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The Aurora strain is a cross between an Afghani landrace and Northern Lights. Similar to Northern Lights, Aurora marijuana seeds are phenomenal strain for quieting down the mind and making you feel deeply relaxed. This strain follows the same characteristics to other indicas in that it’s slow-creeping and takes a few minutes to come into effect.

But once it does, consumers will feel like a weight has been lifted off their shoulders as all worries and stressors vanish. Consumers can physically feel Aurora kicking in as a tingling sensation surrounds the eyes, cheeks, and temples. Aurora gives off a heavy bodily high that can leave you on the couch for many hours.

Because of its sedative-like effects, Aurora is most commonly enjoyed in the evenings and at night before bed. Not only will it make you feel relaxed and sleepy, but it will also fill your head with happy thoughts before drifting off to sleep. Additionally, medical users benefit highly from Aurora. There are no signs of paranoia or worries with Aurora in your system.

When Aurora plants reach maturity, they give off an earthy, spicy aroma that’s true to its Afghani roots. Aurora marijuana seeds also have a hint of fruitiness, almost as if you were smelling a bowl of mixed berries. Smoking Aurora can leave behind a fruit, coffee-tinged flavor when you exhale. It’s delicious!

Description: Aurora will help all your sleepless, restless nights. This indica-heavy strain can combat worries with its calming effects.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



10% Sativa/90% Indica

Flowering Time

65-75 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Headache, Pain


Herbal, Peppery, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






45 reviews for Aurora Feminized Seeds

  1. J. Rodriguez (verified owner)

    When I want a strain that’s going to yield a bountiful harvest, Aurora is the one for you. I grew this outdoors and came out with about 450 grams. This was plenty to keep me satisfied for the longest. It was so much that I even shared it with a few friends and had plenty left for myself.

  2. Comet7Crafter (verified owner)

    With its sedative effects, Aurora is perfect for easing worries and stressors, making it a popular choice for those suffering from insomnia. The earthy and fruity aroma and delicious flavor make this strain even more enjoyable. So, if you’re looking to have a peaceful night’s sleep and find some relief, Aurora Feminized Seeds are the way to go.

  3. Leonel Maynard (verified owner)

    Takes a lot of energy to get this strain right, but in my opinion it is definitely worth it! Fresh flower and a sweet, indica high make this one of my favorite grows.
    I’ve been a grower for over a decade, and I’d recommend something easier for beginners. This MJ also has light psychedelic effects, so get ready to trip!

  4. Adolfo Steele (verified owner)

    I had my doubts about Pacific, but after their seeds shipped out in 7 days and germinated in less than a week I wa sold. Aurora is a fairly unknown strain but is similar to Northern Lights with its high THC and indica leaning profile. It’s got a slightly sweeter taste and a longer come-down, but easily one of my fave variations on a classic!

  5. SkunkSpartan82 (verified owner)

    A great strain for relaxation. The herbal and peppery taste is pleasant, and the high is happy and sleepy. While the yield is not huge, the ease of growth and resistance to pests and mold make it a great choice for intermediate growers.

  6. Meredith Major (verified owner)

    I had a pretty bad car accident about a year ago and the recovery process has been pretty intense….a lot of healing, a few surgeries….and maybe some medication ha. But I keep my spirits high and I also keep my body high with aurora. I figured this was a good excuse to get back into the garden anyway. So, nothing to lose I figured, and I bought 10 seeds online. Amazed how quickly they were in my mailbox, very nice! They germinated in a snap, and got super tall and bushy before I knew it. Flipped them at stage 4 veg and I am really enjoying the flower now!

  7. Phebe Phan (verified owner)

    This weed sometimes gives me some trippy visuals….I see streaks of colors in front of my eyes, and they are absolutely beautiful, and look a lot like the northern lights! I grew my little seets in some indoor planters right in front of a big sunny window heck yeah!

  8. Mairead Farmer (verified owner)

    I’ve never been a weed grower, but I’ve worked with other vegetables in the past. Have gotten some NICE looking buds from this strain. It usually takes me about 6 months from germination through harvest. I’ve made the mistake of letting this grow too long in the past and had to start over. When your plants go to seed, you might as well just plant those seeds lol.

  9. Hisham Nixon (verified owner)

    The sweet and subtle flavors of aurora is what I look for in my daily life! Great vibes all around and easy to grow. You know you can trust pacific!

  10. Mari Marriott (verified owner)

    The sweet floral smell of marijuana is an absolutely beautiful way to spend an evening looking up at the sky through my awesome telescope!!

    Bought 10 seeds online and usually grow 2 at a time! Been a great way to spend the summer. Even my wife likes this weed!!

  11. Paige Barrera (verified owner)

    I swear everytime I smoke this there’s a little halo around my head, and I feel angelic, like my highest self! Getting high on your own supply is the name of the game in 2022, and growing at home has never been easier with online ordering. Really exciting buy, and finally getting to live out a longtime dream of mine!

  12. Jasmine Figueroa (verified owner)

    Mmmm I love just laying in the grass and looking up at the clouds when I am stoned on Aurora Weed. This strain has it all: great smell, great flavor, and an incredible buzz. You have all the power in your hands when you grow mj with Pacific! Their seeds are great quality, and they last for a LONg LONG time!!!

  13. Eshal Saunders (verified owner)

    Get high and really float through the sky with Aurora MJ seeds from Pacific. Excellent buy for the price, fast shipping and reliable germination. Got nearly 600 grams of FRESHHHH pot from these plants, and a worthy selection to choose from online. Very happy they ship anywhere in the USA!

  14. Fox Bouvet (verified owner)

    Get your buzz on with aurora strain marijuana….it’s sweet and smells like cherry and it’s very fast growing so that’s perfect for people like me who are very impatient. I LOoooove smoking this dope and chilling on my back porch looking out over the mountains. Very pleased with the results, will definitely buy some more of this stuff as soon as possible!

  15. Alana Hawes (verified owner)

    I was pretty stoned the other night and watched through all the Marvel movies, and I gotta say, the weed was good, but that movie series is total trash. But Hey, oh well, in the end, I am more excited about my homegrown ganja that I worked sooooo hard to cultivate. Pacific has such wonderful growing instructions, I got great results 🙂

  16. Emme Casey (verified owner)

    Aurora was the name of the town I grew up in in Illinois, pretty awesome times, makes me miss home. But out here on the west coast I am living so much better, and love the marijuana that is in my life now. Gets me nice and baked and I just can’t get enough. Will definitely buy more pot seeds!!

  17. Jaya Norton (verified owner)

    I like to get suuuuper baked and go out in Portland and just chill at the Florida Room. It’s like a chill spot and I just grow some weed in my backyard cause it’s a fun hobby. Idk I don’t really know many reliable seed companies out there and this was recommended by a farmer friend of mine, so I am very happy I got my hands on some seeds that are sure to germinate!!!

  18. Ajwa Oconnor (verified owner)

    This is a very nice buy, it’s a moderately difficult grow, but ultimately makes for a great time. I am not too experienced with marijuana growing but I followed the advice on this website and ended up getting a pretty substantial yield. I like the smell of it alot, it’s very sweet and relaxing, and I am happy to share with my friends 🙂

  19. Riley-Jay Barajas (verified owner)

    You wanna smoke the best weed in town? Grab yourself a handful of aurora pot seeds and get growing right away…You will NOT be disappointed by this strain…it’s really gonna make a difference in your life, get you real stoned and make me very happy. Ordered it online and had it shipped to my new spot…greenhouse included…wow it was fun to watch this indica heavy weed grow!!

  20. Roxanne Kelly (verified owner)

    This weed is a real gem, it’s easy to grow, gets me real messed up, and offers me all kinds of great mental health benefits…it’s very chill and very easy to grow and always gives me a reliable yield, no matter what. I will take this to the bank when I am good enough to grow commercially!

  21. bob flannigan (verified owner)

    The aurora hangs above my head like a beautiful yellow halo, I am very stoned when I write this review, and I am very happy I had a chance to grow this pot in my home. I feel like I did pretty well for myself, and I got nearly 800 grams of quality weed. I smoke almost every day, mostly in the evenings to help take the edge off. Can’t deny that life is special with this weed!

  22. Lilly-Mai Ferguson (verified owner)

    Aurora is my ultimate goodnight strain…I smoke this and drink some tea and I am ready to just fall right to sleep. I am very excited for my new batch that is coming up nicely. It’s been growing steadily in the backyard, making some beautiful buds. I will definitely order some of this weed again for next season!

  23. Chevrolet (verified owner)

    Get yourself into some crazy art or music when you smoke this strain…it’s a good buy for when you are stressed out and tight on cash and need something to help get you where you wanna be. I grew it in the backyard….got like 500 grams evenutally….wasn’t the best plant owner tbh, but still got good pot! Love smoking this weed with friends, very relaxing and enjoyable!

  24. John Mitchell (verified owner)

    I wanted something special for my girlfriend’s birthday, so I got her some of this weed. She LOVED it, it was the perfect gift, and she’s been growing it in the back ever since. Looks amazing, bigger and better than anything else I’d seen before. She’s so good at caring for it, and I can’t wait to reap the benefits. Good buy!

  25. the new dawn (verified owner)

    Get yourself a hit of the aurora strain and you’ll be floating through the atmosphere into outer space. HUGE fan on this stuff, makes for a great indoor grow, BIG yield, very fresh and very colorful! I smoke it mostly for fun, but it does seem to help my stress and anxiety, makes me feel more social, but can make me sleepy if I smoke too much. Good buy though, PSB always comes through!

  26. cantelope (verified owner)

    Try out this weed if you want a nice ethereal buzz that kills the pain and stress of the day in one easy sitting. I ordered my seeds online with Pacific, great online selection and a very fair price. I am pretty new at this but I am really happy how my seeds turned out. Got a soli yield and definitely more than I bargained for. I love the sour and earthy taste of the bud, great for sharing with friends!

  27. Seven-11 (verified owner)

    I definitely was in over my head on this grow…it was a little to much effort to have to care for this plant every day. I wanted it to be easy! But I guess you can’t always get what you want…either way the flower came in nicely and the smoking is pretty nice. I like smoking it at night, enjoy its subtle earthy flavors and also dig how nice it is to smoke and watch CSI MIami!!! Then I usually go to sleep lol.

  28. MayBelle (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for an alternative to sleeping pills then you probably just found your new best friend. I have had insomnia for years and this weed has really helped with this, it’s perfect for nighttime smoking, watching a movie, chilling with my dog, and just drifting off to bed. I like the way it smells and tastes too, very earthy and clean. It’s a great grow, have a nice little space in my basement and my whole house smells wonderfully of marijuana. Great buy!

  29. Maggie Knight (verified owner)

    Oh WOW I am so impressed with this weed! It’s so tasty, like smoking a lollipop and boy does it help me chill out!!! I can’t say I’ve ever grown weed before, but this seemed to be very high quality and it was so easy too! I got a nice space in my backyard where all my herbs usually go but this year was a different kind of herb 😉 PSB has such an amazing online catalog and they make ordering easy and even fun! I can’t wait to share this delicious, relaxing indica with my friends!

  30. hollybaker (verified owner)

    I have had trouble with insomnia lately, and this weed has really helped me me through this difficult time. I recently had a friend pass away, and I need to have some weed to help me relax, process and unwind. This weed was a nice growing process, has some lovely looking flowers and of course the smell is nice and sweet. It’s been a great help during these hard times. Thanks PSB!

  31. Jason Pham (verified owner)

    A nicely indica heavy variety, delicious herb from the seed to harvest! I ordered my seeds online with PSB and they shipped out super fast, I was so impressed! Grew this stuff in my basement in my small grow area, nice spot for around 5 plants! I had an excellent harvest, nice stuff and very high quality. Got very high when I smoked it, hella relaxing!

  32. frankyz545 (verified owner)

    Great all around strain. Its perfect before bedtime, and just amazing in how relaxing it can be. Bright green and orange trichomes, so delicious and the smoke is smooth and wont make you cough, but it will give you the munchies! Then it’ll give you the best sleep you’ve ever had. Ordered online with PSB and the process was super fast and simple. Will definitely be back for more!

  33. domme546 (verified owner)

    What a great weed for medical use. I know I might be unique in this thinking, but I actually prefer marijuana that takes a little bit of time to feel its effects. Beautiful aurora makes me feel like I’m sinking into a relaxing bubble bath, and the chronic pain in my arms and shoulders slowly melts away. It also helps with sleeplessness – never slept better than after toking aurora. I love the convenience of ordering seeds online from Pacific. With their incredible selection, they’re like the Amazon of marijuana seeds!

  34. Brooke T. (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this weed! It’s so powerful and amazing. It’s incredibly colorful with bright greens and oranges and looks fantastic when you first harvest it. First time with Pacific, and really happy with the online selection, customer service was spot on and seeds shipped out super fast! Got a 100% germ rate and my plants gave me a great yield. A powerful indica that’ll make you wanna kick it on the couch, read a book and fall asleep. Highly recommend!

  35. Nikita B. (verified owner)

    My ticket to dreamland. This is a pretty ideal medicinal strain for insomnia, it knocks me right out and makes me feel super relaxed while I fall asleep. I got a great yield too, I’ll be set for a good long while. Happy to know where to buy marijuana seeds with this kind of quality. Thanks so much.

  36. drpain431 (verified owner)

    I have never felt all over body tingles from mj like I have with this weed. I like it so much this is my second time growing it. The first time I gave a bunch to my sister so I sort of ran out too fast. This time I’m keeping it all to myself, LOL. It takes a little bit longer to flower but its worth the wait in my opinion. This strain eases my mind and does exactly what I want weed to do – make me feel nice and relaxed and happy.

  37. Pauline R. (verified owner)

    After reading the benefits of the Aurora seeds, I had to order it and couldn’t wait for my package to arrive. I, like many out there, suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and depression. But once I smoked a bit of the Aurora MJ, I felt the calming effects, easily within 20 minutes. I first felt it around my eyes, almost like a cooling sensation spreading throughout my face. Five minutes in and I was on a relaxing, tropical vacation … in my mind. This was a great way to get to bed, and I highly recommend you take it only if you have a few hours to devout to your “relaxation”. Sweet dreams!

  38. Tara T. (verified owner)

    My favorite part of the fantastic aurora cannabis is its Afghani heritage. LOVE the spicy earthiness this plant gives off when it was growing. I grow this for my friend who has pretty bad insomnia. Smoking this lets him get some sleep and be productive. I love the smell when he smokes it too – there’s a berry smell that’s so refreshing. Aurora is the best, love having it around.

  39. Dan P. (verified owner)

    This is pretty potent stuff and really makes you want to sit back and relax on the couch. I’ve never done any mj growing myself, so this was new experience for me. I THINK I did it right haha, because I still managed to grow around 300 G, which is pretty stellar for me. Ordering online with Pacific was super fast and simple, and the weed is amazingly relaxing and tingly. I love watching movies on this weed and sharing with my girlfriend, great earthy spicy smell that adds to the chilled out vibes.

  40. Bruce O. (verified owner)

    Ahhhhhhh. This weed totally turns me into a sleeping beauty! Love it! Nice and relaxing and I have the best dreams when I smoke Aurora. Sometime sleepy time mj doesn’t work quite so well with me if it makes me paranoid or anxious. Then I just feel tired and stressed out — which I don’t like at all. Aurora calms my mind like no other. Next time round of seeds I order I’m definitely going to add some of this strain to my purchase.

  41. Rhys A. (verified owner)

    Dense fat nugs of goodness! Really loving my Aurora bud! The THC percentage is spot on. I don’t like weed that’s too strong, and I also like the sprinkling of sativa to keep things uplifting. The flowering time was a little longer with this strain, but not too bad. 3 out of 3 seeds germinated. Plants were healthy and my yield was as expected. No complaints here.

  42. Henry B. (verified owner)

    Aurora is an almost pure indica strain that has me sittin on the couch like whoa. Gorgeous orange hair nuggy goodness. 9 weeks of flowering and a pretty modest (but not small) crop, pretty easy to grow indoors. Smells really nice and earthy during late flowering stage. Excellent cannabis for solving sleep issues – this has basically taken care of my insomnia all around. Really nice and relaxing and I don’t get paranoid like I do with some other strains even though I read this strain sometimes causes it. Overall 10 out of 10 would buy again if I needed to!

  43. Mary N. (verified owner)

    Better than sleepytime tea, this strain of mj rocks me to sleep night after night. Really easy to order online through PSB, plus great customer service! My plamnts grew pretty tall and got a solid yield of about 400 grams! I smoke just before bed, and I think I am dreaming before I even hit the pillow, or maybe I’m seeing the northern lights through my window? Either way I am feeling rested and relaxed the next morning. A great buy!

  44. Christopher N. (verified owner)

    For medical use, Aurora is the best in my book. It gives a nice DEEP relaxation that you’ll feel in your entire body. Don’t use if you’re planning on going somewhere. I have constant, throbbing pain in my legs, but lovely Aurora melts it away. This pot strain also makes you feel sleepy, so it’s a great way to end a stressful day. Best mj in the USA, thanks, PSB!

  45. Colson V. (verified owner)

    PSB labels it as medium height but it actually stayed pretty short, perfect for indoor growing. Pretty heavy buds too. I grew it in soil instead of hydro and it did good, got about 375-400 grams per plant which was right on target. The high is super nice and relaxing, definitely almost a pure indica. I really like smoking just before bedtime and it feels like i’m wrapped in an extra blanket of comfort.

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