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Kryptonite AutoFlowering Seeds

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Just like how kryptonite can bring down Superman, Kryptonite with its berry taste will take down users’  low mood.

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Sick and tired of seeing the same marijuana seeds at every seed bank? Yep, we feel you. Pacific Seed Bank offers some the rarest marijuana seeds on the market, including Kryptonite Autoflowering marijuana seeds. You may be seeing Superman imagery right about now. For users with worries, this strain will me your medical conditions’ kryptonite. This hard-to-find indica can work wonders on symptoms related to stress and insomnia.


The same way Kryptonite Auto can bring Superman down. With its 25% THC, this strain is not recommended for novice users. It is recommended, however, for anyone who wants a slightly drowsy marijuana experience, You may start to notice your eyes closing and your body feels extra heavy. It’s no wonder that so many people reach for Kryptonite when they want a good night’s rest.


Kryptonite Autoflowering marijuana seeds might just be the solution to your sleepless nights and tossing and turning. These marijuana plants also come with a delicious grape smell that’s signature to a lot of indica strains. The sweet aroma of sour grapes and rich berries feels soothing to the soul and is delicious enough to keep you coming back for me.

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Berry, Flowery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






10 reviews for Kryptonite AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. ShadowBlitzer (verified owner)

    Autoflowering makes growing so much easier especially if you’re like me and not the most experienced lol Auto is exactly what it sounds like because it’s going to automatically flower, and you don’t have to put it on any kind of special lighting schedule. These are non-photoperiod, meaning they don’t have to be in the light or darkness for a specific number of hours. They’re just going to move from the vegetative to the flowering stage.

  2. Carley Mcmillan (verified owner)

    The taste is great, with hints of sweet berries and flowers. A truly uplifting and relaxing experience that leaves you feeling happy and content. The yield was impressive, making it well worth growing. Kryptonite is a must-try for any grower looking for a powerful and enjoyable strain.

  3. Anna J (verified owner)

    With its high THC content, this strain is perfect for experienced users seeking a relaxing and slightly drowsy experience. Its delicious grape aroma adds to the allure, making it a go-to choice for those struggling with insomnia and stress.

  4. ZodiacZephyr99 (verified owner)

    This strain hits smoothly for a calm mellow high, not overwhelming and no paranoia to be had when smoking this one. The tastes are very delectable as well, a nice smooth berry taste with each hit.

  5. Marcos Hough (verified owner)

    Gotta have kryptonite to soothe a tried soul. I like this weed cause it almost forces me to relax. My mind gets all foggy and hazy, my eyelids droop, and my body becomes a stone. I can’t even THINK about work when I smoke it…it’s just too stoney!!

    10 seeds was the perfect amount. Now I am set for the next year of growth. Can’t wait to get my greenhouse fully set up. It’s a good vibe with a lotta potential. I will definitely keep trying it in different growing scenarios….but we’ll see. Weed growing is an act of chance!

  6. Phyllis Mair (verified owner)

    We all have a weakness in life, why not make it kryptonite? A truly magnificent strain meant to satisfy the vices in you 😉

    5 seeds was the perfect amount. 5/5 germination. One of my plants died in the garden but that was my fault whoops!

    Really a pretty fast grow. Actually got my harvest in 4 months!

  7. Shawn Mccormick (verified owner)

    Just in time for summer, kryptonite is absolutely the weed you want growing in your greenhouse!! It’s both very receptive to a hot GH environment and usually puts out over 10 oz of weed per 3 plants!! I am thrilled that I finally found my “home” seed bank. I trust Pacific seeds and enjoy perusing their massive online catalog. Honestly it’s a dream come true for home growers.

  8. Cheyanne Schneider (verified owner)

    This weed is bound to make you feel like you can’t get up from the couch, so get your potato chips ready, and maybe a good horror flick, and get stoned on your homegrown herb. Even if this is your first-ever grow you’re likely to have success. These auto seeds are so easy to manage!

  9. Cain Barrow (verified owner)

    It’s got that green color and that sweet taste that would make any superhero fall to their knees. Pretty stoked I got to burn through my stash and am growing more now! Fast delivery and reliable germ make this indica hybrid the answer to your anxiety!!

  10. Dianne Brown (verified owner)

    Mmmmm Kryptonite weed is an incredible journey, this indica leaning hybrid is perfect for movie night, or a short hike around the park. Great smelling marijuana, better than I could have ever expected. It smells super citrusy and puts you in the mood to smoke no matter how tired and depressed you feel. Fast shipping and reliable germination with Pacific Seeds.

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