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Ace of Spades Feminized Seeds – Mendocino Farms

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Ace Of Spades is an indica that reduces inflammation without immediate feelings of grogginess. It’s mellow enough to be enjoyed any time of day.

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Ace Of Spades

Ace Of Spades marijuana seeds are every grower’s dream come true! Not only are the buds pretty to look at (very come in a variety of colors including blue, purple, orange, and red), but the plants grow to be tall and bushy. It’s recommended to grow Ace Of Spades outdoors where they have a lot of space, but it’s possible to grow indoors as well in a large enough grow room with high ceilings. Ace Of Spades is a cross between Jack The Ripper and Cherry Soda, which means you can expect the popular sweet and sour aroma of both of its parent strains. The sweet and sour combination is one of the most popular aromas in marijuana strains.

As an indica, this strain can make you feel relaxed and, if smoked closer to bedtime, Ace Of Spades can aid in insomnia and other general sleeping problems. This strain is not overpowering enough to make you fall asleep on the spot. Instead, it will gradually help clear the mind and keep the body still so you can drift off into Dream Land. Think of Ace Of Spades as a lullaby.

If you’re looking for a relaxing strain that won’t immediately lead to weariness, pick up some Ace Of Spades marijuana seeds today! This strain is strong enough to take away your headache or muscle cramps but not overbearing enough to break your focus or concentration.

Description: Ace Of Spades is an indica that reduces inflammation without immediate feelings of grogginess. It’s mellow enough to be enjoyed any time of day.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



25% Sativa/75% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Earthy, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






45 reviews for Ace of Spades Feminized Seeds – Mendocino Farms

  1. M Núñez (verified owner)

    This indica strain is perfect for relieving pain and inflammation without leaving you groggy or fatigued. With its beautiful colored buds and sweet and sour aroma, Ace of Spades is a grower’s dream. Whether you want to relax during the day or drift off into dreamland at night, Ace of Spades has got you covered.

  2. Cary Payne (verified owner)

    Ace of Spades is a fantastic strain for those seeking pain relief and relaxation. The spicy and sweet taste adds to the overall enjoyable experience. I found it to be a great stress reliever and mood booster, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

  3. Kalvin Cain (verified owner)

    Customer service: 5/5 stars
    Beautiful NUG
    Took 10 weeks. 12 weeks in total
    Fresh, smokeable, homegrown. 5/5

  4. Antonio Maynard (verified owner)

    You’ll be glad to have this strain in your deck. It’s an easy grow with a lot of growth potential! You’ll be amazed at the sheer volume of weed you get from growing this strain. It’s SO easy to order online even my grandmother could do it! So tasty and great for minor aches and pains as well as depression!

  5. Scarlette Pittman (verified owner)

    What a fancy strain of mj from the good folks over at pacific. Their seeds are always the highest in quality and genetics. They source only from the best farmers in Northern Cali, so you KNOW what you’re getting is good….My weed is fresh as hell, and it tastes like the woods of the PNW mmmm refreshing!

  6. Maddison Santana (verified owner)

    Completely eliminates my stress and anxiety. I smoke this after a hard day (which is basically every day) and take my dog for a long walk. I am very excited for the next harvest. The plants are already growing. They look AWESOME! The branches are long and the leaves are a deep green color. It looks so healthy I am so happy!! Flower hasn’t started forming just yet. It’s mostly just branches and leaves right now haha.

  7. Hawwa Lawson (verified owner)

    This was a great buy. The seeds shipped out quickly, they were in my mailbox within a few days of ordering, and they grew pretty fast as well. I put a lot of effort into making them beautiful, just really wanted that high quality NUG!

  8. Teddie Moss (verified owner)

    Relax! You’ve got the Ace of Spades! This weed is hella nice! Makes my neck tingle, and puts me in a GREAT mood! Hopefully you have a chance to grow these seeds, indoors or out! Plus Pacific makes ordering online extremely easy! I feel like I got my seeds delivered in record time! Awesome Vibes.

  9. Sofie Shelton (verified owner)

    After a long day of snowboarding my body is hella tired! I get baked on the ace of spades when I get home, it’s my ACE IN THE HOLE!! Bought 5 seeds online and spend ALL summer in my garden growing them. When it’s time to smoke this I pack my bong and enjoy the sweet flavors and great relaxing body buzz.

  10. Junior Sheppard (verified owner)

    I got the memo about this site…All my friends think it’s amazing. I decided I’d try it out too. Glad I did. Affordable weed and a lot of different choices. Bought this one cause it sounded cool. So far so good. My grow setup is tight and looks awesome.

  11. Riaz Salinas (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this for beginners. Great strain with a relatively short growing period, a medium-harvest and top-quality indica weed that helps stoners reach a plateau of chill.

  12. Emile Stubbs (verified owner)

    This can be a bit of a challenge to grow, it takes some skill, some expertise to produce the maximum yield, especially outdoors. I had great success however, and find that I am getting better each time. Thankfully Pacific has great genetics for their seeds and it almost guarantees germination and a nice yield.

  13. Hadiqa Gardiner (verified owner)

    Everyone is going to want this card in their deck. Sweet flavors and an excellent strain for dealing with stress. I have a very demanding job, keeps me up all night sometimes. Has been a great vibe though, smoking this after work. Keeps me from getting too stressed. Keeps me concentrated on my work as well and I get a lot more done. Good times.

  14. Jerry Fernandez (verified owner)

    A VERYYYYY chill strain, with some very nice dark-colored nugs that make the mind feel like you are smoking a piece of ART!!! I am a very good grower, I don’t mean to brag but I have been doing a GOOD job with this stuff, and it’s feeling pretty darn good. I will absolutely buy more though cause Pacific has a Good selection.

  15. Vicki Alston (verified owner)

    Ace of spades is right in the sweet spot. It’s a good vibe every time, gets me stoned and makes me smile. I like to listen to grunge music after I smoke a fat bong rip. Dig the smells and the tastes. Love the vibessss! Will definitely buy some more marijuana when I have some more $$, but luckily these seeds are quite affordable 🙂

  16. Aqeel Baxter (verified owner)

    Ace of spades is pretty radical stuff, makes my life feel really awesome and incredible, I get very high when I play video games cause that’s just the way to do it in my opinion. I think you should try it for yourself as well. Don’t be shy, growing weed is nice and easy and really fun!!

  17. Richard Moreno (verified owner)

    This weed is absolutely fantastic, it’s so relaxing and good for my stressed out mind. I work in an office and everyone is out to get me all day long. I live alone so I know when I get home I can smoke this weed and feel pretty relaxed. It helps me take my mind off of difficult measures, and I am very excited for the future.

  18. Orion Peacock (verified owner)

    Yup, you pulled the best card in the deck my friends….Ace of Spades is the real deal…has beautiful tall green leaves and it smells very fresh and relaxing. I smoked it all day yesterday and didn’t even feel tired. I am very pleased with the results of my grow…looks just fantastic and opens me up to all kinds of possibilities. Well worth the effort, for sure!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Clare Tang (verified owner)

    I was always curious about growing my own weed, and now that everything shut down, I finally have a chance to grow the weed I have always anted, very happy with the results, especially given the time and place it all went down, right here in Washington state. Excellent timing for the pandemic and a very good time for all!

  20. paperplane (verified owner)

    The ace of spades is a rocking strain, it helps with stress, depression and anxiety, plus it gives me mad munchies and smells delicious. The nug is super dense and tight and crumbly, excellent for rolling fat joints or packing a nice bowl. I really have never been happier with my weed situation!

  21. Debra Blanchard (verified owner)

    I was always wondering about this strain, and about growing my own mj in general…and I gotta say I am pretty pleased with how well this worked out. I used the paper towel method to germ the seeds and they all came up beautifully. Greenhouse growing is the real deal, makes things easier for everyone, and I definitely will grow again!

  22. Painter (verified owner)

    With this weed, you will always have a winning hand. I love this marijuana….and I really love this website! It’s got the best strains in Canada and at the best prices you can find anywhere. I ordered my strain online….it was delivered faster than Amazon, no joke! Easy growing and good times to be had. Can’t wait to buy more!

  23. Stew Weeds (verified owner)

    Ace of spades is a great trip man. It’s so nice to smoke when you are on your lunch break and just enjoying the afternoon. I got 3 seeds and they were a real joy to grow. Very happy with how this turned out. Got a great yield, nearly 600 grams. It’s sticky and dank, best when rolled into a thin joint, maybe mix it with tobacco. Like all weed, it’s best when smoked after dark. You’ll highly enjoy!

  24. David Hurt (verified owner)

    Ace of spades will take you by surprise…the buzz will sneak up on you for hours and just get better and better. I love smoking this stuff on the weekends, makes life a little more interesting and offers up a great head buzz. Also, it tastes great, a nice earthy blend of sweet and sour and all the lovely shades of green can’t be beaten. Great product, worth buying more!

  25. Psalmy (verified owner)

    No matter what your hand, you always win with Ace of Spades. HUGE fan of this weed, does wonders for my stress and depression and offers me some amazing bud. This weed feels like a good friend, it’s always there for you and you can keep it in your back pocket lol. Even if you’re inexperienced, this weed is pretty easy to grow. And the indica buzz is mellow and manageable. I am no expert, but I do smoke a lot of weed. This is top notch stuff!

  26. Whack (verified owner)

    I smoke weed mostly for medical purposes, and this was an excellent buy on my end. It’s a good price and the grow was pretty straightforward. I am out of the house most of the day and my wife takes care of it for me while I am gone, and she did an amazing job. This weed is splendid. I got a great little yield from these plants, very relaxing and excellent for my back pain and depression. I highly recommend to anyone who suffers from those dark days….

  27. Glad Patient (verified owner)

    I don’t know what it is about winter time but my arthritis pain just flares up and it gets really hard to deal with on a regular basis. Believe it or not it was my DOCTOR who recommended I try out some marijuana….I was skeptical at first but turns out this is a great way to manage my symptoms. Not to mention that I love gardening and being outside helps calm my mind. This can be a pretty pungent smell though kind of earthy and a little sour but relaxing nonetheless!

  28. anna w (verified owner)

    A nice mellow buzz, never overpowering and really helpful when you’re feeling kinda…blah. I got my seeds delivered from PSB and they showed up right at my door, super fast and simple, and I am really amazed at just how easy these were to grow. This was my first growing experience and definitely learned a thing or two. I think next time I’ll grow indoors to increase yield, but still, my yield in the backyard was pretty solid. Hope to be smoking this stuff for a while to come!

  29. Harrison Scott (verified owner)

    I have been having pain and inflammation from my car accident a few months ago. I was recommended medical mj by my doctor and decided to give this a try. It’s been a great experience ordering from PSB and having the seeds show up right in my mailbox. I am an avid gardener so growing weed came easy, plus this strain gives off a big yield after a relatively short growing time. It’s been super helpful for my pain, and even helps me sleep at night. I’ll definitely be back for more!

  30. Noah K (verified owner)

    It’s rare to find such a nicely balanced weed, something so perfect for chilling out that doesn’t WEAR me out! I grew this weed in my backyard, had some trouble with germ but it picked up eventually and become beautiful tall plants. It’s got some powerful indica properties that make me wanna lay on the couch, but the sativa elements also really help me stay alert and awake and I feel just grand!!

  31. Eddie N. (verified owner)

    This weed is mellow af, it’s really a dream and fun to grow and easy to do right in your backyard. Ordered my seeds online from PSB and got them in just over a week. Amazing how fast they grew, and it’s just the best woodsy smelling weed you’ve ever tried in your life! I love this stuff, very mild and easy to handle, great in the evenings before bed!

  32. Desirae B. (verified owner)

    I had a dream once that I was in a forest of marijuana. The plants were tall and I was lost but I was so happy because the weed smelled good and I knew I could smoke whatever was growing around me and have a good time. I’m pretty sure that I was dreaming about a forest made of ace of spades weed. I def recommend growing these outside because they are like thick bushy monsters! What this means is that you get an awesome yield from ace of spades. Which makes A of S a good buy – you’ll get a good amount of weed for your hard-earned money. Love this weed – it gives a euphoric high that’ll have you floating with whatever deity you believe in.

  33. Stacey H. (verified owner)

    I usually don’t gravitate towards indica strains, they make me tired and groggy, but this indica is different, for some reason I get all the relaxation benefits without the want to pass out on my couch lol! Pretty easy to grow as well and not a bad yield either. PSB delivers the goods each an every time. They have a great online selection, and the seeds ship super fast. The weed is bright colored, yellow almost, and I smoke in the evenings before bed. Yay!

  34. Dane M. (verified owner)

    I’m happy to say I’ve got an Ace up my sleeve after growing this wonderful pot. Pretty damn easy to grow but be careful as it gets pretty tall and needs some trimming to keep it shorter. I tried entering flowering a little early to cut down on height but it seems that it does the majority of its growing during the flowering phase. Def starts of as sativa but slowly creeps its way into an incredibly relaxing indica that makes it really good weed for an early evening session.

  35. Ronin M. (verified owner)

    I smoke weed to help with my chronic pain and Ace of Spades is the ticket. My joints are on fire usually all the time, and it makes it really hard to sleep sometimes. This strain has been helpful in both easing my pain and helping me fall asleep. It’s not too strong, which is what makes it good for medical use in my opinion. Those who want medicine without the overpowering high should do well with this cannabis strain.

  36. Cor C. (verified owner)

    Sometimes you wanna relax without being put to sleep. Enter Ace of spades. It is great at giving you a nice, pain relieving body high that doesn’t knock you out. One of my favorite hybrids of all time. Just enough sativa in this strain to keep your brain from fully checking out. Grew it outdoors and the ladies really bushed out! Took about nine weeks and was easy gardening. Highly recommend for beginners. Shipping was done SO well. V happy and will def keep ordering from Pacific. They got their shit locked down TIGHT.

  37. Regan H. (verified owner)

    I have a new favorite weed. First reason: this pot is SO pretty – my plant was orange and dusted with crystals. Second reason: it was a snap to grow and turned out quite tall and full. Third reason: the awesome taste! Due to this strains’ parents, I get a hint of Cherry Soda (yum!) and some of the sour taste of Jack the Ripper for a perfect sweet n’ sour mix of deliciousness. Ace of Spades is awesome for treating sleep problems; I smoke it about 30 minutes before I want to fall asleep and then I’m gently lulled to sleep. Ahhh! More Ace of Spades please!

  38. Elijah H. (verified owner)

    Love it love it love it. Indicas normally make me feel really cloudy but this strain does not. Which is totally killer. What I’m most impressed with though is the yield from my plants. Wow! I only grew a small batch but I have weed FOR DAYS. All in all it was really easy and it didn’t take much effort, which is how I like to grow my weed. Haha, easy peasy! This is an excellent strain and the flowering time is QUICK, too.

  39. Alana C. (verified owner)

    Not my first time ordering this seed. I’ve always liked having it around for my customers who have trouble sleeping. This is my favorite strain to recommend for nighttime smoking. I grow in large quantities to its important that most of the seeds I order germinate. Always had great luck with Pacific’s seeds. Got a great yield this time, same as the time before and the time before that. Ace of Spades is a great investment for any gardener.

  40. Dale O. (verified owner)

    My friend asked where to buy cannabis seeds and I told him to get them online from Pacific Seeds. Awesome customer service and the seeds are packed so nicely and professionally. Ace of Spades is a perennial fave – it makes the pain in my feet go away but doesn’t make me feel groggy and out of it. Good buy, great seeds.

  41. Zhara Q. (verified owner)

    Just a super chill out weed with great growing properties. I mean I can’t think of a better strain for kicking it and watching Netflix. Had a great experience ordering online with PSB and the seeds shipped out super fast. I love the orange and yellow sticky buds, these crystals are HUUUUGE. I think next time I’ll grow indoors, cause I’ll have way more control over the environment. But overall a huge success. Thanks!!

  42. Rosa B. (verified owner)

    I’m not certain there’s an connection, but Ace of Spades is absolutely powerful weed and deserves Lemmy Killmeister’s namesake without a doubt! Super relaxing and carefree smoke that doesn’t overpower the thought process, there’s just enough sativa in this hybrid to keep you able to move around with a relatively clear head. Alternatively, if you’re getting ready for sleep, this gently eases you into relaxation. The buds themselves are beautifully colored ranging from green to purple to orange, and the plant gets a little reachy so I’d recommend keeping it trimmed to maintain manageable plant height. Other than that, indoor growing was without any sort of issue.

  43. Ken H. (verified owner)

    I know the strain data says you can get more nug growing indoors, but I don’t agree. These plants really need a lot of room to grow and take up a lot of space, outdoor growing is highly recommended. I have been growing weed for many years, have considered going commercial with it until the market blew up and there’s no more $ in it. Happy to grow for myself however, and this weed is a truly beautiful plant, with bright yellow and green trichomes, and some dank sticky resin to top it all off. A lot of work at times, but the high is very relaxing and enjoyable. Happy to buy more!

  44. Dale C. (verified owner)

    I’ve always loved smoking weed recreationally, and I was kind of a skeptic when I first heard about the medical treatment qualities that mj can potentially have. Specifically the anti-inflammation qualities. I didn’t quite believe it. But after smoking ace of spades, the old nerve problem in my leg is giving me a rest and nothing — I repeat, NOTHING — has ever worked before to make that pain go away. This is truly magical stuff!

  45. Clifford O. (verified owner)

    It’s good medicinal pot. Not the strongest but it’ll take care of pain, and leaves you with that peaceful easy feeling. Fast shipping too, and all my seeds popped. Would order again.

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