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NYC Diesel Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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NYC Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that starts with a strong mental buzz followed by full body relaxation. This is a great strain for social activities.

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NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel marijuana seeds are commonly compared to Sour Diesel. With with all Diesel seeds under the same umbrella, this strain smells of gasoline, which can either be a turn on or turn off to consumers. Some say the smell of gasoline gives them a headache while others welcome it with open arms. NYC Diesel is a 60% sativa-dominant cross between Mexican and Afghani landraces.

This potent sativa is a must-have for consumers who feel a sense of paranoia or worries after smoking. NYC Diesel enables you to get high without the worries that someone will notice or judge you. The cerebral effects are strong enough to take your mind off any worries. Following the mental high, you’ll experience full body relaxation. This next stage comes on slowly and gradually to the point where you may not even notice until you’re as comfy as ever on the couch — but do not mistake this for couch lock.

NYC Diesel is complex enough to make you feel relaxed yet social and chatty at the same time. It’s a great social strain that can spark engaging conversations and make you want to try new things. In addition to being social, some consumers say it makes them want to get “extra” close to their significant other in the bedroom — if you catch our drift. Turn on some music, make love, and feel good. That’s the summary of NYC Diesel marijuana seeds.

Description: NYC Diesel is a sativa-dominant hybrid that starts with a strong mental buzz followed by full body relaxation. This is a great strain for social activities.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 200 gr

To Treat



Citrus, Diesel, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






50 reviews for NYC Diesel Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Quasar9Quill (verified owner)

    The strain delivers a strong mental buzz followed by full body relaxation, making it perfect for social activities. The scent of gasoline may be polarizing, but personally, I find it intriguing.

  2. Frost Guardian (verified owner)

    When you smoke on this, first you feel it in your head. After that, it will slowly move its way through your body to feel those sensations that will take you to the next level. When it’s time to socialize, NYC Diesel is exactly what you need to help you unwind, talk, and be yourself. This is a great party starter!

  3. E. Thompson (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorites….used to grow this when I lived in upstate new york, but the quality was nothing compared to what these seeds were able to produce. Great shipping times on this bud, took about a week for everything to arrive. Read over the many blogs on this site and learned a lot about growing proper weed. Beautiful colors and generous yields. Thanks PSB!

  4. Juliana Martinez (verified owner)

    It gives me a good high that is energetic, happy, and uplifted. The taste is a mix of citrus, diesel, and sweet flavors, which I really enjoy. Growing this strain was a good experience for me, as it is easy to cultivate and produces medium-sized plants.

  5. Tiana Good (verified owner)

    This might be the best tasting weed on the planet. It’s got that fresh, sour, pungent flavor that hits like a hammer! It’s pretty intense on the brain, sends me spinning, usually plants me right on the couch lol. It’s an indica dominant strain, very slow and syrupy….moves like molases through mt body and brain…..but puts me in a stellar chilled out mood. Perfect for city life!

  6. SproutSculptor (verified owner)

    How about some NYC diesel to start your day? This is a GOOD looking weed. Very tall and impressive. I love the smell and the taste! It’s awesome!
    Usually smells very much like diesel (DUH) and it hits pretty darn fast. I can feel a rush of blood to my head and then it slowly sinks into my body, giving me a great buzz, but can sometimes make me feel lightheaded.
    5/5 for great customer service and for 100% germination on my 5 seeds yay!

  7. Janessa Moreno (verified owner)

    Truly a strain that embodies the energy of New York City. I love the sweet, sour, and chemical taste to this weed. It is PUNGENT like nothing else…I grow my MJ on my roof!! I have a few large planters up there and they are awesome and grow weed super well. I import all my soil and it’s really successful! I follow a lot of the growing tips on this website 🙂

  8. Donna Williams (verified owner)

    NYC Diesel was a nice strain that gave me a great energetic and happy high. It was really easy to grow as well and only took 10 weeks to get to harvest. I found it very uplifting and it made me feel really good overall. Would recommend this strain to others.

  9. Pharrell Velez (verified owner)

    The NYC diesel strain is easy to grow, and it reminds me of Brooklyn. I do miss the east coast….the vibes, the people, the density….ugh NYC is the best city on earth. I like Seattle but it’s not quite the same. Happy with how my marijuana seeds have grown out here though. Beautiful growth, very fresh, BIG plant, lots of leaves and JUST starting to produce flower. It’s an exciting time to be a home grower!

  10. Leopold Bowman (verified owner)

    The east coast on the west coast. This stanky delicious weed is perfect for any rooftop grower in LA. Some nice nugs that get me real stoned and make happy as I can be! I need fresh weed in my life or else I am gonna cry. Luckily Pacific seeds has me covered!

  11. Sanah Clark (verified owner)

    A strong sativa that’s perfect for parties. No complaints about the weed itself. The seeds were fast to ship and came in a delightful gold little package. The seeds are a little smaller than expected but grow well. Nice vibe especially for such an affordable price.

  12. Roberto Roy (verified owner)

    Smokey smoke smoke, I love me some NYC diesel on my days off! It’s a heavy strain, kinda makes me feel a little stupid lol. I like the harsh diesel flavor, and the powerful cerebral high! Gets me stoned like a total clown! At least my friends think I’m funny!

  13. Fionn Thomson (verified owner)

    Oh wow I LOVE NYC Diesel!! This was my first grow with pacific but definitely not my last!! You wanna get high? Try growing the diesel strain in a warm dry climate with plenty of light. The pruning process is exhausting but the harvest is great!!! It smells so strong and I love it!!

  14. Chelsy Mcmillan (verified owner)

    This stuff is pungent as hell and tastes a lot like you’re huffing diesel fumes from the gas station lol.

    NYC grower here, and have been growing my local hometown hero NYC Diesel since the 90’s.

    Great to finally order online and have it shipped right to my apartment…


  15. Sannah Woodcock (verified owner)

    NYC Diesel is pretty alright. Has a pungent smell, pretty skunky and sour, kinda harsh, but usually pretty fun. Growing it was easy at least, and the flower was pretty huge. My yard smelled pretty dank for a while LOL. Worth it!

  16. Bessie Schmitt (verified owner)

    NYC Diesel is ON. POINT.

    Bought 5 seeds online…all of them germinated beautifully!!! They also shipped out really fast, and they went straight into the ground to just grow and grow into 10′ tall beauties. Sooooo dope!!!

  17. Aryaan Larsen (verified owner)

    NYC might be my favorite strain. It just reminds me of home. I grow it in my backyard. In just a normal raised garden bed. Looking pretty nice though. Smells pretty fantastic, gives me a great buzz man. Gonna totally burn through my supply super fast, but I’ll get more haha. I’ll never be without weed again!!

  18. Elvis O’Sullivan (verified owner)

    NYC Diesel is pretty rad, definitely a strain I woulda smoked back in Brooklyn. Makes me so HIGH man, sometimes it feels like I am gonna pass right out. I also get the munchies…HARD, and I need something to eat right away. Also helps with my ADD…Ooo look at the birdies!

  19. Nadir Peterson (verified owner)

    NYC diesel is pretty classic…you’ll recognize the smell right away, it’s about what you’d expect from walking down the street anywhere in America LOL. Got a BIG yield though, especially from this strain, after trimming I weighed it out and it’s looking like 800 gs of some FAT nugs. Very light and fluffy and sticky. Good times every time.

  20. Suzanne Dougherty (verified owner)

    Helpful to have around the house…I mean I am very depressed like all the time, and I need some weed around to make me feel a lot better. It’s a difficult time, honestly. I prefer just staying at home and growing weed. It saves a lot of money, works for me on a LOT of levels and a BIG yield. Woo!!!

  21. Samuel Finney (verified owner)

    NYC diesel is some powerful stuff, kinda makes me groggy to be honest, so I usually just take one or two hits at a time, in the evening, to get my mind all relaxed. I know how weed makes me feel when I smoke it during the day, it just kind of makes me tired and puts me in a bad mood, but if I smoke it in the evening, I am right as rain, and it helps me sleep. Good stuff for sure 🙂

  22. Dominique Tran (verified owner)

    NYC diesel is a real gem. Been smoking this since I was in college in New York and man I missed it! I really enjoy the process of growing weed. It’s pretty fun stuff and I gotta be getting real baked before work in the morning otherwise I just can’t handle it anymore. It’s just too dang much for me!!!

  23. Caris Hansen (verified owner)

    This is some hefty weed, pretty strong and pungent, makes for a great purchase if you’re really hankering for something to do…can take some skill to cultivate but don’t let that deter you…it’s mostly just for fun, and if you get some good weed out of it, all the better. I am pretty happy with my harvest, had enough to last me all winter so far 🙂

  24. ash hanes (verified owner)

    Used to smoke this dope on the east coast, and now I am growing it out in Cali…beautiful stuff, absolutely stunning color and really rich and delicious flavor. Very pleased with the price too, and online delivery was quite fast and pretty good for my schedule. Got to growing right away with some excellent results!

  25. pbj icnb (verified owner)

    NYC diesel is your new favorite strain….reminds me when I was living in Brooklyn and I was getting real stoned with my buddies from the Bronx. They always brought around the dankest weed, and I am pretty stoked I got to grow my own here on the west coast. Very relaxing and powerful, sometimes makes me wanna do some creative work or eat a whole pizza lol!

  26. Labradoodle (verified owner)

    NYC diesel has a real nice kick to it…kinda like NYC itself. Beautiful growing space in my backyard made for a great growing experience…with some especially beautiful flower. Only took like 4 months, it was sooooo fast. I think everyone should try this weed.

  27. Potted Plants (verified owner)

    I come from the Bronx and am very familiar with this strain…I used to smoke this with my homies back east, but then moved out to the west coast to start a new life. Happy as I can ever be out here…it’s super beautiful and great to have the perfect growing conditions for marijuana lol. Got a pretty solid strain, bigger than I am used to and it gives me nostalgia for NYC!

  28. Scooby Dew (verified owner)

    NYC is my favorite city in the US, so I figured I would just take a chance and grow this weed. First timer here, and definitely a new customer. Great buy from Pacific, and everything shipped out so fast! This weed has a great diesel smell to it and a nice sour taste. Very cloudy buzz so it’s best at night but the high is also super relaxing, great stuff!

  29. wolfgang puck (verified owner)

    Straight outta NYC, this weed will get you stoned beyond belief! I can’t believe how easy this was to order online and grow all myself. I got a HUGE yield, nearly 800 grams from just growing it in these large pots. Such a fantastic strain, great for smoking when times are tough (like now) cause you’ll be feeling much more energized and confident! Great for depression and anxiety, and of course it has that classic diesel smell!

  30. west williams (verified owner)

    I am a huge fan of NYC, the lights the people the hustle bustle…all of that is encompassed in the experience of this weed! I got myself 3 seeds from Pacific and they planted very nicely in my backyard. Perfect growing conditions this summer, made for an excellent yield with beautiful purple-tipped weed with gorgeous white and orange pistils to round it all out and the smell of diesel for miles and miles! I smoke it in the afternoon to wake my ass up and keep me focused on my work. Very exciting to have my own bud!

  31. Nice Legs (verified owner)

    This sativa dominant strain really takes the cake. It’s been a staple grow of mine over the years. I have a small grow operation in southern Oregon and the local dispensaries are always selling out of this stuff. Bought in bulk from Pacifc, and the seeds showed up fast, germinated evenly, and grew very strong. I enjoyed the process of working with these autoflowering seeds, makes for excellent yield and the flower is always dense, colorful, and fresh 🙂

  32. Look E. Lou (verified owner)

    This is an all around excellent strain of marijuana. Extremely easy to germinate and pretty easy to care for as well. I have been doing this for years so I may have a biased perspective on this stuff, but overall it’s pretty exciting weed. It’s a nice hybrid strain, never too overpowering in any regard, but I think it falls more heavily on the sativa side of things. Of course, it’s got that classic diesel smell, it’ll stink up your house if you grow indoors, but who cares, it’s great weed!

  33. Jordan Livingston (verified owner)

    A pretty intense strain of weed, a little more than I bargained to be honest, but hey it was a really good experience growing this pot and getting some delicious nugs. I love growing weed and it seems like PSB has some really impressive genetics with their seeds. I got like 400 g per plant, not bad, and the smell is really strong, like diesel yo!

  34. Lacey P. (verified owner)

    This weed really starts conversations! I grew it in my backyard and all everyone wanted to know was when it was going to be ready lol! It’s got a great look to it, with dense green nugs and a nice sour diesel smell. Perfect for passing a J around at a party and having a good chat. I really enjoy this weed for its intense buzz. Definitely makes me feel like I am in New York City!

  35. Kristine Ali (verified owner)

    I used to struggle with parties until I tried out this strain. It’s been great for my social anxiety and has been a really pleasant improvement in my life. A love gardening and weed is no exception, have a great grow space in my backyard and got a big old yield from my plants in just a few months time. A nice sour diesel taste with a great brain buzz and gut relaxation. Love this stuff!

  36. Max L. (verified owner)

    Nothing better for chilling around LA than NYC diesel LOL! Such a delicious strain, have been smoking it for years but this is my first time growing! PSB has a stellar online collection, so hard to choose just one! But man, had to go with my favorite strain! Easy to grow in my backyard, got great yield and delicious stanky herb. Helpful for mood and stress, my favorite weed in the world!

  37. Lea E. (verified owner)

    Sometimes I get so stressed at my job I need something to help me unwind and turn the giant OFF switch in my brain. This strain does it pretty well. Just grew NYC diesel for the first time and I love it. Only ordered 3 seeds but they all germinated and I got a nice yield for just 3 plants. Buying these seeds from Pacific again, but maybe getting a few more this time. I think I want to keep some nugs of this strain around for days when work gets tough.

  38. tulipjean4 (verified owner)

    I love marijuana (LOVE, LOVE, LOVE) but I had a bad experience a few years ago where I got super paranoid and tripped out in a super sketch way. So, since then I’m careful about which strains I smoke cuz I def don’t want to go through that again. I gravitate towards NYC D because the high is strong and immediate and I read it never steers one towards those paranoid feelings. NYC D is the best for my situation then. Also love the fast delivery from PSB, it’s where to get cannabis no watter where you are.

  39. Charles T. (verified owner)

    I’m of two minds with NYC Diesel. On one hand, I liked that this pot made me more chatty and social as I have social anxiety in group settings. And it made me feel good – a calming, full body relaxing feeling.

    However, the diesel taste was a bit offputting for me. It really does smell like gasoline! Didn’t like that so much. An acquired taste, I’d say.

    Again, on the positive side, ordering was simple and this strain was not hard to grow. Love the autoflowering strains of weed – they are so easy to grow! Might order a different strain next time.

  40. Damien F. (verified owner)

    Big fan of the Diesel strain. Have been smoking them for years. I gravitate towards this strain cause I tend to get super paranoid when I smoke, but for some crazy reason, this bud does the exact opposite to me. I feel very alive and social and chatty and relaxed all at the same time! Which Is a huge relief cause I love smoking weed haha! Online ordering was easy as could be. PSB has got it going on!!

  41. Sam B. (verified owner)

    I was really happy to find autoflowering seeds online for NYC Diesel because I read that the feminized version is actually pretty hard to grow. The high starts off pretty heady but definitely moves into an overall relaxed feeling that makes it easy to still talk to people and not trip out too hard over random stuff. THC is high but not so high that I get lost in thought, haha. I’d definitely order from PSB again I’m very happy with their service.

  42. Heidi L. (verified owner)

    Well I have a lot of social anxiety so needed a weed that would make going to parties and socializing a little bit smoother, so I jumped on the NYC Diesel train and I am super glad I did! This was my first time growing mj (have been smoking pot for years) and hands down this is the best bud I’ve ever tasted. I didn’t even mind the gasoline smell and taste, actually thought it was kind of intriguing. One of a kind!!

  43. apples4free (verified owner)

    This is some strong herb right here. I would describe the high as powerful, stimulating, fast-acting. If you’re looking to buy some 1-hit weed, I’d say get some NYC Diesel (or also Sour Diesel). My housemates and I have been going on this one plant for like a month now.

  44. Gerry W (verified owner)

    My gf doesn’t like weed very much because she says it makes her paranoid. But I got her to try this one and she loved it. No anxiety or anything and we both had a good time! Haha, even in the bedroom! We both felt happy and energized and on cloud 9. Only giving this 4 stars because I thought this strain was on the tricky side for growing. They came out kind of tall which I wasn’t expecting but if you know how to grow you’ll get a really good yield.

  45. Guy G. (verified owner)

    I read that this weed had won multiple cannabis cup trophies in the early 2000’s so I had to give it a shot. Especially for it’s, uhhhh, aphrodisiac like effects like PSB said. They delivered. My girl and I absolutely love to use this as a precursor to non-sleep bedtime.

    I grew it inside and had to top pretty regularly to keep it from getting too tall but that wasn’t a big deal for the medical grade weed I was able to produce. PSB’s customer service is the best I’ve ever dealt with in the online weed world too.

  46. Lin H. (verified owner)

    Love love love this variety. The hybrid levels of the sativa vs the indica are just perfect for me. Gets me nice and relaxed without shutting my brain off. I can still have a conversation and I can still be around people without being weird. That’s super important in my book. When I ordered my seeds from Pacific I got them wicked fast and they looked great. Can’t wait to grow some more.

  47. Sacha R. (verified owner)

    I live in a group house with 4 other people in Chicago. We decided to try growing weed in the basement. This strain was our first experiment.

    The growing part: Pretty easy. The plants smelled kinda strong but flowered right as predicted in about 60 days. They produced nice big buds rich with THC.

    The smoking part: Good-to-great pot. One of my housemates recently brought some weed back from Colorado and the stuff we grew is at last as good as that. Plus, we ordered online! All in all, a successful venture.

  48. Dan D. (verified owner)

    Cool as hell to see autoflowering diesel mj strains on this site! I ordered these because i haven’t seen many elsewhere and I’ve liked NYC diesel for a long time. Definitely easy going smoking experience without a care in the world. Maybe it’s called NYC diesel because you feel like you could be around a million people and not think twice about it? I also get really talkative with it.

    Grew it indoors and it took about 9 weeks to finish flowering and I got an okay amount of weed from it, like 280 grams per plant on average. Not bad at all.

  49. Flo C. (verified owner)

    Killer weed folks! Fed my ladies lots of delicious nutrients and they grew up big and strong! I’m about ready to harvest and everything looks just beautiful. I can’t wait to smoke it. Thanks Pacific for the rad seeds. All of em popped with no problem. I’ll be ordering and growing this strain again. Now, off to pick some bud! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. Clay R. (verified owner)

    Art student here, and I love me some mj to help me get into the creative flow! NYC Diesel is my JAM and PSB has some seriously amazing seeds to choose from. Had a great time growing in my little space buckets. Got a seriously nice yield, like 500 grams, and smoke this after class to get into my zone and create beautiful paintings. Also great for mood and feeling sociable!

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