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Mataro Blue Feminized Seeds

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Mataro Blue may be just the strain for you if you’re interested in a relaxing evening among friends without delving into the depths of couch lock.

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With a name like Mataro Blue, you might not be sure what exactly this strain has in store. Mataro Blue is a Spanish cannabis strain that is indica-dominant, and is the result of a three way cross between Blue Monster, Black Domina, and Mazar I Sharif.

There is still a bit of mystery surrounding the effects of Mataro Blue, but this strain has won multiple awards, so it is probably safe to assume that you are in for a real treat when you partake in this strain. At the high’s beginning, users may feel uplifted, both mentally and physically. Many Mataro Blue users have enjoyed this strain at the beginning of a social evening out with friends.

In addition to being a great fit for a fun night of socializing, Mataro Blue can also relieve tension throughout the body. It isn’t an ideal choice for sedating and getting a great night’s sleep, but it has been known to relieve aches throughout the body. It is still recommended that Mataro Blue be consumed at the end of, rather than the beginning of, the day, as it does have a tendency to lock users into their sofas.

Additional information


Norcal Farms

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

55-65 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 700 gr

To Treat

Depression, Headaches, Pain


Earthy, Herbal, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type




Skill Level




14 reviews for Mataro Blue Feminized Seeds

  1. DiamondSorcerer (verified owner)

    This is a great sociable strain cuz it helps you to open and socialize while making you relaxed and chill but not to the point where you’re going to be out of it lol Because of this, I always have it on hand when me and friends get together for little get-togethers.

  2. Comet2Crafter (verified owner)

    Mataro Blue Feminized Seeds have been a fantastic choice for both growing and smoking. All of my seeds germinated successfully, resulting in healthy and robust plants. The effects of smoking Mataro Blue are truly enjoyable, providing a balanced high that uplifts both the mind and body.

  3. Caden Moody (verified owner)

    Trust me you ain’t ever experienced couch lock until you’ve have this strain. I bought 10 seeds online, and that was juuuust the right amount. My friends and family really appreciated the MJ. We all like smoking weed together. It’s a good way to connect, and it’s also a very social strain. Feeling very optimistic about my future growing with Pacific!

  4. FireFlyFlicker70 (verified owner)

    Mataro Blue is an impressive strain that combines a good high with a delicious taste. As an indica, it provides a strong body high that is perfect for relaxation. The plants I grew were sturdy and produced a great yield. Overall, I had a good experience growing Mataro Blue and the high it provided was creative, relaxed, and uplifted.

  5. CBDComet420 (verified owner)

    Mataro Blue was really good for a relaxed, uplifting high. I found the body high to be quite strong and perfect for unwinding after a long day. The taste is also really nice and has some herbal notes to it. All in all, a great strain that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a nice Indica.

  6. Aria Smith (verified owner)

    A rare gem and a challenging grow but with stellar and impressive results! The flower is BRIGHT blue and looks just fantastic. I hope to get like an indoor grow thing going on in the next couple years….I’ve been developing my love for pot and growing and have learned more than expected from reading over the blogs. Great advice and a very helpful community!

  7. Bryanna Le (verified owner)

    Super fuzzy weed! Love the fresh organic smell. Mmmmm reminds me of the the summer. I do miss the summer 🙂

  8. Kaine Walle (verified owner)

    Mataro blue is the strain for YOU! Great nug at an unbeatable price, this Spanish weed (cool, right?) has a light blue hue and a sweet aroma that’s great for passing around at a party or just chilling with the homies!

  9. Atlas Cortes (verified owner)

    Do you like a relaxing buzz? One that helps you de-stress from the workday, and even sleep at night?
    Who doesn’t??
    Mataro Blue CBD is great. It’s an easy grow, usually produces a lot of nug, and generally keeps me smiling.

  10. Luc Higgs (verified owner)

    This hybrid is nice and easy for evening smoking, especially with friends! Sweet and uplifting flavors make this a real winner! Great vibes and a powerful taste! It wasn’t even that hard to grow, much to my surprise. I was able to harvest around 650 Gs from just 3 plants. Guess I have a knack for this!!

  11. Millie Lindsey (verified owner)

    One way or the other, you are gonna find yourself face to face with Mataro weed. If you aren’t the one growing it, somebody else will. Why is that? WELL! This weed has astounding flavor and texture, perfect for bongs and blunts alike. Best part is, it grows super easily! It’s like a weed that everyone WANTS to have in their yard LOL

  12. Rupert Graham (verified owner)

    I was really thrilled when this weed came out as well as it did. I never expected myself to have so much marijuana on hand. I have really been surprised over and over again. Pacific was incredibly professional and helpful when I needed some growing advice!! Now I can smoke my blue-green nugs all night and finally get some R&R

  13. GardenEvolves (verified owner)

    This is ONE FUNKY INDICA! Hits really hard, enough to knock me out for a couple hours on the couch. Basically decimated my insomnia, and always gives me a MAD case of the munchies. Great purchase for a low price. The flower are bright and covered in crystals…absolutely gorgeous and FRESH. Hooray!

  14. Jaime Jimenez (verified owner)

    Mataro Blue is a great middle-ground between indica and sativa. Usually helps me relax after work but doesn’t make me so tired that I can’t operate. Buying online is nice and easy. The weed ships quickly, and shows up right in my mailbox! Happy I finally pulled the trigger on homegrown weed. It really makes all the difference, especially when hanging out with friends.

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