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Tutti Frutti AutoFlowering Seeds

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Like the candy, Tutti Frutti marijuana seeds get their name from their plant’s coloration. The effects of Tutti Frutti will come on slowly and steadily and when it fully hits, this sativa-dominant hybrid will leave users in a happy, cheerful, buzzy mood!

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Smokers with a sweet tooth are going to love our Tutti Frutti marijuana seeds! This strain smells just like a fresh bowl of Fruit Loops in the morning. With the help of Tutti Frutti, you can start your day on the right foot. Pair your smoking session with breakfast, a refreshing shower, and you’ll be all set for the day. It may take you a while to notice the effects of this creeper strain, but once you do, you’ll be so glad you smoked in the first place.


The effects of Tutti Frutti come on slowly and steadily. The full-blown experience of this sativa-dominant hybrid leaves users in a happy, cheerful, buzzy mood! All of the energy and euphoria hits you at once, and suddenly, you’re having the best day ever! You might not even know what’s come over you. Tutti Frutti can naturally elevate your mood and keep you shining bright all day long.


Like the candy, Tutti Frutti marijuana seeds get their name from their plant’s coloration. The nugs of these plants have rainbow colors scattered throughout, plus a heavy coat of white trichomes. The aroma is sweet and fruity, as well, almost to the point of being addictive. Stop and smell the flower whenever you can!

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 350 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






13 reviews for Tutti Frutti AutoFlowering Seeds

  1. Bella Rose (verified owner)

    Tutti Frutti fresh and goodie – this is sweet and delicious just like your favorite fruity candy! This MJ will have you feeling like you’re a kid in a candy store. The effects come in slow and steady at first before they pick up and come on hard, eventually leaving you happy and cheerful.

  2. Antony Davila (verified owner)

    It tastes like fruity pebbles and gets me wicked stoned. Took me most of the summer to grow, I have no complaints!

  3. Dreamy5Drifter (verified owner)

    With its candy-inspired coloration and delicious aroma of fresh Fruit Loops, this sativa-dominant hybrid will leave you in a happy, buzzy mood. The effects may creep up on you, but once they hit, you’ll be floating on cloud nine. Elevate your mood and have the best day ever with Tutti Frutti!

  4. Bo Bonilla (verified owner)

    A delightfully fresh weed with a noticeably fruity flavor….you will not regret your purchase, simply cause this MJ helps me deal with my insane stress ans anxiety problems…in a natural and organic way. I feel growing MJ makes the Earth mother happy, and I strive to be more active in cultivating the land in a healthy way in 2023 🙂

  5. Eula Bolton (verified owner)

    Tutti Frutti is a great strain for relaxation and stress-relief, with a nice fruity and sweet taste. Pacific’s customer service was super helpful in recommending this strain, and all my seeds sprouted and germinated with no issues. Plus, shipping was fast and I found lots of helpful information on Pacific’s blog.

  6. Crimson7W1ng (verified owner)

    A fresh and invigorating hybrid with a strong citrusy flavor. Not the EASIEST strain to cultivate, it requires hot, humid conditions to really flourish, but definitely a significant yield and a great choice for experienced growers.

  7. Smith1155 (verified owner)

    Fresh and fruity, this weed is pretty powerful and phenomenal. I love buying this strain and definitely plan to have it every season from now on. The plant is medium-sized, compact, makes dense nugs, VERY sticky and pungent. Love that I can buy online, one of the best ways to relax in the winter time fellas.

  8. Silas Wells (verified owner)

    Having a cheerful and buzzy day! Big fan of this strain and all it offers!

    3 seeds was all I needed. Took almost 2 full weeks to reach germination. But hey, it was worth the wait. I just got nervous about it!

    This was an interesting experience, but probably won’t repeat again. Not my thing necessarily, but a quality product.

  9. Anthony Vargas (verified owner)

    The smell and taste of this weed is similar to fruit loops or fruity pebbles. I was able to grow 15 seeds that I ordered online. I smoked this weed for the last week, and it feels just awesome. I love the easy indica energy that runs through my body. Helps with stress, dperession, I mean weed is always a good idea right?

  10. Evie Kidd (verified owner)

    Incredibly colorful and vibrant weed! It has rainbow flower scattered throughout a forest of green. Plus it smells like fruit loops. You can’t go wrong!

  11. Vinnie Henry (verified owner)

    A creeper strain for sure. Tastes like fruit loops haha! Helps with stress and anxiety!

  12. Kaden Berry (verified owner)

    Don’t mean to be rude here, but my weed is absolutely the best this world has to offer. I grow right in my backyard and have great luck in my top of the line composted soil. VERY reliable and delicious yields. Give me a reason to grow for you and I’ll do it. I am a HUGE fan of Pacific weed and this fruity, delightful sativa 😉

  13. Shaurya Ramsay (verified owner)

    One of my favorites due to it’s high sativa content as well as naturally occurring CBD. It’s been good for stress and depression and mostly just tastes amazing and smells pretty good too. Put up some raised beds this year and finally got to plant these babies in this fresh imported soil. Looking pretty good so far, nearly as tall as I am already and it’s only been 4 months!!

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