the product out the door as fast as they can, at the consumers expense, financially and health wise. you don’t know what else your getting with your weed, what kind of toxic residue your inhaling or ingesting. I would suggest people do some research on line and teach yourself how to grow. There are books on amazon, and tons of web sites where you can find all the information you need to start growing. And if you only grow outdoors( if it’s legal in your state) then the costs are not that bad to get started. Just to let people know what the benefits are. This was my third year growing outdoors. I have enough to be able to give it to friends who are also dealing with pain issues. I make topical rubs for joint and muscle pain. My mother loves it, has given her back some mobility in her bad knee. So it is definitely worth looking into growing your own. Good luck to everyone, cause if everyone grows their own weed, the world would be a happier place 🙂

    • chris a says:

      Martin, i’m not for sure where you are from but here in oklahoma any bud sold in a dispenary has to be tested by law. if there is any type of pesticide present on the bud tested then their whole crop is disqualitied. i’m like you and grow outside, here we’re able to grow 12. i’ve been growing on and off for 50yrs. two yrs ago i’d be doing 40yrs in the penitentiary and now i sit and laugh out loud that i’m able to look out by back door at 13′ plants. i think most folks forget that marijuana is just a weed. it really is easy to grow and like anything you get better with practice. i don’t know who wrote our law but it is probably the best in the country! we don’t have any corruption because none of the licensing goes thru any individual polititian plus they were smart enough to keep the taxes low (7%) and as a result we have more growers and dispensaries than all the other states combined. we did have one problem and that was because our laws were so compelling the growers in other states where weed was already legal closed up their operations and moved here in mass which put in state growers at a disadvantage.

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