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Snowcap Dream Feminized Seeds

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This leggy lady is popular for its menthol hit that boosts good cheer and creativity, and could leave you laughing – who doesn’t need a good laugh now and then. Enjoy sativa Snowcap when you’re planning to be up and about for a few hours.

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Snowcap marijuana seeds are another west coast favorite. With so much positive word-of-mouth surrounding this strain, it’s rapidly growing in popularity in other parts of the world thanks to its potency and fan-favorite smell. Snowcap has developed a strong reputation and legacy for itself despite the mystery surrounding its origin. No one quite knows how this strain came to be. Some believe it’s a cross of Humbolt Snow and one kind of Haze. It could be this element of mystery that makes it a go-to for marijuana beginners and experts alike.

Snowcap is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a nice lemony smell and a hint of menthol. Have you ever used a menthol-based chapstick on your lips in the wintertime to keep them moisturized? Are you familiar with that numb and tingling sensation? Snowcap’s menthol can give off that same sensation as if you’re in the middle of a mountain. It’s a very refreshing strain to the soul, body, and mind, and the lemon flavor adds a mood boost.

The effects of Snowcap marijuana seeds should send you on a cerebral high like no other. This is the ultimate feel-good strain as it increases creativity, happiness, and may bring the giggles. You may find yourself laughing at the simplest of things with your best friends. It’s a great strain for turning that bad day or frown upside down. As a sativa, it’s probably best to smoke this strain in the daytime when your mind is naturally awake and alert.

Additional information


Coastal Genetics

Cannabis Species



50% Indica/50% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain


Citrus, Pine, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






50 reviews for Snowcap Dream Feminized Seeds

  1. Shadow Walker (verified owner)

    Snowcap is a well-balanced hybrid that flowers in about 9-10 weeks. The entire grow process is relatively simple and straightforward, so it’s perfect for beginners. Once it flowers and ready for harvest, you can expect around 450 grams, which is a pretty decent yield. Best of all, you can grow this strain indoors or outdoors and still expect exceptional results.

  2. Shadow Chaser (verified owner)

    Are you dreaming of a white christmas? If you’re smoking snowcap you definitely will get what you’re looking for! This bud is tight and sticky and stays fresh forever! It looks like it’s covered in snow dust but it’s just tasty crystals and fuzz….it’s a good smoke in the evening to relieve pain and stress. One of my all time favorites and so glad Pacific has it in stock all the time!

  3. Aron Copeland (verified owner)

    Yummy nugs with some nice frosty trichomes and an earthy, minty flavor. Super addictive AND easy to grow. See you this summer!

  4. LuminousLynx (verified owner)

    A very nice evenly balanced hybrid, I found this quite nice to smoke as the high was strong within the body and mind. I would recommend anyone newer to growing that has the space for this try it out.

  5. 4CrimsonCheetah (verified owner)

    Are you ready for a Snowcap Dream? These feminized seeds are sure to transport you to a world of blissful relaxation and creativity. With its menthol hit and sativa dominance, Snowcap is perfect for those looking to uplift their spirits and enhance their focus. Say goodbye to stress and hello to a happy mind with Snowcap Dream!

  6. ChronicChick (verified owner)

    For the stoners out there that want to just have a giggly day smoking Snowcap should be exactly what you are looking for. Great for those “70s show” style smoke circles to chill with the homies for a few hours. It was very simple to grow and harvesting provided with a great yield.

  7. Laila Pham (verified owner)

    A beautiful snowy paradise with a light pine smell and minty flavor. Ahhhh tastes like Christmas.

  8. ReluctantRhino24 (verified owner)

    Snowcap Dream is amazing, the high hits the body and mind evenly, making it perfect for creative activities. I was so happy and relaxed after smoking this strain, it’s definitely one of my favorites. The yield was impressive as well, definitely worth growing.

  9. Jorden Vaughn (verified owner)

    These FRESH powdery nugs are great for smoking and chilling with friends. Has a nice, menthol taste, gets me hella high, and was easy to grow When all 5 of my seeds germinate, I am always happy. Pacific seeds has ways of making it happen!!

  10. Chloe Cohen (verified owner)

    Hardened by its resinous crystals, snowcap truly is a weed-growers dream. Sweet, soft flavors that kind of taste like menthol. The buzz is suuuper low-key, some of the best indica I have ever smoked, probably cause I am growing indoors….fast shipping anywhere in the USA too so that’s helpful. Get this stuff as a gift….anyway good buy, I’ll buy again.

  11. Lila Bird (verified owner)

    Covered in snowy crystals, snowcap is JUST what you are looking for! THis weed is a nice easy-going hybrid. Makes me happy, makes me smile, and honestly it’s just great to have this weed growing at home. Knowing the source is so important!

  12. Christiana Mcclain (verified owner)

    You are really gonna like this strain. It is a frosty wintertime dream. Grows really TALL and kind of leggy??? Either way I feel like I am doing a great job, and my weed is looking pretty awesome! Purchased this weed online and had it shipped to my apartment really fast!!!

  13. Janae Deacon (verified owner)

    Frosted weed is everything you want in life, plus it helps with sadness that comes with being alive in 2021. Find me a more convenient way to buy marijuana and I’ll roll over dead! Pacific has best prices, best genetics, best germination and best yields on the internet. Plus they ship to Canada lol.

  14. Zaine Gardiner (verified owner)

    You might just have stumbled onto the greatest weed you will ever smoke. This strain is awesome!!! Gets me high as a kite and keeps my mind feeling limber and strong. Best when smoked with friends cause it leads to deep convos. I like having great weed in my life. It’s an honest improvement to just smoking the stuff from the dispensary!

  15. Devonte Harrell (verified owner)

    So I got 5 seeds online and my brother and I grew them in our yard. The space looks and smells pretty awesome and helps with stress. The grow only took about 5 months and the seeds germinated well. No duds in this batch, always high quality products from Pacific!

  16. Rafe Poole (verified owner)

    Frosty nugs are my absolute favorite. They do so well in the ground, you’ll honestly be surprised when they germinate after just a week or so of watering. Be patient, this strain takes a lot of time and effort, but it’s a special reward at the end, with some great tasting bud, and a feel that is like no other.

  17. Samiyah Sosa (verified owner)

    This snowcap is a pretty wild ride…but it’s an easy ride when it comes to growing and cultivating my own. Ordered online and had it delivered to my place in Lower Queen Anne, and it’s absolutely amazing!!! All 3 seeds germinated quickly and grew into beautiful tall plants with some awesome looking crystals!!

  18. Magdalena Dominguez (verified owner)

    Yussss this weed is like hella dope. It’s good for smoking on your own or with your buddies, has a sweet and earthy taste and gives me a LOT of chill especially when I am stressed out. I will buy this weed again and again cause online ordering is seriously the way to go. Fast and simple and always a good time, I recommend this strain to anyone with an interest in weed.

  19. Lauren Lopez (verified owner)

    Snowcap is a real dream, makes me feel like a sweet snowboarder or something like that. I feel like I have been getting better and better at smoking marijuana, and my lungs don’t hurt like they used to!! I enjoyed growing it as well, it’s been a nice time every time, and it helps with stress and depression man. Gooooood vibes 🙂

  20. Jodie Mann (verified owner)

    Yep this weed really does look as if it is dusted in snow. Took me a while to grow, and the seeds took a while to germinate, but all things considered this came out pretty well with it being my first attempt at growing marijuana. Great smelling strain, has this wonderful earthy sour flavor to it that makes me come back for more again and again 🙂

  21. Xander Massey (verified owner)

    OMG this weed tastes like ice cream!!! Ordered my seeds online and they shipped out super fast! Got everything shipped right to my home, look absolutely fantastic in my garden, such a look I have never seen, and the color green is absolutely fantastic. It’s a dream come true and I am living it. So great!!

  22. Areeba Russo (verified owner)

    How tall can a weed plant grow? This one really challenged my expectations…it’s VERY tall, nice and sublime to look at just make sure you got high ceilings in your basement or whatevs. I am pretty stoked about this though, looks great, smells great too, the freshest you’re gonna find, even better than the store. I am here to buy more!

  23. Tamar Schmidt (verified owner)

    This weed has a nice cool exhale to it, making you feel like you live in the PNW or even Alaska! Awesome growth out in the backyard, had a garden bed built right outside so I can manage it first thing in the morning. Otherwise it is just awesome and it smells pretty darn good too. Very pleased with this buy from Pacific!!!

  24. Esther Lee (verified owner)

    I dream of snowcapped mountains. I love riding my snowboard down these beautiful peaks and enjoying the wind in my face. Definitely a good buy, it’s such a sweet and delicious weed, and the crystallized nugs are really beautiful, they make for a beautiful smelling and looking marijuana. The ultimate smoking experience!

  25. goldenboy345 (verified owner)

    Snowcap is your new retreat into relaxation and insanity….I am soooo chill on this and my mind just goes on a journey through time and space…a good buy for the price and a very easy time growing it in the backyard, such a good time!

  26. Heart Creative (verified owner)

    I ordered this on a whime when I was drunk one night lol. I thought it sounded like a fun strain and glad I was right! Super exciting being able to grow my own mj at home….makes for a fun gardening project and definitely produces a whole lot of bud! Pretty and colorful stuff, makes for a great buy in the world of weed and you should try it too!

  27. Brent Yamada (verified owner)

    I feel like the mad hatter…I really like the way that character defines alice in wonderland…and when I smoke this weed, my wild side comes out…I like to drive real fast or get crazy at the club…I like to socialize and take shots….and all cause this weed like opens my mind….it lowers my inhibitions….it helps me break outta my shell…try it out wont you?

  28. @firsttherighfoot (verified owner)

    This weed definitely looks like it just came out from a midwestern snowfall. I love it’s beautiful sugary crystalline flowers and the sweet and sour taste of the weed. A nice hybrid blend, not too strong one way or the other, but very relaxing all around. I get stoned off this stuff then usually read a book or fall asleep lol. It’s a nice nap time weed 🙂

  29. MLKjr (verified owner)

    Cap off your day with some snowcap weed and you won’t be disappointed. I love this stuff, great for growing it at home and very forgiving, even if you don’t know what you’re doing. Perfect for beginners, and it’s super chill and easy to manage with a big old harvest a whole lotta nug. I smoke ti with my girlfriend and we have a good time together cooking dinner and watching moving. Great buy from Pacific!

  30. Sappy Fingers (verified owner)

    I get really excited writing about this weed…I never thought I’d have a chance to grow my own marijuana, but then I got these seeds as a gift from a friend and decided I would try it out. Turns out I missed my calling in life, these seeds did REALLY well in my backyard, and they took right off in my garden bed soil, and the flower on this bud is nice and crystalline and kinda looks like fresh powder on the mountain. The smoke it hella chill and makes for a great weekend stoney session. I definitely give this two thumbs up!

  31. Volcom Guy (verified owner)

    I happen to love snowboarding and when I am about to hit some fresh pow for the day I take a few hits of the snowcap. It’s like smoking a menthol cigarette but SO much better, gives me a killer sativa mood and energy boost and puts me in hyper focus mode so I can kill it on the slopes. Got my nice grow space set up in the backyard and there are some fresh nugs hanging on the plants right now, I am pretty proud of it, nice crystallized strain, very pretty nugs. Stoner’s paradise!

  32. Rachel b. (verified owner)

    Love the way this weed grows, it’s super easy to do indoors if you have space and I feel like it improves the quality of the nug. It’s got some great white sticky resin coating the deep green buds and it really does look like the weed has been dusted in snow. But it is a sativa blend so it helps with fatigue and depression. I usually smoke in the afternoons on my lunch break at work.

  33. Sophie J. (verified owner)

    This weed is really like eating a mint or smoking a menthol cigarette. It’s a very pretty plant, with some delicious snow frosted buds. It’s very relaxing, great for an after-work smoke. It’s definitely a bit of a challenge to grow, this was my first time, and I am pretty proud of the results. I really like how straightforward the whole process was. I can’t wait to buy more!

  34. Max Wise (verified owner)

    This weed really lives up to its title! Its buds are super sticky with resin that looks exactly like snow! I smoke this on my way to work, and then after I get off, it always puts me in a zen mood, without tiring me out! My wife did most of the growing but she said it was great. However, I can attest to how EASY it was to purchase seeds online through PSB. Great stuff!

  35. Joel T. (verified owner)

    This weed has a strangely minty taste to it, and if you don’t think mint and weed go together, prepare to be amazed. The grow was pretty darn easy and I would definitely do it again, the buds really do look like they’re dusted in snow, great appearance. Great for chilling at home or on the weekends. Will be back for more!

  36. Stanley W. (verified owner)

    God this bud is sticky! I think I’m still high from just picking this stuff and absorbing it through my skin. I like it too, makes me feel happy and giggly and pretty relaxed all over. But none of those couch lock vibes which is the best part. I thought these seeds were pretty easy to grow and I got 5 out of 5 to pop. A-ok marijuana right here.

  37. Breaden J. (verified owner)

    Definitely a better outdoor grow cause these plants get super tall! An amazing weed for when you’re feeling down and need a mood boost. I smoke this to help with depression and anxiety and I feel like a million bucks! Pretty easy to cultivate overall, and a pretty solid yield if not a bit small. I would recommend to anyone looking for dank sticky resin covered nugs!

  38. Peyton Y. (verified owner)

    Such good balance through this mj. 50 50 indica sativa hybrid with a decent amount of cbd to cap it all off. 22% thc leaves me nice and stoney but not so much so that I can’t function anymore, I am very pleased with this stuff. Only note on indoor growing is to keep it dry because it’s prone to mildew, but other than that it’s easy as hell to grow.

  39. Grace I. (verified owner)

    These might have been the most beautiful buds I’ve grown so far. They’re very sparkly! The trichomes on these buds are kind of hypnotizing. Or maybe that’s the weed talking? Haha. Anyhoo, loving the Snowcap strain and can’t wait to get going on another crop. I’m really happy with the service here at Pacific and plan on sticking with this place for now. Two thumbs up!

  40. Lexie F. (verified owner)

    Snowcap is a super fan favorite for my group of friends. WE like to get together and “get capped” as we call it and soon enough we’re giggling over whatever ridiculous shit it going on in our lives. Glad I can grow this outside –my ceelings aren’t big enough to contain the Cap. The menthol taste is kind of odd, I didn’t actually love it at first. But now I’ve gotten used to it and I rather like it a lot! When I had a sore throat that numbing feeling felt especially good. Snowcap is a fantastic weed that creates a fantastic time!

  41. Heather P. (verified owner)

    Glittery mentholated buds! My colas were like little green trees dusted with frosty snow. This bud smells and tastes so good. I want an air freshener that smells like this. Really satisfying grow. Felt easy, but I’ve been starting to get a hang of this and growing is getting easier every time. Went well indoors. Had to give them some room but I had the space so it was OK. Really good weed and the seeds were quality.

  42. pattycakes89 (verified owner)

    Kind of a funky hybrid I’d never seen before. Pacific is the first place I’ve seen sell it so I had to buy it and see what was up. Seeds all germinated. Ladies grew up nice and tall with minimal effort. Pretty decent yeild too. The high was outstanding. Got a fit of the giggles as promised on the site. Really stoked on it actually and happy I gave it a try. Very happy relaxing buzz that increases your sense of well-being. Better than an anti-depressant.

  43. Charlie J (verified owner)

    This weed gave me the most intense fit of the giggles, I was tearing up! It’s like taking happy pills. Everything is funny, even the news. I think now more than ever we need more strains like Snowcap Dream. People are so stressed out and so sad everyday. All they need is a little toke of this stuff and their worries are over. I just love this weed. Just don’t smoke before a funeral! haha. Seriously, this stuff makes you laugh at errrrrything. Easy grow and a super nice crop! Love it!

  44. Devin E. (verified owner)

    Really nice and heady high leaves me feelin like I’m up high on top of a snow peaked mountain (but maybe not so cold) haha. Really beautiful crystalline buds and the weed itself has a nice and minty aroma. Ten weeks flowering indoors for a hearty harvest, and some reading indicates that it’s really important to keep this lady nice and dry for best results. I’m stoked on the shipping time from psb too, it was really quick.

  45. Raymond D. (verified owner)

    So happy and giggly! This weed f’in awesome. God, so easy to grow too! I got my seeds right quick from Pacific and had em in the ground in no time. Didn’t lose a one to germinating and all of my plants were healthy and gave me some dank nugs. Always always happy with Pacific. You guys rock and you’re the only place I order from. Other places don’t give you as high quality seeds, and Pacific always gets it to you nice and fast. Thumbs up!

  46. Kate P. (verified owner)

    Ah, sweet menthol! Snowcap mj is so unique for its wonderful, minty menthol taste, mixed with a fresh lemon smell. This weed gives me a great, unlifting high too that never disappoints. Also increases my creativity in a significant way. Very fast delivery from PSB, love ordering from them online.

  47. awr96armad (verified owner)

    Yeah baby. 3 cheers and 5 stars for this upbeat, happy weed. I don’t get all crazy-mental and scattered, like some pot makes me. It took a while to flower, but worth the wait. Strong, potent stuff, so a good buy for the $$ too.

  48. Sarah G. (verified owner)

    Beautiful nugs! I loved how bug my plants got and the dense green/orange/white crystals, so pretty to look at and even better to smoke. A nicely balanced high, absolutely nothing overpowering, just really good vibes and chilled out times. I am lucky enough to live near the beach, so this is my go to before hitting the waves, have been buying this from the dispensary for a while, but now I am smoking my own. What a trip!

  49. Gunther M. (verified owner)

    Relaxing on this weed is like no other! It’s a perfect indica sativa split so you won’t get too in your head and still be able to chill in your body. This is a perfect anytime weed. It really helps with creativity and relaxation. I feel like I get sooooo much work done on this mj and can’t wait to grow more in the backyard. Long flowering time, so definitely be patient, but it’s more than worth it. Will buy from pacific again!

  50. Justin B. (verified owner)

    I tend to like weed I can create with (drawing, music, journaling). Strains that are too much on the sativa side (looking at you, Sour Diesel) make me unfocused, so I bounce from thought to thought. Snowcap hits the right spot for me. A mind-expander. But it calms the body too. I can sit still and focus. But from a higher perspective. Excellent cannabis strain. Top 5 all-time.

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