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Pennywise CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

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The relaxing effects of Pennywise quiet down the mind first before targeting all your muscle groups. Expect to feel pain-free and mellow.

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If the image of Pennywise the clown from Stephen King’s novel makes you want to crawl out of your skin, all you need is some Pennywise marijuana seeds to calm you back down. This indica-dominant hybrid is more likely you make you forget about all your worries, anxieties, and stressors than to give you a panic attack. Pennywise is considered a high CBD strain with content between 12% and 15% on average. The effects of CBD leave you calm, mellow, and pain-free.


Another perk to Pennywise is that it’s a fast-acting strain that quiets the mind first before targeting the rest of the body. All those racing thoughts that keep you up at night will be long gone after a few puffs of Pennywise. Once your mind feel still and open, this hybrid works its magic in every muscle, eliminating pain and inflammation for hours. Because of its high CBD content, Pennywise is a must-have for gym buffs with sore muscles and consumers with chronic pain and nausea.


As an indica, you may want to reserve Pennywise marijuana seeds for the evening or nighttime. An hour into the smoke, you’ll move beyond relaxation into mild fatigue. You likely won’t be motivated to get up off the couch. The appearance of Pennywise marijuana plants differs based on its phenotype (there are four). The plants typically flower between 7 to 9 weeks.

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Additional information


CBD Depot

Cannabis Species



80% Indica/20% Sativa

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

High (10%+)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 450g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 450 gr

To Treat

Anxiety, Depression, Nausea


Herbal, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






3 reviews for Pennywise CBD Feminized Marijuana Seeds

  1. orvillewor@gmail.com (verified owner)

    Just bought seeds will keep you posted on what’s up

  2. Benjamin Steffes (verified owner)

    This was my first experience with an equal thc:cbd strain. It sure didn’t disappoint. The experience is very relaxing and muscle numbing. Also had a very unique aroma to the buds. Grew this outdoors in southwest Michigan with great success in 2020. On the list to grow again in 2021 ✌️

  3. Zaki Petersen (verified owner)

    Never grown weed in my life. Have been interested in CBD for a long time. Thought I’d give this a try. Never had better success growing anything else in my life LOL. This creepy clown makes for a great CBD strain. Grew to about 7′ tall and put out some very fragrant, earthy smelling weed that puts me in a state of zen. Here to buy my next packet of seeds. Great germination. Also great growing tips on this site!!

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