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Candy Cane Feminized Seeds

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The initial head high of Candy Cane marijuana delivers an intense buzz that starts out slowly and reaches its crescendo.

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Christmas comes but once a year, but its peppermint flavor transcends with Candy Cane marijuana, a sweet treat hybrid that is fast-acting and intense, a mind-bending indica with 20% THC. 


The effects of Candy Cane marijuana seeds

The initial head high of Candy Cane marijuana delivers an intense buzz that starts out slowly and reaches its crescendo, releasing consumers from that which inhibits their creativity. Happiness follows, and so does a body high that melts away tension and stress. 


  • Creativity
  • Inspiration
  • Pain Relief
  • Stress Relief


Growing Candy Cane marijuana seeds

The buds of Candy Cane marijuana are pungent and fruity, with hints of skunk that many find exotic, but the menthol that comes through in its flavor is what explains the strain on-the-nose name. A slight learning curve is all that’s necessary for growers intending to cultivate Candy Cane marijuana seeds successfully, as the large and resinous buds of Candy Cane, a strain that responds well to low-stress training (LST), are ready for harvest within about 7 weeks of flowering, with a decidedly low yield – often, just about 4 ounces per plant. 


Enjoying the high of Candy Cane marijuana seeds

Candy Cane takes hold quickly, manifesting first as a change in pulse around the eyes and temples. Users may have an initial feeling of “mind race,” with thoughts jumping from one to the next. This feeling may make sensory perception feel sharper or more intense. As the high progresses, this cerebral activity slows down into a mellow elevation in mood and thinking. These mental effects are accompanied by a pervasive sense of physical relaxation that melts away any lingering stress. The union of mental and physical properties makes this a great strain for socializing in familiar surroundings or simply staying in with a book or some music.

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 50 gr

Yield Outdoors

Up to 75 gr

To Treat

Pain, Stress


Menthol, Fruity, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


14 reviews for Candy Cane Feminized Seeds

  1. Hannah Terrell (verified owner)

    Has a light peppermint flavor and a laid-back high that makes every afternoon feel like Christmas morning!

  2. Nebula4Narwhal (verified owner)

    The high was intense and fast-acting, melting away all my stress and tension. The buds were pungent and fruity, with a hint of skunk that added an exotic touch. I had no trouble growing these plants, they yielded great results and had full germination.

  3. FluffyBunnyButt (verified owner)

    Candy Cane from Original Harvest Seeds is a must-try for any cannabis enthusiast. All of my seeds sprouted and grew quickly, producing dense and sticky buds bursting with a fruity and sweet aroma. The euphoric and relaxed high is perfect for unwinding after a long day, while also providing relief from pain and stress.

  4. Alejandro Mendoza (verified owner)

    The high was incredible, starting with a cerebral buzz that freed my creativity and brought me pure happiness. The body high melted away all my stress and tension, leaving me feeling relaxed and inspired. The buds had a pungent and fruity aroma, with a hint of skunk and a refreshing hint of menthol in the taste.

  5. Yasmin Best (verified owner)

    Fresh and minty! One of the nicest peppermint flavored weeds out there. Gives me a light euphoric high….perfect in the afternoon.
    Like smoking it before hitting the waves. Usually a great beach/surfing strain, which is really all that matters to me!

  6. Meera Kapoor (verified owner)

    Has that sweet peppermint flavor that I CRAVE! Tastes great and gives me an amazing buzz. Just feeling really lighthearted and happy. The laughs come easy these days, and growing weed at home has made all the difference!!

  7. JointJive (verified owner)

    The THC content on Candy Cane leads to a very light high that is quite relaxing without overpowering my body or mind. The yields are not the biggest but for how fast it grows I don’t mind planting more and growing it often.

  8. Jessica Stone (verified owner)

    I couldn’t have been more satisfied with this grow. The taste has a strong menthol undertone, making it unique while still being pleasant. It only took about 60 days for the plants to grow and I noticed the nice relaxed high both times I enjoyed them. If you want a strain with good grow time and menthol flavor I’d recommend these seeds.

  9. Cruz Woods (verified owner)

    Candy Cane is like a sugar rush straight to the cerebellum….You can feel it instantly after smoking, like a shot of espresso. If I am having a bad day, I smoke it right before work, and then my brain relaxes, my mind is open to creativity….and my boss no longer annoys me. It’s a wonder I was able to live without it for so long LOL.

  10. Tristin Levine (verified owner)

    Fresh minty candy cane, great for smoking and for toking my friends! A truly magnificent grow, especially indoors. Kind of amazed how quickly my seeds germinated, and how tall they grew in a matter of weeks. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with the weed, it does require pruning and consistent watering, but that shouldn’t stop ya! It’s the summer hobby of a lifetime with nugs that will last all winter long!

  11. Eric Thomas (verified owner)

    Candy Cane has some really nice sweet flavors and a high that is phenomenal, a really nice buzz feeling with a hefty head high that has me in a good mood for the whole day. Really great to smoke any time of the day and was quite easy to grow.

  12. Zachary S. (verified owner)

    The freshest candy cane in the north pole. This nug is great , real fresh, a true peppermint flavor. Can’t stop LOVING weed from Pacific. They have the best strains around anywhere!

  13. Vincent Fi (verified owner)

    Pretty excited about my new experience growng weed.Am I very good? No. Am I very excited about growing more. YES!! Candy Cane was absolutely the right choice! This fresh, uplifting sativa strain has made me feel light, bright, and generally awesome! I can’t believe the peppermint smell and taste. It’s an awesome grow!

  14. Harun Ritter (verified owner)

    Get your candy cane on and experience the magic of this hybrid strain from pacific! These flowers were tight, dense, sticky, and definitely have that peppermint smell. Mmmmm reminds me of Christmas! Speaking of which, these mj seeds make great gifts, ships all over the USA!

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