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Platinum Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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Platinum Kush gets its name from the heavy crystal resin on its stem and leaves. This strain awakens the mind while keeping your body still and relaxed.

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Platinum Kush

if you’re a big fan of trichomes (a fancy way of saying crystals), then Platinum Kush marijuana seeds might be the perfect fit for you. There’s a reason this strain is called platinum. It’s due to the heavy crystal resin on its stem and leaves that give in a platinum color with pastel purple undertones. This is one magical-looking plant.

Additionally, growers will be blown away by the bright orange colors that stand out against the purple. This plant really pops in a grow room and its appearance is one of the reasons growers live for Platinum Kush. Once planted, this strain will make your room smell fruity and hashy.

The THC levels in this strain measure up to about 10% with trace levels of CBD. Due to its unique makeup, consumers say they experience completely opposite effects between brain and body. Platinum Kush invites a strong cerebral buzz that will have you feeling alert, creative, and enlightened. Meanwhile, your body will feel numb and heavy. You may not want to leave the couch despite feeling so creative and inspired.

This is a good strain for those who work from home. You’ll feel comfortable on the couch but your brain will be able to produce top-quality work. Most consumers agree that Platinum Kush marijuana seeds are mandatory for relaxing days at home. This strain is perfect for sinking into the pillow and having vivid daydreams. It delivers a nice mix of body and head high every single time.

Description: Platinum Kush gets its name from the heavy crystal resin on its stem and leaves. This strain awakens the mind while keeping your body still and relaxed.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 300 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain


Earthy, Pungent, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






37 reviews for Platinum Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Perplexed Pickle (verified owner)

    Platinum Kush is a great strain for those looking for a mild yet enjoyable body high that leaves you feeling happy, relaxed, and even a bit sleepy. The quality of the buds is fantastic, and the yield was impressive.

  2. Bianca Mancini (verified owner)

    Platinum Kush is an incredible strain that I absolutely loved. The high it gave me was perfect for relaxation and unwinding after a long day. The plants I grew were medium-sized and produced a great yield of beautiful buds. I really appreciated the helpful customer service from Pacific, and their fast shipping was a bonus.

  3. Penelope Medina (verified owner)

    This really is the bee’s knees. It’s a great buy for an exemplary price! So chill it makes you almost fall right to sleep! Never had a bad experience with Pacific Seeds, they always look exactly as advertised, and generally do well in the garden. Highly recommend you try it out for yourself!

  4. Nola Lu (verified owner)

    Easy to grow. Got like 100 grams per plant. Nice and light, easy smoking. Mellow. 5/5 seeds germinated. Online ordering was easy, and the shipping times are fast. Feelin real good about it. Real good.

  5. Reid Hansen (verified owner)

    This platinum kush strain is both easy to grow and gives off an incredible yield. Makes me smile and it makes me sweat, cause I am always working in my garden. Seriously good vibes, and a sweet sweet aftertaste that gets me feeling really lightheaded, but happy!!

  6. Can Vance (verified owner)

    So much flavor! I feel like I get punched in the face every time I smoke this weed. I am totally knocked backwards…totally a dope strain that gets me really tired but also super relaxed. A BIG welcome to my life, and a little bit challenging too. Never thought I’d be growing my own mj, but dang this stuff is great!

  7. Hetty Stacey (verified owner)

    It is possible to buy happiness. The platinum kush strain is the answer!! Ordered online, like a BOSS, and got this stuff delivered to my home here in Washington state. Good growing conditions out here generally, but you gotta have a greenhouse to start Anything on time. The spring is long and unpredictable in the PNW, so it’s best to give your grow stable conditions.

  8. Tahlia Brandt (verified owner)

    You ready to get hella stoned? I am stooooked about this strain of marijuana. It’s a GOOD BUY FOR THE PRICE and it grows practically anywhere! Got it shipped right to my mailbox, HOW convenient? I am very excited for the prospect of buying a new set of grow lights so these babies can just spring right up and look beautiful in no time!!!

  9. Naomi Wagner (verified owner)

    I may or may not be Kanye West and I may also have a platinum record to keep in my bedroom at night. Ever since Kim left me, all I have is this Platinum kush strain from Pacific, and it’s really something special cause it tastes like success. I feel like I am a GOD and I know that the true god would smoke Platinum kush. My gardener grows it for me, and I don’t do ANY of the work.

  10. Rea Barton (verified owner)

    I really like this weed, it’s soooo chill and hella relaxing and gives me all the vibes I want out of life. It’s better than goin to the gym that’s what I will say, but you know, growing weed can be difficult and takes some time and skill so make sure you read a lil bit about growing kush strains before just doing it alone and you’ll be just fine!

  11. Anastazja Raymond (verified owner)

    This is the perfect working strain in my opinion. I get all my work done when I get high off this weed. Keeps me super focused and alert, but it also makes my life much better because my stress levels are particularly low. It’s been a good year for growing in southern OR. All of that dry weather has been amazing.

  12. meyore (verified owner)

    Gotta love the platinum kush. This is an exciting strain, very easy to grow and when you smoke it you feel like a total badass! Had a great time getting started…very reliable germination, excellent when pruned and watered every day. Got a BIG yield too, smells nice and sour, has a great vibe, can’t wait for more!

  13. goldenboyg (verified owner)

    Do you have trouble relaxing at night? Do you feel absolutely stressed out by work and by your social life? Try out the Platinum OG for some serious vibes that last you all night long, and even helps you sleep. I can say from using it myself that it’s an easy grow, doesn’t take up too much space or time, and having homegrown at night makes everything better!

  14. Star (verified owner)

    Gotta love me some fancy trichomes! I have to say I am very impressed by this weed, and really happen to enjoy growing it as well. There are all kinds of techniques out there, but I just tend to prune and water regularly and that’s chill. Get’s me a sizeable harvest, and a wonderful smelling vibe!

  15. Wave Watcher (verified owner)

    This weed truly makes you feel like a rockstar and it’s super clutch too, especially when you’re in a bind and need some weed to calm you down. Work life stresses me out a bunch so I turned to weed cause frankly it’s better than alcohol. I am very proud of myself for growing this weed in my own backyard, I didn’t even know what I was doing! So much fun and such a great buzz!

  16. mackanzie porter (verified owner)

    Take a ride on the chillax express and take a blunt of the platinum kush with you. I really like this weed, it’s an easy grow ans it gives me a huge amount of nug with very little effort. I smoke it almost every day, but mostly after work cause it does make you kinda loose in the mind and buzzy in the body, so I like to just chill out with it and have a good time. Sure makes food taste better, and it stimulates my appetite which historically has been a problem. You’ll dig it for sure!

  17. Spam Musubi (verified owner)

    This weed looks like it was sprayed with silver…it’s got these dense resinous nugs, some nearly the size of my hand! I love the green and silver colors and the earthy sweet smell. I have never grown weed before, this was an experiment for me, and it went over VERY well. I got nearly 500 g of weed between my 2 plants, and I saved a seed for later growing. Finally got some time to prune and harvest last week and I just started smoking…very relaxing and fresh. Definitely worth the buy!

  18. theGerminator (verified owner)

    I find this to be a very meditative strain. It helps with stress and anxiety and puts me in a zen state of mind. It’s a nice easy grow, just like all kush strains and produces quite a lot of mj! Great buy from PSB, and fast delivery too. These seeds lasted for months in the nice glass packaging it came in and NO problems with germination. I feel very fortunate to have the growing space in my backyard for all this weed. It’s a ton of flower with minimal effort!

  19. Tracii823 (verified owner)

    Love these delicious resinous crystals! It’s gotta be one of my favorite strains to grow in my backyard, I always have a plant once a year and this time I ordered from PSB, really impressive online selection and incredible delicious tastes, kinda like a pine forest with a sweet afterglow, great for hiking and biking and being outdoors. Does make me tired if I smoke too much.

  20. Barbara Miller (verified owner)

    I get these horrible migraines about once a weed, and REALLY needed some mj to help calm my symptoms. This weed really does the trick. It’s really impressive stuff and offers me some amazing yields as well! I love the deep green and orange colors, and it smokes so smooth and delicious. Very relaxing stuff, great for my headaches and general enjoyment!

  21. Lonnie Fenmer (verified owner)

    Where can you get better seeds than this? PSB has an incredible online selection, and their customer service is top notch! Glad I went with the Platinum Kush. Like all the kush strains, it’s pretty easy to grow and offers a nice yield with minimal effort. Plus it’s super relaxing and great for after work or on the weekends. Gets me in the right mindset for some Netflix and Chill! Great buy, highly recommend.

  22. Frank J. (verified owner)

    This weed has mad crystals. I need this stuff in my life, and I am so glad PSB carries the seeds. I love this company, long time fan, have bought seeds from them for a while now and I haven’t gotten any bad ones yet! Platinim K is like chilling with your friends on a saturday night, listening to hip hop and rolling around town. If you’ve got a garden, throw these seeds in back and watch em grow, you’ll get like 400 grams. Delicious stuff!

  23. Jordan G. (verified owner)

    Great grow for beginners and a really solid indica strain! I have been growing weed for years and this is my first time with PSB, amazing online selection and seed delivery was fast and reliable! Got a solid yield from this kush and sure do love smoking this on the daily! It smells kind of earthy and pungent and leaves you feeling relaxed, great for headaches and sleep as well!

  24. Devyn F. (verified owner)

    I have been battling a painful illness for the past year now, and I’ve tried just about everything for pain. My biggest issue is that I need to keep my job — so I need to somehow dull the pain I’m in every day while allowing my brain to stay active and alert. That’s a tall order, but after talking with Pacific’s awesome customer service, they convinced me to buy Platinum Kush. Just wanna say thanks because this weed is literally saving my life (and my job!) Thanks Pacific!

  25. Shirley A. (verified owner)

    Good heavy indica that weirdly enough keeps your mind going. Great for days at home when there’s still shit to do. Good vents and some trimming made for a really easy indoor grow especially since it autoflowers. Good yield for how much work I put into it. If only I could harvest legit platinum with this kind of effort! Big thanks to PSB for fast shipping too

  26. Shelbie B. (verified owner)

    Such a pretty weed, who cares about its effects?? Ha ha, JK! They crystals on this mj are so nice though, it’s like a sparkly, purpley magic plant. The effect of Plat Kush is phenomenal: I feel creative, plugged in and extremely alive. It’s weird though because while my brain is operating on all cylinders, my body feels heavy and relaxed, like just so chilled. It may sound weird but it’s a very cool and good feeling. Not only is the look and effect of PK great but the smell while growing it is super awesome too! It’s a nice fruity earthy smell and went beyond my grow room into my living room. Great weed, I’m a foreva fan of Platinum K.

  27. Cindy C. (verified owner)

    Ordered 10 seeds and all 10 germinated, which is is just fantastic. Never had such great luck germinating, but this was the first time I ordered online from this site and it went really well. Used the paper towel method and it went smoothly. Now I have 10 little ladies growing quite nicely. Will let you know how it goes, but right now everything seems to look really good.

  28. Martin N. (verified owner)

    Really great harvest for an autoflowering plant in a smaller indoor grow, although I did have to trim pretty consistently in order to keep the plants from reaching too much. The buds alone are worth trying to grow it, for sure, they’re great looking with a lot of nice purple and nice trichomes throughout. Bunchy colas throughout led to the great yield, I think, but again trimming had a lot to do with it. This is definitely Indica dominant and helps with sleep deprivation, so great for medical use.

  29. Emilio D. (verified owner)

    First time buyer w/ Pacific and glad I gave this strain a go. Had no problem with growing in the side yard against the fence (that’s where the most sun gets in) and really dug those fat purple crystals. I felt like I was getting stoned just LOOKING at the plant!! I telecommute to work so like to pack a bowl before turning on the laptop and “plugging in” keeps me going through the day and my graphic design work is better than ever. Best weed i’ve had in Canada hands down!

  30. Rando W. (verified owner)

    I was happy with this order. Got this one and some Jack H. Delivery was quick. The plants are hardy. I grew it in the living room. This kush has little purple hairs and pretty white crystals. A sweet smell, not too powerful. The buzz is excellent.

  31. Eduardo H (verified owner)

    Watch your pain and your stress just melt away with the Platinum KUSH. Total trippy high because my brain was alert but my body was not. Felt like I needed to be productive but lacked the energy to do so. Beautiful buds with lots of crystals on the stems and leaves. Probaly the most crystalline bud I’ve ever seen. And the taste was earthy and sweet. Quite nice, actually. Exceptional weed. Easy to grow!

  32. Tina C. (verified owner)

    An absolutely gorgeous strain of weed, I can’t say enough good things about it, so here are just a few: the buds are huge and green and absolutely delicious, the buzz is super chilled out and relaxed, and the yield is pretty darn impressive. First time buyer with PSB, but online seed ordering was a huge success, got all 10 seeds germinated and soon I was smoking my very own nug. Highly recommend!

  33. Samuel E. (verified owner)

    Picture yourself in a boat on a river, taking big huge hits of happy-making MJ. Nothing but good things to say about Platinum Kush, my new #1 cannabis. The Best of the Best. It grew real easy and fast, smells fantastic, doesn’t give you couch lock or paranoia or other bad effects. If you’ve never ordered seeds online and you’re worried, don’t be. It all works out.

  34. Nadine Y. (verified owner)

    Love me some beautiful pot from right here in the great USA. First time ordering from PSB and loved the fast delivery. Platinum Kush is a hit with all my peeps: the plant itself is like a colorful work of art. And we all love the high – so enlightening and mind-expanding.

  35. Otto R. (verified owner)

    First off, delivery was fast so that’s extras stars right there. I work from home all day and I finally found some of the best mj to make that bearable! Since it’s mostly sativa it keeps me up and alert and focused on projects but the slight indica makes me nice and relaxed and eases stress. Moderate thc levels make it a nice all day smoke and I don’t get too high.

    Growing outdoors was pretty simple, and the plant didn’t get too tall and didn’t need too much trimming. I had a little smaller yield than a potential indoor grow but with AF plants I’m pleased that it was so simple.

  36. Alexis C. (verified owner)

    What can I say about Platinum Kush that hasn’t already been said? First off, I know ya’ll can find this seed just about anywhere, but if I were you I’d get it here at Pacific. Your seeds will be delivered fast, the package won’t just say WEED all over it, so no worries about getting shit from yo neighbors. Your seeds WILL pop. And you gots questions? Pacific’s got yo back. The customer service here is legit. Awesome place to buy from fo sure.

  37. Franny R. (verified owner)

    I suffer from chronic pain and was prescribed medical mj to handle my symptoms. I did some research and thought this weed might be the way to go. Luckily I had success it on the first attempt and now have a lot of marijuana for smoking!! This is great because it saves me so much money at the dispensary, plus I love the way the mj looks in my garden, though the smell is rather pungent. Platinum K has been great for my pain, all my symptoms tend to fade into the background, and I can get so much done, which is quite lovely. Thank you for reading!

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