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Freezeland Feminized Seeds

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Allow your mind and body to slow down (ahem, freeze) with Freezeland cannabis seeds. This evenly balanced 50/50 hybrid may produce strong feelings of euphoria in addition to a tingling body buzz. Its THC levels range from 18-21%.

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What are the effects of Freezeland cannabis?

  • Euphoria
  • Relaxation
  • Uplifting
  • Creativity

Freezeland cannabis seeds grow into a 50/50 hybrid strain that contains approximately 18-21% THC. This highly-sought after rare hybrid was created by Canadian breeders at Smoke A Lot of Seeds and is the offspring of Friesland and Pluton.

Freezeland is a fast-acting strain that most users seem to prefer to use in the afternoon or evening as its soothing indica effects provide such deep body relaxation that you’re likely to not want to do much of anything as its high wears on.

Like most strains that contain sativa, the hybrid marijuana strain starts things with some deceptively strong uplifting euphoria, energy, and an increase in focus, motivation, and creativity. However, Freezeland’s initial cerebral rush and buoyantly happy effects will eventually give way to a smile-inducing body buzz and strong feelings of relaxation that are likely to have you couch-locked and craving some snacks.

So, while this popular strain definitely offers users the best of both worlds in terms of embodying the rousing and bliss-inducing properties of a sativa, its physically calming and sedating effects can make Freezeland seem more like an indica-dominant strain.

What are the therapeutic benefits of Freezeland cannabis?

When it comes to anecdotal therapeutic effects, Freezeland also has much to offer medical users for both mental and physical medical conditions.

Known in part for being a happy-making strain, Freezeland has the potential to help patients who are suffering from various mood-related disorders, such as chronic stress, and just a general case of the blues, get the boost and returned sense of levity they deserve.

For those seeking relief from physical ailments like chronic aches headaches, migraines, arthritis, and loss of appetite–the latter of which may be quite useful to those battling eating disorders.

Finally, thanks to Freezeland’s sedative properties, it has a solid reputation for helping insomniacs get some sleep.

The fragrance and flavor of the Freezeland Strain

Some describe Freezeland’s aroma profile offers a delightful blend of earthy and citrusy aromas combined with a fresh aroma of pine, earth, and sweet berries.

In terms of this quality cannabis strain’s flavor, it is said to provide users with the sweet taste of blackberries and blueberries, followed by notes of wood, lavender, menthol, and hints of citrus, and pine.

How do I grow  Freezeland cannabis seeds?

You’ll be happy to know that Freezeland is considered to be a relatively low-maintenance strain to cultivate, which makes it a good option for first-time and beginner growers. Plus, since Pacific Seed Bank only sells premium feminized seeds the chances of ending up with male plants are only about 10%.

Since Freezeland was originally bred by Northern growers in Quebec, Canada, it is able to survive in colder northern climates.

While Freezeland does exceptionally well when grown outside, some outdoor growers prefer to cultivate this one indoors due to its aroma which is far from discrete.  Another reason some cultivators prefer to grow Freezeland under indoor conditions is to experiment with various pruning methods and growing conditions, as this hybrid is known for being quite hardy.

Regardless of where you choose to grow your Freezeland feminized marijuana seeds, if you want to bring out its lavender and purple hues, you’ll need to shock your plants by exposing them to colder temperatures at night near the end of their vegetative stage.

What do Freezeland cannabis plants look like?

Once you see its elongated buds and the array of colors that your Freezeland plant produces, you’ll understand how it got its name. When fully mature, Freezeland blossoms into medium-sized plants and renders nuggets that have some severe bag appeal with their green and brown leaves accented with lavender tones and purple ends. In addition, its frosty buds are sheeted over in icy-looking trichomes and are interwoven with gold-colored pistils.

When to harvest your Freezeland cannabis plant

If its attention-grabbing aroma isn’t an issue, then growing Freezeland outside is recommended. Its outdoor cultivation rewards growers with a decent yield of about 400 grams per plant after entering their flowering time near the middle to end of September.

When grown inside, your Freezeland should provide a nice average yield in about 8 weeks of approximately 300 grams per square meter.

Similar cannabis strains to Freezeland

  1. Blueberry Kush like Freezeland, this indica-dominant autoflowering strain has an aroma sweet with berries and earth and will leave you couch locked
  2. Qrazy Train like Freezeland is an uplifting 50/50 hybrid, but unlike Freezeland, it’s unlikely to leave you couch locked
  3. Jack Frost this 50/50 hybrid is loved for its mood-enhancing qualities that keep users focused throughout the day


Additional information


Amsterdam Seeds Co.

Cannabis Species



60% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Focused, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 250 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Berry, Earthy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






15 reviews for Freezeland Feminized Seeds

  1. Mercedes McIntyre (verified owner)

    I’m always concerned with germination, so I’m picky about where I order my seeds from, but luckily, my friend suggested PSB. I’ve ordered several times, and my seeds always germinate with no duds, so growers can’t go wrong with them.

  2. Raegan Wolfe (verified owner)

    The plants grew really well and had a good germination rate. I was impressed with the yield outdoors. The buds had a nice berry and earthy taste. It provided a focused, happy, and relaxed feeling, which was great for treating depression, pain, and stress.

  3. Elisa Meyers (verified owner)

    Has a short stature, only grows about 2-3′ tall, great for compact indoor spaces, like garage or basement grows.
    Requires quite a lot of sunlight….more than you would think, so don’t short your plants on what they truly need and deserve.
    Feeling pretty confident in my grow however and am happy I had a chance to work with Pacific. Thanks for the great memories.

  4. Raj Kimura (verified owner)

    Slow your roll with Freezeland. This MJ is benign and also uplifting. It’s a good friend always ups my spirits! Bringing lots of joy to my life, and tastes absolutely fantastic…nice and frosty!
    Been a grower since 2009….retired from the commercial sector and just grow for myself now. I have a lot of experience cultivating all kinds of MJ and am just happy to have such easy access to great seeds.

  5. G Wang (verified owner)

    If you’re searching for high-quality cannabis seeds, look no further than Freezeland Seeds. The Freezeland strain is a 50/50 hybrid with therapeutic benefits for mood disorders and chronic pain. Its fragrance is a delightful mix of earthy, citrusy, and sweet berry scents, while the flavor offers a blend of sweet blackberries, wood, lavender, and pine.

  6. Zaria Mercado (verified owner)

    Can you believe my strain survived not one, but TWO frosts in early April and May? I am amazed. I thought FOR SURE my young MJ plants were dead in the water, but I went outside and there they were, just living their best lives in the cold weather. Perhaps it damaged flower production but my plants were fairly generous in yields ranging from 50-100 G per plant. Great weed too, nice smokeability, dried and cured nicely as well. So proud 🙂

  7. Bret Wood (verified owner)

    I manage to get some of the best sleep when I smoke Freezeland, this strain does wonders in helping me get the best rest I can. It hits hard and fast with a deep body high, and what’s better this was so easy to grow that anyone can pull it off.

  8. Sadia H. (verified owner)

    Feel the freeze with Freezeland marijuana. I love this pot for it’s delicate texture, it’s beautiful bouquet and it’s unforgettable buzz. It’s an easy-going, laid-back indica smoke with a minty, menthol flavor. Vibing on this weed is best when chilling at home in the evening, or hanging with the homies. Makes me stoney but not paranoid. Great when it’s fresh, had some issues with germination that were solved by soaking the seeds. It was a longer than normal grow, took about 12 weeks but well worth it for the exemplary harvest.

  9. Samson Medina (verified owner)

    If you like weeds that sedate you and put you in a stupor, you’ll be happy with Freezeland. These nugs are gorgeous and very robust! I love their strong, earthy, almost savory flavor! Delightful smell and taste! Plus the incredible sticky trichomes that cover the top!

  10. Luciana Beil (verified owner)

    OMG this weed is the perfect way to just sedate yourself and relax man. Life is absolutely miserable in so many corners of the earth. Let us have our homegrown weed for some relief! It’s only human!! I was able to successfully cultivate nearly all my seeds, and was able to walk away with 600 G of delicious fresh weed. Yay!

  11. Sonia Dorsey (verified owner)

    Feeling the weather up here in Canada….needed some easy-to-grow pot seeds from pacific for the summertime. I was surprised they were SO fast at shipping and the seeds germinated with GREAT vigor. I love it when their little heads pop out of the soil. It’s both cute and exciting! I am not a home weed grower just for fun and the great relaxing powers of this strain.

  12. Sulaiman Orozco (verified owner)

    Get some freezeland weed into your life and you will find your stress and anxiety on ICE! Great for outdoor growers, mostly people who do NOT have an indoor setup.

  13. Tia Andrews (verified owner)

    Have been a weed grower most of my adult life. It’s nice to see my favorite strain available online. This weed is both lightweight, and mellow. Helps me deal with stress and depression, gives me lots to think about, helps with creativity and design. A good strain if you’re really into doing artwork, or crafts even 🙂

  14. Geoffrey Lavoie (verified owner)

    I had heard of Canadian genetics named Freezeland from friends. I searched on Google and landed on your site. After reading the negative reviews on Google and other sites, I decided to try your seeds anyway. The seeds arrived by post in normal time. I found a few seeds, a bit small. All the seeds have grown into beautiful plants. I am satisfied with the quantity and the quality of the Freezeland. As I write, the plants are drying out, and I will be consuming them soon. I am satisfied with the product. Why am I giving 4 stars and not 5. Because you do not have a good reputation on referral sites and that does not give consumers confidence and I found the seeds to be a bit smaller.

  15. Star Gentry (verified owner)

    I am a Canada grower, and I need to find strains that work well in colder conditions. Freezeland is definitely a good buy, it does well in this colder northern climate, quite hardy for a marijuana plant, can withstand all kinds of heat and cold and STILL produce a lot of marijuana. I usually harvest around 500 grams per plant per harvest. I distribute to local dispensaries and I just enjoy it myself. Great buy 🙂

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