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Blackberry Hashplant Feminized Seeds

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Complex yet versatile, Blackberry Hashplant marijuana is a uniquely appealing strain best suited to intermediate growers who can coax bright colors and higher yields from the fragrant, sticky plants.

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The result of the coupling of a kush and a haze, Blackberry Hashplant marijuana is an interesting and moderately potent strain that is hard to pin down. Considered well balanced, your experience with Blackberry Hasplant is completely dependent on your unique physiology.

At 18% THC, Blackberry Hashplant marijuana is not a strain for the faint of heart. Its predominantly earthy aroma is punctuated with hints of lavender, though this floral quality is absent in its flavor, which comes over with strong notes of dust and wood. Its effects are much less defined, with some consumers reporting a mood-enhancing and energizing high. Whichever category you fall into, its effects are known to be short-lived.

Growing Blackberry Hashplant marijuana seeds may prove a bit of a challenge, and so this strain is best left to those with intermediate experience gardening with cannabis. As it tends to lean towards its indica genetics in terms of its physical appearance, provide Blackberry Hasplant with the care and attention you would with any other indica, with particular attention paid to circulation to avoid the growth of mold. Provided with the average 7-9 weeks of flowering, you will be rewarded with a versatile and unique strain that should meet and exceed your marijuana needs.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energizing, Euphoric, Happy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Pain, Stress


Berry, Sweet, Woody

Plant Sex


Flowering Type




Skill Level




14 reviews for Blackberry Hashplant Feminized Seeds

  1. LeafyLover (verified owner)

    Suuuper sweet and tasty. I love the way this stuff makes me feel….its so buzzy and exciting, and the vibes are just right!
    I grew it over the summer and got some pretty remarkable results. It’s tall and bushy and very clean….plus the aroma is to die for!
    My husband and I are a weed growing team and we LOVE shopping with Pacific for their fast shipping to Canada. Thanks!

  2. Adan Durham (verified owner)

    Took about 3-4 months to finally start seeing flower form on this plant. It’s fresh MJ with a nice citrusy smell and taste….and of course, covered in crystals. A very dark color, not quite green or purple, but somewhere between them. I do like the fresh MJ around the house, definitely makes my sunday chores list go by a lot faster. a 2 day weekend is just not enough.

  3. Cosmic6Coyote (verified owner)

    Brace yourselves, growers! Blackberry Hashplant Feminized Seeds is a game-changer. Not only did the helpful customer service ensure a smooth purchase, but every single seed germinated effortlessly. The unique blend of a kush and haze delivers an irresistible aroma, and the versatile effects cater to all preferences.

  4. Jon Garner (verified owner)

    I truly did not expect this to turn out as well as it did. A friend suggested i order from this site and i am impressed how well packaged my seeds were. The three seeds i bought germinated without a problem and I’ve started growing them. Very excited with how it turns out but i will say the service alone is top knotch for this purchase.

  5. CannabisCaper (verified owner)

    Looking for a high that won’t overwhelm or overpower your body? Blackberry is an excellent choice for those looking to have a cruisy mellow high. I found that this seed was quite easy to grow and did not take very long at all. Got my seeds flowered at almost exactly 2 months.

  6. Johnny Gregory (verified owner)

    This strain has a nice berry taste to it and a very nice happy energized high. I found it easy to grow and care for this plant and it rewarded me nicely with a good amount of weed from it.

  7. Melissa Jackson (verified owner)

    Lovely blackberry aroma and a light, easy going high. Better than store bought weed, and definitely cheaper. If you have a passion for working in the garden, what are you waiting for? Blackberry Hashplant is in ample supply here at Pacific and their orders ship out so fast!

  8. BudBionics99 (verified owner)

    Blackberry Hashplant is an energizing strain that left me feeling happy and euphoric. The sweet and woody taste was a nice touch to this hybrid strain. The easy cultivation process and medium size of the plants made it perfect for beginners like me. I would highly recommend this strain for stress relief. Overall, a great choice for anyone looking for a sweet and uplifting experience.

  9. 69Unusu4lC4dm1um (verified owner)

    A deeply relaxing indica weed with a smoky hash flavor and just a hint of blackberry. Leaves me with a smile of my face. 4/5 stars cause not all my seeds germinated, but sure do appreciate the fast shipping!

  10. Finnlay Cross (verified owner)

    A surprisingly sour weed with an upbeat, euphoric energy. Great for smoking in the afternoon. It tends to make me a little groggy/sleepy if I smoke more than a few tokes. It’s strong stuff, even for a long-time smoker like me. THC levels usually hover around 20% for this strain, here and there. Best when smoked with friends, just like all weed really.

  11. Ellie-May Gibbs (verified owner)

    I love blackberry hashpant for its smooth earthy flavor. You will never come across a more relaxing and uplifting strain. And even if you’re new to weed, you’ll still have fun growing it! I got a LOT of weed (I didn’t measure) and I got like month’s worth of supply. Such a treat!

  12. Darla Hays (verified owner)

    Oooo what a visually attractive plant! I bought 5 seeds online and when I came home after vacation after a week, they were already in the mail! Took me 6 months of dedicated growing to have this plant reach its perfection. Covered in snowy white crystals and very fragrant with the smell of hash and blueberry. Has been great for stress and headaches!!

  13. Callie Frederick (verified owner)

    Opens up your senses and lets the happiness just roll right in! Buying this weed online made things so much easier! I am proud of my progress. Was able to score nearly 500 grams of fresh pot, all on my own. I went into this totally blind and came out knowing A LOT more about growing weed. A great learning experience and a fantastic blackberry weed!

  14. Fraser Cortez (verified owner)

    A perfect strain for everyday smoking. Not only is it nice and fragrant, it has a sour berry taste and gets me high as a kite! Helps me manage my stress levels after work, and gets me where I truly need to be. It’s about as difficult as managing a tomato plant, so give it some attention and you’ll most likely get some great results!

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