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Bubba’s Gift Feminized Seeds

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Bubba’s Gift is an excellent choice for users looking for a gentle, relaxing euphoria paired with a fruity scent and flavor.

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It’s called a gift for a reason!  Bubba’s Gift is a sweet tasting, mildly sedating strain that is reminiscent of everything we love about Indica-dominant blends.


Where do Bubba’s Gift marijuana seeds come from?

A cross between Bubba Kush and God’s Gift, Bubba’s Gift is an 80/20 blend that boasts up to 20% THC.  A beautiful plant of dark green and royal purple, this strain has a sweet, fruity scent to it.  This aroma is accentuated by its flavor notes of grapes and berries, paired with a woodsy, earthy undertone on the exhale.


Medical benefits of Bubba’s Gift marijuana seeds

An Indica-dominant strain, Bubba’s Gift will keep users fairly calm, sending them into a mild euphoria before settling into relaxation.  Due to these effects, this strain is typically better suited for nighttime as opposed to daytime use.  A gentle sedative, Bubba’s Gift is a popular option for people suffering from worries or insomnia.  


Growing Bubba’s Gift marijuana seeds

Bubba’s Gift is hailed as one of the easiest strains to grow; with high yields and a sturdy composure, this strain is an excellent choice for beginner growers.  That said, it is not grown well in humid climates; Mediterranean climates or greenhouses are more preferable.  Bubba’s Gift finishes flowering and will be ready for harvest after 6 to 7 weeks.

Additional information



Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Energetic, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Berry, Lemon, Woody

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


10 reviews for Bubba’s Gift Feminized Seeds

  1. Amira Al-Sayed (verified owner)

    This strain is everything I love about Indica-dominant blends. The high was smooth and relaxing, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The plants grew beautifully, with full germination and high yields. I was also impressed with Pacific Seed Bank’s customer service.

  2. EcoEmissary (verified owner)

    Get your Bubba’s gift seeds right here on Pacific seed bank and expect to get the best quality seeds! Their seeds ship quickly…..usually between 5-7 days anywhere in California…..and if you follow their blogs, there’s a ton of great growing advice, especially on germination.

  3. Ridiculous Rhinoceros (verified owner)

    I really liked Bubba’s Gift for its excellent fruity flavor. This strain provides a really nice long-lasting high and I was very relaxed and overwhelmed with positive energy. This seed grew exceptionally well with flowering at about 9 weeks and a very large amound of weed from it.

  4. Kolby Zhang (verified owner)

    Fast growing and some fat nugs. I like how LUSH this plant turned out. So thick and bushy. Truly delightful MJ, one of the best garden decisions I have made in years. Buying online has saved me a lot of time and money. Feeling really lucky. Its a challenge to win this contest against myself but my previous harvest record was 489 G!

  5. GreenGame (verified owner)

    Bubba’s Gift is a fantastic hybrid strain that provides an energetic and happy high while also promoting relaxation. The yield is impressive both indoors and outdoors, and the taste is a delightful blend of berry, lemon, and woody flavors. I found it easy to cultivate and appreciated the fast flowering time.

  6. Stephanie James (verified owner)

    Gentle euphoric high that is nicely uplifting and not overpowering. Light buzz fell over my head and body while high and really enjoyed the lemon woody taste. The yield on this is massive for a medium-sized plant and gives a lot of value.

  7. Lisa Miller (verified owner)

    Just finished growing Bubba’s Gift had an incredible outcome. The quality of harvested marijuana was exceptional and it definitely lived up to the hype – the taste and high were remarkable! I would highly recommend giving it a go if you have some experience growing, maybe hold off if you’re new

  8. Janet Cantrell (verified owner)

    I never liked MJ that was TOO intense…I smoke mostly to relax and for medical reasons. I also enjoy working in my garden, so growing weed was bound to happen at some point! Buy your strains right here and expect the best results. PSB sources from the best farms in Northern Cali at unbeatable prices. Excellent purchase, will buy more!

  9. KKirkland985 (verified owner)

    How nice! Bubba + God’s Gift = Bubba’s Gift! The ULTIMATE lazy-day indica for those who have nothing going on and no great plans. Enjoy the HUGE yields this plant provides, especially if you can grow indoors, or in a greenhouse!!

  10. Sachin Hodson (verified owner)

    Nothing hits like a fresh bowl of bubba’s gift. I was so happy to find these seeds online and have them shipped out to me. It was seriously easy! The sun and heat in southern OR is pretty ideal for growing weed, and I was able to harvest nearly 600 grams of weed from 3 plants. VERY successful grow!

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