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Bay 11 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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Bay 11 feminized marijuana seeds is a High Times Cannabis Cup winner with 25% THC that will get you high as a kite in the most pleasant way imaginable. Even beginners gardeners will love this high-yielding intermediate strain for its resilience and crystal covered buds.

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A High Times Cannabis Cup winner almost out of the gate, Bay 11 marijuana seeds are the stuff dreams are made of, combining a sweet, fruity flavor with immediate relaxation. At 25%, Bay 11 is one of those high-THC strains that lifts the mood with a clear-headed energy, bringing on a kind of motivation that allows you to be creative and productive.

A 50/50 hybrid, Bay 11 marijuana is often used to treat stress and depression, letting patients find relief from these mental afflictions for a few hours. Others turn to Bay 11 for daytime relief of minor physical discomforts as well as lack of appetite (THC is known for causing a serious case of the munchies!).

Beginner and intermediate gardeners will be impressed with how relatively easy Bay 11 feminized marijuana seeds are to grow. After between 60 and 70 days in the flowering stage, the dense, pale buds of this plant re covered in sticky resin, proffering up an impressive 1000 grams per plant.

Take relaxation and stress relief to the next level – order Bay 11 feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Focused, Happy, Uplifting

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 800g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 1000 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Lack of Appetite


Citrus, Fruity, Pine

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






11 reviews for Bay 11 Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. Neil M. (verified owner)

    How high is too high? I was thinking about this when I smoked my first batch of the mighty Bay 11. This mj is powerful, yo, but I don’t think it gets me too high. Don’t plan on driving or writing a report orwhile you are feeling Bay 11 though. At least for me, it sent my brain to a high, wonderful place. So pleased I can order these seeds online as I live in the middle of nowhere in middle Canada and the delivery from PSB was good. Hooray for internet ordering!

  2. York E. (verified owner)

    Medical MJ user here, have been searching for this strain online for what feels like forever, and finally I stumbled on PSB and WOW there it is! Online ordering was super fast and simple, plus excellent customer service. This strain is an amazing bang for your buck!! I’m serious I got nearly 800 G of weed on my very first grow, it’s a miracle. The buzz is very even keeled, nice and easy on the mind and body, helps me calm my anxiety and depression symptoms, even helps me with my appetite. A great buy!

  3. Hal Grayson (verified owner)

    Great daytime buzz! Nice, moist piney flavor. Sticky buds that were easy to grow. Ordering was also a cinch. Awesome for appetite issues. I had the munchies all day. Good weed for getting shit done, accomplishing tasks, crushing chores, studying and whatnot. I was active and relaxed at the same time. Highly recommend for people who don’t want a couch-locking high. Bay 11 kept me moving and focused with a nice quiet energy. No paranoia whatsoever. Really balanced. Had good experience buying from Pacific.

  4. Carrie V. (verified owner)

    Bit of a weed snob. Have been growing for years and this is always a go-to. Easy online ordering through Pacific and germ rate was solid. If you know your way around bud, then you know that this plant gives off a crazy amount of flower. the 50/50 indica sativa mix is that perfect middle ground where you get all the euphoria of a cerebral high, with a the chill down-to-earth vibes of a body high. Sour citrusy taste with sticky bud. And word to the wise, have those munchies ready to go before toking!

  5. Kye R. (verified owner)

    So much THC, pretty good CBD, but most importantly huge yield. Definitely the best yield I’ve ever seen from an indoor grow with a short flower time. I kept trimming the top so it would grow outward rather than upward, which led to an even higher yield than I thought it wood.

    This weed is excellent if you’re active, too. I like smoking right before going to the gym or on a hike or a bike ride. This is definitely get-stuff-done stuff rather than sit-around-watching-tv weed.

  6. Rob R. (verified owner)

    Everything about this weed is good! 50/50 split for the best of both worlds and really high thc and good CBD makes for an excellent all around smoke any time of day. Tremendous indoor yield which is amazing for a plant that’s so beginner friendly, just needs some topping and trimming to promote lateral growth. If you’re new to growing and looking for a strain that has a humongous yield this is the one for you.

  7. Bridget T. (verified owner)

    Oh god, these buds are so beautiful!!!! I’m so happy with this grow. I thought it was pretty easy and I didn’t have any problems with germination, sprouting or getting a good harvest. My yield was heavy so I feel pretty satisfied that I got the most weed for my money. Def gonna share some of my spoils and I’ll be ordering from pacific again!

  8. Jamie J. (verified owner)

    The crystals! My buds came out all covered in trichomes. They look like they were dipped in a bag of sugar. Beautiful, sticky, smells amazing. Glad I took a chance on Bay 11. I usually just go for full on indicas but I wanted to branch out a little. Might not smoke this as much as my favorites but this is definitely one of those I’ll share with my friends.

  9. Emily T. (verified owner)

    An incredibly well-rounded strain of mj that really hits you HARD! A great strain for growing yourself, requires a little TLC but nothing crazy and still definitely in the enjoyable range haha. Very high yielding plant with dense green nugs covered in sticky white resin, an absolute dream! Great for smoking in small doses at anytime, but save the bong for after work, it’s powerful stuff haha. PSB has such amazing seeds and great customer service!

  10. Alanna N. (verified owner)

    Wow a very powerful indica strain that will keep you couch locked for hours. This is the perfect after-work strain, great for stress and anxiety and will help you sleep at night. Not to mention it’s really easy to grow and produces like a TON of nug that will last you for months! I got my seeds shipped right to my door and it was super easy ordering online with PSB. Highly recommend!

  11. Elise C. (verified owner)

    I used to always favor marijuana that had more sativa content than indica. I think I was wary of couch lock and was concerned that any indica would make me not want to move for hours. Well, now I know about the wonders of hybrid cannabis strains and Bay 11 is one of the best. It does have the energizing qualities of the sativa but that indica content also brings on some wonderful relaxation that is so chill!! I don’t know why I was scared of indica for so long when it culd be this relaxing and nice.

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