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Pineapple Jack Feminized Seeds

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On the days when you’re feeling extra groggy, reach for Pineapple Jack marijuana seeds. This well-rounded hybrid creates a clear-headed, focused, and motivated high that’s great for starting your mornings.

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Wake up and smell the pineapple. When you’re feeling extra groggy and foggy in the morning, reach for Pineapple Jack marijuana seeds. They’ll do you a lot of good. This well-balanced hybrid creates an awakening and clear high that’s ideal for going to work and tackling your to-do list. Users typically feel motivated, focused, and determined to complete their daily tasks.


What’s even better about Pineapple Jack is its CBD content. While most marijuana strains seem to be lacking in CBD effects, Pineapple Jack contains a higher-than-average level of 1%. CBD is famous for helping users combat any unwanted bodily symptoms. Meanwhile, it’s 20% THC is moderate enough for novice smokers to try.


As you might expect, Pineapple Jack marijuana seeds eventually produce a tropical aroma once they’ve become mature plants. The scent may remind you of fresh pineapples and a glass of pina colada on the beach. With such a level-headed high, Pineapple Jack is best enjoyed during the day when your brain would be the most active. 


This strain can give you that much-needed pep in your step when getting out of bed feels like a struggle. Not to mention, it can also help alleviate stress, low energy levels, and a bad mood.

Additional information


Growers Lab

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 350g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Fatigue, Stress


Earthy, Fruity, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






16 reviews for Pineapple Jack Feminized Seeds

  1. BlazeStrider (verified owner)

    Whether you want to use this for some recreational fun or some type of medical condition, Pineapple Jack can handle both. It all depends on how much you indulge. At lower levels, you can enjoy the CBD do its thing as it relieves you. At higher doses, you’ll feel that big THC energy.

  2. Caitlin Cook (verified owner)

    I know how it goes growing weed for the first time…it’s intimidating, it’s scary….but don’t be discouraged! I like the fresh pot….I like the amazing color and flavor….and I like that all the growing advice I could ever need is right here on the blogs! My advice, try the screen of green method for growing and the paper towel method for germination. It’s given me GREAT results!!

  3. Davon Carson (verified owner)

    New effort for me ….learning how to grow and control the weed plants….and the pests.
    Needed some fresh seeds for last season and a friend said Pacific was the spot so I tried it.
    Pretty good experience, got all my seeds delivered in 7 days and somehow all of them germinated.
    No sweat off my back. I hardly had to make the effort!

  4. Dusk8Dove (verified owner)

    Growing and smoking Pineapple Jack Feminized Seeds was a delightful experience. All my seeds germinated successfully, and the plants grew beautifully. The tropical aroma of fresh pineapples filled the air as they matured. The high was clear-headed, focused, and motivating, making it perfect for starting the day.

  5. HashHijinks (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the cerebral high Pineapple Jack gives me. It’s such a happy and uplifting high that really helps me relax after a long day. The taste is amazing too, with a sweet and fruity pineapple flavor. Absolutely recommend this strain to anyone looking for a great sativa high.

  6. Rina Sasaki (verified owner)

    Pineapple Jack is an amazing strain that I absolutely love! The high is uplifting and happy, perfect for relieving stress and fatigue. Growing this strain was a breeze, with all the seeds sprouting and germinating successfully.

  7. Aip4theelah (verified owner)

    Fresh and freaky delicious pineapple MJ for a low low price and very high yields. 5th season growing with Pacific. Definitely a customer for life. Great product for an exceptional price!

  8. Leandra Kingsley (verified owner)

    Start your mornings out right with pineapple jack feminized seeds. I love growing Fem seeds cause they grow quickly and are generally very reliable. Good flavor too, tastes just like a pineapple banana smoothie YUM!
    Great for growing outdoors, excellent results in a hot climate, needs daily water and care, but produces some nice looking flower after about 10 weeks.

  9. Jon Kerr (verified owner)

    This weed helps me get motivated to get work done during the day! Buying online is hella fun! It’s a HUGE catalog, can be overwhelming in some instances….but overall very nice results. I am proud of my MJ growing…it’s fresh as anything I would get at the dispo, and for much cheaper. Pacific is a great resource!

  10. Danica Delacruz (verified owner)

    Ooo this is some fancy weeds that’s great for rolling blunts! I am always impressing my friends with pineapple jack. The sweet, fruity, crumbly nugs make for a dope evening with the boys! Very satisfied with the results of my grow. I sure can’t wait to grow more. It’s always been useful to me to have my own pot seeds, especially from the pacific. They’re so reliable and trustworthy!

  11. Kairon Corbett (verified owner)

    Great big pineapple flavored nugs. Nothing is better. I used to live in Hawaii and work on a pineapple plantation, so the smell of sweet fresh pineapple is embedded in my brain. Excellent weed with delicious flavors. I highly recommend it!

  12. Ebony Marks (verified owner)

    Had a rough night? Maybe you have a hangover? Pineapple jack is your ticket back to the real world. I smoke a bong of this tropical-flavored weed every time coffee isn’t doing the trick. It usually puts me in a great mood, makes me smile, and helps with headaches!

  13. Elodie Robin (verified owner)

    Man sometimes life is just too darn much and you need a mental break in the middle of the day. Pineapple jack is what you are looking for! This weed is like a good friend. Perfect for smoking all hours of the day and breaks up the monotony of my terrible data entry job!

  14. Ananya Guy (verified owner)

    Honestly, I am not much of a morning smoker, but this stuff really gets the job done. Heavy sativa vibes, makes you feel alert, awake, and filled with positivity. Maybe it’s that dank tropical smell, or the sticky fresh nugs? Either way, really happy I was able to successfully grow this weed indoors. Such an honor to work with Pacific Seeds!!

  15. Ayah Jones (verified owner)

    I’d give this marijuana an A- grade. Very sticky buds with a potent pineapple scent once cured, but tends to dry quickly so may be best to just grow 1-2 seeds at a time so as not to waste your harvest. Otherwise a relaxing high with a mellowing effect.

  16. Corinne Bennett (verified owner)

    Not my favorite strain, but DAY-UM does it smell nice!! It smells EXACTLY like dried pineapple. Smooth tasty smoke and excellent for an “afternoon delight” way too spacy for mornings or if you have something to do. Great if you have someone to do, though. Plants were great producers with solid dense colas.

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