Cheap Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Virginia

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Can I Grow Marijuana in Virginia?

As of 2020, cannabis cultivation is not allowed in Virginia for either medical or recreational purposes. The state only allows for the commercial cultivation of industrial hemp plants, which can be used to make rope, paper, and textiles. There is no medical marijuana legislation in place at this time, although the state does provide limited access to medical CBD for patients with a qualifying condition.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

Black Domina FeminizedDutch Treat FeminizedBig Devil Autoflowering
THC Level18%24%18%
Flowering Time55-65 days55-65 days50-60 days

Buy Bubba Kush Weed Seeds Online

One of our most popular strains of weed seeds, Bubba Kush is an indica dominant hybrid of OG Kush and Afghani Indica. This strain has an earthy, pungent flavor and 19% THC content. Bubba Kush is best reserved for nighttime use, as it can be sleep-inducing; this makes it a great choice for people dealing with insomnia. Use Bubba Kush when you need to decompress after a hard day, or when you need to reduce your worrying about an upcoming event. Easy to grow indoor or outdoor, Bubba Kush plants can produce a yield of up to 700 grams per plant.

Find Sativa Marijuana Seeds Online

Are you seeking a fun and uplifting experience from your marijuana? You’ll want to check out our selection of high-quality sativa dominant marijuana seeds. Sativas are known for their euphoric, energetic effects, and can be used in social situations or for daytime use.

Can Marijuana Help With Headaches?

Although you can experience the benefits of marijuana regardless of consumption method, by and large, the results of the Skaggs School research suggest that inhaling provides the fastest effect, and this method is most likely to stop a migraine immediately. That said, there are other options than smoking to get this immediate effect, such as vaporizing or using a tincture administered sublingually.

Marijuana consumption methods:

  1. Capsules (with powdered distillate)
  2. Edibles with oil or cannabutter
  3. Raw, using the leaves in smoothies, etc., to benefit from THCA

How Cheap Cannabis Seeds Impact the Economy

As of 2018, nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana use for adults over the age of 21. Colorado and Washington State were the first to pass legislation allowing for recreational marijuana in 2012; since then, these states have received hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue and fees from marijuana dispensaries. In 2015 alone, the marijuana industry in Colorado accounted for nearly a billion dollars in sales and contributed $135 million to state and local tax coffers. This tax revenue goes to support public schools, community health programs, and local law enforcement. Other states with legal weed at this time include

  • Alaska
  • Maine
  • Nevada
  • Massachusetts

As the green tide of the marijuana industry rolls nearer, it seems counterintuitive for lawmakers and representatives to turn up their noses at this potential economic boon for their states. Make sure you vote on relevant ballot initiatives to get the ball rolling in Virginia!

2021 Virginia Marijuana Laws

On July 1, 2021, marijuana will be legal for adult recreational use in Virginia. Adults can legally possess up to one ounce of cannabis both in private and in public. Adults can also grow up to four plants from cheap cannabis seeds. Although, the current laws don’t allow for buying or selling flowers or seeds. In other jurisdictions, they unofficially allow a period of time where you can build your seeds inventory through grey market channels until legal avenues are accessible. Is it a good time to ask for forgiveness instead of permission? We leave that up to you.

Is Marijuana Legal in Virginia?

Currently, both medicinal and recreational marijuana use are prohibited in the state of Virginia; the only exceptions are for individuals who suffer from seizures. Fortunately, you can still buy and own ungerminated marijuana seeds, like those from Pacific Seed Bank. We carry dozens of strains of fully feminized, ungerminated cannabis seeds in our online inventory. Would you like to see medical and recreational marijuana legalized in your state? Get involved with your local chapter of NORML, call your lawmakers and representatives, and most importantly, go vote!

Updates in Virginia’s Medical Marijuana Law

A tiny improvement in Virginia’s dismal medical marijuana law took place in the spring of 2018. The allowance of CBD oil was expanded microscopically to include THC-A oil, and a minimum of 15% CBD and 5% THC (which is actually quite a lot higher than the oft-seen 0.3%). Patients must carry their doctor’s recommendation with them, but the Marijuana Policy Project points out this doesn’t mean a patient can’t be stopped, searched, or arrested – it simply means they have a defense on their day in court. Here’s hoping we see more and significant improvements to these laws in the near future.

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Virginia’s Best Marijuana Seed Bank

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Buy Orange Haze Marijuana Seeds in Virginia

Say goodbye to a cloudy, foggy headspace with Orange Haze marijuana seeds. Despite its hazy name, this potent sativa-dominant hybrid (65/35) actually improves cognitive function in a multitude of ways. Users may feel more focused, concentrated, and clear-headed. With the help of Orange Haze, you may be able to get your best work done, whether it’s in school or the office. Start your day with a cerebral buzz to tackle your to-do list with ease!

As its name suggests, Orange Haze does indeed carry a juicy orange aroma that translates in its marijuana plants. If you grow enough of these plants at home your grow room may start to smell like an orange grove. This strain comes with a THC 20% on average. It’s potent and hard-hitting but not to the point of being extreme. Even though Orange Haze is a popular daytime smoke, its effects may boost arousal in the bedroom.

Overall, Orange Haze marijuana seeds produce a happy, giggly, and productive high. Orange Haze marijuana plants have a bushy stature with light green nugs and orange hairs. It may appear similar to Tangerine Dream marijuana plants.

CBD for People Vs. Their Pets

There’s no reason a dog, cat, bird, hamster — whatever adorable creature you have at home — should feel psychoactively altered. We’ve seen too many stupid videos of people giving their dog beer or wine “just to see what will happen.” New flash, dummy: a dog’s kidneys were not meant to filter or process the alcohol content of beer, wine, or any alcoholic beverage. It’s highly likely that THC (the psychoactive compound in marijuana) can make your pet sick the same way alcohol could. And even if it doesn’t, your pet doesn’t understand what’s happening when he’s high and will be scared.

Many human marijuana enthusiasts enjoy the effects of THC because it makes them happy, creative, uplifted, etc. It does not work the same way for pets, as there are potential health risks. “The most significant is THC toxicity, meaning, essentially, they are high,” says Dr. Gary Richter, owner and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital in Oakland, California. “Depending on how significantly a pet has overdosed, the effects of that can be quite long-lasting, even days.”

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

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