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Lucky Feminized Seeds

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Say hello to your new favorite morning treat! Lucky Charms marijuana seeds can create the ultimate feel-good experience with notes of laughter, high energy, and socialization amongst friends. You also get a fruity and sweet aroma.

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Not to be confused with the delicious cereal, the Lucky Charms marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that can deliver the says euphoric effects as tasting those rainbow-colored marshmallows. Were you ever the type of kid who reached into the cereal box and only ate the candy? If so, think of Lucky Charms marijuana seeds as little drops of heaven. This strain can produce the ultimate feel-good effects for everyone to enjoy.


Very much a party strain, Lucky Charms can uplift your mood, increase socialization, and elevate energy levels to keep the party going all night. Be sure to bring some of this flower to your next social event. This crowd-pleaser can create a positive environment thanks to its cheerful and giggly effects. If you’re not the type of person who goes out a lot, you can still enjoy Lucky Charms by staying home and watching your favorite comedy.


Lucky Charms marijuana seeds also have plenty of medical benefits. The positive changes are almost immediate after taking your first puff. This strain can alleviate stress, increase appetite, and also has analgesic properties. As you might expect, the aroma that comes from Lucky Charms marijuana plants is fruity and sweet, just like the treat. These plants are usually covered in trichomes.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Pain


Citrus, Fruity, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for Lucky Feminized Seeds

  1. Chloe C. (verified owner)

    Who can say no to Lucky Charms? These are truly magically delicious with their sweet flavor and fruity goodness. It’s euphoric, uplifting, and will make you happy and giggly, meaning this is perfect for socializing with. You and your friends will have the time of your lives with this one!

  2. Addisyn Bright (verified owner)

    If you’re feeling lucky, better get online and start purchasing MJ seeds from Pacific seed bank. This pot is super fresh and potent! It’s good for growing indoors, or even out on your patio. It is very adaptable! Nothing quite like a bowl of fresh weed in the morning, right alongside my coffee. Ahhh how refreshing. So great that this MJ is available online and ships all over the country. Nice to have such a reliable sativa strain available at the click of a button.

  3. Dean Franco (verified owner)

    Lucky is the perfect strain for those who want a mellow, happy high. It’s easy to grow and produces big, dense buds. The tangy citrus flavor is delicious and the high is long-lasting. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a non-intense strain.

  4. Dalia Ramirez (verified owner)

    The plants grew easily and produced a good yield of beautiful buds. Smoking Lucky gave me a creative and happy high that left me feeling relaxed. The taste was citrusy and fruity, with hints of pine. I would recommend Lucky for anyone looking for a strain to treat depression, lack of appetite, or pain.

  5. Deborah Beasley (verified owner)

    Easy to grow hybrid that got flowering in just 8 weeks! How awesome is it to get 5/5 germinated seeds? PSB hooked me up with perfect germination for a second time! This plant was so resilient and gave me a solid harvest!

  6. Starlight6Sorcerer (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking Lucky Feminized Seeds has been an absolute delight. All of my seeds germinated successfully and grew into healthy plants. The effects of this strain are incredible – it’s a true crowd-pleaser. It delivers a happy and creative high, while also providing relaxation and stress relief.

  7. Allisson Wall (verified owner)

    Freshly harvested, this pot is slaying in my household LOL.
    Most people I know are obsessed with my flower. I am known as the house “weed grower.” I did not ask for the title…..but I do know where to score the seeds and I gotta say it’s pretty alright by me! I do keep it a secret, but mostly cause it’s fun to be the one in charge….can you blame me??
    Last harvest was around 100 G per plant, tucked nicely into these ball jars we keep in our pantry. Stays fresh for months!

  8. Jessica Ayala (verified owner)

    With its big social high, I found this strain great for sharing, a real “puff puff pass” strain with great tastes. Grows very fast and easily with a good yield size. Great for any level of grower.

  9. Serpent25Hunter (verified owner)

    So nice and tasty. I purchased lucky cause I was feeling down on my luck and needed a little pick-me-up! Great flavors and a bright color. I swear, this stuff seems like it’s from outer space. Is it from outer space?? Nope, it’s from my own backyard and it is AWESOME! Buying this weed is truly best experience of my life, and I loved growing it indoors. It’s a thrilling experience! There’s so much to know, so much knowledge I can acquire about weed, and much of it is right here on this website. A treasure trove of information!

  10. Odell1963 (verified owner)

    Great weed for waking and baking.
    5 seeds for an excellent price and 100% germination.
    Fresh nug just can’t be beat. Very happy.

  11. E Y Hung (verified owner)

    Uhhhh my literal favorite breakfast cereal is now a strain of weed? Only thing missing is the marshmallows. Other than that, easy to grow MJ with great looking flower. High energy buzz that’s good in the afternoon.

  12. Anisa Moon (verified owner)

    Oooo such an awesome weed! It’s so nice and fruity and the flower is huge and juicy! Buying online is easy and the seeds ship fast! Never again am I buying subpar weed from the dispensary when I can just as easily grow my own! Try it out for yourself!

  13. Kacie Anthony (verified owner)

    Today is your lucky day! Lucky is a light, bright, uplifting sativa that takes minimal effort to grow. Trust me, I am definitely a lazy gardener, but this weed really takes the cake. It got taller than me, almost tipped over and I had to stake it down. The flower was gorgeous, covered in sticky white trichomes with the smell of fresh clover!

  14. Lewys Curtis (verified owner)

    Feelin lucky? Get yourself some of this good luck green! Bought my seeds online, it was incredibly nice, very convenient. I like how everything just settles into place. It’s so easy to grow! I plant this in the back and 6 months fly by!

  15. Chad Mcconnell (verified owner)

    Today might just be your lucky day. A true gem of a strain, with a sweet flavor profile that lends itself to notes of forest floor and coffee!

  16. Haniya Madden (verified owner)

    As much as I miss eating this cereal in the morning, I think I enjoy smoking this marijuana strain even more! I ordered online and was happy to see the seeds in the mailbox only days later. I looooove Pacific seeds, their selection is the best on the internet, and they ACTUALLY have real customer service agents not just robots, who know a lot about weed! The flower is both sour and sweet, and it gives me a light and euphoric high, perfect for lazy afternoons or long drives!

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