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Death Star OG Feminized Seeds

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A powerful weapon against bored or worry, Deathstar OG marijuana is an indica-dominant hybrid that delivers targeted relief and euphoria for both recreational and medicinal consumers.

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Deathstar OG marijuana was named for one of its parent strains, and much like Luke in the fictional films, this junior deftly holds its own.

Descended from cannabis royalty, Deathstar OG marijuana is a predominantly indica strain that will take you on an intergalactic trip, most notably thanks to its THC content – 28% at its max. Hitting hard in the head with a euphoric rush that sends your mood skyward before the creeping indica tendrils wind their way down through the body, bringing deep relaxation to every inch. Deathstar OG reeks of skunk, earth, and diesel, a classic combination that’s well known and well loved.

As mysterious as its namesake, little is known about the best practices growing Deathstar OG marijuana, though it will thrive whether grown indoors or out. A little insider knowledge will go a long way into helping the Deathstar OG gardener maximize the yield of the strain, which can be anywhere from 12 to 20 ounces after about 9 to 10 weeks of flowering.

Additional information


Advanced Genetics

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 550 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Diesel, Skunky, Woody

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


15 reviews for Death Star OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Jasper Collins (verified owner)

    I always saw this strain as more medicinal than recreational. It’s not a cure-all but I like it better than heavy medication.
    10 seeds was the perfect order….great choice for individual growers, those with backyard plots etc.
    Thanks for another great season!

  2. 6JadeJaguar (verified owner)

    Death Star OG Feminized Seeds offer a powerful and euphoric experience for both recreational and medicinal consumers. Descended from cannabis royalty, this indica-dominant hybrid delivers deep relaxation and relief from stress and insomnia.

  3. EarthDefender (verified owner)

    Death star is some pretty serious stuff….usually hits pretty hard….like an insterstellar explosion and then settles into a relaxing buzz for most of the evening. I greatly appreciate this weed and really enjoyed growing it. 500 G was the perfect amount. I seriously don’t know how else I’d grow weed without Pacific. Their seeds are really reliable and always germinate.

  4. Isolde Quinn (verified owner)

    Makes my weekends better every time! Death star OG is fresh and funky! Helps with stress, and smells like diesel. It’s not the easiest strain in the world to grow, but it sure does look nice in the garden. Get it!

  5. Corey Hale (verified owner)

    Definitely makes a boring evening a lot more interesting. Death star OG is the perfect hybrid….producing very green nugs and popcorn sized flower. It’s dank, sticky and fresh….plus it has a nice buttery smell. Yummm, so addictive!

  6. Derek Singh (verified owner)

    Feeling bored? Take a few hits of Death Star OG and say goodbye to that pesky emotion!
    It’s a Looooong grow OMG. I was waiting on baited breath for these seeds to flower. Took 12 weeks!!!

  7. Carlee Fisher (verified owner)

    Sweet DEATH STAR OG!

    I just ordered my seeds for the season a week ago and they arrived today. They came in a golden vacuum-sealed package and are looking great. I am soaking them now, just waiting to plant indoors….give it a few months before TP outside, and then yeah, can’t wait to watch them grow!

  8. MysticLioness (verified owner)

    I reached out to the Pacific Seed Bank’s customer support to get help with picking a strain that would be good for sleeping easier, very friendly and helpful interactions. They led me to Death Star and I was not disappointed this smooth smoking heavy-hitting strain. Really happy with my experience ordering from Pacific overall.

  9. Keith Donovan (verified owner)

    We all know the death star, but do you know this weed? It’s an indica dominant strain, hit’s beautifully and lasts for hours. Makes me lazy, tired, hungry, and giggly. Not about to destroy any planets over here 😉 lol

  10. LunarLegend (verified owner)

    I asked the Pacific customer service for help looking for a good potent strain, I was recommended to Death Star and was very pleased with this purchase. The high potency was exactly what I was looking for and I got a hefty amount of weed from this. The Pacific customer support was extremely helpful and I cannot thank them enough for the quality service.

  11. DigitalDiablo (verified owner)

    Death Star OG is a potent strain that knocked me out with its relaxing, sleepy effects. The skunky, woody taste was unique and enjoyable, and the yield was impressive. Advanced Genetics did a great job with this hybrid, and I highly recommend it for those looking for a strong indica experience. Best for intermediate growers with enough space for the tall plants.

  12. Lysandra Rhys (verified owner)

    Death Star OG really cures my boredom, I gotta say. Whenever I have a day off with nothing going on, I light up a fat bowl of death star and play some video games. I enjoy this great looking MJ, it’s been a lot of fun to grow and has had some pretty amazing effects. Purchased 10 seeds, thought this was the perfect amount. Germinate them 2 at a time, space them out 3 weeks apart, harvest season lasts a whole month, bud stays fresh well into the next spring.

  13. Anton D. (verified owner)

    I really had a great time growing this pot. It’s an absolutely gorgeous weed with incredible nugs and a fresh flavor profile. I bought 10 seeds online, they were fast to deliver and they even sprouted within 2 weeks. 100% germination is always key, and these seeds have it….
    I wish I had an indoor space for MJ cause outdoors is always a gamble. Luckily the weather was on my side this time around and I got a good harvest.

  14. Burhan G. (verified owner)

    Hey all, definitely a fan of death star OG. It’s a heavy, powerful indica that hits me right in the skull, makes me tired, and often puts me right to sleep.

    Takes about as much effort as growing a tomato…but not out of reach for most gardeners. Give it your best shot!

  15. Micheal Lancaster (verified owner)

    I am sick and tired of Star Wars references…but I did very much enjoy this weed. I bought 15 seeds online, had them shipped to Oregon. Great growing climate here in the west! Prefers hot, dry temps but a consistent watering schedule. Been an excellent investment, especially since I am trying to go pro. This was a good practice run, but next time I will grow indoors and probably buy wholesale. Just had to ensure this was a reliable product!

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