Are All Weed Seeds The Same?

At first glance, it may seem like all weed seeds are the same. But if you look close enough, you’ll realize that weed seeds come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. Not only do weed seeds look slightly different, they also perform different tasks and are used for different purposes. For example, you’d buy medical seeds to grow medical marijuana plants. Before you buy marijuana seeds in Canton, ask one of our experts about which ones are right for you!

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

Big Devil Autoflowering

Big Devil AutofloweringHarlequin CBDCritical Kush Feminized
THC Level18%5%21%
Flowering Time50-60 days50-60 days50-60 days

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Canton

Pacific Seed Bank sells marijuana seeds in Canton! I know, it sounds too good to be true, but I promise this is the real deal. Pacific Seed Bank has been in the marijuana industry for a long time. We know our stuff. Over the years, we’ve built an amazing relationship with our growers in California and trust they’ll deliver high-quality seeds every single time.


Long-Term Benefits Of Smoking Marijuana

Marijuana may be the only drug that actually becomes more beneficial to your health the longer you use it. Other drugs, like opioids and painkillers, become increasingly unhealthy the longer you take them — and may show their addictive qualities. The opioid epidemic in the United States is getting out of control. We shouldn’t be putting such toxic and foreign chemical in our bodies. We need that all-natural stuff to live long, healthy lives.

Effects Of Indica Marijuana

Indica and sativa are the two ways to categorize marijuana. Here’s how indica will make you feel — just remember that everyone has different tolerance levels and marijuana won’t affect every person the same way.

  • Relaxed
  • Calm
  • Comfy
  • Cozy
  • Hungry
  • Sleepy

If you want something more uplifting and energizing, check out our sativa strains online! Sativa is a great way to wake up the mind.

Can I Legally Buy Marijuana In Canton?

Well, yes and no. Recreational marijuana is illegal in Canton. Ohio voted on legalized marijuana completely in 2015 but it didn’t pass. Many locals were shocked considering there’s a strong pro-marijuana voice in Ohio. Looks like we’ll have to wait until next time. On the bright side, medical marijuana was legalized in 2016. This means anyone 21 and older with a valid card can purchase marijuana (and marijuana seeds) from a local dispensary. Shop responsibly!

How Do I Qualify For A Marijuana Card?

If you want to buy marijuana seeds in Canton from a dispensary, you’ll need a medical marijuana card. Otherwise, you can’t even get in the door. Shopping online for marijuana seeds is a little different. At Pacific Seed Bank, we don’t ask any questions. We don’t ask for any paperwork or documentation. Just a smiling, happy face! To qualify for a medical card, you’ll need to research the qualifying medical conditions in Ohio. Every state has a different list of conditions.

Pretend I said that using a Chandler Bing voice haha. OK, but seriously, out of all the online seed banks I've shopped at, Pacific Seed Bank has the fastest shipping. My seeds got to me in less than a week!
Hailee P., Canton, Ohio