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Super Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds

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A sativa with characteristics that even indica lovers will drool over, Super Lemon Haze is potent THC strain that will get your day going with a smile. Resistant to most common molds and pests, this sweet-smelling marijuana is great for beginners, and will flourish either indoors or out.

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Even hardcore indica lovers will fall for the lemony deliciousness of sativa-driven Super Lemon Haze marijuana, a Cannabis Cup Winner and all-round fantastic strain.

Slow but steady, Super Lemon Haze comes on strong, delivering a wonderful euphoric high that has been called great for daytime, especially if you need to get things done with a smile on your face and a bounce in your step. You’ll be feeling creative and energetic after a dose of this citrus-scented cannabis.

Not only does it taste the way it smells, Super Lemon Haze marijuana is popular among the medical set. Chronically tired? This 22% THC sativa can fix that, with an energetic, clear-headed high that gets your day rolling.

Not only are they fantastic in social situations, Super Lemon Haze feminized marijuana seeds are high yielding, and surprisingly easy to grow as its resistant to most common molds and pests. This sweet and sour strain may flourish outdoors in warmer climates, but you’d do better to keep it indoors where you can control the environment. Intermediate gardeners can get upwards of 1000 grams per plant with a little elbow grease.

Add a burst of citrusy brightness to your day with Super Lemon Haze feminized marijuana seeds – order now!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 750g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Depression, worries


Citrus, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






48 reviews for Super Lemon Haze Feminized Seeds

  1. EvergreenAdvocate (verified owner)

    Haiiii! Super lemon haze is one of my all-time favorites!! I purchased 10 seeds online, had them shipped to my house, and BAM! I was growing my own weed in no time. Who knew it could be so dang simple???
    Took me about 2 weeks to see full germination, and I am genuinely happy with the way it turned out. The seeds are bursting into life and now have a few leaves of their own. Can’t wait to start smoking 🙂

  2. Firestorm X (verified owner)

    I see why this is a favorite. Super Lemon is citrusy, sweet, and tangy, but it also has a 20% THC level that you’ll feel. Once I smoke this, I feel nothing but uplifted and euphoric, so if you’re feeling a lil down, this is your strain.

  3. P Costa (verified owner)

    This potent THC strain delivers a wonderful euphoric high that will leave you feeling creative and energetic. Resistant to mold and pests, this strain is great for beginners and can be grown indoors or out. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a smile with Super Lemon Haze.

  4. Frances Small (verified owner)

    This is a good weed and it smells like lemons and it gives me a head rush that kills any level of fatigue. Such a win!

  5. Malik Lopez (verified owner)

    Brilliant and beautiful colors….very yellow and green. I feel like I need to shield my eyes! Great looking weed, easily one of the nicer strains, just hits so beautifully. I can’t help but want more. Sativa weed at its finest….and grows in 10 weeks! Seed replacement for 60 days, Pacific really gives its customers the best experience!

  6. Keegan Lutz (verified owner)

    Beautiful fresh nug with a lemon scent. I’ve never had such delicious weed as this, not from the dispensary that’s for sure! Saved me money and anything that saves me money is my new friend! Fast shipping….so fast I couldn’t believe it!

  7. Edmund Nielsen (verified owner)

    I love lemon haze for its vibrant and light flavor. It’s like a slice of lemon pie on a warm day, just very refreshing and euphopric. I never had any issues with this grow, it’s always done well in my yard, and the germination is super reliable! Can’t wait for my next batch!

  8. Fern Robinson (verified owner)

    If you are a fan of sweet and sour flavors and a mood-elevating high, then super lemon haze is JUST right for you!!! Great energy coming from this weed. It is just filled with light and purpose! It’s such a perfect west coast grow. The energy is JUST right. I will absolutely be telling people about this site, amazing choices!!

  9. Maximilian Whittle (verified owner)

    The lemon haze weed is a great buy for whatever occasion. It’s easy enough to cultivate for new growers and it’s still a fun challenge for veteran growers. The lemon flavor is something special. Hardly tastes skunky at all! The sativa energy is also great for my mood!

  10. Georgia Middleton (verified owner)

    If you need a fast growing seed, one that takes about 4.5 months to harvest, then you’ll definitely appreciate this grow from Pacific .Excellent stuff to be growing in your backyard, worth the extra labor it takes to germinate the seeds. Give yourself a true advantage, and try growing indoors.

  11. Zofia Hodges (verified owner)

    I have always been a fan of the lemon strains, they tend to make me feel light, bright, and happy! Great energy all around, with a sweet afterglow that helps me stay at ease before bedtime! ZZzzz

  12. Sid Norris (verified owner)

    I am a really big fan of this strain. Not only does it taste great, it helps me deal with my depression! It grows well in my backyard. Grows to be HUGE, taller than me, and is usually teeming with fresh flower after about 5 months. No regrets. I will definitely be returning for more mj!!

  13. Alastair Rivas (verified owner)

    Lemon Haze is the best way to wake up in the morning. It’s sweet and sour flavors make me just feel much better after a long day. I like cultivating this weed as well, it grows nicely every time I plant it in the ground. Have had some great luck getting these seeds going in my little germination chamber, so that’s nice.

  14. Nicholas Beasley (verified owner)

    Hey! I love super lemon haze, it’s got the best smell of any mj I have ever grown, plus it helps me relax and stay positive during these difficult times. Very impressed with the very fast shipping times I got from this company. Worked very quickly and matured in about 120 days. Love the way it feels to smoke your own lemony weed 🙂

  15. Katherine Hunter (verified owner)

    Best when smoked with friends, or taking a hike on the weekend. Beautiful plants….so tall and bushy and filled with lemony weed flowers! Very satisfied that I bought from pacific, cause they have the best prices and their shipping times are always fast. My wife and I work together on growing this. Last time around we got all 5 seeds to germinate and harvested nearly 600 grams!!

  16. Hadassah Whitfield (verified owner)

    Lemony fresh! I am enamored by this strain. It is so very tall and bushy, the leaves are long and emerald green, and the flower smells like fresh lemon. It’s a dream come true. I NEVER thought I’d be growing my own pot, but here I am writing my success story! It’s a powerful sativa that really helps with depression and energy. Great for smoking after lunch!!!

  17. Carla Dorsey (verified owner)

    Perfect for morning smokers. THis weed has all the best qualities: it’s fast-growing, high yielding, has a great buzz AND it smells like lemon. Love smoking this along with some morning coffee. Feeling like I finally made the right decision on what strain to buy online.

  18. Anil Santos (verified owner)

    If coffee just isn’t cutting it anymore, give yourself a real treat and smoke some of the super lemon haze in the afternoon. It’s fresh, delicious, and it helps with sress. I ususally smoke a little puff at my lunch hour, and it feels just fantastic. I purchased this weed online as well, and it was very easy to ship to my place here in Michigan, where weed is legal now!!!

  19. Kory Osborne (verified owner)

    Gosh I sure do love Lemon Haze weed. I love it so much, I just might marry it!! Very pleased with the outcome of my grow, looks absolutely fantastic under the grow lamps, and it just hits perfectly, gets soooo exciting when you’re driving along the highway along the coast at night and watching the moonlight sparkle off the Pacific. What magic!!

  20. Kerri Haas (verified owner)

    The super lemon haze is great, it’s got that sweet and earthy taste and the sativa energy that is bound to wake you up and put you in an excellent mood. Definitely a good smelling strain, helps with stress and depression and gives me all the happiness I need to deal with unpleasant people.

  21. Aj Noble (verified owner)

    WOW this strain has really gone the distance helping me with stress and depression…I smoke this most days and I am very pleased to see that things are looking up for me…I worked very hard on my depression this year and this marijuana has really helped take the edge off. I highly recommend growing your own!

  22. Naya Odonnell (verified owner)

    I love lemon weed, it’s amazing stuff, very uplifting and pretty nice to just have in your back pocket. Lovely for when you are having a tired day and need a little bit of weed to pick you up and put you in a good space for walking or running or getting work done too. Very pleased with the results of my grow, I will be back for more!!!

  23. portsmouthbay (verified owner)

    Super lemon haze is a great buy when you want some bright lemon flavor in your afternoon. I ordered online, got it delivered to my front doorstep. Beautiful grow, absolutely stunning variety with some amazing colors and a very strong earthy smell. It’s also a sativa which means it wakes up your senses and helps me get through my day. I’ll definitely buy some more!!!

  24. 9283749238477 (verified owner)

    Super lemon haze is a really dope strain, it’s got that sour lemon flavor and all the sativa vibes you could ever want! I am very stoked for my next harvest, cause the plants just look amazing with their fluffy flowers and their amazing green and gold leaves, wow it’s just a marvel to be able to grow your own weed, love this country!!

  25. Channon (verified owner)

    The lemon is where all the magic happens. It’s killer for all the sweetness and electricity it provides your body when you feel tired or depressed and gives you a great buzzy feeling in your mind. I suggest trying this out in your basement or backyard for the best summer project ever.

  26. Suplaveda (verified owner)

    Lemon is all about getting hyped up and excited and this strain really embodies that! It’s so good for when you’re stressed out and want to smoke it all away cause this totally works. The brightly colored leaved…the beautiful flower…the ease of the grow….Imean it’s like a dream come true. What an awesome strain!

  27. Hibscus (verified owner)

    I wanted a fast-acting buzz that lasted for hours…and I think I found the right strain! This weed is strong and intense and always gives me the burst of energy that I need. I love the strong lemony taste and the dank sticky buds….very high-quality stuff! I ordered online with Pacific and my stuff showed up super fast. Smooth process start to finish. Great buy!

  28. marbles (verified owner)

    This stuff will drive you wild. It’ll give you a great body buzz and then it’ll creep into your mind, all that lemon flavor really helps sharpen my senses and kicks depression to the curb. I smoke this most nights to help me get into my writing or painting mode and do pretty well for myself. I got 3 seeds online and grew them at home, and they produces waaaaaay more than I was expecting. I smoke this with my brother and play video games. Yeah, it’s chill.

  29. Sherwood (verified owner)

    The lemon haze is back and it’s better than ever before!!! I used to grow this weed in college then I totally dropped off then bandwagon, but last Xmas my brother got me some of these seeds as a gift and I grew them again this summer, and something about these seeds is truly amazing! I love the strong lemon flavor and the majorly uplifting vibes, perfect for taking walks or even getting work done. I happily share this with friends and they seem to love it as well!

  30. Abid H. (verified owner)

    Powerful and tasty, just the way weed is supposed to be. The lemon smell and taste always bring me a smile, and the sativa dominant energy always provides me with focus and resolve to get through the workday. I am pretty stoked about how this turned out, and I really like the dense nugs and bright green and yellow colors. Worth your time for sure, guarantee you will love it!

  31. pollypocket30 (verified owner)

    When the weekend rolls around, you KNOW I’ll be rolling jays with the delicious super lemon haze! It’s a very uplifting strain of mj, perfect for anxiety and depression and offers some amazing mind benefits that help with creativity and focus. I love smoking this lemony treat right before going out on a hike with my dog. It’s so tasty! Highly recommend!

  32. Raymond Howe (verified owner)

    I suffer from depression and anxiety and I smoke weed to help me with these symptoms. I find that this strain in particular has been very helpful. It’s an amazing strain to grow, especially indoors, and it offers a great yield even if you’re not experienced in the art of growing. If you want to feel better in the afternoon, just take a puff and your worries will just melt away!

  33. Zoe B. (verified owner)

    If you love the taste of lemon, then this is the strain for you! I am a huge sativa fan, hate feeling groggy and couch locked, so this is the perfect strain for me! Growing it was really easy and I got like 1000 g among my 3 plants. I definitely want to keep growing weed, this was my first time and I definitely will be back for more!

  34. Nick T. (verified owner)

    I need weed that is simple to grow and super lemon is the shit. I grow it indoors and the yield is tremendous. Helps everyone in my family with migraines, muscle pains, insomnia … seems like super lemon can fix any medical issue! Also love the clean lemon smell – just the smell improves my mood. Great buy from Pacific Seeds, their reasonable prices make it the place to get pot.

  35. Alexus O. (verified owner)

    Giving an A+++++ for super discreet and fast shipping. Just by delivery alone this is one of my best seed ordering experiences. I had a few questions about this strain and the customer service peeps were responsive and friendly. My buds are still drying but they smell delicious and I’m excited to try them! Highly recommend this service. Quality seeds and quality service.

  36. Missy T. (verified owner)

    Took some attention but this strain wasn’t too bad. Might not go for this unless gardner has some experiecne. I smoke medically to treat chronic depression and this is my favorite. The taste is tart and lemon flavored and the smoke makes you feel uplifted and cheerful. Otherwise I”m kind of salty and this weed makes me sweet. I’m not so crabby when I smoke it. GOt a giant yield from it. Very happy.

  37. beatz4lyfe22 (verified owner)

    Damn but this is a big-ass plant. Big and strong. Strong as in gets you way stoned if you smoke too much of it. Learned my lesson about that. I haven’t grown a ton of cannabis but I’ve grown enough to know a hardy, potent strain when I see it. I’m about to order some more of these seeds, the 25-pack. Seriously, this has got to be the best weed in the USA, if not the galaxy.

  38. pitterpatter23 (verified owner)

    I’ve had a lot of trouble with mold in my grow op, and so when I saw the Super Lemon Haze was mold and pest resistant I gave it a try. It totally worked and I plan on ordering this again in the near future. I grew this indoors and couldn’t believe how much weed I got from my plants. Fucking ginormous yield! Still can’t believe it. I think it’s my biggest yield yet. As always, shipping was fast and easy. Had a few questions about nutrient levels and Pacific was great with customer service. Great experience. Good weed!

  39. Gail H. (verified owner)

    I’ve been having some health issues lately that have left me irritable and depressed. But a couple vape hits of super lemon haze and I’m back to my normal chipper self. I’m so happy to have this weed right now I can’t even tell you. Doctors have totally failed on treating me with western medicine so I figured I’d try growing my own weed and see what happens. So blessed to have strains like this available to treat myself with.

  40. Booker D. (verified owner)

    Super lemon haze is a super sativa with a super yield! I got almost a thousand grams out of each plant in an outdoor grow which is the most I’ve ever harvested. I’m absolutely thrilled with this buy! Read that this mj was mold and pest resistant so I thought I’d give it a go and again I’m so so so happy about it, and even happier after I smoke it! The high is really clearheaded and bubbly and energetic. Five stars for sure!

  41. Crystal S. (verified owner)

    I am super duper tired like all the time, but then I started smoking this stuff and I am feeling way more energized throughout the day! Smoke this in the morning right along with breakfast and I swear this stuff does the trick better than coffee even! Lemony goodness and a buzz that’ll last you hours. So much fun to grow and a massive yield! Can’t believe how happy I am feeling!

  42. Rylan H. (verified owner)

    A great weed all around, really perks up your mood with its strong lemon scent and gives a great burst of energy when you’re feeling down or blue. I grew them indoors, and my whole house smells like lemons and skunk, the bud is beautiful, sticky and green with white pistils. I got a solid yield, if not a bit smallish. PSB has an amazing selection, and I’ll definitely be back for more!

  43. Heather G. (verified owner)

    My plants got so tall! Just about ready to harvest these giants! I gotta say, Pacific is pretty much now my jam for ordering seeds. I used to exclusively go through someone else. I’ve got a pretty extensive grow op and I’m really picky about where to get my seeds. Pacific has been reliable, and their seeds are HIGH quality. Great service too! Awesome place to buy from if you’re growing weed in Canada.

  44. Dion E. (verified owner)

    For years, I suffered from chronic fatigue. I slept poorly and would just stumble through my days in a fog. It was a terrible way to live. Super lemon has changed all that: I use this in the AM and it gives me energy, positivity and focus. I’ve been growing it for awhile and have no plans to stop. Very happy with my order from Pacific; the seeds are growing well, nice and tall, just have a few more weeks to go. I start to salivate thinking about that delicious citrus taste and of course I know the affect will be wonderful.

  45. Adam G. (verified owner)

    I literally have so much weed I don’t know what to do with it all! Smells lemony fresh and tastes just as delicious, a serious feel-good weed, and absolutely great for those looking to battle depression or anxiety. I used to feel great anxiety before work or whenever I had to deal with people, this stuff made all that go away, I feel happy as can be and I am high as a kite. I’ll definitely grow again!

  46. Olinda J. (verified owner)

    “Super” is right. This stuff gives me energy to burn. Real upbeat pot. In fact, it has kept me awake a couple times, so be careful with smoking too late in the day. As for ordering online—totally cool. I was a little worried, but delivery came quickly. Happy to recommend PSB.

  47. Davon Y. (verified owner)

    Not much to say about this strain other than its got me in a lemon flavored haze that I’m quite enjoying right now. I’ve got a smile on my face and my body feels numb, which is just what I wanted. These plants grow super tall and give you a mega harvest when your done. Great weed and good buy here at Pacific.

  48. Jordy N. (verified owner)

    I usually only mess with indica heavy weed but I made an exception for this strain, and I’m so so so glad I ordered it! Really get the energizing aspects of sativa but the indica content is enough to keep it nice and mellow and relaxing. It keeps me happy and friendly and comfortable. HUGE yield from my indoor grow, more than 700 grams a plant which is absolutely wild. Needed some topping to keep size down but whatever, totally worth it!

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