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Wonder Woman OG Feminized Seeds

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Wonder Woman OG is an indica-dominant hybrid and known for its extreme potency, with THC levels ranging from 16-18 percent.

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When you need some creative inspiration and a little relaxation, Wonder Woman OG is the perfect strain to help you reach those goals. 


Pure indica darling Wonder Woman OG

This 100% pure indica strain has a THC level between 16-18%, which means it’s strong enough to keep you from suffering from stress, but not so strong that it’ll knock you out for the count.


The effects of Wonder Woman OG marjiuana

Wonder Woman OG’s effects are hazy and euphoric, giving you waves of creative energy to get inspired for whatever project you may have in hand. While this strain does have mild sedative effects, it won’t put you to sleep—it’ll just make sure you’re more relaxed and focused than before. 


Soothe away stress with Wonder Woman OG

If your stress has been making it hard for you to manage your worries, this strain will help with both symptoms. After smoking Wonder Woman OG, the only thing on your mind will be getting back to work on your next masterpiece!


What does Wonder Woman OG taste like?

The high is a big part of this, but the taste is also not to be missed. It has an amazing tropical-woody scent that is hard to beat, and it comes with a very sweet exhale. Really, this strain is excellent all around.

Additional information


Dutchman Seeds

Cannabis Species


Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Aroused, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 700g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Headaches, Muscle Spasms, Pain


Skunky, Sweet, Woody

Plant Sex


Flowering Type






Skill Level


11 reviews for Wonder Woman OG Feminized Seeds

  1. Todd Walsh (verified owner)

    Like, who doesn’t want to feel like Wonder Woman? This is what this one will do for you because its extreme potency will have you feeling like there’s nothing you can’t do. You’ll feel that creative energy coming through to allow you to handle a variety of projects. After a while, that relaxation will take over to let even Wonder Woman get some rest!!

  2. Freya Smith (verified owner)

    A strong indica dominant strain meant for strong, independent women! Female grower and leader of dirt doll co-op since 1996. Love working with Pacific, they source from great seed distributors and provide excellent products. Of course wonder woman is our favorite!!

  3. Brayden Odonnell (verified owner)

    A strong and motivating strain. The perfect symbol of heroism in the 21st century. I may not be wonder woman myself but I sure do feel that way as I am cultivating my garden. Big fresh yields with an unbeatable taste. You can’t get enough of it, even if you smoke it every day. I prefer it in the AM and the early afternoon. The strong citrusy taste tends to help me wake up. I can get chores done or just read a book. Either way I feel better, and I attribute it all to Marijuana seeds from Pacific. Thank you!!

  4. Regina Doyle (verified owner)

    Would say Wonder Woman OG seeds were great to grow, took a little work but the outdoor yield I got from this strain was massive. Also really like how the body high off this eases stress and helps me feel relaxed.

  5. Armani Padilla (verified owner)

    The potency of this flower can be felt all throughout the body. No, you may not be a superhero by nature, but when you smoke wonder woman, you will feel like you can conquer your day!
    Burning through my stuff like wildfire. Love the fresh, skunky flavor and sweet taste. It’s a GEM no doubt, and easy to cultivate….so what’s stopping you?

  6. Rashid Bakr (verified owner)

    With its pure indica genetics and moderate THC levels, it’s perfect for relieving stress and promoting relaxation. The hazy and euphoric effects give a burst of creative energy, while the tropical-woody taste leaves you wanting more.

  7. THC_Tsunami (verified owner)

    Wonder Woman has a very consistent high as it brought me up and kept me at the same level for a long time. I opted to grow it indoors and took a bit of tricky tampering to get the conditions it wanted, after about 10 weeks I was blessed with a wonderfully high-yielding bounty!

  8. Brian Thomas (verified owner)

    Brings me superpowers like….socializing? Feeling more confident? Haha Idk I just like working with the plant….it’s just pure fun!

  9. PuffPioneer710 (verified owner)

    Wonder Woman OG from Pacific Seed Bank gave me a happy and relaxed high that took away my muscle spasms. It was easy to grow and had great yields. This strain is perfect for anyone looking for a potent and calming experience.

  10. Caleb B. (verified owner)

    Looking for inspiration? This weed might be the thing for you! Buy your strain online and let the magic unfold. You don’t need superpowers to buy this pot and grow it at home. It’s very easy! And if you struggle, there is some great growing advice on the blog section of this site! The resulting flower is light, sweet, and very uplifting!

  11. Kareem Hibbert (verified owner)

    Growing wonder woman og is all about GIRL POWR! I run an all-female organic farm in Sisters, OR. Got myself 10 seeds from pacific to test out their MJ. Have been very pleased with the indoor growing capabilities. The weed adapts nicely to all sorts of weather, and the yield is usually in the hundreds of grams per plant. It responds well to organic fertlizier and a daily watering schedule. Similar to growing tomato.

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