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White Widow Feminized Seeds – Original Kush Seeds

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White Widow

Let’s be honest, is there anything better than a classic? White Widow marijuana seeds are one of the world’s best-recognized strains, and it’s easy to understand why so many people love it across the globe. It’s nearly impossible to walk into any dispensary or shop via any online seed bank without seeing White Widow on the roster. In fact, it’s been found inside every Dutch coffee shop since its birth in the 1990s.

White Widow is considered a hybrid strain, meaning its a blend of sativa and indica chemical compounds. You really get the best of both worlds with this one. With just the smallest amount, you’ll feel a powerful yet calming rush or euphoria come over you. This feeling can only be described as heaven on Earth. Hybrid strains are popular for their relaxing yet stimulating properties. With White Widow, you can still be the life of the party with engaging conversations while feeling like you’re walking on a cloud.

Regardless of your surroundings, White Widow can help take your natural state of mind to the next level. At a party, for example, White Widow can tap into your creativity and increase engagement. You’ll never feel “too high” to talk to friends or say hello to a cute stranger. At home, however, White Widow has the power to make you sink into your couch without completely putting you to sleep so you can stay up and watch as many movies as you’d like. White Widow pairs perfectly with Netflix and chill.

Ready to take things to the next level? Buy White Widow marijuana seeds today!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/40% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, worries


Earthy, Pungent, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






63 reviews for White Widow Feminized Seeds – Original Kush Seeds

  1. NeonWitch (verified owner)

    White Widow is a wonderful strain, but the growing process is just as wonderful. With the paper towel method, my seeds germinated within days. I used a hydroponic system to grow it and it grew wonderfully. This strain didn’t take too much effort or work. I was so happy once it flowered and was ready to harvest.

  2. A. Roberts (verified owner)

    When you’re ready for a classic, White Widow is a great choice. These feminized seeds produce plenty of smokable bud that are potent and full of flavorful terpenes. The potency is high at 21% and you get a nice, massive yield. If you grow it to its full potential, you can get up to 600 grams per plant. Basically, there’s nothing but advantages with this MJ.

  3. Zoey Y. (verified owner)

    One of my favorite things about PSB is how they offer seed packs of different sizes. There is always a good selection of choices. With the three-seed pack, it’s perfect if you just need a small yield. You also get packs of 5, 10, or 25, so you can always find what you need.

  4. Don Willis (verified owner)

    Great for creativity and for chilling with friends, breaks down social barriers and puts me in a great mindset to chill.
    Co-parented this weed with my wife….she’s truly the master grower of the family….and I am the one who buys the seeds online.
    Still learning a lot but enjoying this fresh flower 🙂

  5. Ashley J. (verified owner)

    Universally loved and appreciated, white widow is a gem. Easy grow, fast shipping, and high quality. LOVING this website and their great selection!

  6. 3CometCrafter (verified owner)

    This hybrid strain offers a powerful yet calming rush of euphoria, perfect for parties or cozy nights in. With its earthy, pungent, and woody flavors, White Widow is a timeless choice. Plus, its easy cultivation and medium yield make it a great option for both indoor and outdoor growers.

  7. Lysander Bennett (verified owner)

    Better shared with friends than smoked alone, white widow is a powerful sativa hybrid with the ability to relieve you of stress and fill your brain with social energy and creativity. AND it only takes 3 months to grow. Not too shabby!

  8. Alex Reeves (verified owner)

    A classic grow, and one of the better strains for beginners.
    Scored nearly 100 G of pot per plant. Saved me a ton of money and paid for itself like 10x over!

  9. Isaac Tapia (verified owner)

    If you haven’t heard of white widow….where have you been living, under a rock?
    This is my favorite hybrid….out of all the many hybrids out there in this world. I think it’s the mix between fruity and sour flavor with a strong head buzz that keeps me coming back. I like weed that GIVES me energy and does not make me tired. Hard to find! But pacific has great options, and they usually ship out in a matter of days so it feels just like I had the seeds all along.
    My 5th season with PSB and will be back for more 🙂

  10. Zephyrus Hayes (verified owner)

    Top-of-the-line weed for bottom-shelf prices. Fast shipping (anywhere in the USA) and a beautiful yield. Takes 10-12 weeks, lots of attention needed. But a good buy every time. pacific has proven reliable and pretty darn friendly as well 🙂

  11. Mckenna Carney (verified owner)

    A classic strain made better by the impeccable seed genetics from Pacific. Great purchase! I got nearly 10 oz nug from five plants. Saves tons of Money….cause once you harvest you get like 5x ROI and it stays super fresh all through the winter. Great for a summer project. Easy and fun and a good excuse to get outdoors, get your hands dirty and work with some really quality MJ seeds.

  12. GlowingGecko (verified owner)

    Fast to grow, got these seeds flowering in just 8 weeks and got 3 high yielding plants, ended up with tons of weed to smoke. I especially liked how easy it was to grow this strain and how great the body high to it is.

  13. FarmingFusion (verified owner)

    Really superior quality to the other seed banks I’ve come across. I love the extremely tasty flower, the fast growing plants, and the ease of harvest. Unlike some other strains white widow usually grows to about 3′ and is very manageable. The pistils and trichomes can make the plant a little hairy and difficult to navigate, but you got this. Don’t sleep on this majestic pot!

  14. Ingrid Marsh (verified owner)

    No matter who you are, you will benefit from growing your own mj. Pacific has the best seeds California can provide. They source from the best farms who have YEARS of experience growing, cultivating, and providing great genetics on their products. Pacific also has the best prices by far, and one of the fastest delivery systems out there. They literally can rival amazon.

  15. Nora Reese (verified owner)

    One of the world’s most recognizable strains….easy to identify and pretty straightforward to grow. Feminized seeds are easy to cultivate. They guarantee flower for sure, you just need a little bit of patience and TLC. Unlike auto seeds, these plants require more care and attention, but I believe the weed is of higher quality in the end. I was able secure 400 G of white widow after growing 5 plants over the summer. I am rolling in it!

  16. TwilightTempest49 (verified owner)

    White Widow is my go-to strain for a balanced high that relaxes my body and uplifts my mood. It’s perfect for relieving my pain and stress after a long day. Plus, it’s so easy to grow that even a beginner like me can handle it. Highly recommend this strain to anyone looking for a chill and enjoyable experience.

  17. Raheel Steele (verified owner)

    You aint never heard of anything this amazing before. I like buying weed online cause it just hits different when you grow it yourself. Homegrown weed usually is a little less [PRETTY] than store bought weed but you still get the same great buzz with some nice FAT nugs. It’s not rocket science, anyone can grow this weed and will probably have some great success! I say try it out and that you got not a THANG to lose!

  18. Hashir F. (verified owner)

    White widow is calming and euphoric. It can be a particularly strong buzz that lasts for hours. Best smoked during the afternoon “slump” so you can stay productive. I got my weed seeds delivered right to my front door. They look absolutely amazing and I can’t have done it better if I found them elsewhere. Pacific has great rates, just the best, and they’re so darn friendly on the phone 🙂

  19. Bronwen Lennon (verified owner)

    I find this weed is great at certain points in the day. It helps relieve arthritis stress and keeps me awake in the afternoons. It’s definitely a great way to unwind, and a phenomenal avenue for creativity. A little puff here and there does wonders. I can’t STOP smoking this fantastic weed!

  20. Gwen Drummond (verified owner)

    Deep emerald green in color, white widow is a great stay-in strain that helps with creative thinking and puts me in a great mood!

  21. Albie Mclean (verified owner)

    Oh yessss, this is what weed is meant to accomplish! Bought 5 seeds online and they shipped directly to my home, no questions asked. When they say they ship anywhere in the USA or Canada, they mean it! Good to work with other west coast companies on cultivating the best weed on the planet!

  22. Montana Wise (verified owner)

    I normally stay up past my bedtime. I am a true night owl haha. Smoking white widow at night gives me that extra energy I need to party hard, or study hard, overnight. Lucky enough to have a large growing space in my backyard. My roommates and I worked together to bring this to life! It’s a very exciting time to be alive!!

  23. Zaki Huff (verified owner)

    I hope that I can share this weed with my friends and family soon. The plants are looking healthy, the flower is nearly fully formed and ready for harvest. Has taken me about 4.5 months to get to this point, so a relatively quick grow, and if all this bud turns out to be good quality, then I’ll be scoring nearly 500 or 600 grams Im guessing!

  24. Gabrielius Carlson (verified owner)

    Opens up the senses. Keeps me alive, and thriving, and partying. Cali is a good place to grow mj. It’s always sunny here, and the energy is pretty alright by me. I been growing weed in Humboldt since the 90’s. It’s a lot easier these days ha!

  25. Emilio Drummond (verified owner)

    So yeah, I used to smoke the widow back in the day, but I fell off once I had kids. Well, now the kids are off to college, and I finally have time to grow my own marijuana. I got 5 seeds online, had them shipped directly to my place. They took to the soil almost immediately. Took about 6 months to grow, and came out pretty well! Do not want to miss out on these seeds, such a great price!!

  26. Dillon Gibson (verified owner)

    Kind of gives me a headache If I’m being honest. It’s a good strain, but it can be very overpowering. That’s why I usually get this weed in small quantities, and grow it one at a time. Then I can really enjoy the quality of the weed. This stuff is a great addition to my weed collection, not to mention my garden!

  27. Danyaal Reader (verified owner)

    I was a huge white widow fanatic when I was growing weed out in Cali, but nowadays I just have my own little garden plot here in Washington and that’s good enough for me. Well worth the effort to grow your own stuff. It’s pretty much exactly as advertised, high quality as can be!

  28. Idrees Phillips (verified owner)

    If I had to pick a favorite marijuana, White widow would definitely make the top 5. Burned through my supply in a matter of days! Got baked as heck every night, my anxiety and depression just faded away, I was Kirby in Dreamland. I love the sour flavor and the bright green and orange nugs, gets me excited every time I smoke, and I am already planning for next year!

  29. Ilyas Lowery (verified owner)

    One beautiful strain of marijuana. Gives me a great sense of relief when I smoke it. Helps me deal with stress, depression, anxiety, you name it! Easy growing with some nice yield to be expected. Not only that but shipping is fast and secure. You can’t beat these high quality mj seeds!

  30. Anika Merritt (verified owner)

    When the white widow kicks in, you’ll feel it creeping up your spine and making you feel like you’re slowly settling into a hot tub with your Boo.

    Pricey seeds, but makes up for it with a sizeable yield. Gets me a little paranoid if I smoke too much, so I usually just take one or two hits at a time 🙂

  31. Mylo Gallagher (verified owner)

    Wow really love this classic strain…heavy indica stuff, makes me smile and makes me cry sometimes…I get emotional. Am excited to get more, love buying weed online, so simple!

  32. jacobwallace31 (verified owner)

    Not to bad 1 of my favorite this one and Durbin poison r my favorites

  33. Cali Sweet (verified owner)

    Ain’t nobody telling me what I can and cannot do. I am a real baller over here, and I just smoke this to be a happy man, and enjoy my guns. OK! I am a fast grower, love taking care of these plants, they’re real nice, exciting, pretty beautiful and have all the best possible smells. I like SMELLS in my weed, so don’t deny it!!

  34. Muhammad Davila (verified owner)

    You’ve probably smelled this strain before walking down the street. It’s pretty pungent stuff, very sour, and an absolutely delicious vibe. You will not be disappointed by these seeds, they will certainly make you smile, and always give you a lot to enjoy. The yield on this stuff is pretty amazing, nearly 500 grams for 3 plants!!!

  35. Nayla Duran (verified owner)

    White widow is a very nice strain, it looks great under the grow lights with all it’s orange hairs and purple flower. It’s basically magic for your brain. I think it’s more effective than anti-depressants and I have taken both. Will definitely buy more from this website, they have a lot going on in their catalogue lol.

  36. Nana Fenton (verified owner)

    Get pumped up for this weed cause it’s gonna blow your mindddddd! Its strong sativa elements make the focus and drive you get from this weed pretty spectacular…it’s an adventure weed, great for hiking! Very affordable pricing for a yield that took about 5 months and was over 600 grams!

  37. Ishaaq Wynn (verified owner)

    I really like white widow…I mean it’s your standard strain….very nice and stoney….gives me a great little vibe….makes me wanna go out and make weird music….Like so nice to have around and I will absolutely keep buying it. Pacific always has top-notch stuff, so I highly recommend perusing the website!

  38. DonKiwi (verified owner)

    This weed is a real gem, helps with stress and depression and also helps me sleep at night. I had an eating disorder years ago and my doctor recommended medical marijuana to help stimulate my appetite and it worked! I have been very pleased with my purchase and I am finally feeling back to normal. Great seeds!

  39. breezy390 (verified owner)

    Where did all the white widow fans go? I feel like this has to be my favorite strain in the world but nobody ever talks about it!!! It’s amazingly refreshing, like jumping into a mountain lake on a hot day….wakes up the senses and makes me feel alive! Great buy for what it’s worth, and a gem for all occasions!

  40. Polar Bear (verified owner)

    White widow is where it’s at. It’s one of the strongest most exciting strains of all time! Gets me super stoned and I don’t need a lot of it either. Good bang for your buck….a little goes a long way! Growing it was fast and easy and even fun. Online ordering is the way of the future and PSB does it well. Get into it!

  41. Kahana (verified owner)

    Try this stuff out and you will not be disappointed. I really like this weed, like it’s super tasty and delicious. I really enjoyed growing it in my very own backyard. The seeds delivered quickly and I got them to grow right away. This weed smells like the forest and has a sour taste!

  42. Long John (verified owner)

    This is one for the ages. It’s a great buy if this is your first time growing. It got me HOOKED! Got 3 seeds from Pacific delivered to my place. Easy to place an order online, and their grow guide really helps out newbies like me. I cared for my plants every day. Well worth the effort. Got myself a huge yield, bugger than I care to measure even. Very fresh and tasty weed. Definitely coming back for more!

  43. Stinky (verified owner)

    White widow….what a crazy strain with an intimidating name, like the name of a ghost that haunts your local graveyard, but to the contrary this weed brings you BACK from the dead, helps with pain, stress, anxiety and improves focus. It’s an excellent grow, and I fell in love with its bright sticky nugs, covered in crystals! Sooooo perfect for smoking after work, and a great addition to any stoners growing repertoire!

  44. Hardly Working (verified owner)

    This is a heck of a strain, really makes you feel alive! It has some strong vibes, you know, hits pretty strong if you do too much, so I recommend starting slow and working up. I usually smoke at night when all my work is complete. It helps me relax…definitely curbs some of my stress and anxiety. It’s opened up my mind to new possibilities and helped me be a little more emotionally vulnerable with my partner as well. I can’t deny that it’s been good for me!

  45. Phyllis (verified owner)

    The white widow….what is there to say about this badass strain? Well it definitely gets me stoned lol. A very powerful high, makes the room spin and there are so many colors…it’s great for creative thinking, perfect for writer’s block or any other artistic pursuit. It’s got a sour flavor, kinda like sour candy and it can be overwhelming if you smoke too much at once…so pace yourself! Newbies, this is not too hard to grow, so get in on this!

  46. FolleyJoe (verified owner)

    This weed’ll knock your socks off! Perfect for those lazy weekend days when you just wanna chill out at the park or inside when it’s a rainy day! Love the taste and smell of this stuff, very sour and earthy and pungent, great for depression and anxiety. Watch your worries just melt away, with one puff! It’s very strong, so I don’t usually smoke before work or anything, but suit yourself. Fun to grow! Highly recommend!

  47. rollerocks980 (verified owner)

    It’s been a long time since I’ve tried my hand at the weed game. Turns out I still got it! Ordered these seeds online and had em delivered. Have been smoking the white widow for years, but you can’t beat that strong earthy taste when it’s fresh! The buzz is real nice and strong, goes well with a cup of tea and some nice incense. Helps me get into a meditative state too. I’ll definitely grow this again!

  48. Louise McMillan (verified owner)

    This is some delicious weed, a classic for sure, and has been my go-to since college. I love the sweet earthy taste of this strain, has been great for my headaches and stress levels as well, but it’s super strong, so just keep that in mind, you don’t need much!!! Very easy to grow, I was happy with the results and will definitely do this again!

  49. Enrique E. (verified owner)

    This classic weed is everything you could want and more! It’s seriously delicious and a lot of fun to grow, it’s got these dense delicious nugs and is super sticky with resin. It’s a really trippy high, so great for relaxation and stress at the end of the day, perfect for taking HUGE bong rips lol! Will definitely be back for more!

  50. Colleen Z. (verified owner)

    Sometimes in life you come across something that is a so-called “classic” and it doesn’t make any fucking sense. Not the case with the beautiful, powerful white widow marijuana. It’s a smooth and calming strain that nevertheless delivers a euphoria that is unreal. I understood truths about our world while on WW that I never knew before. Yes, it is that good. In my opinion, white widow should remain a classic – the high she delivers will never go out of style, whether you’re in the USA, Canada, the Netherlands or any other pot-worshipping place. All hail the white majesty!

  51. Taylor T. (verified owner)

    This weed is hella relaxing, takes no time at all to grow, and it shipped out super fast, love this stuff. Grew in my backyard and the plants got super bushy and smelled amazing. It’s a relaxing indica and feels super great to smoke, very smooth, and also great out of a bong. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  52. Marissa A. (verified owner)

    This weed is inspiration incarnate! Really smooth and relaxing yet uplifting and creative high. When I smoke WW all I wanna do is draw and talk to everybody around me, it’s a good change of pace from being generally quiet. Absolutely helps with anxiety.
    I ordered WW seeds from PSB because I read they’re pretty easy to grow and it was spot on – as long as temperature stays pretty constant it didn’t need much of anything. I’d highly recommend.

  53. Drew A. (verified owner)

    Really nice indica dominant but close to 50/50 hybrid. Just a little heavier on the indica side so if sativa makes you a little stir crazy and paranoid this may be a good choice for you. Seems to do okay indoors and you don’t need to crank the heat up to get it to thrive which is great for electric bill purposes. Definitely like how chatty it makes me because typically I get super introverted when I’m stoned, so it’s good to share with friends!

  54. Red K. (verified owner)

    This is a great strain for first timers – it isn’t super temperature or humidity dependent and seems to thrive in any modest indoor growing room. Quick flowering time for a moderate yield, but the hearty nature of this plant makes it so easy to just let it do it’s thing and you end up with absolute quality weed. I want to try growing it outdoors just to see how it thrives in a slightly colder climate, so I’ll definitely be ordering more seeds from PSB when the time comes.

  55. Lance E. (verified owner)

    Wow delivery was super fast! I did not expect to get my seeds to quick. I have grown this strain once before but I didn’t get quite as good of a yield as I did this time around. My plants were nothing but exceptional. Growing this strain isn’t generally too hard. You just have to watch out for the powdery mildew. But even so, some seeds are better than others. I really liked what I ordered from Pacific and I’ll defintely buy online from them again. 5 stars!

  56. Parker J. (verified owner)

    Been smoking this weed for years, cause let’s face it I’m a CLASSIC stoner. Wanted to try out growing it in this little operation I’ve got going on in the living rooms and was super happy with all the skunky sticky bud I’m getting! Wow, who knew I had it in me? Now I’m packing this weed into my vaporizer and BAM I’m on cloud 9, chilling out in front of the tube with a beer and some Netflix. Perfect mj for the lazy night in, when the weathers a bummer but your mood is sky high. Thumbs up!

  57. Shaun S. (verified owner)

    To me, this is the best variety of mj available. I like the hybrids best in general because you get some cerebral sativa mixed with some stress relief indica. With WW, the blend of these compounds is PERFECT. You feel stimulated enough that you can still have interesting conversations with friends, but you feel chill enough not to stress about anything. The earthy taste of White Widow to me is an added bonus. VERY high quality product from PSB, awesome company.

  58. Carlos C. (verified owner)

    My favorite cannabis strains are always hybrids, I just love an mj that can give me a great indica relaxation AND the uplift of a sativa. White Widow is one of my faves, she never lets me down! Love that it makes me feel stimulating and engaging and chatty. Not bad to grow outside, ladies grew fairly tall. Another great weed from PSB!

  59. Geoff N. (verified owner)

    So, I’m still new to growing my own and I had a ton of questions — like what strain I wanted, what would be good for me to grow, which varieties worked best for what I needed….I reached out to the Pacific customer service reps and they were BEYOND helpful. They helped me sort out what strain I wanted and got me started on something that would be easy for me to grow. Thanks Pacific!

  60. rosemarythyme54 (verified owner)

    I’ve been a medical cannabis user for a few years now and started growing my own about a year ago. Much cheaper, and I actually enjoy the gardening process.

    My experience with White Widow was excellent. My third seed order from Pacific and maybe the third really is the charm. Got the best yield I’ve had so far, and the buds are über-potent. Can’t beat PSB’s delivery time and customer service. 5/5

  61. Ulrich E. (verified owner)

    I first tried this weed in a cafe in Amsterdam and finally got around to finding a place to buy seeds online. First off, couldn’t be happier with PSB’s customer service and shipping, my seeds got here super fast and every single one of them germinated right quick. Good yield after two months of flowering. Really calming because of the indica but enough sativa to keep me engaged and alert after smoking without getting couch locked. Grade A weed for sure.

  62. Morgan H. (verified owner)

    I first grew white widow about a decade ago when my buddy gave me a clone of one of his plants. I still can’t believe weed is legal in Canada now and I can just order these seeds online and have them shipped to my door. Still blows my mind! I know it’s legal and everything here, but I still appreciate the discreet labeling. Thanks for keeping shit on the up and up!

  63. Ian M. (verified owner)

    I was amazed at how beautiful my plants turned out to be. I mean it looks like there’s these amazing green and orange nugs dusted in sticky white resin, what an amazing treat. Helps a ton with anxiety and stress and really helps me just relax in the evenings which i desperately need! First time buyer with PSB, and will definitely be back for more.

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