What Is A Marijuana Seed Bank?

A marijuana seed bank is nearly exactly what it sounds like — we have a lot of weed seeds. We store them, we take care of them, and then we ship them to loving homes. It’s not all so simple, though. Seeds are living organisms that require proper conditions to remain viable. That’s where our team of horticultural experts comes in. They lab test all our seeds to make sure they maintain premium grade quality and a 90% germination rate. This means that 9 out of 10 of the seeds you buy will blossom into gorgeous plants a.k.a you get more bang for your buck. So, if you’re looking to buy marijuana seeds in Houston, we’re your guys (and gals). Simply order online from our massive supply of over 150 different strains. If you’re a complete newbie to growing, that’s not a problem either. Learn all about using and growing cannabis here.

How Marijuana Benefits Your Health

Marijuana comes with a myriad of health benefits, but did you know you can actually consume raw marijuana? In fact, many nutritionists are getting behind the idea of marijuana as one of those amazing “greens” we’re always told to have in our diet. In fact, many nutritionists believe that eating raw marijuana might be the trick to actually curing an illness. Here’s why:

    • Raw marijuana has a ton of antioxidants that have the power to fight off and protect against damaging free radicals.
    • When consumed, the benefits of marijuana are better metabolized, and often more effective.
    • Raw marijuana has no limits and is considered safe to consume by people of any age.
    • You don’t need to worry about psychoactive effects, as they don’t occur unless marijuana is heated.
    • You can add raw marijuana to almost anything; use it as a herb, a salad topper, or just a smoothie booster.

These are only a few of the reasons why marijuana is an incredible therapeutic plant! It all starts with quality pot seeds from Pacific Seed Bank. We hear success stories every day as to how marijuana has helped people overcome certain symptoms and side effects. Truly, you never know how marijuana can benefit your health until your try it for yourself. Not all marijuana strains are the same. There’s a specific strain for everybody, for every medical background, for every medical issue. But hey, you don’t have to take our word for it! A simple Google search will result in thousands of studies done on the medical benefits of marijuana. Now more than ever, medical professionals are getting on board with prescribing marijuana as a form of medicine.

Popular THC Marijuana Strains

AK-47 Feminized

Jesus OG AutofloweringAK-47 FeminizedChernobyl Feminized
THC Level25%19%22%
TreatsStress, Depression, PainStress, Depression, PainDepression, Pain, Stress
Flowering Time55-65 days55-65 days55-65 days

What Tools Do I Need To Grow Medical Marijuana?

Anyone can grow marijuana anywhere. You read that correctly. You don’t need some fancy greenhouse rig like you see in the movies. You also don’t need a huge lot of farmland to kickstart your operation. If you’ve got a cupboard, you’ve got a grow room. There are a couple other things you will need to start growing:

  • An area in your house dedicated to growing- this can be a cupboard or a closet for a few small plants
  • Specialized lighting, and we’ve found that LED or HID lights work the best but there are some other options on the market.
  • Soil, that you can choose to enhance with nutrients if your plants need it. NPK is a good choice.
  • Medical grade marijuana seeds of any strain.

Don’t let the startup cost dissuade you, though! Like with any DIY, there will always be costs associated with starting a new project. However, you’ll be saving tons of money in the long run when you are growing your own beautiful pot plants and skipping out on the trips to the dispensary. If you’re new to growing, we recommend . Learn about the easiest strains to grow here.

Growing Marijuana in Texas

Unfortunately, cannabis cultivation is prohibited in Texas at this time. The state strongly prohibits recreational cannabis, although personal use and possession have been decriminalized locally in places like Austin. All cannabis cultivation is prohibited, including the cultivation of industrial hemp plants. Hemp refers to cannabis plants with a negligibly low THC content that is commonly used to make commercial products such as textiles, rope, and paper. Additionally, the state does not provide any medical marijuana legislation to allow access to medicinal cannabis for patients with conditions such as ALS, MS, cancer, HIV/ AIDS, and others.


Is Weed Legal In Houston?

To be brutally honest, the weed laws in Texas suck. Marijuana is still illegal for both recreational and medicinal reasons although very low levels of CBD can be prescribed for epilepsy. This is disappointing to us because so many people would benefit greatly from the treatment that cannabis can provide. Still, it’s completely legal to buy marijuana seeds in Houston and wait for legalization. Defy the man, legally. Plus, the laws surrounding cannabis are changing every day all around the world. We are confident that the tides will turn in Texas very soon as well.

Sides Effects of Marijuana vs. Alcohol

  1. Unlike alcohol, cannabis isn’t fatal. You would need to smoke almost 300 joints in one day to come even close to overdosing on THC. Comparatively, binge drinking causes about 40,000 deaths each year.
  2. Other than the antioxidants in red wine, alcohol has no medical benefits. Cannabis, however, offers a host of healing properties including
    • analgesic
    • anti-anxiety
    • anticonvulsant
    • antibacterial
    • anti-nauseant
  3. As long as your brain is fully developed (ie: you are about 21 or older), the long-term side effects of cannabis are almost non-existent. Smoking cannabis poses similar dangers to smoking cigarettes, but vaporizing, eating, and using tinctures are much safer practices, as long as small doses are observed. Larger doses have the potential for short-term effects like dry mouth, dizziness, and paranoia.
The process of getting seeds from Pacific was so hassle-free I was almost surprised. I’ve never had an online order get to me so smoothly without any confusion or long wait time. Plus the product was great, fresh, high quality.
Tommy L., Houston, Texas.
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