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Space Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The hybrid Space Queen is often compared to a pure sativa strain because of its strong and quick cerebral high. Consumers may feel trippy, loopy, and spacey.

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Leave it to Space Queen to leave you feeling trippy and out of this world — in a good way! We all have moments where we wish our brain would stop overthinking, worrying, and replaying events from the past that we cannot change. In times like these, when we want everything to come to a standstill, we need Space Queen marijuana seeds by our side. As its name suggests, this strain delivers a strong mental buzz. But instead of feeling hyper-focused and concentrated, you’ll feel trippy and “out of it.”

Even though its a sativa, the strong cerebral effects of Space Queen closely relate it to pure sativa strains. It comes on fast and strong, which means beginners or those with a lower tolerance should take it easy in the beginning. Don’t smoke too much too fast or you’ll really feel like you’re floating in outer space with no direction or concept of what’s going on around you. Additionally, Space Queen is a cross between Romulan and Cinderella 99.

But wait, we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet! One of the best things about Space Queen marijuana seeds is their smell when planted and germinated. Space Queen carries so many aromas that it’s hard to keep track. You’ll smell notes of vanilla, apple, cherries, and a collection of other fruits. This strain also leaves a delicious cherry taste in your mouth.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Nausea


Citrus, Earthy, Fruity

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






38 reviews for Space Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Ross H. (verified owner)

    Talk about floating in outer space! This weed is REAL cerebral. So much I think my head disconnected from my body and floated above it like a balloon. Haha, and the giggles! So many giggles. This weed will make you feel amazing. But don’t smoke it if you have stuff to do or somewhere you need to go! You’ll be pretty much worthless. Strong yield and great aroma! Love it!

  2. Laura H. (verified owner)

    Yes this is a pretty strong weed, so all you novice smokers out there take it easy! I’ve been smoking for years and this stuff can still hit me pretty hard, but taking one toke will leave you right where you wanna be! I feel super stoned and spacey, but also very in touch with the moment as well. Growing this weed was a treat, the plant smelled so sweet and delicious I seriously wanted to eat it, but waiting to smoke was so much better. Share this stuff with your friends at 3 am after a night of drinking, you get the idea.

  3. Dangelo S. (verified owner)

    Wicked trippy weed, will get you high as a kite and feeling amazing for hours on end. Maybe not a beginner’s strain of bud, but absolutely worth the work it takes to grow this variety. Ordered online with PSB and was really impressed by the selection available. Seeds shipped right to my door and I got all 5 to germinate! Grew around 1000 grams total and I smoke this usually on weekends when I got nothing going on.

  4. Eli H. (verified owner)

    BLAST OFF! Space Queen is some seriously trippy mj! First time ordering online with pacific and got my seeds delivered right to my door, fast! Grew in the basement, and the whole room was filled with some delicious smells, fruity and spicy and earthy, so many smells I can’t keep track! Thrilled at how much weed I got from my plant, nearly 500 grams to call my own, and now I smoke this in the evening, which is for the best in my opionion, cause you definitely feel super out of it once you toke. NSFW lol. Great buy!!

  5. Ophelie C. (verified owner)

    This strain is INTENSE. Best head high I’ve had recently, but tread lightly; it’s easy to get dizzy or disoriented. If you’re just looking to relax, and not to get anything done for a little while, this cannabis is definitely worth a try. My grow was pretty much a breeze. Nice big yield. Excellent mj.

  6. Peyton J. (verified owner)

    One hit and I’m out of this world!! Although it was harder to grow than other strains I’ve ordered, the effort was absolutely spectacularly worth it. I needed some additional support for the plants themselves to keep them upright (which I already had set up for SCROG) and I had to keep a really close eye on the PH of the soil. Keep those things in mind and you should have excellent weed in no time though. Took about 7 weeks to flower, and again, the payout was absolutely stellar.

  7. Monique H. (verified owner)

    You guys. I feel like I could plant Space Queen instead of a flower garden in my front yard, and be perfectly happy. They smell SO good. I like almost don’t even want to harvest because these plants are making my grow room smell the best ever. Haha. So duh, of course I’m going to order some more of this sweet smelling seed! Love it and can’t wait to smoke it. 😉

  8. Allison S. (verified owner)

    Alright. Ordered 10 seeds of Space Queen and received them quickly in the mail. I was very happy with the delivery and how they were packaged. Everything was in good shape, seeds looked fresh and nicely handled. The labeling was also discreet and vague, as it should be. I didn’t hesitate to get my seeds germinating and I got 9 out of 10. They sprouted quickly and now seem to be quite healthy. Still a few weeks away from harvest so I will let you know how it goes.

  9. McKenzie I. (verified owner)

    Grow these pot plants inside if you can – after they germinate, the smell is truly wonderful, like a fruity weed orchard. I smell apple, orange, vanilla, peach and the smell of course just makes me more eager to smoke the pot. I have clients that swear by this weed for its spacey quality. For me, the feeling is more cerebral, like I could debate my professor friend about world politics for hours. Space Queen is a classic for my garden, both for the fantastic smell, easy grow and great high.

  10. gertrudierudie (verified owner)

    When I first smoked this I thought it was a sativa, so I had to check my order. It’s actually a hybrid weed but the effect is so similar to a sativa: it effects your head with a loopy, fun and goofy high. The best thing about Space Queen is the fruity flavor: I noticed tastes of apple, flowers, lemon and most of all CHERRIES! It was tasty and smelled good. Don’t smoke this if you have to focus on something but for a good time and to space out, Space Queen is where it’s at.

  11. Joel D. (verified owner)

    Now this is what I call a Special Delivery! Like from outer space. If you want to feel like your on another planet (I call it Planet Happiness) order some Space Queen and get busy. Top shelf weed for sure.

  12. wiolqnt5032 (verified owner)

    I’m just sad I didn’t grow more this awesome strain. Just got a small packet to try out the seed. Seeds germinated swimmingly. This is one of those strains of mj that you really need to know what you’re doing. I got great results but could see how not everyone might do well growing it. Have your gardening skills in order before you attempt. The aroma is really interesting and unique. Smooth smoke on the lungs and a really decent buzz. Space Queen is for sure a go if you’ve got your setup dialed. Good seed!

  13. Becca S. (verified owner)

    Just smoked a fat bowl of this and I am waaaaaay out there haha! Super glad I chose this weed cause it popped up super fast and now I have nearly 500 Gs to work through, which will last me a while cause this stuff is super trippy haha. Glad I have such a huge garden space and am really digging the way this stuff smells and tastes! It’s like sweet and sour at the same time, which makes it great for sharing. Happy to buy from pacific again!

  14. t.r.ulrich82 (verified owner)

    When I first took this, I wasn’t prepared for how quickly it would take effect. I’m talking within 10 minutes, but I was expecting about 45 minutes. So now I’m completely ready to just sit and stare when I smoke the Space Queen strain. When I want to just veg, this is the one I go to. There’s a strong cherry taste and smell, no complaints from me. Definitely on my list of regular strains to buy, great stuff.

  15. Mbrd89 (verified owner)

    Need to keep a close eye on soil levels for this weed but I think that’s the hardest thing about growing it. It has such good orange hairs covering the nugs so you know it’s dank af. Pretty quick flowering time even without scrog which is what I read is best for this strain, pretty decent yield too. The high is versatile because of the 50/50 sativa indica split, it’s good for all times of day or night.

  16. Amari X. (verified owner)

    All hail the mighty Sativa Cannabis Space Queen! I know SQ is actually a hybrid, but man, you could have fooled me that she’s a sativa. SUCH an awesome, far out high with this lady jane. One of the best I’ve ever experienced, actually. (But don’t go too fast with her — my buddy had too much of the queen and he got a little wigged out.) Growing this mj is half the enjoyment: she smells good, like a summer orchard of fruit. MMMM! Space Queen mj will forever be my queen and I will worship her always!!

  17. Bethany C. (verified owner)

    Space queen sounds like the David Bowie album that never was, and this weed makes me think of him haha. Love the buzz off of this stuff, it’s really spacey and trippy and just plain weird! It’s almost like a milder LSD trip if you catch my drift. Bright colors, tracers, the whole 9 yards. Also super relaxing and pretty easy to grow with a HUGE harvest! You can’t go wrong with this strain!

  18. Rory Wagner (verified owner)

    Time to blast off into outer space! This weed is the perfect indoor grow, you’ll love watching your little plants grow and thrive and become tall and beautiful. It’s an excellent weed for a do-nothing sort of night, where all you wanna do it think trippy thoughts and watch a lot of TV. I enjoyed the process, will do again!

  19. Vivienne B. (verified owner)

    This is a really special strain. It gets me super high and I love how trippy this stuff is! It’s almost like microdosing on acid or something like it! It was easy to grow, and definitely offered up an impressive yield. I love the vibes, very strong and also very calming, I definitely recommend it for those of us who suffer intense stress and depression.

  20. AJ1928 (verified owner)

    This weed really deserves its name, it’s seriously like taking your mind on a trip to outer space, everything feels very floaty and full of color and you have a nice body buzz that feels like anti gravity! Great for indoor growing, especially if you’ve got a nice setup like me. It took me years to get it right, but now I can say I am a pretty excellent weed grower and love the stuff PSB has to offer. This stuff is aromatic and and lush, with a nice solid yield and a lot to offer your brain!!!

  21. Kalista (verified owner)

    I’ve always wanted to be queen, ever since I was a little girl, and this weed makes me feel pretty close to royalty! I got my 5 seeds delivered from PSB online and grew just 2 of them out back with my husband’s help. We got a massive yield and it’s all so fresh I can smell it from inside the house. Powerful stuff, kicks my butt for sure but makes me nice and social and makes me want to go out to the bars and chill with my old friends. My hubby and I like taking the dog on a walk and smoking some of this together. Good buy 🙂

  22. Daniel Son (verified owner)

    This weed makes me feel like I am just floating. It’s so relaxing and uplifting and has this funky flavor I find hard to describe, but VERY enjoyable nonetheless. I ordered my seeds online with pacific and they showed up wicked fast! What a treat to have this stuff in my backyard, growing super tall and bushy in just a few months. Gets a great yield if you do it right and the flower is hella freshhhhh. I smoke this in the evening, right after work to help chill out and unwind. It’ll help you too!

  23. Chandler Bing (verified owner)

    Strap on your jet pack and get ready to soar into outer space. I love the space queen strain, it helps soooo much with anxiety and stress and puts me in a delightfully weird mood that lasts all night long. I usually smoke it after work, the indica effects make me feel kinda heavy so I just feel like chilling on the couch, can you blame me? Pack yourself a fat bong and enjoy the floaty vibes of this green. Excellent buy for moderate growers like me!

  24. @reworkit (verified owner)

    Truly the queen of weeds, this stuff will get you stoned and never let you down. I really like the harsh smoke and the fruity taste and the sour smoke like wow!!! It’s so nice for after work when you are tired and just wanna chill and have some trippy thoughts. I like the way it feels to smoke it out of a bong and definitely encourage you to do the same. Great for stress!

  25. Green-Drop (verified owner)

    Space queen is really something special. I ordered this strain online and got it delivered right to my door. Beautiful buds that fit nicely in my palm…super sitcky and amazing and smells super funky and earthy and weird. I got a new batch delivered yesterday and they are already in the ground!! How exciting!!

  26. Sean Brown (verified owner)

    Space queen is like a super duper hair metal opera in space…it makes your mind just free-floating awesomeness, and it’s just killer for depression and anxiety! I am sooooo blessed to have a nice basement grow space, and I highly suggest getting yourself some of this weed and treat it like the beautiful queen it is. It is a bountiful strain!!!

  27. dwarfman77 (verified owner)

    Space queen is a nearly perfect strain in my opinion…it’s easy growing and it helps with pain and stress, makes me feel really relaxed, and definitely a good buy for the price…I smoke this mostly at night, it gives me the munchies and I just want pizza for days! I love smoking weed and just having a great time, can you blame me?

  28. Cynthia montgomery (verified owner)

    Space queen is quite literally outta this world. I am VERY happy with my purchase. Never in my life have I been so happy with some little weed seeds, but there is magic in every one of them. I will be happy to buy from pacific again and do some more growing in the backyard. PERFECT turnout, and excellent yield. I gotta say, I am pretty impressed with myself 🙂

  29. Payton Munoz (verified owner)

    Yas Queen!!! This weed truly makes you feel like the queen you’ve always wanted to be. Ordering online was nice and easy and shipping to my place only took a few days, it was like the blink of an eye, absolutely amazing!! Great buy, especially for the price, and very nice to have this weed just chilling in my backyard. Well worth it for all the great weed you get. Gotta love these pot seeds!!!

  30. Tori Garza (verified owner)

    This weed will make you smile and smile for hours….I totally enjoy it and I am very excited for the future…I can’t wait to buy more though cause my supply is running low!!! Either way, I will be very pleased with this purchase cause the space queen is super powerful, puts my mind in a great space and I feel just fantastic!!!

  31. Rebekka Slater (verified owner)

    Wowww, I love space queen! It’s about as good as it gets when you grow your own weed. Gorgeous tall trichomes, crystalline flower and a very colorful finish, it’s like a work of art…I have nothing better than this stuff. Better than dispensary stuff for sure. I am gonna buy more as soon as I can! Can’t wait 🙂

  32. Kairon Ochoa (verified owner)

    Space queen is gonna get you launched right into outer space, and it’s gonna make your head feel like a rocket. I get sooo many good ideas on this marijuana, I feel like I can’t count them all. I will definitely buy some more marijuana seeds from this company. They seem to always get what I am looking for and make great suggestions!

  33. Davina Bowen (verified owner)

    Space queen is like something you listen to while blasting Queen in your car and driving down the coast at 60 mph man. It’s a real wild ride and it makes life just feel fantastic, you know? I feel absolutely excited to keep growing this weed, and I loved ordering online, it was sooooo convenient. I am thrilled to be a new PSB customer 🙂

  34. John Munna (verified owner)

    I cannot describe the flavors or aromas as they are all over the place The smoke over the palate during exhale is phenomenal, Do not rip this one, really kick back and enjoy it with ease. Like a good cigar. Haven’t even cured it yet couldn’t wait and my head is bobbling all over the place typing this review. Get the Cindy first then Romulan comes over and says “Not so fast” Good one to grow and LST

  35. Ryder Livingston (verified owner)

    I really like this space queen weed cause it makes my mind feel like mush and my body feel really relaxed and happy. Got my seeds online and they shipped right out to my place. I have a BIG love for this company cause their seeds are always the highest quality. Thsi strain is both sticky and sweet and makes for an awesome purchase 🙂

  36. Jamila Rossi (verified owner)

    I really like the space queen weed, it’s very important to me that I am cultivating my own marijuana. It’s been an excellent experience for me. I like to have this weed in my backyard, and I want to even expand my greenhouse to increase my weed supply. I am just swimming in nug, and I want more more more.

  37. David Gray (verified owner)

    ordered 5 auto fem seeds planted 3 and 1 germinated and it was male. Not happy….

  38. Anas Barclay (verified owner)

    What a trippy strain of weed. The best part is the ease of ordering online, shipping to my place directly, and looking absolutely gorgeous in my yard, finally producing these robust and frosty flower that crumbles right in your hard. Can’t wait to buy more!

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