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Lemon Haze CBD Feminized Seeds

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Lemon Haze CBD marijuana seeds are sativa-dominant, so the resulting bud is a great pick for when you need to relieve pain and stress, but don’t want to go to sleep. Get a creativity boost when you try this citrus dream.

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There are few things more synonymous with the idea of summer than cool, refreshing lemonade, and lighting up Lemon Haze CBD marijuana will have you feeling all kinds of July, even in the middle of winter.

Though the strain smells and tastes like freshly peeled lemon, this cannabis variety is far from sour – unlike its non-medical alternative, at 2%, our Lemon Haze CBD marijuana seeds are low in THC and high in CBD (10%), making this strain as versatile as it is tangy. A toke of Lemon Haze CBD and you’ll be feeling happy and creative.

For best results, plant Lemon Haze CBD marijuana seeds indoors, that way you can have complete control over its growing conditions. Our fully feminized Lemon Haze marijuana seeds are photoperiod and spend about 55-65 days flowering before they’re ready for harvest.

Additional information

Cannabis Species

Indica/Sativa Hybrid


70% Sativa / 30% Indica

Flowering Time

55-65 days, 60-70 days



CBD Level

High (10%+)



Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 500g/m²

Yield Outdoors

300-400 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Lack of Appetite, Stress


Citrus, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






46 reviews for Lemon Haze CBD Feminized Seeds

  1. S. Morgan (verified owner)

    Lemon Haze is so fun to grow and so easy OMG! The seeds had a great germination rate because every single one germinated with no problem. Plus, it was quick. From there, I planted them and watched them sprout in no time at all. Before I even knew it, these plants were ready for harvest. Lemon Haze is a must!!

  2. Dax Hubbard (verified owner)

    Lemon Haze CBD is a delight to grow, with a high CBD content that makes it perfect for medicinal purposes. The high is euphoric and relaxed, bringing a sense of happiness and calm. Smoking it is a treat, with a citrusy and sweet taste that adds to the experience.

  3. 1LunarLandscape (verified owner)

    I had great success with germination as all my seeds sprouted. The sativa-dominant strain offers a tangy and citrusy flavor that is truly refreshing. With low THC levels and high CBD content, it provides a balanced and versatile experience. It’s perfect for relieving stress and pain while keeping you energized and creative.

  4. Rex Estes (verified owner)

    If you like lemons and lemon sweets, then the lemon haze CBD is the perfect choice. It’s a great outdoor grow with minimal maintinence and a LOT of bud. Definitely one of my nicest grows in ages, really makes me feel less tired, a little more energized, and in JUST the right headspace to get work done. A rare find and nearly the perfect CBD strain.

  5. GardenerGrove (verified owner)

    Surprisingly this weed does not knock me out, does not keep me from staying active and focused and alert, and ONLY fills my mind with thoughts of lemons with wings lol. It’s a fun grow you should try it!

  6. Che Nava (verified owner)

    Burning through my weed supply is just the beginning. I just started growing for a commercial operation. Things are going pretty well so far. I am able to purchase my seeds online and get them shipped to my land in Oregon. I buy wholesale and it definitely saves me money. It’s been a great investment, no doubt, especially since these seeds are such high quality material. Brings me joy and comfort to know I can buy online and have seeds delivered. Great weed is always around the corner.

  7. Belle Woodley (verified owner)

    Lazy and Hazy this lemon weed is exactly what you need to make it a great day! Chilling out and perusing this site is pretty awesome. They have soooo many seeds! Their selection is out of this world. Lemon haze CBD is perfect for me cause I don’t need too much THC to feel high. I am what you might call “a lightweight.”

  8. Tiana Salazar (verified owner)

    Get your DANK weed seeds RIGHT HERE! Lemon CBD has been really nice and relaxing. I am THRILLED to be finally caring for my own weed plants. They look and smell amazing and the CBD keeps my mind clear and my body relaxed. Not a problem to be spoken of! Great grow with some nice buds!

  9. Jillian Bradshaw (verified owner)

    The lemon Haze is citrusy and nice, a great leisurely smoke that passes the afternoon. Gives me a nice easy buzz, never overwhelming. I am SO hAPPY I decided to buy mj from Pacific. Their seed selection is amazing and their shipping times are super fast!!!

  10. Tre Ray (verified owner)

    Me love Lemon Haze! It So good I never want to smoke anything ever again!! Better than the dispensary. Better than the STUPID weed my friend Carl sells me, and even better than the wind in the trees beeatch! I mean, who doesn’t love homegrown lemon herb stanking up the JOINT? Yeah, Me DO.

  11. Filip Baldwin (verified owner)

    I have some problems dealing with pain and stress, but I usually just smoke some lemon haze during the day to help me stay focused and productive. Bought 5 seeds online, they shipped out fast and they germinated within 2 weeks, 5/5 germination! Great looking plants with a nice zesty lemon scent.

  12. Adam Rankin (verified owner)

    Oh Yeah, lemon haze is what you crave on a hot summer day, like the ones we are experiencing right now. I Looooove this strain, and I love the lemon flavors it gives off. The fast shipping times at Pacific make this a reliable buy, one you can depend on for strong germination and a nice clean harvest. Get your lemon on with this hazy masterpiece.

  13. Bethanie Nguyen (verified owner)

    The lemon haze is so great and it feels really good. It’s gonna help you deal with all the anxiety that you feel throughout the day. It’s been a really good time, growing this out back and feeling the heat on my neck as I get it going. Very exciting, very chill, definitely gonna buy more of it.

  14. Arnas Wilson (verified owner)

    Mmmm nothing like hitting a joint of Lemon Haze and watching the world go by. Definitely feeling excited about this amazing strain. Gives me a phenomenal energy, all I want to do is get out and garden, or maybe take a walk in the woods. I may be old, but I am not done working yet, well worth the effort and time!!!

  15. Laaibah Connelly (verified owner)

    Lemon haze is really nice for the price, it’s got some great sativa buzz vibes, so it will wake you up and keep you feeling alert for HOURS!!! I am so happy I found Pacific Seed Bank, they have such an incredible selection, and all of their seeds are somehow reasonably priced. Great purchase if you are new to growing or want a new hobby!!

  16. Elin Osborn (verified owner)

    I suffer from some pretty serious back pain. I needed some marijuana, CBD to be exact, to help me manage my pain and discomfort. I purchased these seeds online and had them delivered to my house. I only have time to manage my plants on the weekends, but these have done pretty well I would say and even produced over 10 oz of weed for me. Smells like fresh lemon!

  17. Humayra Finney (verified owner)

    You thought you liked lemon weed before, but you’ve never tried it like this…I am suuuper thrilled to have this stuff in my life, gets me super baked and makes me smile every time. I gotr very high and then ordered like 6 pizzas and now I have way too much pizza, but the CBD makes it good, and the lemon makes me smile 🙂

  18. Eshaal Grant (verified owner)

    Fuzzy and covered in sweet crystals…this weed is just out of this world. Lemon haze reminds me of sitting on thr veranda drinking a sweet glass of lemonade and just chilling out and watching the sunset….it’s very relaxing on the body and it helps so much with stress…there’s nothing quite like it!

  19. Eleanor Rees (verified owner)

    This weed should be called frosted flakes cause it’s got so many frosted tips and it’s sweet sweet flavor…but hey, it’s got that lemon twist that makes it irresistible at parties and the like. Ordered myself 3 seeds to start out and have way more weed than expected. Pretty darn smelly but the good kind of smelly and very welcome in my home!

  20. boldman9 (verified owner)

    Lemon is a great buy if you want to try something bright and uplifting…makes any day feel a little bit better, puts a smile on my face and offers up some gorgeous flower, better even than you find in the store. Gotta love it, it’s so chill and so exciting. I will absolutely recommend Pacific to friends, their catalog is amazing like wow!!!!

  21. killjoy faulker (verified owner)

    I was absolutely thrilled to find this website…ordering online is like the easiest way to get weed seeds delivered to your door…it’s super discreet and they grow amazingly well in most indoor and outdoor settings. Plus the quality of the nug is tremendous. I can’t wait to smoke this tonight…gonna watch guardians of the galaxy!

  22. Cameron (verified owner)

    Who doesn’t love the refreshing taste and smell of lemon? I know I certainly do, especially during these hot summer months! Got me 3 seeds and it was MORE than enough. My yield was nearing 5 oz, which was pretty incredible. I got some very high quality nug from my 3 plants, all of it smelling skunky and lemony and the CBD was suuuper chill!

  23. PRISMHouse (verified owner)

    Lemon haze is better than you can imagine….it’s all about getting really stoned and listening to music and watching the rainfall on my window…it’s pretty darn great. Got myself 5 seeds and germinate them one a time, cause even one of these plants makes for a great harvest. Love the sweet green buds and the mild lemon taste, so refreshing!

  24. Notnecessarily (verified owner)

    I need this weed to keep me sane right now! Pretty stellar product from PSB, always on point with these guys! Online ordering is easy, shipping is fast, and it makes the time go by when you’re growing this weed in your backyard. A nice time overall, and makes for some delicious flower after about 4 months of growing. Better than what you can find at the dispensary, and so filled with lemon flavor you can’t help but feel refreshed!

  25. Austin (verified owner)

    I love the smell of lemon in the morning. It perks me up, and makes me feel ready for the day. I am happy I gave this a try, it was well worth it for the price. I bought 3 seeds online and they shipped to my place here in WA really fast! I just have a little porch space for growing, but the seeds did well out there, I got a nice little yield, maybe a little smaller than I was expecting but good nonetheless. It’s a very uplifting sativa strain, great for when you’re stressing out hardcore!

  26. Sunrise (verified owner)

    Nothing is better than a sativa dominant CBD strain. I REALLY love the flavor of this bud, it’s super lemony and a little skunky and earthy as well, definitely perks up my senses and makes me feel a whole lot brighter about my day. I got a nice yield off my 3 plants, they grew HUGE out in the backyard, great seed genetics is my guess 🙂 I harvested nearly 400 g of weed per plant and have enough to last all winter. I smoke usually at night to mellow out and reduce pain in my back.

  27. theQuietCalm (verified owner)

    Great to know there are sativa dominant CBD strains out there. I used to smoke indica and it just puts me right to bed. I am one of those people that loves to smoke and then go out and have an adventure. I bring this with me when I am hiking or sometimes just smoke it on my lunch break at work, definitely relieves the pain of having to stand on my feet all day, and it’s pretty great for just dealing with stress. Not hard to grow, and easy to order online. Highly recommend!

  28. heronimogranger (verified owner)

    Lemon haze is just one of those strains that makes any day better. If you’re tired or depressed or anything in bewteen, this weed really makes the blues go away. It helps me relax, de-stress, and even helps me sleep. I love the lemon flavor and the mellow laid-back high. I also love how easy it was to grow. I can’t wait to buy more!

  29. Pat Davenport (verified owner)

    My backyard smells like a lemon grove ever since growing this delicious CBD strain. I ordered my seeds online with PSB and they showed up within a week. Used the paper towel method to germ the seeds and they took right away. Now I have 3 beautiful, tall plants in the backyard, with bright green and white trichomes and smelling like fresh lemons. I can’t wait to smoke it! Thanks PSB!

  30. Lea Le (verified owner)

    One of the more uplifting CBD strains out there. It’s got a great, mild sativa buzz which gives me a great feeling of ease and a boost of energy, while also a delicious lemon smell that wakes up the mind. The CBD has been incredible for my back and neck pain. I feel like I am 20 years younger when I smoke this stuff, so give it a try and you won’t be disappointed!

  31. Desiree N. (verified owner)

    If you’re in a bad mood, look no further than lemon haze to cure the rainy day blues. This weed has a really high CBD makeup and is great for aching bones and headaches, the buzz is nice and mild and doesn’t leave you feeling groggy. It’s a great grow for beginners and has a delicious lemon scent. Who could ask for more?

  32. Nestor E. (verified owner)

    I’m new to the CBD strains, I think I avoided them for awhile because I thought they woulldn’t get me high enough and I just wouldn’t feel anything. Boy was I wrong. The high CBD just eases my mind in such a chill and relaxing way. There’s little to no risk of hitting a paranoia wall with these strains, which I really appreciate. I’ve developed a soft spot for lemon haze because that lemoney taste is just so refreshing. (It really does have a lemon taste!) Grew well without problems, very happy overall.

  33. Winston B. (verified owner)

    If you need fast pain relief and a boost of energy to get through your day, this is the strain for you! I grew this stuff right in my backyard and it was actually pretty easy! The plants got tall and bushy and smell like lemon, plus the nugs are nice and dense and sticky with resin! I toke this a few times throughout the day to help with joint pain, and also to enjoy the light sativa buzz as well 🙂

  34. Amy A. (verified owner)

    Just another satisfied customer. All of my seeds germinated and I had almost 10 lovely plants. Lost one but it was due to gardening error. So far this is my favorite CBD smoke. It makes me feel light, happy, positive and creative. I thought the customer service here was really good when I had questions. Everyone I talked to was nice. A+ service.

  35. Jerome W. (verified owner)

    Very crisp energetic high! Really like this weed. Flowering was average time (about 10 weeks) with a pretttay pretttay nice yield. Definitely know before you grow this strain. Not for beginners. Shipping was dynomite. Packed with care and seeds turned out just like they always do from Pacific. Felt very motivated and creative after smoking. Nice flavor nice smell. Can’t find anything wrong with it. Pretty good weed at a pretty good price!

  36. waterdave5622 (verified owner)

    i have depression (have for awhile…) and this does wonders for me. Makes it so i can get thru a day. The lemon taste is super nice, kind of tangy and clean. The effects last for a few hours, so i can take care of stuff and won’t leave me feeling groggy. Would buy this online again.

  37. rthompson36 (verified owner)

    Excellent yield for a shorter flowering time and medical grade cannabis in the cbd realm. Sativa dominance with high cbd is great for morning smoke and leaves me feeling very up and creative without the worry of getting too high to do what I need to do throughout my day. Pretty easy indoor grow in climate controlled settings but I can’t speak for an outdoor crop.

  38. Will S. (verified owner)

    I ordered this for depression relief, as I’d read online that sativa-dominant strains were good for that. And I went with the CBD version because I’ve always been a lightweight when it comes to smoking pot LOL. My little brother is the green thumb in the family so I had him help me with the growing. My review is mostly positive – it’s a little harsh smoking this, but that might just be me. I’ve never smoked cigarettes. Anyway, I do feel better after a few puffs of this cannabis.

  39. Dajon T. (verified owner)

    This shit is DA BOMB. Too much indica and I get depressed, but I like a little bit in my weed. The balance of sativa and CBD makes my creative juices start flowing and I feel like I could make music to please the gods. It’s a good one for getting energetic and thinking up new ideas. I’ve composed some crazy stuff while smoking this weed and I can’t wait to grow more. Order this one if you like creative mellow high that makes you think up cool shit!

  40. Susie P (verified owner)

    Nothing like a sweet sativa with a high percentage of CBD to get the creative juices flowing. I particularly enjoyed Lemon Haze’s lemony taste and smell. This cannabis brought a very nice high that left me feeling happy and relaxed. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face! I ordered this online with Pacific and was happy with the quick delivery. The grow and flowering time was about average. The seeds I got produced really nice looking weed and I enjoyed smoking every bit of it. Overall good experience.

  41. dmorgan762 (verified owner)

    Beautiful happy high with a gentle lemon taste. To me, this mj is perfect because the high CBD, low THC and lemon taste create the ideal feeling for me: chill but creative and happy. Love that PSB has so many strains, I’m excited to explore other cannabis strains online. But I have a sense that Lemon Haze will be my forever strain, just hard to imagine anything better than this wonderful girl.

  42. Mickey T. (verified owner)

    Grew these seeds indoors and had great success! We’re talking almost 500 G, and this is on my first try! Grew it indoors as suggested and found that it was easy to control and smelled like fresh lemon, yummmm! Take a few tokes of this good stuff and watch all your aches and pains just melt away, it’s that easy! Don’t expect much of a high from this strain, super duper mellow, so just keep that in mind, this is for relaxation but not for getting stoned. Peace!!!

  43. Han L. (verified owner)

    A great indoor grow, with a high yield and delicious smelling bud! I really enjoy taking a toke of this weed first thing in the morning to help me get my morning going. I feel very relaxed but also alert enough to go about my daily tasks with focus and drive. Helpful at work and a also a great way to unwind once I am off, the CBD really helps me settle into the couch at night and watch my favorite shows. Highly recommend for those with an indoor space!

  44. Theresa S. (verified owner)

    Wow I’m really REALLY digging these CBD strains. I’ve been a lifelong weed smoker but lately something is different. Those high THC strains just aren’t doing it for me like they used to. I feel like my mind starts racing and I get irritable because I’m stuck being high. Lemon Haze has such a low percentage of THC, I feel like I can smoke this weed in the daytime and it does for me what I want mj to do — put me in a good mood and alleviate stress. This is a great strain for that and I plan on ordering some more seeds of this one soon!

  45. Philip K. (verified owner)

    Very relaxing even for a sativa-dominant cannabis strain, I’d imagine because of the excellent CBD levels. Very clean and citrusy fragrance and flavor that seems almost refreshing as far as smoking is concerned. Very good for depression (as stated) and excellent for physical relaxation, this has quickly become one of the best strains in my growing experience! Lots of light needed for this plant to thrive, but worth it!

  46. Dwayne J. (verified owner)

    Okay, first off, can we talk about how much weed you get from these plants? Lemon haze is off da hook! I’m super impressed. I grew indoors and I know you don’t get as much as you do when you grow outdoors, but coulda fooled me. I got weed for daaaaaayz. I like smoking this mj for creativity. I know there are some stronger tokes out there but I find that they make me creative while also making me kinda crazy. This strain is just perrrrrfect.

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