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Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

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Grape Ape cannabis plants produce a fruity and sweet aroma. Its delicious scent is one of the reasons marijuana growers love it so much. Its indica-dominant properties make it an ideal evening strain.

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Grape Ape is a potent indica-dominant marijuana strain, cherished for its distinctive grape aroma and mouth-watering berry flavor, and sweet aromas. Originating from the crossbreeding of Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani strains, this iconic hybrid captivates users with its amazing fragrance and vivid purple hues. Grape Ape’s calming and sedative effects make it ideal for relaxation, and a gentle transition into a dreamy slumber.

What are the Physical Effects of Grape Ape Cannabis Seeds?

  • Relaxation
  • Sleepiness
  • Euphoria

Grape Ape marijuana, known for its potent Ape effects, is an indica-heavy strain that offers a unique blend of physical and cerebral experiences. Upon consumption, users often report an initial wave of euphoria that uplifts their mood and clears the mind, allowing the user to have more creativity. As the cerebral effects begin to subside, a deeply soothing physical relaxation sets in, releasing tension from the muscles and all nervous energy begins to subside. However, the medical benefits can vary from person to person.

Is Grape Ape Feminized Seeds Sativa or Indica?

Grape Ape marijuana is a hybrid strain with a dominant indica side, accounting for roughly 90% of its genetic makeup, while the remaining 10% is sativa. Its indica-dominant nature results in potent effects, as this weed will have you deeply relaxed and feeling mellow. The sativa side is subtle, but not forgotten as it contributes to an initial cerebral uplift, enhancing mood and creativity. Overall, Grape Ape marijuana seeds are not just your regular seeds, as they are celebrated for their calming, heavy indica effects that promote both mental and physical tranquility.

What do Grape Ape marijuana plants look like?

Grape Ape cannabis plants boast striking visual appeal, characterized by vibrant purple hues and dense, compact buds covered in a thick layer of trichomes. As you guessed it, they are beautiful purple plants, that also create a generous yield! These bushy plants have leaves that display a deep green color, often with purple undertones that intensify as the plant matures. These medium-height plants have sturdy branches that support the heavy, resinous buds, emitting a distinct grape-like aroma and sweet berry flavor.

What is the flavor profile of Grape Ape Feminized Female Plants?

If you are a fan of grape candy then you are in for a treat! The fruity flavor of Grape Ape marijuana is a delightful fusion of sweet and fruity notes, with an earthy flavor, and reminiscent of ripe grapes and mixed berries. Upon inhaling, users experience a burst of juicy grape flavor, followed by a subtle hint of earthiness. The exhale leaves a lingering taste of sweet berries, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience that appeals to both novice and seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. These weed seeds have such a desirable flavor profile that you’ll have your dinner plate ready asking for more sugar-sweet candy!

How do I grow Grape Ape Feminized Weed Seeds?

Grape Ape marijuana plants thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, where indoor cultivation often yields the best results. Experienced cultivators can utilize the Sea of Green (SOG) method to enhance growth and maximize yield, producing up to 16-20 ounces per square meter indoors. Outdoor cultivation can have an average yield of 28-35 ounces per plant, with harvest in late September to early October. Grape Ape plants prefer a well-draining soil medium. Excessive water can lead to root rot and other issues. To prevent overwatering, allow the top inch of soil to dry out before watering again.

Grape Ape plants are considered heavy feeders, requiring nutrient-rich soil and regular feeding throughout their growth stages. Use a high-quality organic soil mix or coco coir with added nutrients.

Germination, using the paper towel method is crucial, and using autoflowering seeds helps ensure a healthy start for these resilient, mold-resistant plants. Non-porous paper towels will increase germination rates. as well. However, Grape Ape Feminized seeds can experience an ultimate yield no matter the experience levels of the grower!

When to Harvest Your Grape Ape Feminized Female Plants

To harvest Grape Ape feminized marijuana plants at their peak potency, monitor the trichomes and wait for a milky-white appearance with amber hues. This typically occurs around 7-8 weeks into the flowering stage for indoor cultivation. The ideal outdoor harvest window falls between late September and early October, ensuring the plants have reached full maturity after the flowering stage, and offer the best balance of flavors, aroma, and effects.

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Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 600 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Grape, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






51 reviews for Grape Ape Feminized Seeds

  1. Ji-a Kim (verified owner)

    Grape Ape Feminized Seeds offer a delightful cannabis experience with their calming and sedative effects. This indica-dominant strain is known for its distinct grape aroma and berry flavor. With its 90% indica and 10% sativa genetics, Grape Ape provides deep relaxation while enhancing mood and creativity.

  2. Frost Fang (verified owner)

    A delicious grape-flavored strain of MJ with a skunky aroma and a deep indica high. Be prepared for some serious couch-lock, and also have those muchies on speed dial!
    Accessible to growers of ALL levels. If you ever get lost, just hit up the blog!

  3. Electric Eagle (verified owner)

    Grape Ape! Grape Ape! Grape Ape! That’s exactly what you’ll be cheering from the moment you purchase these seeds. I immediately noticed how fresh they were. I used the paper towel method to germinate and the process was a breeze. Once planted, they produce dense buds covered with trichomes that make them smell fantastic. You get hit with a whiff of grapey goodness!

  4. Holly Nicholson (verified owner)

    Yooooo This MJ is tight! Great looking flower, deep purple in color and with a ZING of flavor that reminds me of grape kool aid lol!

    Buying online is the perfect choice for new growers. There is SO much to learn, so why not get the best seeds for the lowest price?

    Pacific are your peeps!

  5. Derek Bradley (verified owner)

    This has a great grape flavor and I am so excited about having grown it in my yard. It was super liberating….I never felt this alive! It’s been illegal for so long this whol thing feels surreal and it is good!

  6. TemporalTitan51 (verified owner)

    This Indica heavy hybrid allows for a nice body high, hits hard, and lasts quite a while. Probably one of the most deeply satisfying highs I have had in a while, this strain was well worth the 8 weeks it took to grow.

  7. Ranveer Dunkley (verified owner)

    Hey friends, get your hands on these grape ape seeds and experience the magic of fresh MJ. Canada grower here, we rely on strains that grow well in northern climates. Grape ape is a pretty hardy strain, it’s been a good buy for an exceptionally low price, and definitely offers me the laid-back indica high I have been looking for.

  8. Zainab Lees (verified owner)

    Grape glavored goodness, and all you can harvest. Pacific has the best seeds on the internet, and they are not messing around! Great vibes and colors and flavors and some sticky icky buds that roll into perfect blunts for smoking with the homies!

  9. Robert Francis (verified owner)

    The best of the grapes, period.

  10. Aahil Robin (verified owner)

    Nice, dank nug. Tastes sour and a little like grape. Tackles my depression, anxiety, even appetite is improved. Had my doubts but am a believer. Pacific kicks ass, has great flower and helpful customer service team. Never had a bad experience ;)))

  11. Devan Marsh (verified owner)

    Mmmmmm Yum! Grape flavored weed is the absolute BEST! It’s a great strain for dealing with my stress levels, my depression, my anxiety. I will definitely buy weed online and will watch it grow and be happy about it forever! It’s such a good time, and a seriously chill energy!!

  12. Lexi Fitzpatrick (verified owner)

    You’re looking for a some nice nugs with some grape flavor and a smooth indica high? You have come to the right place! Excellent taste and smell with some beautiful flower that’s these bright yellows and orange colors. Like it’s on fire! They should call it grape fire!!

  13. Robert Rico (verified owner)

    This is a very smooth smoke with a long lasting and strong indica high. Very nice!

  14. Musa Copeland (verified owner)

    A fantastically grape-flavored variety of marijuana, with some broad green leaves and orange buds. Takes some experience to get the PERFECT haul, but I was very happy with my 200 grams from 3 plants, more than enough to keep me relaxed and happy during the winter months.

  15. Eshaan Carty (verified owner)

    Sweet sweeeeeet grape ape! This weed is both uplifiting and chilled AF! I bought some seeds online, real smooth and easy, and got them shipped right to my front doorstep, like a boss! Grew it right in the garden, the squrriels like to mess with my stuff but they stayed away from the weed, maybe it was all that dank herb smell? Either way, got a great yield, hella fresh and good smoking. Definitely a great buy!!

  16. Wilbur Bryan (verified owner)

    Grape flavors are abundant with this indica heavy strain. 2 of 3 seeds germinated but those that did formed beautiful tight flower after 5 months. Will buy more.

  17. Madelyn Valdez (verified owner)

    Grape flavored weed? Yes please! Ordered 5 seeds online. Wow they shipped out so fast! Made for the perfect outdoor grow, looks lovely in my backyard, helps me deal with stress. I harvested a near 800 grams, but only cause all of my seeds germinated 🙂

  18. Claudia Clay (verified owner)

    Mmmm I love grape flavored weed. Such an awesome investment of my time and energy. Pretty impressed with myself, and also very happy with the sweet results!!! Got me nice and stoned before leaving this review. I have a TON of very exciting new buds that are forming on the plant, and it’s almost time to harvest!!! Getting things done is truly fantastic!

  19. Veronica Garcia (verified owner)

    Grape ape is well worth the time and effort it takes to grow. I have never felt happier than when I am getting my hands dirty in the garden. I think it’s gotta be worth it to keep this stuff going one way or another. Smells pretty fantastic and gets me suuuper stoned. You’ll never be disappointed with this weed around, it’s gonna make you scream with joy!!

  20. Aryaan Cassidy (verified owner)

    Grape ape sounds just as good as it looks! My plants got nearly 4 ft tall and they are teeming with marijuana. I am soooo stoked to finally harvest this weed, and I can’t wait to smoke it all by myself!! I will definitely keep smoking this weed, and It’s so convenient to order them online. It’s the best in the west babay!

  21. Hugh Hess (verified owner)

    I love grapes, I pop them in my mouth all day long, and when I am stoned, I am eating twice as many! Have never felt so good about my marijuana growing habit. Pacific has made it easy and even a little bit fun. I followed the growing instructions on this site and had some excellent results. And if I can do it, that means you can too! Try it out!!

  22. Alaina Parkinson (verified owner)

    Yesss, this weed has that strong grape flavor I have been craving all my life! This is my first time ordering with Pacific but definitely not my last. Got myself 5 seeds and am germinating them one at a time. Now I have like 4 weed plants growing at different stages. The buzz is fantastic, and it gives me Mad Munchies!!!

  23. Eleasha Houghton (verified owner)

    The grape flavor is undeniable…it’s literally just fantastic stuff, it’s strong but the vibes are mellow so get ready to just relax and go to bed early LOL. I grew this in the backyard, watched it get very tall and beautiful, has these long green leaves, so perfect in shape…the nicest seeds on the web, you’re gonna totally love them!!!

  24. Candice Alexander (verified owner)

    Most people don’t remember the cartoon show from the 70s with the grape ape, but I do cause I am an old fart LOL. Either way I am new to the world of growing marijuana, it’s pretty fun stuff, but man I really do love doing it. Helps me stay happy and positive and that’s the way to be in this crazy life. Definitely worthwhile!

  25. greeneplant808 (verified owner)

    When it’s time to get high, I am always reaching for the grape ape. This stuff is chill as hell and helps me manage my stress. I ordered online and got some seeds delivered to my apartment. Beautiful bud, truly bigger and better than I ever expected. I love growing my own pot in the backyard, and I think everyone should try it 🙂

  26. pamelahanderson (verified owner)

    The grape ape strain has a wonderful grape flavor and it is a nice relaxing indica that makes for a good buy if you’re short on cash. Big yields every time, great for smoking in the evenings as well as on the weekends after a long hike, it’s really good for my joint pain and helps me sleep!

  27. fond (verified owner)

    I love the taste of grape…whether it’s grape soda, wine….or some grape ape weed! I found this website one night when I was randomly scrolling the web….got 3 seeds and decided to grow some mj in my backyard. Great times! Got a really big yield and some very relaxing grape flavored weed. Definitely cant complain!

  28. Nexen (verified owner)

    Grape ape is where all the magic happens….it’s like smoking blueberries…and making life into this beautiful boat ride that is just fantastic for all to behold…I smoke this to maintain my sanity lets be real! Growing it is very therapeutic too! Ordered online and got them delivered in like one week! Germination was 100%! Seriously proud of the work I have done!

  29. NickNacks (verified owner)

    Grape flavored weed is my favorite. It’s a great blend of sweet and sour and even the nugs are a beautiful shade of purple. I grew this out on my back patio and got some pretty fantastic results. Great for smoking when you’ve got a little time on your hands and just wanna kick up your feel and relax. It’s not a very productive strain haha!

  30. WorththeWait (verified owner)

    Get yourself some grape ape for fast-acting relaxation that helps with stress, anxiety and depression. It’s a good buy when you’re short on cash, have 4 months on your hands, and are looking for a lotta weed! I am very stoked about my buy, Pacific has a great customer service team that made it way easier to get the nug I was looking for. Fast shipping and nice for backyard growing. You can’t go wrong with grape-flavored weed!

  31. terp tenter (verified owner)

    This weed is an indica lover’s dream. It’s got that crazy grape flavor and those beautiful orange and green buds. Very fresh tasting, and leaves a nice sweet taste at the back of your throat. I grew indoors, cause I feel like I get a much bigger yield when I do this, plus I got a great grow room, with lights and irrigation and everything. I find that smoking this at night helps me with my appetite and reduces my stress levels. It also helps me get to sleep comfortably. Good buy!

  32. Sugarcrush (verified owner)

    Gotta love that grape flavor, never quits and gets me super stoned each and every time!

    When I ordered from Pacific my seeds shipped out right away and showed up at my door in less than a week, better than Aamazon! Plus I really loved the packaging and how well it kept my seeds in transit 🙂

    The grow was really surprisingly fast, and the bud smells just like grape and a little skunky too. I smoke this at night to relax and gives me a little mood boost to help with depression. Even helps me sleep!

  33. ivy farrow (verified owner)

    It’s a fruity flavored strain and it’s great for minor aches and pains. I smoke this at night right after dinner, excellent stuff for my arthritis and general back pain, I find it very relaxing and enjoy watching television or listening to music after I smoke. I don’t have many people around these days, so I find this a comforting thing to come home to, and it grows very nicely in my garden.

  34. Jake C. (verified owner)

    I really needed to grow some of this weed in my backyard. I ordered my seeds online with PSB and had the seeds delivered directly to my door. Really couldn’t be more excited about how this turned out. I got some seriously impressive nugs that smell like grapes! I share this with my brother and sister when they come over and we just chill and have a great time. Perfect for chillaxing!

  35. Lucy Montoya (verified owner)

    I love me some Grape Ape. This weed is excellent tasting and an easy grow. I did so in my basement, where I have a nice grow space. Have been growing weed for years and found this to be a pretty straightforward indica. Nice earthy taste and berry smell. It gets you high for sure, but also very relaxing. Has been a great time!

  36. Adriana V. (verified owner)

    Packs a punch that’s for certain, but don’t shy away from it, it’s very relaxing and uplifting. Has been great for my stress and headaches and really makes easing into bed at night that much easier. Easy on the nose too, smells like skunky grape, and was a pretty fun grow under a lamp in my basement!

  37. Jerome Y. (verified owner)

    Not bad, not bad at all! I only ordered 3 seeds and lucky me they all germinated. From the looks of the reviews, that seems to be a regular occurence for seeds from Pacific. I think I’ll be buying my seeds from this place from now on. I live in the US and have been looking for a reliable spot to get em from so good to know ya’lls here.

  38. Will K. (verified owner)

    Honestly, I just wanted to see if this strain really tasted like grapes. And it does! Hahaha, I don’t know why I was surprised. I’ve been digging this weed in joint form at the end of my day. I just settle into my couch and give this one a few tokes and I feel relaxed and ready to wind down. If you’re looking for an easy grow, this strain is awesome. Very happy with my yield and will order it again.

  39. Elaine G. (verified owner)

    Grape Ape really does taste kind of like grapes, but sort of in the way that that kid’s cough syrup tasted like grape. Which I rather enjoy … it’s like full-on grape flavor! More grape flavor than an acual grape. ? Grape ape was so pretty in my yard, the leaves got a deeper and deeper shade of purple and got kind of reflective, too. Then the nugs were heavy and big and I got really excited to smoke them! Grape ape is a friendly animal friend, he makes me happy and relaxed.

  40. Mateo R. (verified owner)

    An incredible yield for a short plant with a short flower time, and the deep purple hue is phenomenal. Smoking this cannabis can lead to a really heady cerebral high but it stays manageable and works absolute wonders for anxiety and stress. With extra trimming this plant absolutely explodes, and it didn’t require extra heat to survive in my indoor op in a pretty cold climate. Good plant for people without much growing experience, for sure.

  41. Kyle B. (verified owner)

    Couldn’t help but get my hands on the grape ape! I like to maintain my backyard garden so didn’t want a strain that sticks out like a sore thumb and this one was just perfect with its beautiful purple buds that accent the other flowers and trees in the garden! I like to take a small amount before bedtime with tea to help with sleep and this really does the trick. Nice grape flavor too. Was so easy to order online and will be back for more!!

  42. hallieberries (verified owner)

    Yeah it’s a little on the skunky side but damn this is some fine weed. Very chill high. Good for relaxing. Not good for working. But great for my attitude, and my girlfriend’s. She says give it six stars.

  43. Harriet Jonson (verified owner)

    I had heard Grape Ape mj was good for treating chronic pain (which I struggle with) so I thought this might be the pot for me. I decided to grow it indoors b/c I was afraid of mold appearing on the buds if I grew it outside and it turned out great (no mold)! I cut back on the lower parts of the bud to help it grow and I got some nice, thick buds as a result.

    This is a pretty strong strain so be gentle with it if its your first order. It’ll make you relax – I recommed it for people wanting to use weed for medical use or to just to relax.

  44. Glenn P. (verified owner)

    ALL ABOUT THE GRAPE APE! This weed definitely reminds me of some of its predecessors like skunk 1 no doubt. So relaxing and melts away stress and worry so it’s the best if youre a little bit of a headcase like me. Just enough sativa to keep me up but the 80% indica is so so so relaxing. For indoor growing make sure to trim a bit to get good airflow, it definitely increased buds on my plants and lead to a great yield.

  45. Greg T. (verified owner)

    Impressed with the quick grow of this weed, it was ready to harvest 56 days after planting. Love it. I grow pot for patients to use for medical reasons and this one is great for chronic pain. My friend swears that nothing makes the pain in her joins dissipate more quickly than the great grape. I plan to buy and grow this again, it’s even a good one for beginners to grow.

  46. Redd F. (verified owner)

    Kinda trippy how purple the leaves got on my buds. Really pretty color and short flowering time! I grew in a hydro setup and got a heavy yield. Ordered 25 cuz I grow in large numbers and was very impressed when all 25 germinated. I’m not sure that’s happened before. First time ordering from Pacific, so I’ll have to see what happens with the next 25 I order. Will keep you posted.

  47. Justine N. (verified owner)

    I’ve been a happier person since I found Pacific Seed Bank. What an amazing assortment of quality seeds. Grape Ape is one of my best experiences so far, both in terms of growing the plants and enjoying the fruits of my labor. Speaking of fruits, this strain really does have a fruity aroma and taste. I’ve been having a small hit of this when I get home from work and it reliably puts me in my happy place.

  48. Kasey M. (verified owner)

    You probably don’t remember the cartoon, but I do cause I am old Haha! I ordered this weed because I liked the specs, a nice hybrid, very relaxing and tastes exactly like grape. delicious! Fun to grow, did so in my backyard and got a sizable yield. Perfect for lazy nights at home in front of the TV. A great buy!

  49. Alicia H. (verified owner)

    Use this weed to help with my stress, and nothing does the trick quite like Grape Ape. Chilled out and fruity delicious, smoke this stuff every single day! Not much of a grower, but managed to get a GREAT yield off my 3 seeds, I am so amazed at just how easy it was to care for right in my own backyard. I think I found a brand new hobby. The high is really mental, in the best way possible, and I can’t wait to buy more and grow again!

  50. Krysta L. (verified owner)

    Beautiful bud! I grew this stuff outside and had excellent results. The crystals are huge and sticky and purple, plus the plant smells super fruity and sweet. Indica heavy stuff so it’s better for just chilling out at night and watching a good movie. This mj has helped me sleep and helped with my daytime stress as well. No complaints here!

  51. Marlon A. (verified owner)

    I’ll go for grape anything but Grape Ape is the goddamn BEST! Super mellow happy hungry sleepy high that I’m stoked on at the end of my day, this weed is now my go to after hours. Pretty damn easy to grow indoors too for a hefty yield, there really isn’t anything that I can complain about (especially not PSB customer service it’s awesome) so this one’s getting 5 stars!

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