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Honey Bananas Feminized Seeds

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A taste of the tropics in cannabis form, Honey Bananas marijuana is a sweet and fruity strain that (with 20% THC) is a fan among recreational and medical users alike. A hardy strain, beginners will enjoy the sweet aroma an dense, green buds that top these tall, strong plants after 8-9 weeks flowering.

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Honey Bananas

Few cannabis seeds rival the balance between cannabinoid and terpene as expertly as Honey Bananas marijuana, a potent strain that is as sweet as it is powerful.  

The cheerful aroma of Honey Bananas is perfectly paired with the happiness delivered by this cheeky strain. Doubtless you’ll have a hard time not cracking a smile, which might have something to do with the upwards of 20% of THC in its leaves.

Honey Bananas marijuana is one of those hybrids that takes half of its genetics from its mother, and half from its father. In this case, the invigorating head high of its sativa lineage delivers happiness and focus (you might even consider using this one during the work day), slowly giving way to a full body sensation that can soothe aches and relieve tension and stress. Bare in mind, however, overindulgence in this sweet strain may lead to couch-lock and feelings of paranoia.

With its delicious fruity, tropical fragrance and flavor (and yes, you actually taste a hint of bananas!) Honey Bananas is medicine in a spoonful of sugar.  Naturally suited to stress relief, Honey Bananas can almost instantly calm an anxious, worried mind, and can bring comfort to patients. 

You only need beginner experience with growing cannabis in order to successfully cultivate Honey Banana marijuana seeds. This plant is hardy and will survive most common problems caused by humidity. After 8-9 weeks in the flowering stage, you’ll have a tall, high-producing plant that is bright green with dense nugs.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 400g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Fruity, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






46 reviews for Honey Bananas Feminized Seeds

  1. Art Kane (verified owner)

    Gotta be smoking honey bananas after work….it’s literally so delicious. I am so happy to have this bud….It was a treat to grow and fun summer project. The mj really loves sun and a lot of water….make sure your soil is well composted. It’ll make all the difference in the world. Thanks for reading and get your butt out to PSB online and buy some dang seeds!

  2. InfernoRanger (verified owner)

    Honey? Bananas? That’s always a winning combination! You’ll immediately be drawn into the sweet and delicious taste profile and that aroma will also hit you and keep you compelled to keep reaching for this strain. The buds are dense, potent, and packed with flavor, so this is one you don’t want to skip.

  3. Eddie Walsh (verified owner)

    The high is a delightful mix of happiness, relaxation, and upliftment. Mendocino Farms did a fantastic job with this hybrid, as the plants are easy to grow and produce a satisfying yield.

  4. Eliza Burch (verified owner)

    This weed is the perfect “snack.” I like taking a few puffs throughout the day to keep refreshing my buzz. It’s subtle, low-key, easy to manage outdoors and creates a sense of deep calm and relaxation. I really am appreciative of this mj.

    I liked growing outdoors, and definitely had some success in a new environment. Oregon is a GREAT place to grow weed, and I am thankful MJ ships all over the USA, really makes a difference.

  5. Jonathan Mills (verified owner)

    A potent powerful strain that hits with tons of sweetness and fruitiness. Balanced hybrids such as this are always amazing. Took just 8 weeks to grow and my plants were all germinated amazingly

  6. Astral1Adventurer (verified owner)

    Honey Bananas Feminized Seeds are a delightful choice for both recreational and medical users. With a sweet and fruity taste, this strain provides a balanced high that uplifts the mind and relaxes the body. It is known to relieve stress making it a popular choice for those seeking relief.

  7. Shane Myers (verified owner)

    6 weeks into growing this strain currently, very close to flowering and the quality of this is quite clear. Got this order shipped to me very fast and I got all the seeds germinated perfectly. Also found Pacific Seed Bank’s blog to be quite helpful to learn more about growing. Overall a big fan of Pacific’s services.

  8. Angeline Smith (verified owner)

    I liked the balance of Honey Bananas, with a high that eases into body and mind for a nice cruisy feeling and relaxing overall for distressing. Got a good yield size from each of my plants, and the size was not too large and fit well into my garden, able to maximize my yields with minimal effort.

  9. Kayla Mckinney (verified owner)

    This weed is great for breakfast….part of a balanced breakfast LOL….It’s a nice indica hybrid with a nice sweet flavor. It’s relatively easy to grow, but the buds love it and I had some issues with caterpillars over the summer munching on the leaves. Maybe they’re getting high, who knows? I still get about 100 or so grams per plant, but never seen it go much higher than that. What can I do to increase my yields??

  10. Callam Barclay (verified owner)

    Okay so, if you haven’t grown weed before, this is a good place to start. Honey Bananas is friendly and easy to work with. It’s got a tasty profile, and it helps with stress. I generally wait till AFTER work to smoke, cause otherwise I just fall asleep LOL! I am definitely a sleepy stoner type, but don’t judge me LOL! I bought 10 seeds and grew 5. Saving the last 5 for next season. What a great deal!

  11. Samir Oakley (verified owner)

    One of the finer weeds in life, honey bananas has all the flavor and intensity with none of the grogginess of your TRADITIONAL marijuana varieteites. Pacific really has it all, some truly amazing strains with fast shipping and a reliable germ rate. You are truly SET when you grow this weed, it makes a massive difference in your afternoon, your week, your month and your life!

  12. Keavy Connolly (verified owner)

    Hmm kind of tastes like a pina colada! I have been cultivating weed for many years. I have a full indoor hydroponics setup for both marijuana and veggies! Honey Bananas is a trip for the senses. It’s easy to grow, makes for an awesome project, and usually yields at least a few hundred Gs. For these prices, what do you have to lose?

  13. Fletcher Cervantes (verified owner)

    Mmm that sweet sweet flavor! Nothing can beat my oatmeal raisin weed cookies with this dope honey bananas weed. Don’t pretend like you’re not drooling right now. My weed cooking is out of this world. I only trust seeds from pacific, they come in air-tight packaging so I KNOW they’re fresh.

  14. Loui Kinney (verified owner)

    Honey bananas is absolutely delightful and amazing. I smoke it every dang afternoon when work is finished and it’s finally time to relax and kick my feet up. Have been a farmer for a long time so growing weed just comes naturally to me. I use Pacific cause their prices and seed genetics are most reliable!!

  15. Elsie Greenaway (verified owner)

    You want honey and bananas, but you don’t wanna be healthy? Well why not smoke these flavors in all their goodness until you’re dizzy AF and fall asleep on your couch? That’s what I did the other night LOL. Such a rewarding experience, I got almost 600 grams of fresh MJ from my grow! Cures nicely and is stored in my pantry. Has been good for months!!

  16. Sophia Stout (verified owner)

    Honey bananas is super sweet, light and relaxing. Makes every day feel a little bit easier. Been smoking this a long time, used to grow some of it in college haha. Much more professional setup now, looking great out in the yard, truly magnificent!

  17. Efa Mcclain (verified owner)

    Tallest weed strain I have ever grown. Got to almost 10 ft tall! iMade like 600 grams of sweet earthy pot that tastes like bananas and makes me want to take a nap. Bought 5 seeds online and they shipped right to my place. Awesome buy, so convenient!!

  18. Finley Mack (verified owner)

    Yum yum, my mom used to make me honey banana toast when I was sick and I decided it was best to try and grow this myself to honor her memory. Very exciting strain with a lot of wonderful qualities. It LOoks wonderful, the flower is so large and fluffy and light, and of course the taste is just as sweet as I remember!

  19. Riley Redfern (verified owner)

    Honey bananas is a good buy, and it’s as sweet and delicious as it sounds. Makes me smile very time, gets me feeling giggly and social. I love just chilling with my friends and passing around a bong filled with my homegrown herb. It’s a point of pride to have my own weed plants, everything looks great and smells good too, definitely gonna buy more!

  20. Eamon Ingram (verified owner)

    I am all about the sweet strains out there that make me smile. This stuff is one of the better grows out there, helps me deal with stress and depression and is a great buy for when you’re just looking to relax and get some work done in the garden. Doesn’t take up all your time but it’s a nice hobby so be prepared to put some back into it and you’ll have good results.

  21. Lacey-Mai Maguire (verified owner)

    Excellent weed in hot and dry conditions. Needs some extra water and attention maybe but it’s a very resilient plant. Makes life very easy, and it helps me handle stress. It’s nice to be a home grower for weed. Pacific makes it easy with online ordering and fast shipping. You really can’t beat that sweet taste, gives me everything I need!!

  22. Arianna Wyatt (verified owner)

    Honey is my favorite thing in this world, it is nature’s candy, and it sure feels awesome to grow it in weed form and smoke it till I am so stoned I can’t see straight. Gonna vibe with my girlfriend tonight, watch some movies, smoke a bowl of fresh homegrown herb, maybe even make some popcorn, all cause Pacific made it happen!

  23. Lewie Walker (verified owner)

    I worked outdoors for many years, and I would cultivate the weed for other farmers…Had a pretty nice time growing this weed for myself though, and I used all the skills I acquired to get this stuff up and running. A very nice strain though with a very sweet and delicious flavor, highly recommend this stuff if you’re feeling good!

  24. Cravingforfoods (verified owner)

    Honey is my favorite thing in the world and when you infuse it with bananas and WEED then you get the most amazing marriage since sonny and Cher! This weed is about a chill as anything I have ever experienced, it makes me feel like I am swimming in a pool in Las Vegas, having a great trip and a great time, nothing is better!

  25. arley harper (verified owner)

    I work in an accounting firm downtown and nothing helps me crunch the numbers like some good old fashioned marijuana. I smoke honey bananas on my lunch break and get real stoned. Very pretty plant, love managing it in my garden. Can’t wait to smoke it today and the boss will never know!!

  26. rolfwiggins (verified owner)

    I love the sweet and mild taste of honey bananas weed, it’s real nice to smoke when you’re just having a nice and chill Friday night. Makes you kinda sleepy, but also very relaxed, and the flavor is nice and sweet. I highly recommend trying it out for yourself!

  27. Every2nd & Every3rd (verified owner)

    This weed is as good as it sounds….it’s so nice and tasty…very sweet and good for your mind…makes for a nice strain in the evening when it’s time to wind down…I smoke this weed to relax and enjoyed growing it too…made me a happy man!

  28. Sushi Senior (verified owner)

    I love the sweet and relaxing vibes of honey bananas weed. It’s really easy to grow in your backyard, and the growing info on this site makes it even easier for people new to growing marijuana. Ordering online was very easy and the customer service team was very helpful. I am pretty excited to keep growing weed for the foreseeable future!

  29. mountainpose (verified owner)

    My grandma always used to bake banana bread for me when I was a kid and I bought this weed out of nostalgia for nana’s banana bread. I Miss you Nana!!! It’s a delicious strain, very relaxing and helps with stress and anxiety. It’s got an earthy sweet taste and always does well in the evening. Great garden grow!

  30. Bumblebee (verified owner)

    Nothing sweeter than fresh honey bananas marijuana from Pacific…I am so impressed with these guys. They make for an excellent company with a fantastic product…at a great price!…I know, sounds crazy, but I feel like I became a much better grower after buying these seeds…the grow guide on this site is super helpful….makes for great growth and an even better harvest….no problem here, got me some hard indica weed with a sweet honey taste and a great pile of movies to watch for quarantine 🙂

  31. cakelover92 (verified owner)

    My mom used to pack me a honey and banana sandwich for lunch when I was a child, and I was really happy about finding this weed online. I love the way it smells and makes me feel, very chilled out and relaxing stuff, perfect for just kicking it with your friends or even smoking by yourself and watching some TV. I enjoy it’s bright green flowers and dank, sitcky buds. Perfect for those lazy Sundays when all you wanna do is chilllll!

  32. Bango (verified owner)

    Can you taste the sweet honey in this weed? Well I can, and it drives me bananas! I got my 3 seeds delivered from Pacific, and I was truly impressed by how easily this stuff grew in my backyard. I am lucky cause I get a LOT of sun and have a nice little irrigation system hooked up which makes watering super easy. I got a great little harvest from these plants, and all the buds were really high quality, and very aromatic, and easy to hang up and dry. Makes for an excellent weekend smoke, or just when you’re chilling at home after work. Gives me the munchies for sure!

  33. iheartnyc (verified owner)

    I remember when I was a kid and my mom used to make banana bread…the sweet banana flavor of this weed really brings me back and makes me feel nostalgic. It’s super tasty and delicious, makes for a great evening smoke when all the day’s work is done…Got my seeds delivered right to the front door. Super convenient! All 3 germinated quickly and evenly and I got a nice medium yield off of the plants, which is great cause I don’t smoke every day.

  34. corkysteve (verified owner)

    If you love sweet delicious sticky herb that gets you feeling high as a kite, reach for the honey bananas! This was a great buy overall, got my seeds shipped out and germinated them right from my kitchen window, planted them out back and only 4 months later I was harvesting premium flower! Wow the time just flew by. I smoke this stuff usually in the evenings, as my dessert lol! Makes me feel amazing and I can’t wait to buy more!

  35. Tatsuhiko (verified owner)

    What could be better than honey and bananas? This is definitely some of my favorite weed, great grow too, even for beginners! It’s very sweet and delicious, a smooth smoking experience that is neither overpowering or underwhelming. It’s a nice balance between sativa and indica elements, making it a great after-work or weekend smoke!

  36. Derek S (verified owner)

    Yum yum, this weed is truly delicious. I am super glad I gave it a try. First time buyer with PSB, and am very impressed with their online selection. Ordered my seeds and had em shipped right to my place. Great stuff, they germinated without issue and grew very tall and bushy. I love the taste and smell and the buzz is hella relaxing. Definitely worth a shot!

  37. Morgan O. (verified owner)

    So glad I chose to buy these seeds! I’m very much a beginner when it comes to growing weed, but growing honey B gives me the confidence to tackle other, more difficult strains. These weeds grew really tall (like almost 6 feet) and were so robust. We have some big dogs that were constantly brushing against them, but no matter, honey bananas just kept right on growing! I actually don’t use weed much myself, but my sister does and she really liked this strain and called it “sweet and awesome.”

  38. Trevor P. (verified owner)

    Really interesting bud from these plants — not as thick or big as I would like to see them. But the yield was WAY better than expected and more than adequately made everything worth it. I only ordered three seeds this time and much to my surprise all of them popped. Fast shipping from Pacific and my plants were healthy af. Good experience overall!

  39. Sheri T. (verified owner)

    Best 50/50 hybrid around! It also basically tastes like candy, it’s super sweet and fun to smoke. For growing make sure to keep the nutrients up in your soil or else the plant starts to suffer, I noticed that it was lookin a little droopy and did some extra reading and stepped up the nutrients I was feeding it and it came back to life super fast and I got a lot of weed from each plant after harvest time. Super happy and focused high in the beginning that leads to a really mellow and relaxing experience as it starts to taper off.

  40. Marcel O. (verified owner)

    A sweet treat that’s great at any time of day! First time buyer with PSB but I was blown away by their amazing and expansive selection. I think they may have just made a customer for life, especially given how well my honey bananas strain grew in the backyard. A nice, tall plant with sweet earthy smells make for a great addition to the garden. Smoking this weed is really nice and balanced, won’t leave you stranded on the couch, and won’t make you anxious either, extremely relaxing and fun, plus it tastes like bananas yay!

  41. Don N. (verified owner)

    I buy cannabis for medical reasons – I have pain in my feet that makes walking difficult. I’ve tried many strains for pain treatment, but Honey Bananas is my favorite. Usually a high THC strain is not beneficial for medicinal pot but this both treats my pain and gives me lovely, cheerful high. I’m smiling and feeling good within thirty minutes of use. I plan to buy and grow this again; in fact, I’d like to always have some honey bananas around.

  42. Jeremy L. (verified owner)

    I’m very thankful for being introduced to the Honey Bananas marijuana stream. I suffer from swelling of the knees due to an old high-school football injury, and this MJ takes away the inflammation within 20 minutes. I’ve been able to reduce the number of pills I take, and I’m so happy for this. Honey Bananas was the answer to an old dog’s prayers.

  43. Dana F. (verified owner)

    My two favorite flavors in one weed strain? Si, por favor. Just got my seeds in the mail and they looked sooooooooo good. All of the rumors I heard about Pacific seem to be true. All five popped and I think theyre going to be healthy little plants. I heard this strain is like taking a happy pill, so I can’t wait to smoke it and find out for myself. Thanks for the awesome seeds Pacific!

  44. Stan P. (verified owner)

    I’m still a pretty new grower and honey bananas mj was a good weed for me to increase my confidence in this area. Babies grew tall (well over 5 feet) and that Kermit green color looked so healthy and fresh! Nice, dense nugs, too; I couldn’t wait to try them. Wasn’t disappointed … this hybrid marijuana is practically perfect in every way (as Mary Poppins would say!) I feel happy AND relaxed and that tropical flavor makes me feel like I’m on vacay. Take me to my happy place, honey banana!!

  45. drweed54 (verified owner)

    Probably the happiest weed I have ever smoked! I suffer from depression and anxiety, and really need something to balance me out during the day or else I get seriously BUMMED out! I smoke honey bananas on my lunch break and HOLY MOLY what a difference! Its a supremely balanced high, with notes of bananas that linger in the air, makes me forget the winter cold and transports me a tropical island. I never crash on this weed, and I am always in a better mood once I toke. Life has never been so good!

  46. Jon O. (verified owner)

    If you’re looking for a sweet treat that’ll help you chill out and relax, perfect for the afternoon or the weekend, a perfect beach strain, you’ll wanna jump right in the water and flail around like a fish! I grew this in my backyard, looks amazing, has a beautiful glow to it, and it smells super sweet, almost not like weed!

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