TV? Who watches TV anymore? Boomers, maybe. With our attention spans divided in half, most of us prefer short-and-sweet content in the form on YouTube where 20-minute videos reign supreme. Seriously, none of us have the time or the patience to sit still for over two hours (hello, Avengers movies.)

Seriously, anything and everything you want to learn is just one click away — cooking tutorials, smokey eyeshadow tutorials, DIY tutorials, and yes, even marijuana-growing tutorials. Let’s take a look at some of YouTube’s best weed-centric educational channels.


How To Grow Marijuana On YouTube

It all starts with a single search phrase. For today’s topic, I typed in, “How To Grow Marijuana” and immediately noticed the From Seed To Stoned channel. Three of its videos made it to the top-5 results. And, with over 15 million views and 250,000 subscribers, it’s got to be worth a watch. From Seed To Stone covers topics such as:

  • Building A Secret Grow Room
  • How To Grow Marijuana Under $100
  • Increase Cannabis Plant Yields
  • How To Feed And Water Autoflower Plants
  • When To Harvest Cannabis Plants

Here We Grow

This channel also comes with a massive following of 6,000 subscribers and 300,000 views. The About Me section reads, “This channel is dedicated to showing how I grow my indoor plants. It will mostly be used as a grow log but also teach you some tips and tricks along the way.” Here We Grow reminds subscribers of their location (Michigan) and that all their growing is done legally. Even though it’s a relatively new channel (the first video uploaded a year ago), it’s proved to be immensely helpful among indoor growers. Here We Grow covers “How To Train Autoflowers,” “Germinating Autoflowers,” and “Feeding Autoflowers.”

Cali Green

Growers specifically on the West Coast or in California might enjoy Cali Green’s content. Since marijuana grows differently in various parts of the world, it’s always helpful to find a mentor who resides in your state or country. A teacher in Toronto may not offer the best advice to a grower in San Diego because of differentiating environmental factors (weather, humidity, temperature, etc.) Cali Green specializes “in living organics style of growing but also grow using conventional fertilizers. My style is easy to follow and reproduce on a bigger or smaller scale.”


Stoned Vision

Last but not least, we have Stoned Vision. This channel follows more of a daily vlog-style format — “Chillin’ And Grillin’ At The Lake,” “Back Road Smoke Session,” and “Restocking On Dabs Vlog.” Stoned Vision posts brand reviews of seeds, flower, and smoking accessories, as well as massive giveaways to their subscribers! Don’t worry, they also offer tips and tricks during the flowering stage, how to grow weed in your closet, and how to make home-made bongs.

YouTube’s Marijuana Policy

Since marijuana remains a touchy subject in certain locations, YouTube has incorporated certain measures and regulations for weed-related videos. I found many YouTubers who’ve had their videos taken down as they “do not comply” with the platform’s policies. Maybe you’ve heard similar things on Instagram and Facebook. If you can’t find the content you’re looking for on YouTube, try Pinterest, Twitter, or Grow Diaries.

Every Grower’s Journey Is Different

If you were to ask 100 growers what their secret is to successful marijuana plants, you might get 100 different answers. That’s because it’s such a personalized journey. The outcome of your marijuana plants depends on:

  1. Growing experience
  2. Type of marijuana strain
  3. Seed genetics
  4. Plant location/setting/environment
  5. Tools/resources/equipment

Start Your Own YouTube Channel

Want to upload your own growing videos? YouTube’s the hottest place for it at the moment. Say you want to pass your own marijuana knowledge onto the world, uploaders can actually make a living off YouTube alone. It’s become a full-time job in the past decade. All you have to do is start. Start with one single video and grow your channel from there. You likely won’t see any money come in for the first few years, but if growing marijuana is something you love to do regardless, then who cares? Share knowledge because it’s your passion.

On a final note, don’t worry too much if your plants don’t turn out like the ones in the video. Despite all the information that’s out there, there is no one “right way” to grow marijuana. For further advice and recommendations, we offer our own marijuana blog at Pacific Seed Bank. There’s a link to it on our website. There, you’ll find articles on, “How To Find The Right Strain For You,” “How To Introduce The Parents To Marijuana,” and “The Best Marijuana Tattoos.” You know, we like to get a little funky from time to time.

  1. Tom Ronollo says:

    I have a legal grow room and tried Chemdawg 91. I tried to leave a comment but it showed I was not logged in but I guess I can say all the seeds here worked but 3 of 12. However the plants all all healthy looking, vibrant, and colorful. and I sill got at leas 1 of what I needed. The Chemdawg 91 yielded one taller sativa type plant, and one darker green bushier Indica type plant. Maybe a phenotype (not sure) I am in week 7 and they are very healthy. Also I use no fertilizers chemicals etc just soil with leaf m;ch and a little mycorrhiza (promotes strong rooting). I keep a photo journal as my endeavor is more for the advance of medicine and scientific knowledge . I will post again around week 10 and at week 17 (harvest) with photos (if possible to upload. Thank you

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