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Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

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The Blue Dream cannabis strain’s effects are like driving down the Pacific Coast Highway with the fresh California breezes blowing through your hair. The fruity flavors of this plant remind growers of a blueberry pie fresh out of the oven.

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In recent years, among the most popular strains that gained the love of casual cannabis breeders and users are the delicious flavors and extracts taken from blue dream seeds. This strain can be found in your local cannabis stores or online since it’s sought after not only for its great fruity flavors but also for its quick harvest time.

Its flowering time is reasonable, and it usually has heavy yields. If you’re a fan of Blue Dream Feminized Seeds, then this is the perfect guide for you. Here, we discuss what you need to know about the Blue Dream Seed.

What does Blue Dream taste like?

The numerous reasons that Blue Dream is so universally popular is due in part to its incredibly delectable taste of sugary sweet blueberries with subtle sour notes and undertones of herbs and spices. This is definitely one delightful strain to combust, as its aftertaste that many describe as being akin to that of blueberry pie will linger on your tongue long after you’ve exhaled.

How do I grow Blue Dream cannabis seeds?

Interestingly, this strain is considered to be a relatively easy strain to grow indoors, but a more difficult one to grow outside where you’ll need to have at least an intermediate amount of experience to do so. Regardless of where you grow it, the fact that all Growers Choice cannabis seeds are feminized means that the chances of ending up with male plants are only about 10% or so.

If you’re going to grow this strain outside, know that it will require a Mediterranean climate to thrive and that it’s relatively sensitive to extreme changes in weather. While it’s easier to grow inside where you can control the environment, you’ll want to top your plants early on as they can grow to be quite tall. Experts also recommend using hydroponics for growing Blue Dream indoors.

Whether you grow Blue Dream cannabis seeds inside or out, you will need to be mindful of the fact that it’s susceptible to spite mites and mildew, so you will want to keep a close eye on your crops to ensure that they are able to remain healthy and achieve their full potential.

What do Blue Dream cannabis plants look like?

Blue Dream plants are known to mature into plants that can be 5 feet tall and to produce large buds that are both incredibly dense and very fluffy.

Its elongated sage and neon green buds will often have deep blue undertones or orange and brown ones, depending on the phenotype and growing conditions. In addition, Blue Dream’s nuggets are covered in a fine dusting of sticky white, resinous trichomes with amber and sometimes even blue-ish pistils protruding through.

When to harvest your Blue Dream cannabis plant

Blue Dream is a generous yielder both indoors and out. When grown inside, this sativa hybrid generally takes about 9-10 weeks to flower and should produce an approximate harvest of 575 grams per square meter.

Cultivated outdoors, this dreamy plant should render massive yields of about 575 grams per plant sometime in the month of October. Outdoor yields are typically higher than indoor ones.

What are the Benefits of Blue Dream Seeds?

Just like any other strain, the extract your get from the Blue Dream Feminized Seeds has a lot of benefits such as its perfect blend of sweet berry aroma and sweet berry flavor. For a novice grower or user, these are some of the benefits they get from the Blue Dream Seed strain:

  • Stimulates Appetite: If you have problems regulating your appetite, then plant a Blue Dream Seed, and see yourself enjoying food again. That’s why this strain is excellent for those who are suffering from eating disorders.
  • Increases Focus: If you are always finding yourself losing focus, take the extract you get from the flowers of the blue dream seeds. One of the common effects you get from taking its extract is that you’ll feel energized but with more focus, so it boosts productivity while you enjoy its euphoric effects.
  • Boosts Creativity: Lastly, the Blue Dream Feminized Seeds produce some of the most potent and effective extracts that encourage creativity. The strain gives a cerebral boost that energizes the user, so creative ideas are likely to unfold.

Is Blue Dream an Indica or Sativa?

The Blue Dream Seed is a combination of the Indica Blueberry and Sativa Haze strains. The phenotype of the blue dream seeds may vary depending on the batch or stock of the seeds, but it’s still treated as a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain.

This combination of marijuana strains gives a physical and cerebral rush and affects the users. However, it gives off that balanced high. This hybrid makes you feel relaxed, euphoric and uplifted. Still, the effects of the Blue Dream Feminized Seeds vary from one person to the other. So, expect to have varying accounts of experiences as well.

What are the possible Blue Dream effects?

It’s common for cannabis variants such as Feminized Blue Dream seeds to have side effects on an individual. Here are some effects commonly reported after taking in the extract from Blue Dream Feminized Seeds:

  • Dry Eyes and Mouth: It’s often heard that cannabis causes dry eyes and mouth. This is not different from blue dream seeds. Users reported the comfort of having dry eyes and mouth while experiencing the high. To combat this, it’s best to keep on hydrating one’s self. Keep a bottle of water near you, and take a few sips now and then.
  • Dizziness: Another side effect you get from Blue Dream Feminized Seeds is dizziness. Although some reports say that it eases away nausea and vomiting, some have the opposite effect. This is commonly observed in newbies though. So, it’s best to take a low dosage first.
  • Paranoia: Factors affecting mood vary, especially when taking cannabis. Not everyone has the same effect, so some would still get paranoia as a side effect. Sure, blue dream seeds are used as another alternative for managing mood disorders, but they are still not standardized, so the opposite side effects can still happen.
  • Headache: Lastly, Blue Dream Feminized Seeds cause headaches for some users. This is mostly observed when high doses are taken. So, be cautious about ingesting too much in one go.

Does the Blue Dream Strain Make You Sleepy?

Feminized Blue Dream strain seeds are seen as great hybrids for novice breeders and cannabis enthusiasts. This is because it has that balanced effect on you. It’s great for making you feel relaxed, but can it also make you sleepy? Generally, blue dream seeds aren’t the main type of strains to go for if you’re looking for cannabis with strong sedative power.

Instead, it’s mostly known for its amazing energizing effects. It’s the type of strain to be taken when one is aiming for that sense of rush, boost in creativity, and increase in productivity. It’s also deemed one of the best medical marijuana types to use. However, do take into account that each type of strain has a different effect per person, so consider this factor too and explore the Cannabis community for more information and guidance about this vast array of strains.

What is the Smell of Blue Dream?

These cannabis seeds have a distinct aroma. Some say the smell reminds them of vanilla and blueberry. There’s a good mix of pleasant sweet, floral, and fruity undertones from these types of strains. Some even say it has a cedar or pine smell too, which is not uncommon in cannabis strains. Still, the aroma of this strain would depend on the quality of how it bred and its phenotype too, but overall, it has a potent and smooth aroma that everyone loves.

Is the Blue Dream Weed Strain Considered Sativa or Hybrid?

These cannabis seeds are a hybrid type. It’s the combination between an Indica Blueberry strain and the Sativa Haze strain. However, it has more Sativa influences in it. Generally, it’s a well-rounded hybrid option that can be used as a medicinal alternative or a recreational drug.

Cannabis growers also love these similar strains

  • Blueberry: this classic indica is one of Blue Dream’s parent strains
  • Super Silver Haze: this sativa-dominant hybrid is Blue Dream’s other parent strain
  • Rainbow: this generous-yielding indica also has Blueberry as a parent strain
  • Sunset Sherbet: like Blue Dream this energizing strain has a sativa/indica ratio of 60:40
  • Jack Flash: this is on the opposite end with a sativa/indica ratio of 40:60

Additional information


Original Harvest Seeds

Cannabis Species



20% Indica / 80% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Creative, Happy, Relaxing

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 600g/m²

Yield Outdoors

550-650 g/plant

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Berry, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






49 reviews for Blue Dream Feminized Seeds

  1. A. Graham (verified owner)

    Ahhhh, Blue Dream is so, so relaxing! It relieves pain and makes me feel like I’m melting away. After my body is all relaxed, I feel the creativity and focus kicking in to allow me to do everything I need to do. I’m able to take on the day and get all my tasks done with no problem at all. A real dream strain!

  2. Paolo Bianchi (verified owner)

    I recently got my hands on some Blue Dream Feminized Seeds and I have to say, I am impressed! The taste is absolutely amazing, like sugary sweet blueberries with a hint of herbs and spices.

  3. Harrison Medina (verified owner)

    Helps with sleep and that’s literally all I needed it for. 4/5 stars cause one of my seeds didn’t germinate.

  4. Elowen Parker (verified owner)

    Crystalized blue and purple frosty nugs….tastes like fresh MJ and a sweet flavor, really LOVE the vibes and wish I could grow more than 2 plants at once in the kitchen window LOL. I am a newb, and I am young (24) so I have a lot to learn about this weed, either way, it’s been pretty fun. Who doesn’t love growing weed in their post-college days!?

  5. Alfredo Graves (verified owner)

    Hey all! I really have been enjoying blue dream. I just harvested about a month ago. I gave the plants about a week to hang in my window and cure themselves. The flower came out extremely fresh. I am so in love with this company. They ship out mj seeds super fast and have an amazingly helpful customer service crew. They really know what they’re talking about!

  6. PuffPolaris420 (verified owner)

    Blue Dream is by far my favorite strain. The sweet berry taste coupled with the creative and happy high is exactly what I need to unwind after a long day. Plus, the impressive yield indoors makes it a great choice for any grower. I highly recommend giving Blue Dream a try for anyone seeking stress relief and a little creativity boost.

  7. Tanisha Knights (verified owner)

    Hello all, blue dream was a great choice for me. I was struggling with some serious depression earlier this year and I needed to change things up. I bought 10 seeds online and had them ship to my home in the suburbs of LA. Luckily I have a large yard which was perfect for cultivating a few weed plants. It’s been a fun experience, and I believe working outdoors has helped me work through my depression and anxiety. Fresh weed is really something to get excited about, especially a fine strain like Blue Dream!

  8. Trent Diaz (verified owner)

    I will sing the praises of this weed for as long as In live. Blue dream has helped me stay balanced during a very uncertain time in my life. My husband passed recently and I have taken up growing my own MJ to cope with the grief. Blue dream is very light and easy, it’s a soothing strain that helps me work through my emotions, not repress them. I find it has stabilized my mental health working in the garden and smoking this fresh pot during the winter months. Thank you!

  9. Fahmida Wells (verified owner)

    I am new to growing weed and this was my first experience purchasing online. It’s real easy to do, makes every day feel light and bright and sunny. I am definitely a daytime toker, and smoking this hybrid in the afternoon both relaxes me and keeps me feeling lively in the brain. I can get work done if I need to, or I can simply chill. I feel great either way. Very fresh nug, usually takes me about 6 months to grow. Exceptional quality and at a great price.

  10. Beatrix Baldwin (verified owner)

    Has been a long-time favorite of mine! The blue and green nugs are really impressive and beautiful. The plants require LOTS of space, make sure they have somewhere to grow that has high ceilings. If you give this plant LOTS of love, you’ll be happy with your results. The weed is some of the best I’ve had in years!

  11. Elle Stephenson (verified owner)

    Bluish in color and green as a dream the blue dream is everyone’s favorite sativa!! 5/5 germination and some dope looking nugs after 5 months of growing. NO shame, No regrets, only amazing weed that KILLS my stress like nothing else!

  12. Nour S. (verified owner)

    Do you have a dream? A dream of growing pot in your home or backyard? Pacific knows how to bring that dream and turn it into reality! Have been VERY satisfied with my grow, made for an AWESOME hobby during the summer. I was able to sharpen my growing skills AND smoke some top quality herb!

  13. Mike Potts (verified owner)

    A bew kind of weed for a new generation. Blue dream feels nice and light, surreal and welcome amidst all the chaos of the day. It’s strangely energizing, giving you a bright and surreal experience especially in the mornings or early afternoon.

  14. chufiu (verified owner)

    Blue dream was what I was smoking when I was in Portland. I used to grow this weed on my land untilit got too expensive to maintain. I had to downsize. Growing with Pacific is great cause I can buy blue dream in smaller quantities and it’s always guaranteed to germinate and yield. Has been an excellent source of mj for the last few months!

  15. Jude Hollis (verified owner)

    Blue dream is a wake up call to all those new growers out there looking to get their hands dirty. Pacific has the BEST seeds anywhere online and they ship all the way to Canada which is very convenient for me. LOVE the sweet taste and the dreamy buzz, makes me feel like I am floating on a cloud all day long.

  16. Addie Rio (verified owner)

    Lighter than air, with a sweet and sour flavor that tastes like a starburst. I get pretty excited about this strain, especially since I am now growing my own, thanks to Pacific. Their online ordering is hard to compete with, and their shipping is always fast and discreet. You’ll never be out of this sativa dominant strain again!

  17. Eman Ramsay (verified owner)

    Bluuuuue Dreaaaaam, what a dream! Easy online ordering, fast shipping and top quality nug. I’ll definitely recommend this site to my buddies.

  18. Rebekka Prosser (verified owner)

    Always been a fan of blue dream. Used to grow mj in college, on my balcony. Doesn’t look particularly good though. Maybe I didn’t water enough but my plant is just looking stressed. But either way it’s been fun. It’s an easy time, even if you only have worked with tomatoes. Pretty hilarious.

  19. Hugh Payne (verified owner)

    Blue dream….mmmm what a dream 🙂

    Bought 3 seeds online. They look amazing. Just germinating. About to pot up some of them so they get real big before going into the ground. Smile every time I smoke this dope, right outta the bowl. Freshest herb I ever did smoke.

  20. Oisin Manning (verified owner)

    I was pretty stoked to see that Pacific had this strain available….it’s definitely one of my favorite. I ordered it online and it shipped out directly to my apartment. I have a nice sunny balcony so that is where I decided to grow! Best stuff in town by far, and honestly it’s really hard to find a seed bank that ships all the way to Canada and that’s why Pacific delivers!!!

  21. Karina Broadhurst (verified owner)

    I worked every day for the last 6 years just trying to get by. I find that growing my own weed is a great step towards independence. I like the effort it takes to work out in my garden and get my hands dirty. Feeling very fortunate for the price and the shipping. I’ll be back for more 🙂

  22. Ocean Ventura (verified owner)

    THis stuff does get me dreaming….day dreaming that is. I ordered 5 seeds so I could grow for myself and all my housemates. There were certainly no complaints. Very tasty weed, has a nice floral scent to it as well, definitely a good buy when you’re strapped for cash, definitely think you should try it out.

  23. Lindsay Hendricks (verified owner)

    This weed feels like it its out of some fairy tale, an absolute gem of a buy and definitely a good time every time. I will smoke this weed on the DL before going to work, and now I am just chilling hardcore and love my life. Definitely a good buy, makes for a great grow in the backyard, and reliable smoke when you need one!

  24. TECT_ONE (verified owner)

    Very fast grower and grows super tall! IMO this strain leans more towards the sativa side. The leaves are really fat and will block lot of under growth. Buds are really fat and dense. Not for the beginner because of how tall this strain grows. All seeds germinated and finished about 9 to 10 weeks.

  25. Corinne Bennett (verified owner)

    My favorite strain, these seeds didn’t disappoint. Dense nugs covered with amber hairs and frosty trichomes. Lots of purp on this one after some cool outdoor temperatures. Buds smell like a camphor/herbal/pine berry. Excellent daytime high clarifying, focusing and energizing) I use for ADHD. Plant requires a lot of space and was a heavy feeder.

  26. Farquad (verified owner)

    I was kinda unsure about this site, seemed kinda sketch, but then I got my seeds and they are doing so well! Ordering online is seriously amazing, and the delivery is fast. I’ve been growing weed since college, so this was a real breeze for me, and all 5 seeds germinated perfectly and grew beautiful and tall. I have no complaints truly, and I will be back for more!!

  27. Scotty Mac (verified owner)

    Has a great Berry Haze Buzz, Letting the first Bean Die on The Vine in jer 2nd Crop, Not because she doesn’t perform, as most know WE play a numbers game – She Spit’ out Solid Nugs, Low Leave to Flower ratio for Beautiful manicured Buds I just feel I can find a better specimen at a later day – Amazing times we Live in – The Genetics are Endless and everyone is One Bean away from the Garden of Eden!

  28. rbf lady (verified owner)

    Blue dream is a real treat, helps me manage my pain and stress and makes for a great smoke when I come home from class. I grow all my weed in the basement, under some serious grow lamps. I love the taste and smell of this bud, it’s absolutely delicious and it helps with all levels of pain and stress!

  29. @hitit (verified owner)

    Blue dream is a powerful yet subtle strain….it gets me stoned but it doesn’t really wear me out. I like smoking this and then going hiking, it’s a lot of fun in the sun, and it helps with stress and depression. I ordered online and it shipped out really fast, I was like amazed how quickly my seeds show, like faster than amazon or whatever. I am not a good grower, but I did pretty well. Good stuff!

  30. Jesse Chiro (verified owner)

    Blue dream is a wonderful strain for anyone who enjoys sativa hybrids. It’s an easy grow, makes for a nice backyard project over the summer, but yeah, the buds are super bright green with a hint of blue. It’s like kinda the greatest weed in the world cause it looks super chill and then you smoke it and you’re like “Daaaaayum!” Can’t deny it took me by surprise!

  31. Jester Fork (verified owner)

    I am in love with this weed. I am so happy with my grow as well! These flowers are tight and sticky and beautiful…they have a deep green, almost maroon color with lovely snowcapped crystals at the ends. Very fresh, and stores very well if you have the right conditions. I smoked a TON of it the other day and was just glued to my book and then my sketch pad. Makes me very happy. Will buy more!

  32. Mr. Niceguy (verified owner)

    If you haven’t heard of blue dream, what have you been doing? Do you live under a rock? I’m just kidding, this weed will definitely blow your mind. It’s an easy grow and a very bright and enjoyable sativa with a nice indica undertone. Helps with stress and depression, but especially social anxiety. This weed makes me into a social butterfly and helps with all my insecurities. Glad I decided to grow it. Well worth it!

  33. Shannon (verified owner)

    I never knew how much I loved indica weeds. I always thought it just made you feel tired and lethargic, but that’s not the case. This weed is heavy indica but it hits kind of like a sativa in that you have a nice clear mind and are able to do your work in a relaxed manner. I don’t mind how long it took to grow, it was well worth the yield, a nice steady 500 g per plant, and the quality of the nug was quite high. I definitely recommend this for anyone feeling stressed!

  34. prnzsi (verified owner)

    Helps me wake up when I am feeling fatigued, got a nice indica edge at the end that helps my mind and body chill out, but not get sleepy! I love the taste and the smell of this weed. It’s super sour and also a little sweet! I grew it at home with my wife’s help and we both feel like we learned a lot about when to water and how much light. I feel like a much better grower. Plus, PSB has some really helpful tips on this site!

  35. Suzanne Silvan (verified owner)

    This can be your best friend in the world if you do it right! Growing in the backyard was tough for me, wish I had an indoor space! Yield was alright though, got a nice 300 g per plant which is still pretty darn good. Love it’s sativa properties, and it makes me feel a heck of a lot better when I smoke this before going to work or even before a social event. I enjoy its sour earthy flavors.

  36. Maxine Smith (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain of weed, never fails to put a smile on my face, it’s always a good time to smoke this weed! Most weeds make me super sleepy, but not this one. I feel so alert and awake, but also relaxed! It’s very easy to grow, and so pretty! Blue and green flowers with little white crystals! Love this stuff, will be back for more!

  37. Bobby Y. (verified owner)

    I love this weed, I have been buying from the dispensary for some time now, but those bills were racking up. Time to start growing my own. Was surprised how easy it was to manage. A very friendly plant and produces a nice amount of weed! The buzz is really nice. Super relaxing and uplifting, gives me great creative ideas. Would definitely buy again!

  38. Aspen R. (verified owner)

    Beautiful, blue lady! The leaves of blue dream are actually blue (almost purple) and the crystals are tight on this weed! SO bright and so many of them … I mean, it is a beautiful weed. Love the calm, all-over relaxed feeling of the blue dream. It calms my body, it calms my mind… it’s like floating on a beautiful blue ocean. I love many kinds of pot, but blue dream is special to me. I’m happy I could order this online and for a good price, too!

  39. Howard N. (verified owner)

    This is my absolute favorite weed right now. I have been smoking it every day and it gets me super stoned, but it has positive vibes so I am enjoying it a lot. Ordering online with PSB was a snap, got all my seeds in one week, even got them to germinate using the paper towel method. Excellent bud for sure, has a nice flavor, kind of sour, and it was pretty easy to grow on the whole!

  40. Wayne C. (verified owner)

    Hella strong yield! Holy cow, I was harvesting for like FOREVER. Hahahaha, I LOVE growing my own. I don’t know if I’ll ever set foot in a shop again. Especially since I can just order my seeds online. Give this plant the pruning it wants and deserves 🙂 and you’ll be happy. Wouldn’t be a bad idea to implement some trellis support. Just sayin’

  41. Yolanda R. (verified owner)

    I thought this strain was really good for medical use. It helped take the edge off a serious migraine and give me a sense of well-being. Normally I get these headaches and then I get super stressed out about it. Smoking Blue Dream helped immensely. My yield was incredibly high from these seeds. Very impressed! Had to give the gals some support on account of their massive buds. Lol. So cool. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

  42. Cheryl P. (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful bud! I can see why it’s called blue dream. And the high was kind of a dream too. The sense of well-being I got from this weed was well worth the grow effort. As Pacifica suggested, I grew this weed indoors to control the height. I know what I’m doing, so the grow went just as planned. But I could see how it would be a tough one if your just starting out. If you’re suffering from anxiety or just want some relief from pain, I’d highly recommend. Very happy with how they were shipped and plan to order again.

  43. Pierce F. (verified owner)

    If I could smoke only one strain for the rest of my life it would probably be Blue Dream. Maybe it’s the terpene profile. Can’t say for sure. All I know is that nothing else puts the key in the lock quite like this weed. Ordering from Pacific Seed Bank is super easy. Growing these seeds was easy too. Rock on, pot lovers!

  44. Brandon K. (verified owner)

    Hey there! First time with PSB and had an excellent experience when I ordered online and grew the seeds myself in the backyard. The plants got pretty tall and I had a pretty exceptional harvest (over 500 G!!!!). Have been smoking this in the evenings with my girlfriend, and we have some pretty giggly times together LOL. It’s very relaxing, good for hanging out on the couch and watching the Tube. No way I’m doing chores or errands, more just maxing and relaxing kind of weed. Excellent stuff!

  45. Cole K. (verified owner)

    The beautiful purple hue of this plant is a dream in and of itself! Heavy on the indica side this hybrid has just enough sativa to keep you up and at it – this is a really creative artsy-feeling weed strain. I love smoking before I draw or anything as it gets my mind going but keeps my body nice and relaxed. I grew it indoors and despite the fact that it got pretty tall I had no other issues, just keep the temperature constant (I’ve read this lady doesn’t like temperature swings) and you should get a pretty damn good yield after about 9 weeks of flowering.

  46. Jordan J. (verified owner)

    I’ve been experimenting with cannabis to treat my anxiety and migraines and I hadn’t found the right mj strain for me. But blue dream mj was literally, yes, a dream. It’s mild enough that I don’t actually feel that high, which I like as I don’t like that fuzzy-headed high feeling. It was effective at chasing my head pain away and gave me energy, too.

  47. Audrey H. (verified owner)

    So much beautiful purpley goodness on this plant, I am not sure if you could find a better weed anywhere in Canada! I am pretty stoned while writing this so bear with me haha, but the weed is just that good that you want to keep coming back for more! I smoke this in the afternoons and evenings, it’s a super relaxing strain, great for sunsets on the beach. Good for sharing with friends too!

  48. Penny B. (verified owner)

    Simply a dream to grow, and that’s all I got to say. This is one of my go-to strains anytime I can’t decide what strain to order. It’s just a really nice high and I’ve had really good success getting a nice yield every time I grow it. I live in California where weed is legal (thank god) and I know it’s not totally legal in all of the USA yet, but if you live in the states Pacific is the best place to order from hands down!

  49. Rodrigo S. (verified owner)

    I really try to stay away from strains that have a THC percentage of 25% or more because they are just way to strong for me. I like the 17% of Blue Dream and the fact that it’s an 80/20 hybrid. Too much sativa and my mind runs away with me. This is just enough to stimulate some good creative thoughts without getting stuck on a hamster wheel. I ordered 5 seeds and got a hefty yield from my 5 plants. Happy with my grow and I’ll be buying these again.

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