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Power Kush Feminized Seeds

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Kiss stress goodbye and creative euphoria hello with easily-grown Power Kush, developed carefully to bring you peace, clarity, and relaxed focus.

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It’s orange, it’s fuzzy, and it will give you the warm fuzzies while allowing for concentration, focus, and relaxation. Power Kush, an indica-sativa hybrid hailing from Amsterdam (otherwise known as The Center of the Cannabis Universe), is a bright and potent, yet mellow strain that goes the extra mile in creating a supreme body high and sharpened mindset. It’s the little engine that can—and does.

Familiarly and pleasantly skunky with overtones of citrus and pine, Power Kush is a powerhouse that will simultaneously lift you up and mellow you out with its indica-dominant composition and honed botanical properties. Strain-wise, Power Kush is reknowned for its ability to ease inflammation, and is favored by those who are looking for a soothing option for getting to sleep at night. It’s favored as a stress-reliever, and is a popular strain among connoisseurs and those new to its magic. High in THC (up to 19%) and low in CBD (to 0.18%), it provides for a euphoria-imbued state of mind while maintaining focus and creativity.

Another superpower of Power Kush is its ability to grow well outdoors. With an adequately warm climate and the usual TLC, each plant will reach flowering by 7-8 weeks. Indoors, expect Power Kush to follow the same flowering timeline.. So buckle up, settle in, and prepare for a smooth ride to clarity, creativity, and enhanced physical wellbeing.

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 900 gr

To Treat

Depression, Muscle Spasms, Stress


Citrus, Skunky, Sweet

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


13 reviews for Power Kush Feminized Seeds

  1. Kaylyn Ponce (verified owner)

    Funky fresh flavor and a big fresh yield. Usually one of the nicer grows out there….Pacific has pretty unbeatable prices and they ship anywhere in the USA, and fast! It’s not everyday you find a seed bank with this huge of selection, and it’s pretty amazing to watch and behold. Kind of overwhelming, but never too bad when your looking for quality pot.
    The seeds arrive in a small gold package, makes you feel like you won the lottery! I am so happy about how this all turned out too. Good for stress and anxiety!

  2. Serenella Holt (verified owner)

    Fresh MJ with a light flavor and floral aroma….gives me a great head and body buzz. I have been pretty satisfied overall with the pricing and shipping, never have had to wait more than a few days to receive my seeds….a nice quick ship out to Northern Cali (where I live) and an even better yield than expected!

  3. Nyla Blankenship (verified owner)

    Best tasting weed on the market….fresh and funky flavor with an easy growing profile! 5 seeds was the perfect order and usually produces hundreds of grams of pot.
    A terrific investment and a great summer hobby!

  4. SativaSavior (verified owner)

    Power Kush gives a euphoric high that washes away stress and makes you forget your worries. Good for low-mood days. Strong yields with skunky sweet aromas. The high also does not go too hard so you can still be active while high off this.

  5. Davis Valentine (verified owner)

    Fresh and dark-colored flower make this a relaxing and mysterious strain. It’s easy to grow and even easier to buy online! Fresh kush is a delightful thing to have around the house, and it helps me manage stress, and anxiety without medication. Burning through my stash like crazy though. I have truly fallen in love with weed and I smoke all day every day now LOL. I wish you could see these blunts. They smoke hella cold.

  6. William Rojas (verified owner)

    Took a power nap after smoking power kush. SUPER relaxing weed 🙂

  7. SpaceSage (verified owner)

    Power Kush has been great for helping me relax at the end of a long day. The high is strong but not overpowering, with a nice mellow feeling that lasts for hours. It also helps me with my muscle spasms and stress levels, making it a great strain for those looking to unwind.

  8. Guillermo Paredes (verified owner)

    It was a perfect balance between a head high and a body high, leaving me feeling euphoric, relaxed, and somewhat sleepy. The plants I grew were medium-sized with beautiful, frosty buds. The customer service experience with Pacific was incredibly helpful, and the shipping was fast.

  9. SparklingSapphire (verified owner)

    This strain was quite easy to grow and care for, with its great yield size and high I found this strain well worth the effort. Stress just melt away with this strain.

  10. Nightshade2X (verified owner)

    One of those rare, near-perfect weeds that helps me stay focused and creative while also relaxing my body and soothing my mind. Thanks for the awesome seeds, and especially to customer service who knew EXACTLY what I was looking for….and helped me make my purchase online! Shipped out in 10 days!

  11. Coped1977 (verified owner)

    Some great late-night smoking sessions with power kush. This weed has some tasty nugs, and it grows quickly and reliably. Hardly any issues with this product. Fast shipping and reliable germination (when I followed the instructions). I got some seriously nice-looking nugs. Can;t wait for the next harvest yay!

  12. Lola-Mae Stark (verified owner)

    New to growing marijuana but a long-time smoker. I went with Power kush due to kush strains being the easiest to grow and often the highest yielding.

    Took a little over a week for seeds to arrive by mail. They were ready to go right out of the package. They grew bigger than expected! I had to transplant them outdoors to make sure they had enough room to thrive!

    Buying online has made homegrowing marijuana so much easier. Esp. since they ship to Canada.

  13. Mackenzie Drummond (verified owner)

    Power Kush is MONEY! Dank and delicious bud for affordable prices and shipped right to my house. AWESOME! Love how easy it is to buy online!

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