Tattoos have become somewhat of a milestone in recent generations. First come the ear piercings, then the facial piercings, followed by a subtle ankle tattooed, followed by bigger and bolder pieces. It happens to the best of us, including myself. What started as an adolescent act of rebellion has turned into a full-fledged hobby—and investment, I might add. Let’s talk about marijuana tattoos for a minute and see which artists are slaying the game.

What’s The Deal With Marijuana Tattoos?

Tattoos, when done right, are not cheap, nor are they a temporary decision. That’s why I’m so surprised to see hundreds if not thousands of marijuana tattoos walking around. I’m not necessarily here to judge, but a weed leaf on the neck deserves a second glance. For this blog, I rounded up some of my favorite marijuana tattoos from Instagram. Some are honestly good—job well done to both client and artist. Others, on the other hand, not so much. But we’re going to focus on the best of the best! Keepin’ it positive!

Instagram’s Best Marijuana Tattoos

As a heavily tattooed individual myself, I can appreciate a striking piece when it walks by. I understand the time, money, creativity, and brainstorming behind it, which is why I’m such a fan of this panda smoking a blunt and sipping a cocktail. ENGAGE PARTY MODE. Credit goes to tattoo artist Josh Woods based in Lansing, Michigan. This is a prime example of a marijuana tattoo done right. The blunt is rather subtle and it appears to be on the client’s leg, which can be easily covered up in work or professional environments. No one has to know that this guy has a weed tattoo (and an alcohol tattoo!)

Marijuana tattoos

Now, I may be biased here, but anything Simpsons-related deserves a round of applause in my book. We all know Marge has that big poofy blue hair, right? Replace that will a nug of weed and call it a day. This was done by Wiki_Mouse_Tattoo based in Poland. The arm is a slightly more visible place to get a marijuana tattoo but still easily covered up by a long-sleeve shirt. It’s not crazy obvious that this is a weed piece since it’s strictly black (not green!) and it kind of looks like Marge’s natural hair anyway. Personally, I’d be happy to wear this piece in everyday life.

Marijuana tattoos

If you want something bright, bold, and colorful, tattoo artist Yerat Perez (based in Barcelona, Spain) might be your guy. He’s the creator behind this stoned Bugs Bunny piece. Notice that it says “High” versus “Hi.” I love the subtle marijuana mention without the need to make it the focal image. At first glance, you wouldn’t even know that it’s a weed tattoo. Sure, Bugs looks a little strung out and “out of it” but that could be for a number of reasons. It’s not easy being a Looney Toon. And besides, they’re always loony. It’s nothing out of the ordinary for Bugs to look wacky.

Marijuana tattoos

In a male-dominated industry, I go out of my way to find female tattoo artists to represent. Here we have Jessica Sheyenne who does work in both Colorado and Florida. She specializes in smaller-scale color tattoos, like this life-like nug. Is it weird that I want to reach into my laptop screen and grab it? And smoke it? It looks so real that I’m dying to know which strain Jessica drew inspiration from. Maybe something from the Purple family? Bright orange hairs are a common trend in marijuana plants.

Marijuana tattoos

What Makes A Good Marijuana Tattoo?

Any tattoo, no matter the style or image, should be taken up with a professional artist. Not your best friend. Not the guy who’s just practicing. Not the person who’s going to give you the biggest discount. At the end of the day, you pay for what you get. A $100 lion piece is going to look drastically different from a $500 one. Do your research to find a reputable tattoo artist in your area. It’s super easy these days with Instagram and Pinterest. Most artists display their work online so you can see what skills they have to offer without even walking into a shop.

  • Find a tattoo artist you like on social media
  • Contact them via email to set up a consultation
  • Specify what you’d like in the tattoo — but also give the artist creative freedom
  • Settle on size, location, and color scheme
  • Put down your deposit and book the appointment

Think Before You Ink

Listen, I’m the wrong person to tell you to think twice before a tattoo. I impulsively got a matching taco tattoo with my best friend, okay? It was fun and I don’t regret it one bit. However, marijuana tattoos are a little different. A little bit riskier—simply because it’s titled a “drug” and remains illegal in some parts of the world. If you are going to commit to a weed tattoo for the rest of your life, at least get it done in a less-visible location, like your upper arm, leg, or back. That’s just my two cents.

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