In days of social distancing and efforts to flatten the coronavirus curve, approximately 90% of Americans are under ‘Stay-At-Home’ orders from their respective governors. That’s about 297 million people with nothing to do except, well, stay home. But guess what? Marijuana can help take the edge off and make you feel less trapped or confined. In times like these, we recommend one of our many couchlock marijuana strains.

While that may sound like paradise to introverts and homebodies, some find themselves going stir crazy with a case of cabin fever. If you need some help in the stay-home department, maybe we can help you out with some notorious couchlock marijuana strains. These strains will literally chain you to the couch so you physically cannot get up and walk out the door.

couchlock marijuana strains

What Does ‘Couchlock’ Mean?

Spoiler alert: it’s not exactly a medical term. Rather, it was coined by your every-day marijuana users who felt locked to the couch during their experience. It’s common for users to feel heavy and weighted down during couchlock, oftentimes sluggish, lethargic, and lazy. Couchlock strains come with a narcotic, dream-like state.

Different Levels Of Relaxation

There are relaxing strains, and then there are sedating strains. Sometimes you get two in one. Strains with relaxing characteristics can help you unwind after a long day at work and often slow the wheels in your head. Some also experience relaxation from inflammation . Sedative strains, on the other hand, have only one goal in mind: to make you fall asleep as quickly as possible. Not all relaxing strains aid in insomnia and other sleep-related issues.

The Best Couchlock Strains

With the different levels of relaxation in mind, couchlock marijuana strains fall somewhere in the middle. They won’t necessarily knock you out right away, but you’ll likely be too lazy to do anything but watch TV and eat popcorn. For the best couchlock experience, skip the crazy lines outside of dispensaries, which are listed as an essential business these days, and opt for an online seed back with fast shipping—a seed bank like ours! We recommend the following five strains…

couchlock marijuana strains

When Does Couchlock Happen?

Since every strain behaves differently, we cannot pinpoint an exact timecode for couchlock. Many users feel the effects kick in around the 20-40-minute mark. Something you should know about indica strains is that they often come on slowly and steadily. We call these slow-acting strains “creeper strains.” On the opposite spectrum, sativa strains have more fast-acting properties. Be careful not to over-smoke with a creeper indica. Otherwise, you may feel adverse side-effects, such as disorientation, dizziness, cottonmouth, and red eyes.

Why Does Couchlock Happen?

Unfortunately, even the brightest researchers in the marijuana business don’t have a concrete answer for this. But, like all marijuana effects, it has to do with cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) and how they react with our body’s endocannabinoid system. The same way marijuana makes you happy or energetic, it can also make you deeply relaxed and sedated. Cannabinoids naturally latch onto our endocannabinoids to change our natural state.

Other Ways To Stay Busy At Home

When you think about it, there’s a marijuana strain for every occasion. We have ones that help elevate creativity, concentration, appetite, energy, and so on. It’s completely normal to feel anxious and depressed during this time, which is why we highly recommend any activity that makes you happy! Anything to take your mind off the news and non-stop headlines.

  1. Break a sweat in the morning
  2. Take a bath with CBD drops
  3. Organize your sock drawer
  4. Watch YouTube tutorials for DIY projects
  5. Bake some cookies or muffins
  6. Shop online to elevate your home
couchlock marijuana strains

Get Marijuana Delivered To Your Home

Even though many dispensaries across the country are open during the coronavirus outbreak, it may not be the best decision to visit them. Marijuana sales are skyrocketing right now, which means dispensaries are selling more product than ever, which also means more customers than ever, which also means long lines. If we’re supposed to stay 6-feet away from each other, then why would we stand in line with hundreds of people? That seems counter-intuitive.

The solution? Buy your marijuana seeds from a seed bank that delivers. For everyone here at Pacific Seed Bank, it’s business as usual. As long as the post-office remains open, we’ll be able to deliver marijuana seeds to your front door.

Please, Just Stay Home

As tempting as it is to leave the house for a quick coffee run, please do your best to abide by your state’s stay-at-home order. It really is the best thing we can do the flatten the coronavirus curve. The more we practice social distancing early on, the faster we can get back to our “normal” routine. For anyone really struggling to stay put indoors, try the five couchlock marijuana strains we recommended in this post!

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