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Head Cheese Feminized Seeds

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Break out the wine, with a scent redolent of finely aged fromage and a level of THC that’s nearly off the charts, Head Cheese cannabis is your new night-time for serious consumers and intermediate to master level growers.

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Edible delicacy or cannabis, the name “Head Cheese” never really sounds that appealing, but a name can’t take away from the profile of Head Cheese marijuana, a potent strain that few can contend with. 


First things first — Head Cheese cannabis should be enjoyed in moderation. Some plants from this strain have been clocked at upwards of 30% THC, meaning it’s one of the strongest on the market and unique in its own savory way. The initial effects of the sativa-dominant strain are an overwhelming head rush that many would call happy and euphoric, instantly uplifting the mood and stimulating the creative flow. 


Eventually, the indica side wins out, ushering in a couch-lock that will soothe the body and release tension from stress and worries. Despite this, Head Cheese is not necessarily recommended for medicinal purposes, though it might prove useful for patients suffering from inflammation and muscle spasms, and it might relieve some symptoms associated with stress. 


If you are a fan of cheesy strains, Head Cheese should be up your alley, as it does have a distinct fragrance of the gooey golden goodness, often accompanied by an earthy scent that becomes stronger when cured buds are broken apart. Its flavor is purely Cheese, though the creaminess of its original taste gives way to diesel and skunk notes, tinged with citrus fruits.


Head Cheese marijuana seeds prefer a warm, humid climate, and growers who have experience with different stress-training techniques will find their rather short plants produce a higher yield when cared for correctly. After 9 to 10 weeks of flowering, your Head Cheese nugs will be ready for harvest and offer up an above-average yield of cheesy, skunky buds that may make your wine-loving friends envious.

Additional information


DNA Crew

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Focused, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 550g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 700 gr

To Treat

Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Pain


Cheese, Skunky, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






18 reviews for Head Cheese Feminized Seeds

  1. Tirth P (verified owner)

    Head Cheese Feminized Seeds are a potent strain that is perfect for serious cannabis consumers and experienced growers. With THC levels clocking in at nearly 30%, this strain offers a strong and unique experience. The effects start with an uplifting head rush, followed by a relaxing indica couch-lock.

  2. S. Green (verified owner)

    Okay, I’ve been smoking for a verrrryy long time, and this is definitely one of the most potent strains I’ve encountered. That 30% average THC is nothing to mess around with, so you need to know what you’re doing before you grow and consume this one. Although it takes some experience to grow, once harvest time comes and you take that first hit, you’ll see it’s worth it because you’re not going to find such a high potency!!

  3. Brenden Park (verified owner)

    Head Cheese is the perfect strain for cheese lovers! The high is focused, relaxed, and uplifted, making it ideal for inflammation and muscle spasms. The taste is a delightful combination of cheese, skunk, and sweetness.

  4. Jennifer Hawkins (verified owner)

    If you are having muscle spasms or inflammation problems smoking can help alleviate them greatly. Got 3 seeds from Pacific and all 3 sprouted without any issues! First time buying online with full germination! Amazing!

  5. Nathanial Mosley (verified owner)

    Fruity, sour, cheesy….tastes like an hors d’ouvres platter LOL. Great for smoking in the afternoon, letting the weed take me and release me from the bonds of stress and anxiety, and a delicious flavor that makes it worth growing again and again. Once you find your “forever strain” nothing else is quite like it!

  6. DarkDragon (verified owner)

    Head cheese is a unique strain, the high is really relaxing and I find myself able to deal with physical better while smoking this, great body high. I am not a huge fan of the skunky taste but past that is a very strong high with a nice sweet flavor.

  7. CosmicDragon (verified owner)

    This powerful strain hits hard for a high that lasts through a whole day. The excellent body high helps with any muscle spasms you may have, I personally like using it after jogging. Growing this is also quite nice as this auto-flower practically takes care of itself.

  8. CelestialChampion68 (verified owner)

    This body high is great overall and really potent and powerful. Pretty solid for medicinal use with the CBD content in this strain and the sweet cheese like flavors are very solid.

  9. Malik Ravenscroft (verified owner)

    Gives me some really fun and creative thoughts….it’s great for writer’s block, I will tell you that! Perfect choice for an online purchase. Pricing is good and the 60 day seed replacement thing is pretty cool as well. Luckily I got 100% germination, I was able to soak my seeds and they popped outta the ground in no time. It was an awesome thing to do! I got really into caring for them, and I’d definitely do it again friends!

  10. Alistair M. (verified owner)

    Nothing like a nice stinky cheese, some crackers and some wine. Great in weed form too 😉
    5 seed order wtih fast shipping. I just grow it as a hobby but I like the feeling of growing and smoking my own weed.
    I feel like that is how it’s supposed to be.
    Very fine products. 5/5 stars for great customer service and a quality product. Really does taste Cheesy!!

  11. Cataleya Buckner (verified owner)

    Oooooweeeeee! Head cheese is dank and powerful, usually a medium-sized yield. I bought 15 seeds online, had them shipped to the next state over (Oregon) and I was growing in no time! Very tasty and smells like a pine forest! You will absolutely love and benefit from this strain. Good weed from a great company!

  12. Emma Johnson (verified owner)

    Fresno grower here. Tend to prefer easy, compact indica grows to fit in my kitchen or on the balcony. I only have a small apartment, but I do some pretty solid growing in this environment. Really excited for the summer months this year. Got the seeds to germinate pretty nicely, they’re looking really strong so far, generally takes a lot longer than this, but the soaking of the seeds did actually make a difference. I worked pretty hard to ensure 100% germination but these seeds are quality and usually take care of themselves. Nice buy….usually pretty fresh, too!

  13. Lauren Stafford (verified owner)

    Get baked with head cheese. This cheesy indica is great for smoking when you’re alone or with your buddies. Either way, you are bound to have a giggly good time 🙂 Very fresh nug, almost DAMP which is kinda new, very sticky, and best for rolling a fat blunt.
    In all my 15 years of growing marijuna , I never thought I’d have such success with a fem cheese strain.
    Maybe it’s the genetics but PSB is always doling out seeds from the best distributors in the state.
    Highly recommend!

  14. Rahma Mcguire (verified owner)

    This is some dank gnarly weed. It helps with stress and anxiety better than anti-depressants. I bought 10 seeds online (barely broke $100!!) and I am sure these seeds will produce some amazing weed. Right now they’re soaking, and they look like they’re about ready to POP! I can’t wait to have this weed in my back pocket again, rolling J’s and chilling with the homies.

  15. Dario Woodcock (verified owner)

    Dank, earthy, cheesy weed. Make sure you packed some lunch cause this daytime smoke might just give you some MAD munchies!!

  16. Liyah Mcgill (verified owner)

    Like a fancy cheese, this mj strain has a pungent smell that’s somehow also alluring. I bought 10 seeds to save for the long-run. They have been germinating beautifully and growing much faster than I expected. I had to top one of my plants at 5 five months cause it was basically at the top of the hoophouse!

  17. Haniya Novak (verified owner)

    Challenging grow but a unique, funky cheesy weed that hits all the right buttons. Makes me feel nice and light, keeps my head filled with creative and interesting thoughts, and my friends seem to love it as well. I’ll buy more today. They ship anywhere in the USA and Canada!!

  18. Terry Kirkland (verified owner)

    Have been a grower for longer than I can remember. Interested in breaking into the cannabis business and thought it might be cool to get my start with some obscure strains to break into the market. Head cheese is on my list. Excited to grow it. Waiting for delivery but have heard good things about this company. I’ll update in a little while.

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