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Lamb’s Bread Feminized Seeds

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Lambs Dream is a nearly 100% sativa marijuana strain that originates from Jamaica. As a daytime strain, Lambs Bread feminized seeds may produce energizing and awakening effects that boost brain function.

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What is Lambs Bread cannabis and what are its effects?

  • Energetic
  • Creative
  • Happy
  • Uplifting

Lambs Bread, which is also known as “Lambs Breath,” is a near-pure Jamaican sativa strain with a THC level of 20% that as legend would have it is said to have been one of Bob Marley’s all-time favorite strains.

This internationally-popular strain is an incredible daytime strain whose uplifting effects will have you singing and feeling how there’s no need to worry “cause every little thing is gonna be alright.” In fact, chances are that once you try this fabulous sativa, you’ll be headed back online to order more Lambs Bread marijuana seeds!

Renowned for being an amazing wake-and-bake choice, Lambs Bread imbues you with all the positive energy you need to start your day off oh so very alright. This happy-go-lucky Jamaican landrace sativa variety should get your creative juices flowing while simultaneously providing the extra oomph you need to be and stay productive and have you basking in its good vibes for hours on end.

Not only does Lambs Bread provide mental stimulation, it also imparts clear-headed cerebral effects that may serve to keep you from getting knocked off course by cluttered and chaotic thinking.

This fabulous daytime smoke will take you to the realms of euphoria, and fill you with a sense of boundless energy so that you’ll want to get up off your seat or out of your bed and jump head first into your day and fill it with happy experiences be they related to work or fun-filled recreational activities.

What does Lambs Bread taste like?

One of the things that Lambs Bread is known for is its uniquely tantalizing aroma that offers a pungent profile of sweet cheese and sour skunk that are sure to fill the room in an aromatic cloud of smoke.

In terms of its flavor, your taste buds are in for a treat with its sweet taste and earthy notes that are juxtaposed against shocks of pine. When combusted, Lambs Bread gives off a tasty and creamy smoke that leaves a delightful woody aftertaste long after your last exhale.

How do I grow Lambs Bread cannabis seeds?

Maybe the only thing that keeps Lambs Bread from being a perfect strain is that it’s not the easiest hybrid strain to grow, which means it’s not an ideal option for those who fall under the “beginner cannabis grower” label. However, since Pacific Seed Bank only sells feminized cannabis seeds, the likelihood of ending up with male plants is only about 10%.

For outdoor cultivation, the optimal conditions for Lambs Bread to thrive are that of a hot setting that is in keeping with that of a very warm Mediterranean climate. If you live in an area where that’s not possible, then indoor growing, where you can create and control the environment, is your best option. It’s worth mentioning here that Lambs Bread is also an excellent candidate for greenhouse cultivation.

If you do grow this inside, you will also need to make sure that you have enough space for your marijuana plants to fully branch out.

What do Lambs Bread cannabis plants look like?

When fully mature, Lambs Bread plants are medium in height and produce substantial nuggets that are amber and green in color with red and golden hairs, which are known as pistils. Furthermore, its beautiful buds are covered in a shimmering coating of crystalline trichomes.

When to harvest your Lambs Bread cannabis plants

When cultivated inside, Lambs Bread usually takes around 9 – 10 weeks until it enters its flowering phase, after which it should provide indoor growers with an approximate harvest of just over 14 ounces per square meter (or 400 grams).

Grown outside in the proper setting, Lambs Bread strain should render a yield of about 14 or so ounces per plant (or 400 grams) sometime around October into the middle of November.

Similar cannabis strains to Lambs Bread

  1. Jamaican Dream: like Lambs Bread this too is a near-pure sativa that hails from Jamaica, but with a more moderate THC content of 15%
  2. Hempstar: this is another near-pure sativa hybrid that is also highly favored amongst wake-and-baker types

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



90% Sativa/10% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, worries


Earthy, Pungent, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






46 reviews for Lamb’s Bread Feminized Seeds

  1. MysticWanderer (verified owner)

    When you’re into wake and bake, this is the one you need because it definitely gets you up. It’s energizing and gives you the boost you need to get your day going and keep it going. I love how it makes me feel so alert and focused. Better than a cup of coffee lol

  2. Stacy Calderon (verified owner)

    A small plant with medium yield and adorable fuzzy nugs with an earthy sour flavor that gives off the BEST low-key indica buzz of any strain I have grown off this website. Fast shipping makes this a win in my book. The prices never fluctuate and are always lower than competitors. Thank you!

  3. Orion Alvarez (verified owner)

    Lamb’s Bread is just straight up…different! What a great variety of MJ. I just tried it on a whim and got some pretty good results. I have been a grower for quite some time, usually fresh veggies though, not MJ. But when I saw the low low prices on this website, I was like WOAH buddy get me some of that!
    Took all of 5 days to arrive in my mailbox (I live in Fresno, CA) and I grew right outside my door where the most sun hits….large containers but good soil all around. Nice choice cause the flower came out fuzzy and very fragrant. it’s curing now….can’t wait to smoke!!

  4. Zaria Watts (verified owner)

    Supppp? Lamb’s bread is tiiiight. This weed is easy to grow and smells just like any other garden herb. Quite easy to conceal the smell, if that’s an issue in your neighborhood but hopefully NOT!
    Buying 5 seeds online was literally as easy as anything I have ever done. The site is quick to navigate and super reliable when it comes to shipping, even large orders! Anywhere in the USA you can get Pot seeds delivered to your front door. How cool!

  5. TerpeneTeutonic710 (verified owner)

    Lamb’s Bread is a great strain for a nice strong head rush that gives a happy euphoric high to it. I enjoy how this strain doesn’t take me out for the night and I can feel active and productive despite being very high.

  6. Elisabeth Liu (verified owner)

    Very uplifting weed! I was able to harvest over 400 G of pot from just 3 plants. Halleluja!

  7. nescafe87 (verified owner)

    I didn’t know this was possible, but lamb’s bread has a cozy, at-home feel. Like you’re sitting in front of a fireplace and reading a good book in a snowstorm kind of cozy. It’s also a fun, and relatively easy grow with a few exceptions. Buying from your local dispo is nice and all, but with shipping this fast, you’re really just saving money by buying with Pacific. Especially with how much I spent getting the whole dang thing set up!

  8. Lizzie Wagner (verified owner)

    Used a small indor grow setup meant for 3 plants. Ever heard of space bucket growing? Actually a very effective method for getting weed to grow in your home. It’s cheap and you can literally buy all the materials at home depot LOL. It’s good for novice grower’s like myself. I was happy to see the yield in the 300G area. The flower looks fresh and dense, definitely harvested a little early but what can I say? I get impatient!

  9. Chris Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve run one of these girls so far, and she did not disappoint! This was a strain I came across 12+yrs back, and remembered since then. Was really excited to find her here! She grew pretty healthy and happy altogether, wasn’t overly demanding. Nice and dense nugs, very sticky, and absolutely delicious. She grew very bushy, dense leaves, dark green. Nice thick main stem, supported herself nicely until end of flower, when she needed assistance. Very strong scent, deep and full. She stuck up my trimming shears pretty good. I’ll be keeping this girl around for a while. I do agree that it’s excellent for relaxation and stress relief, but I don’t agree that it’s a good strain for a morning smoke. In my opinion, this is a pretty strong, serious strain that packs a punch. Knocks me out when I smoke it at the end of the day. I don’t usually puff when I wake up, but I’d imagine I’d be pretty useless for the day if I smoked this stuff 1st thing. To each his own, though. Altogether, she’s just as impressive as I remember from more than a decade ago, and has re-established herself as one of my absolute favorites. I think the yeild estimate is about right, 400g/m² which isn’t great, but isn’t horrible. If you’re growing for personal consumption and quality, this girl is a must add to your arsenal. Sometimes the most delicious ones lack in other areas like yeild, for me personally that’s not a deal breaker. She’s been amazing for 15+ years! I grew her indoors, under 600w actual power LED’s. I’d strongly recommend this one.

  10. Alistair Burt (verified owner)

    This weed brings light and love to my heart. The seeds are super reliable and they usually germinate within a few weeks. It’s a slowprocess, and it does take a bit of effort and commitment, but it really does look fantastic. The plant is almost 8′ tall, and it is just starting to form flower. I am very excited to work with Pacific again!

  11. Cosmo Burks (verified owner)

    This is something real special, a unique and relatively unheard of strain that is perfect for a low-key buzz at the end of a long day. This smoke is smooth and earthy, really puts me in a great state of mind, and gives me one heck of an appetite! I don’t think I could go back to buying weed at the store again!!

  12. Callam Hernandez (verified owner)

    Never heard of this strain before growing with Pacific. A great buy if you’re new to weed, or if you just like smoking good indica. I bought my weed online, had the seeds shipped to Oregon and grew them right away. I am not a very patient gardener LOL. Either way, had great success. Things are looking pretty good!!

  13. Everett Hurley (verified owner)

    Unique strain with fuzzy little flower just like lamb’s ears. The weed is sticky and crumbles well. Has a very earthy taste, kinda spicy, and a sweet relaxing indica buzz that helps the body stay relaxed and cool. I love smoking this before bed, helps me sleep ZZZzzzz

  14. Valentino Hartley (verified owner)

    Sweet and relaxing, the smoothest indica on the internet. Boughbt 5 seeds online and I am about to be SWIMMING in fresh, homegrown ganja.

    Lovely and sweet, makes for a great buy, and it grows well in so many settings it’s amazing. I’ll definitely purchase more from these guys, their shipping times are fast!!!

  15. Meerab Gilbert (verified owner)

    You know you’re working with the best when you buy from Pacific Seeds. Have been a customer for years and they never let me down. I like this strain a lot, and there’s no way you can mess it up. Great for growers of all experience levels. I ordered it online and it ships out right away. Very reliable seeds and helpful folks over at PSB

  16. Aarron Goulding (verified owner)

    There’s the lamb’s bread weed on this site and if you haven’t heard of it, you should absolutely try it cause it’s delicious and helps with stress and depression. I like it better than anti-depressants, and I prefer it to alcohol as well when it comes to coping with sadness and despair. It’s an easy garden grow, and I really think that this helps with stress more than any other med out there.

  17. Gia Lynch (verified owner)

    Lamb’s bread is something out of a story book, it’s the fluffiest and the lightest weed I have ever smoked with a seriously mellow vibe. I really like the taste and smell of this joint, and will totally buy again, well worth the effort if you’re new to this world of mj growing at home. Awesome sauce!!

  18. Harlen Bennett (verified owner)

    Lamb’s bread is a pretty nice and relaxing strain, a very mellow high with a lot of great body buzzing potential and some great munchies as well! I smoke this weed every evening along with a nice cup of tea to slow down and get ready for bed. I really like the way this weed makes me feel. I just sit back and relax and life is good!!

  19. Gina Mccarthy (verified owner)

    I worked in food service for about 10 years and if it wasn’t for lamb’s bread, I would probably be having a terrible time. I love growing in my garden, especially this strain cause it smells awesome and looks pretty great too. The smell is outta this world, and I love the smooth and relaxing smoke!

  20. Hayleigh O’Ryan (verified owner)

    Yesss, this weed is a true gem and it gets me really stoned every time I smoke it. I had NEVER heard of this weed before I bought the seeds and now it is my all time favorite and it smells just amazing and it looks great too. I got very high and decided it was time to grow my own weed and save some $$ and that’s exactly what I did 🙂

  21. Ansh Beard (verified owner)

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I grew this strain, seems kind of funky to me, but I am pretty darn excited for this new harvest I got just about a month ago. I cut my entire plant down and let it hang upside down in my garage to dry and cure, and it smells super pungent and sour, all the suburb parents are probably hiding their kids hahaha!

  22. Archie Sutton (verified owner)

    This weed is pretty unique, it makes for a great afternoon strain when you’re getting tired and need something to help keep you feeling good. I bought this weed online and it shipped right to my home. It was a great buy, and fast growing too. I like the way this helps me stay relaxed, it helps my stress levels a lot.

  23. William Bairstow (verified owner)

    Ran this strain in summer 2020, got it in a cpl wks late, but it jumped into the race. Turned out to be one of the best strains for yield this yr. Big beautuful dense buds for a sativa. Curing now, but preliminary chalice tells a success story. Grew in 40 gal pot on a sunny hill in Massachusetts. Didnt expect much, but pleasantly surprised. Doesnt look like a sativa at all, basically no signs of typical traits. Wouldnt put my money on its supposed Jamaican heritage, but a good yeild and a nice buzz. Not stoney.

  24. highlandr2323 (verified owner)

    Lamb’s bread is a wild and wonderful strain that makes you just wanna frolick in a field of wildflowers in the spring with the sun in your hair and the wind just whipping at your face! I just get real stoned and play with my dog, scott! We chill so hardcore, and we love watching Movies together, love ma dog during this quarantine!

  25. Original Weedwacker (verified owner)

    Lamb’s bread is a weird name for a weed, and it’s a funny buzz too! I smoke it to feel something different, to try out a new way of being and to just relax and have a good time. I also love working in the garden. I smoke all day and night to just feel good and enjoy my life in the PNW. Good times all around!

  26. Juan Eddie (verified owner)

    This was a unique strain…a little hard to grow but I ended up with a pretty nice yield in the end….got myself a big fat check in the mail from the government so decided to spend it on some fresh weed seeds. I like Pacific’s product, and I like that they’re always having deals and sales. I’ve never been disappointed with a strain of theirs, and this one, a strong relaxing indica, is no exception.

  27. GREEN ThomThumb (verified owner)

    I wanted something smooth and chilled out. Got myself 5 seeds of lambs bread to try it out. Made a great grow in the backyard, excellent yield, fuzzy flowers and super soft to the touch. Nice and sticky, mild flavor and mellow buzz, great for end of day smoking, also helps with sleep 🙂

  28. Nasty Dank (verified owner)

    A very unique strain, makes for an excellent indoor grow. It’s leaves are a deep green color, with hints of purples and blues…it’s really eye catching. I got 5 seeds online and am germinating them one at a time, so I can have a constant supply of weed for the next couple of years. Life has never been better, I have my own marijuana that helps me with stress and anxiety and I finally have my own place to live. Good times!

  29. vet2005 (verified owner)

    I suffer from PTSD. I am vet from Iraq and need some weed to help calm my symptoms from time to time. I like the way this weed hits me, it’s real mellow, subtle, never too overwhelming. Makes for a great evening smoke, very sweet earthy flavor, and smooth smoking out of bong or a joint. I do enjoy gardening, helps me calm down and reduces my anxiety. Growing weed has been a hobby for some time, but this was my first buy with Pacific. I’ll be back for more!

  30. Hopeful (verified owner)

    Helps me with my energy levels and depression. I used to suffer from anxiety attacks, but this helps bring me back to base level. It my was doctor that actually recommended I try out medical mj. I found PSB and ordered my seeds online, they shipped directly to my place in eastern Washington. I grew them out back and they did very very well. This weed is wonderful, so flavorful and fresh and really gets me feeling good about things 🙂

  31. timesuck405 (verified owner)

    It’s a very attractive plant…looks pretty soft and amazing…like a lamb’s ear! Very fuzzy stuff…helps a lot with stress and depression and anxiety…got my seeds delivered from PSB…came right to my door! Time for me to grow in the basement next time….get a much bigger yield….but seriously nice weed….has a great smell….so earthy and invigorating!

  32. anthony absolute (verified owner)

    Little bit of a longer growing time on this weed than expected, and a bit fickle to care for at the start, but the work is well worth it for these dense juicy nugs at the end of the road. Nice medium sized yield and the prettiest buds you’ve ever seen. Purple and green with white frosted tips. Delicious smoking too, strangely energizing with a lot of great creative intuition. I’ll definitely buy this weed again!

  33. hassan (verified owner)

    This is some top shelf weed. it’s an excellent way to brighten up my evenings at home. A really fun grow, did well under the grow lamps in my basement. I feel remarkably accomplished and really enjoyed the process. Definitely worth giving a shot! It’s been solid for my headaches and really helps me relax after work!

  34. Jada D. (verified owner)

    A great alternative to LSD! Perfect for making mind trips into the unknown. I feel like I’ve learned so much about myself just smoking this MJ. It’s a delicious blend of sweet and sour, and the plant itself is really fuzzy like a lamb’s ear lol! I smoke this usually on the weekends bc it can be pretty strong. Happy as I have ever been!

  35. Hudson H. (verified owner)

    I ordered this weed from PSB because I liked the name, but they have an amazing online selection so it was difficult to choose just one! A great grow, even though it was my first. I got around 400 g per plant, which was pretty impressive. The trichomes are dark green and purple and the smoke tastes woodsy. I love the high, it’s really uplifting without being overpowering. Definitely be back for more!

  36. Frank J. (verified owner)

    Have been a pot smoker for years and am a big fan of this strain. Big sativa fan cause I hate being stuck on the couch and this one gets me on my feet and out into the woods! Growing process was fairly simple (have a small garden plot in the backyard) and the plant gave out a huge supply of bud. Great variety to share with friends, love the pleasant upbeat buzz without the crash. PSB has got the goods!

  37. Marina P. (verified owner)

    Love that I can order whatever cannabis I want online and that it will be delivered right away to my home in a small town in Western Canada. (The nearest dispensary is far away from where I live, so I really appreciate PSB’s delivery!) Lamb’s bread mj helps with my anxiety in a big way – it uplifts me and calms me. It’s also so fast acting, after about twenty minutes, I feel the uplift starting in my head. PSB is the best place for where to get your pot, I’m a repeat customer.

  38. HoustonRush (verified owner)

    Smoked this strain before a high in the pacific northwest. Had a great day in the woods, experienced the trees in a whole new way. I think I stared at the bark on one single tree for about 45 minutes. Saw things I’d never seen before. Things were alive! Me and my girlfriend both felt happy and content to just walk around and look at stuff. We didn’t have no anxiety or anything like that. Just good feels with good people. Get this weed and go smoke it in nature. You won’t be sorry and you’ll be happy you did.

  39. Randy E. (verified owner)

    This weed is a real pick-me-up. I always feel energized, positive and full of good vibes when I smoke this weed. This is my second time growing it and I think I had even greater success than my first time around. I can’t remember where I got my seeds before, but I’m super happy with Pacific’s service and will buy from here again.

  40. Nicolas J. (verified owner)

    When Mac Dre talked about needing “an eight of sticky gooey” he must have been talking about this sticky sweet wonderful weed. This stuff is instant relaxation and cerebral stimulation, filled with nothin’ but positive sensation. Growing took a little bit of extra work but it was well worth the payout. Plant gets pretty branchy but has nice, big, dense buds and it makes harvesting seem like a little less work because there are less buds to trim with just as much volume. Good weed all around, order this shit.

  41. Simone S. (verified owner)

    Super dank and sticky herb. Love the name and love the buzz. Big time hiker, always in the woods, smoke this stuff in the morning when I get up, in the tent or whatever, and helps me feel great about the day ahead. Experienced grower, good at this stuff, grew in the backyard and got about 400 G, not bad. Hoping for more next time. Smell is also great, earthy and sweet, delicious herb!

  42. Kourtney G. (verified owner)

    Kind of a rad nose on this one—sour, pungent, dirty—but my mind and body like the effects. I’m a writer and will sometimes smoke a little pot before settling in to work. I find that I generate ideas better with the right kind of buzz on (like, a sativa buzz) whereas when it comes to actual wordsmithing (the writing and editing of copy) I need to be pretty straight. My experience with Lamb’s Bread has been that not only can I come up with good concepts, I can usually write ‘em up on the spot, without the mind-wandering effects I get with most marijuana.

    Growing this pot was a little challenging. The heaviness of the buds makes them need more support. But overall, I’m happy with my PSB seeds.

  43. Justine M. (verified owner)

    I used to get anxiety real bad – like sometimes even the idea of going to the store would kind of freak me out. It was pretty debilitating and awful for my social life. I had heard that marijuana could help in this area so I decided to buy some. Lamb’s Bread proved beneficial for me and I love the control I get when growing my own pot. I feel like you never really know exactly what you’re getting at the dispensary, you know? Lamb’s bread brings me to a much more relaxed and calm head space, and I’m a better person for it.

  44. Maricel K. (verified owner)

    Sweet sticky manna from heaven, ya’ll. A friend told me to try this strain and I’m not disappointed. Great for treating anxiety and depression. I suffer from both and Lambs Bread gives me some relief. I feel so blessed that I can grow this weed at home and its LEGAL. This site is the bomb for ordering seeds too! Always fast and always fresh. Good deal for the amount of weed you get.

  45. Stephan O. (verified owner)

    Lamb’s bread is such an intriguing name I knew I had to give growing it a try. A bit over my head I’ll admit and I didn’t get a TON of weed form my plant, only like 300 grams, but the write ups are definitely accurate in that its sativa components are really beneficial for the mind and keep me in a very positive place throughout my day. The plant itself is gorgeous, with its purple sticky nugs and leaves and is very impressive to behold. My gf and I like to smoke and do art together and this is the perfect strain for that!

  46. Tony C. (verified owner)

    This is some sticky-icky weed! A super heady high from a very brightly colored leaf, it even looks kinda like little lamb ears if you stare at it for long enough after smoking. It works wonders for anxiety too. It leaves me in an almost meditative state, definitely thought provoking with a nice, mellow high. Modest height and a pretty decent yield after flowering for about seven weeks.

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