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G13 Haze Feminized Seeds

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Believed to have been created as a medical strain, G13 Haze marijuana seeds are the offspring of super potent parents, and can boast THC levels of up to 23%. Potent and earthy sweet, intermediate growers with an indoor set up can get the best out of this sativa-dominant hybrid.

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If you’re a fan of curiosities, G13 Haze marijuana may be right up your alley – who doesn’t love a good history? A potent strain with up to 23% THC, the mystery here is in its origins: is G13 Haze the brainchild of the US Federal Medical Marijuana Distribution Program? The world may never know. But we do know you’ll love this sativa-dominant treat.

Overwhelmingly positive, G13 Haze is a breath of fresh air that will wake up your senses while it chills out the mind and body. A large dose may bring out its shining indica heritage, however, so beginners take heed and trip lightly.

Sweet, fruity, and pungent aromas will envelope you, while you enjoy similar flavors that are spicy with a hint of sage, a hold over from its superior indica parentage.

They say G13 Haze was originally develop for medical purposes, though it does only offer a low level of CBD, between 0.1% and 0.7%. 

Best suited to ganja gardeners with intermediate experience in growing cannabis, G13 Haze can be grown both outdoors and in, but is suited best to an indoor environment where its height can be restricted, and energy can be funnelled into its buds as opposed to it stretching towards the light. After 8-9 weeks flowering indoors, your crop should offer up a moderate to impressive harvest of heavy nugs.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 650 gr

To Treat

Depression, Insomnia, Stress


Fruity, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






41 reviews for G13 Haze Feminized Seeds

  1. Belinda Ferguson (verified owner)

    Great buy…..tastes great and looks even better. Grows only about 3-4′ feet in my experience so not terrible for indoor growing. Just happy to see this bud be so successful and happy in my kitchen window. So fun to grow indoors in a planter. Makes me feel like a real grower, but I am merely a hobbyist!

  2. Deacon Clarke (verified owner)

    Gotta love that dank, fresh MJ. I am so into the sweet taste and smell of G13 haze. This is the hazy IPA of MJ, and it breaks all my previous harvest records.
    Best smoked in the evening, usually chills me out hardcore, and brings me to a place of peace and nirvana. I need to it de-stress from work.

  3. Titus Coleman (verified owner)

    You’ll never believe it till you see it. This weed grows almost 6′ tall and produces flowers that are bright green and white! Orange pistils shoot out of every side, and the smell is intoxicating, makes me think of citrus and skunk. Hits real smooth, with a little spice at the end. Vibing really hard with this pot. I’ll definitely go again next season!

  4. Arielle Phelps (verified owner)

    Excellent yields and very fresh-looking weed. I buy online and expect my seeds within 7 business days!

  5. Aneurin Rowley (verified owner)

    This is….a very complex strain with a distant and storied lineage challenging growth profile, and overall some really delicious nugs. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone who has never grown weed before, I think it’s best reserved for the PROS! But hey, if yr feeling dangerous, you ain’t got nothing to lose, it’s pure fun and some dank snowy nugs await!

  6. Ira Ellwood (verified owner)

    My oh My, this G13 haze has gotten me stoned! Would you look at those flowers…and doesn’t that cloud kind of look like Nic Cage? No? Well, anyway, the weed I got from my grow has been (obviously) amazing!!! I love the sweet flavor and the incredible taste. Definitely worth a try!

  7. Hailie Whitworth (verified owner)

    G13 is a mystery indeed but packs a powerful punch that hits all the right places. My heart is full. I am excited to have this weed in my life again, after so many years. I don’t wan’t to be a pothead, but I do enjoy cultivating marijuana. I smoke responsibly and make sure my yield lasts for many months.

  8. Carmel O’Reilly (verified owner)

    G13 haze is really different, it his nice and slow and seems to make time slow down too! I love smoking this right before playing video games or watching a cool movie. Never had any issue growing this weed, it’s been nice and easy every time. I will absolutely keep buying this stuff, no matter what!!!

  9. Nicole Hyde (verified owner)

    G13 Haze is where the magic happens. The sweet sweet smell of this weed really makes me feel stoned, even without smoking! I purchased 5 seeds online, got them delivered to my home, and immediately put them in the ground. They did take a while to germinate, but the results are absolutely worth it. Pretty excited for the next steps. I’ll be here to buy more!!

  10. Ikra Davenport (verified owner)

    Takes some experience to get it right, so don’t get frustrated the first time. I bought my seeds online and they shipped out really really fast!!! Then all of them germinated and they look absolutely amazing! Gave me the best body high I can remember, and everything looked colorful and fuzzy. Ships anywhere in the USA!

  11. Courteney Wade (verified owner)

    First time I ever considered growing my own mj for medical use. Have terrible joint pain and headaches (not fun getting old) and when I planted and grew these seeds it brought some joy to my heart. I loved watching it grow huge and plentiful. A very relaxing and uplifting strain, gives me some pain relief and helps me relax!

  12. Izabelle Hays (verified owner)

    Very reliable strain, ALWAYS does the trick, no matter how much you are a novice at growing!!!

    Ordering online is really fast and convenient. Got the seeds in about 3 days, which was way faster than expected.

    A good challenge for the summer!!

  13. Suman Dodson (verified owner)

    This is some pretty relaxing weed. It’s soooo nice and very sweet and gives me the best possible buzz. I get baked every night to help me manage my insomnia. It’s a pretty good way of dealing with your issues. I like that I can just go online and order, I prefer to keep to myself. I am very happy I came across this particular strain for its relaxing qualities.

  14. Martyn Casey (verified owner)

    G13 is a pretty unknown strain, makes for a great vibe and gets me high as all heck every time. I like growing this pot and then taking some mushrooms and enjoying the VERY sensational times watching wrestlemania…can’t believe this is so much fun, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy from anyone else again!!!

  15. Sophia-Rose Vance (verified owner)

    G13 is a wild time….gets my mind all loose and loopy…I just cover myself in paint…get very stoned and make the most avant-garde artwork in the world. It’s so radical that I smoke it all the dang time. It’s like chill AF and helps with stress like nothing else. It’s a fun garden project, not too difficult or intimidating…makes life so much more fun!

  16. Avaya Lester (verified owner)

    This weed is exxxxtra awesome cause it gives you the burst of energy you need in the middle of the day. I smoke it on my lunch break as I walk around the park and digest, and it puts a nice big smile on my face. My wife did most of the growing but that’s just cause she loves me. She said it was easy!!!

  17. Jack Walker (verified owner)

    You’re not gonna believe how much weed you harvest from this strain!!! It’s absolutely amazing and it helps with stress and depression-like nothing else. Easy ordering online and a fast delivery right to my mailbox. You really only need a nice big pot to get some good growing done, and some patience, but it’s well worth the effort!

  18. jordan marks (verified owner)

    I finally got my indoor grow just set up and all the grow lights and irrigation all set up and everything looks amazing! I grew this weed all hydroponically, and I gotta say everything looks fantastic. You will want your weed delivered right to your door!

  19. the Tester’s Tester (verified owner)

    G13 is a weird strain….it’s super loopy and funky and fun!!! I ordered this online just on a whim and the seeds arrived one week later!!! I soaked them overnight and they germinated beautifully…made for a great buy, especially during quarantine time…perfect for relieving your stress and managing pain!

  20. Jaunito (verified owner)

    G13 is a really powerful strain! It helps me deal with my depression and anxiety, it also gives me a nice head rush that makes it easier to focus and be creative. I ordered 3 seeds online and got them shipped to my place in OR. Really great growing conditions out here, beautiful buzzy weed! I love it so much. I definitely want to grow more!

  21. KnittWhitt (verified owner)

    I believe this weed has secret healing powers…it helps me deal with pain and depression and anxiety. It’s great for smoking and helps me keep perspective on life…it’s definitely a good purchase if you’re new to weed and want to experience all the magic of weed without any of the drawbacks. It’s realxing but never makes me groggy…and it’s generally just a great strain for fun with friends!

  22. Rainbows (verified owner)

    If you like the haze strains of weed, then you’ll love this. It’s like the KING of haze strains, makes for a great buy when you’re looking for a nice outdoor gardening project. I am really impressed overall by how easy this was to cultivate and care for. Got myself 500 grams of pure, fresh ganja, smells super sour and delicious and it’s a little harsh to smoke but well worth it for the stress-killing buzz!

  23. eric berg (verified owner)

    If you need some fast-acting energy, then smoke some of the G13 haze and feel amazing again! If I ever have a bad night or just was partying too hard, then I smoke this weed and immediately feel better. it’s a great buzz that helps with stress and depression…even hangovers. This is hangover weed y’all!!!! I liked growing it in the backyard, definitely gave me a great yield and hey I am kinda of a dummy when it comes to growing so definitely worth it!

  24. Church (verified owner)

    This weed gives you one heck of a buzz. I feel like I am just floating through time, neither here nor there. I am looking for my keys or I am baking a pizza…lol that’s my life when I am stoned. But I got myself a nice batch from this weed. I really dig the flavor and the taste of this stuff, real nice and easy to grow and super easy to order online! The taste is super sweet and delicious and I can’t imagine having it any other way!

  25. danewb (verified owner)

    I haven’t grown much weed in the past, and I think I may have jumped into the deep end here without really knowing how to swim. Either way, this was pretty fun to grow, got a *decent* yield but I was hoping it would be a little larger. I guess outdoor growing isn’t the best for this kind of bud. It’s pretty euphoric stuff though, and it helps me manage my stress and mood. Gives me an excellent mind buzz that makes TV way more interesting!

  26. ayesha (verified owner)

    This sativa hybrid really does the trick! It gets me super stoned and really helps me when I am feeling tired or just all around out of sorts. A very straightforward grow, from ordering online with PSB, to harvesting my nugs only 4 months later! It’s got that sweet delicious earthy vibe you are gonna love. No big deal, this stuff is amazing!

  27. Tyler Weyandt (verified owner)

    A powerful strain for sure, excellent mind buzz that helps generate focus and creativity. It’s an easy grow, and the plants get HUGE! This is really something to be proud of, especially if you’re a new grower like me! I usually smoke in the afternoon for that lightheaded buzz that keeps me alive at work (ugh) and I feel great all day long! Well worth it!

  28. Keneth Lamb (verified owner)

    If you struggle with energy problems like I do, I really recommend this strain. It’s been great for my mood and my fatigue throughout the day. It’s got like 25%v THC or something and trust me you only need one or two hits to get you where you’re going. I liked growing this indoors, in my basement, and got a whopping 800 grams from just 3 plants. Love this stuff!

  29. Alexis R. (verified owner)

    Love those heavy nugs!! I have heard a lot about G13 and I’ve wanted to buy these seeds for forever! So happy to find them online with PSB. Growing them was a bit more of a challenge then I’m used to, but after treating them right (and pampering them like little babies), I got such a good harvest of beautiful buds. My friend says all her senses are enhanced when she’s on G13- it’s like she has super powers. I can wait to feel that for myself, yah!!

  30. John B. (verified owner)

    I’m new to medical marijuana. I’ve smoked recreationally for years, but I never really paid attention to the medical properties of the strains I smoked. But then again, before weed was legal in my state, I never *actually* knew what I was smoking. So I had lots of questions and Pacific’s customer service representatives were beyond helpful. They helped me pick this strain out and I can’t wait to harvest and smoke it!

  31. Reid P. (verified owner)

    Have been a mj grower for many years and was really happy to find G13 seeds on the PSB site. Ordered online and had these babies germinating in no time! I love the look of this weed, it’s white and orange nugs are pretty incredible to behold and the smell is heavenly! I smoke after I get off work, walking around downtown and just loving life. It’s such a thrill to have your own weed in your bowl, it feels extra special and delicious. Sativa dominant so it wont wear ya down, and definitely great for socializing as well.

  32. Leanne M. (verified owner)

    My only regret right now is that I can’t attach a photo of my beautiful plants to my review. Absolutely STELLAR buying experience here at Pacific. I wasn’t sure what I wanted…the Pacific rep was really nice and patient and helped me find the perfect strain. Before I knew it the seeds had arrived at my door, nicely packed and ready to go. All 5 popped in no time, and now I have some lovely ladies just growing happy as ever. Thanks Pacific!

  33. Dylan A. (verified owner)

    Hahaha, my buds from these plants turned out large and in charge! I love it when that happens. Been growing weed for a while but this was my first try with G13 Haze. I think next time I might try some different nutrients but all in all it went pretty well. Pacific is my favorite place to buy from and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon! Super reliable shipping and service and the seeds look great every time!

  34. Callie B. (verified owner)

    The rumors are true: hold on tight when using G13 becuz your in for the high of your life. This marijuana is VERY strong: high THC and lots of resin. It’s hard to describe the high: it can be hard to type, hard to have a conservation, it’s like your floating somewhere beyond. Best for the intermediate grower and user. Glad PSB had this strain, ordering online was super easy.

  35. Ian K. (verified owner)

    I take this strain in small doses as I find it makes my body tingle all over for the first few minutes. After that, then I feel cool and calm, and I’m able to get some well-needed rest. This helps with my sleepless nights and lowers my dependency on sleeping pills. The delivery was quick and discreet, so PSB will be my regular suppliers from now on.

  36. Aiden E. (verified owner)

    Gave this strain a go in my basement with some SOLID results. Got almost 450 G of herb from a single grow! Smoke this during the day to help with afternoon fatigue. I need a strong sativa cause indica really does me in for the day. G13 has helped me stay awake and alert through the work day, which le’ts be honest, can be Loooooong! The taste can be a bit fruity which is cool but the smell can be a bit pungent, so watch out coming back to work and smelling like weed. Bad mistake lol. PSB is the way to go!

  37. Rachel W. (verified owner)

    Seeded this for my hydroponics operation. Definitely best suited for indoor growing in my experience (have been a grower for 5+ years). Can be a bit tricky to cultivate if you don’t have the right environment, but I’ve had pretty consistent success so far. Glad I gave PSB a go, nice online ordering and good customer service. Price was right too. Relatively short flowering time, and produces quite a bit of flower. Personally I love the look of this strain, it’s tall white/orange trichomes are a big plus. Happy to order again.

  38. aholalolo09273 (verified owner)

    LIttle bit tougher grow than I’m used to. Had to consult the internet more than once to figure out what the hell I was doing. Gotta say I learned a lot growing G13. The seeds were great tho. All of em germinated quickly. Learned about the SCROG for the first time. Flowered in about 9 weeks. Now I think I’m better set up for more strains and I’m super excited to try some different stuff. Ordering more seeds right now!

  39. tigerb909 (verified owner)

    Have been a grower for many years and thought I’d give G13 a go in the old greenhouse. First time buyer with PSB and had a great experience ordering online. Shipment was fast and simple, no frills or difficulty. Grew a test row, about 50 ft worth of seed, and got very solid germination and yield. I sell about 80% of what I grow and keep the rest for personal use. I am a ganja fanatic you might say. A nicely balanced hybrid with a lot to offer in terms of relaxation and euphoria. I enjoy that this doesn’t completely knock me out. Plus it sells very well in my area!

  40. Tom E. (verified owner)

    My brothers and I argue constantly over what is the best weed in the USA. They like Space Queen but to me nothing is better than my beloved G13 Hazey. It makes the world seem bright and wonderful, that high THC never disappoints! I also really like G13 because the yield it also good – it sucks when you work so hard to cultivate ganga and then you get like 300 grams a plant. G13 yields 500 per plant on the regular! I will always order G13 Haze from PSB, she’s like a trusted, wonderful friend.

  41. Nolan O. (verified owner)

    Aesthetically magnificent cannabis. It wasn’t as difficult to grow as I thought it would be, but some research showed that growing indoors allowed for easier height control which seemed to be the case. I was able to keep my plants just under four feet with some moderate amounts of trimming, but nothing excessive. Very high THC percentage combined with 80% sativa makes for a very engaging high. I am a very big fan of this strain.

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