It’s the question on every stoner’s mind—is 4/20 happening this year? Technically speaking, no virus or global pandemic can stop the days from turning to April 20th. But are people celebrating? And if so, how are they celebrating since everyone’s quarantined inside? In today’s blog, we’ll do a little research on how major cities are preparing for 4/20, also known as the stoner holiday.

In the past, cities have organized parades and marches to celebrate 4/20 (at least in places where marijuana is recreationally legal). It’s a big tradition in Los Angeles, San Fransisco, Seattle, and Denver—more so on the West Coast in California, Oregon, and Washington. But times have changed thanks to the coronavirus. Now, we’d be foolish to attend any parties or parades with mass amounts of people. It’s not the right move for our health and the safety of others. So, what are stoners to do on the big day?


No Big Parties In San Fransisco…

Just this week, San Francisco Mayor London Breed put a stop to any circulating 4/20 party plans. “We will not tolerate anybody coming to San Francisco for 4/20,” she said Monday during a press meeting. “It is not safe to gather in larger groups of people, in Golden Gate Park or anywhere else.” We agree. London Breed also Tweeted, “To be clear: 4/20 will not be tolerated this year. Do not come to San Francisco to celebrate. We will cite people. We will arrest people if necessary. Order food. Watch Netflix. Stay home and stay safe.”

…But You Can Celebrate Online

By now, the message should be loud and clear—and not just for San Francisco smokers. Anyone who typically partakes in outdoor 4/20 celebrations should shift their attention to the online space. We’ve all heard of Zoom, right? That video conferencing app that allows friends and family to join with a single link. Sure, it may have some privacy issues, but it can get the job done for a cyber 4/20 party.

The marijuana community is extremely vocal online. You can find Reddit Treads, message boards, Facebook Groups, etc. with so many like-minded individuals who love to get that grass. “Cannabis consumers are generally social people, and they are also online in large numbers,” said East Bay cannabis activist Debby Goldsberry, owner of Magnolia Wellness and Hi-Fidelity dispensaries. 

“This is our first big chance to really be together, having a shared experience, even though we are separate and at home. It’s going to be a great chance to pause our worries and anxieties, and instead, enjoy the spirit and resilience of this community.”


What’s Going On In Seattle?

Moving up the coast into Seattle, Washington, 4/20 activists will be happy to know that some restaurants have food and drink deals planned for the big day (as long as you take it to-go, of course). If you live near Puget Sound, check out Addo, Full Tilt Ice Cream, and Little Neon Taco for 4/20-inspired meals. In most parts of the US, restaurants are still allowed to serve food and alcohol as long as customers take it home. No dine-in options.

With dispensaries practically on every corner in Seattle, get ready for some major discount prices! We don’t even have enough time to run through the list of participating dispensaries…

  • Canna West Seattle
  • Cannabis City
  • Ganja Goddess
  • Green Theory
  • Kush Klub
  • Pot Shop Seattle (and many others)

And Across The Pond In The UK…

While the 4/20 tradition may have started in the US, it’s certainly made its way across international waters into Europe. For the first time ever, the UK is hosting a virtual marijuana rally on 4/20. Normally, this rally would take place at Hyde Park, promptly at 4:20 in the afternoon. “This year’s annual 420 Hyde Park rally in London is going online… Our aim is to continue to give the cannabis movement a platform to campaign on and spark online activism,” said organizer Marwan Elgamal

As of 2020, marijuana is not fully legal in the United Kingdom despite a strong push from younger generations. Public support for marijuana has grown over recent years with 53% of the population pro-legalization. 32% are against and the rest are undecided. “Our approach to cannabis, and indeed all drug policy, should be able to proceed on the basis of the evidence. I’m happy to engage with a movement that has entrepreneurs and experience to contribute to a legal, British cannabis industry.”

How Will You Celebrate 4/20?

Our best recommendation for a 4/20 party this year is to turn online. Turn to Zoom, Facebook Live, Skype, FaceTime, Instagram, TikTok—seriously, we have so many ways to connect with people these days. Just because we’re practicing social distancing that doesn’t mean we can’t connect from six-feet apart.

Also, please be mindful that not everyone celebrates 4/20. You might love the idea of hotboxing your apartment but your neighbors…not so much. Be sure to practice excellent marijuana etiquette on 4/20 to keep your neighbors (and the cops) from knocking on your door.

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