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If something has been around since the 60s, you know it’s got to be good. That’s how we feel about Mango marijuana seeds. This strain dates back to the 1960s, but its genetics were changed in the 90s after it was crossed with KC 33 to give us the Mango strain we see today.

Growers are continuously impressed with this strain due to its large buds, approximately the size of a softball. These buds can be up to a foot and a half in length. Mango plants are best recognized for their deep red and purple coloring — not to mention the sweet smell of mango that travels in the air.

We all know what mangos taste like — fresh, sweet, and juicy. That’s why the Mango strain is so addictive and intoxicating. It ranks as one of the best smelling strains out there. The THC levels range from 15 – 20% and the flowering time lands between 9 to 11 weeks. It’s no wonder growers and smokers keep coming back for me. Who can resist the smell of mangos? Your whole apartment will be filled with the aroma after only a few hits.

Under the influence of Mango, you’ll start to feel relaxed and peaceful at the beginning. You’ll notice your worries melt away as the second wave of emotion starts to hit you. Up next is euphoria. You’ll feel happy and energetic in the mind, but relaxed and stress-free in the body. Mango marijuana seeds really deliver the best of both worlds.

Description: Mango is listed as one of the best smelling strains on the market. While your body feels relaxed and stress-free, your mind will enjoy complete euphoria.

Additional information


Mendocino Farms

Cannabis Species



50% Sativa/50% Indica

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Relaxed

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 200g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain


Fruity, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex

Auto-flowering Feminized

Flowering Type






54 reviews for Mango Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds – Mendocino Farms

  1. Jaime Philips (verified owner)

    Fresh and subtle mango kush reaaaaallly hits the spot. Especially after a long day at the office MMMM this is exactly what I crave. This MJ has a very soothing indica high, and it smells great too. I can’t get enough of the mango flavor, and I really wanna get better at growing indoors too. That seems to be the key here, grow indoors for best results and get the biggest yields.

  2. Daisuke Shimizu (verified owner)

    I recently purchased Mango Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds and I couldn’t be happier with the results. All of my seeds germinated successfully and grew into beautiful plants. The buds were large and fragrant, with a sweet mango aroma that was absolutely intoxicating.

  3. LushLegacy (verified owner)

    If you’re on this site, you’re likely already familiar with many varieties of weed. This one, in my book, always sticks out however. A very tasty strain with a nice flavor. Definitely hits hard, but smooth. It’s a good grow indoors and out….but never seems to produce as much as I want. Usually about 50-75 G per plant….not too bad but does anyone on here have good tips for increasing yield??? I want more 🙂

  4. Aloysius Wright (verified owner)

    Making Mango KUSH happen is a summertime tradition!! I love LOVE working with these magical seeds.. Has a fresh fruity mango flava!! Good for smoking MJ with your friends. I am just a home grower, and a pretty new one at that. LOVING it! I have 10 plants in my yard. They are sweet and tasty and real fun to work with. That have such fun personalities!

  5. Jasmine Hogan (verified owner)

    Freshhhhh! Mango Kush is highly delicious. It’s great for managing pain and stress and generally tastes GREAT!

    Reminds me of my times living in Hawaii and smoking the freshest weed on the planet. I grow indoors now (living in Fresno) and getting excellent results. I have been reading the blogs and having a great time. Such a wonderful hobby!

  6. Emilia K (verified owner)

    Mango Kush is an impressive hybrid strain with a deliciously fruity and tropical taste. The high it provides is euphoric, happy, and relaxed, perfect for treating insomnia and pain. A great experience with a strain that lives up to its name and delivers a fantastic high.

  7. Aleena Salas (verified owner)

    Can you handle this MJ? Mango kush is like a bath in an ocean pool. It’s soothing, relaxing, and the most amazing thing you’ve ever tasted in your life.
    I am NOT an expert grower, but somehow I am able to grow it perfectly. Maybe it’s the sweet genetics, or cause I am MOTIVATED! But hey, things are looking up and I am doing really well out in the garden!!

  8. Liam Kim (verified owner)

    Fresh mango weed for your weekday smoking! Beautiful plant, nearly 5′ tall and very dense and bushy. I realized I should be pruning a whole lot more often, but I can’t complain, these MJ plants don’t seem to mind 🙂
    I am VERY lucky to have a greenhouse for smoking. It’s honestly great to have this weed in there, grows right alongside the basil and the peppers, looks amazing, and the bees are down with it too.
    5/5 stars!

  9. NugNebula (verified owner)

    This strain has a very fruity and tropical taste and smell that I just can’t get enough of. The high is very relaxing and mellow without being too sedative, making it great for both daytime and nighttime use. Overall, a great strain that I definitely recommend trying out!

  10. Hailey Jones (verified owner)

    Great looking mango weed! This nug is super fluffy and flavorful. Great buy for an even better price. I’ll always trust PSB with my mj seed order…especially since they ship all over the USA!

  11. Abigail Murphy (verified owner)

    Misty and hazy mango kush helps my tired achey body relax at the end of the work day.
    My wife and I collaborate on managing our marijuana plants. She has all the skills and I am learning from her!
    Southern Oregon is a great place to grow weed, I’ll definitely be buying more!

  12. Jordan Mitchell (verified owner)

    Mango flavor straight out the package. From the moment these seeds germinate (and they do with 90% accuracy) they begin to smell like mango, unripe at first, then growing in sweetness and aroma as the plant matures. It really is a magical process. I am very pleased to have it be part of my life. Buy your seeds online to save time. Great investment.

  13. Cheyenne O’Quinn (verified owner)

    Sweet and juicy nonsesne…loove buying weed onlin with Pacific. They always have what I need and they ship real fast too. Never an issue only an opportunity!

  14. Neve Lam (verified owner)

    FLUFFY mango tropical weed. JUICY flavors all around! I smoke like a fiend! Do not stop me. Canada grower….great experience. Love the indoor growing lifestyle….I am a pro. I am a GOD. Love MANGO!

  15. Jace Caldwell (verified owner)

    So much love for these Mango seeds from pacific. They always grow up right! They’re tall and bushy and very flavorful. I get all kinds of compliments from friends and family on the pure quality of the weed, the soft mango-flavored smoke, and the gut-busting laughter that ensues. You really have nothing to lose!

  16. Mallory Olsen (verified owner)

    Gotta have some mango kush in my life to curb the stress and anxiety! Great vibes all around, a truly delightful strain that hits right in the forehead. Can’t believe how beautifully my weed turned out. You gotta see these nugs to believe it! I feel like a literal pro! Gotta have this strain in my life forever.

  17. Rhianna Ware (verified owner)

    I like mango kush cause it not only helps me stay positive, it helps me relax. It’s a bong ripper for sure, and makes for some FAT clouds. Bringing home some of this weed for the holidays, and I am just stoked to see how the family enjoys and responds. Excellent energies!!

  18. Macie Davidson (verified owner)

    I am pretty excited about mango kush, it’s an easy-to-grow strain, and it usually yields around 600 Gs. I never measure, but I guess that’s how much is in my ball jar collection lol. I keep them in my cellar, and they cure nicely down there. The smell is heavenly, just like a mango grove in Hawaii. I’ll definitely be purchasing more marijuana from this website!

  19. Patience Roberson (verified owner)

    You want a vacation without all the hassle? Well, I say grab yourself some seeds online today and grow this beautiful mango strain for some much needed R & R. Takes about 5 months to flower, so be patient, the large harvest and sticky fresh green nugs make it well worth your time!

  20. Ioana Gates (verified owner)

    Mango kush will definitely catch your eye….and your nose!! You gotta have this weed in your life if you suffer from any muscle pain, cause it will definitely help you chill out. It’s been good for my pain, and has helped with a whole lot of stress, and honestly the taste of mango is just lovely.

  21. Nabila Foreman (verified owner)

    Some seriously delicious weed, I am thrilled to finally have this weed in my life, cause it’s been a dream of mine for a LOOooong time man!~ Got me 5 seeds and planted them directly. They look really good man! This stuff makes me suuuuper happy, and it has the most amazing Mango flavor. Truly phenomenal!!!

  22. Karan Burgess (verified owner)

    Man I love mango kush. I swear this has been my go-to strain for many years and it looks amazing finally growing right here at home. The whole basement smells like a mango grove….I am thrilled it’s almost harvest time. Wish I could upload a picture here, and I’d show you my last harvest, which filled up like 8 shoe boxes LOL. Great buy from pacific.

  23. Rhea Mcdougall (verified owner)

    The mango flavor is unbeatable…makes me reallly stoned!! Ordered it online and got to growing it RIGHT away. It’s awesome seriously, and it helps me deal with my depression, better than the anti-depressants do. I will buy more marijuana when I run outta my supply, but this first harvest got me like 10 solid oz of weed. Feeling pretty confident about it!!

  24. Julia Madden (verified owner)

    Mango smells amazing, OK? It’s my favorite fruit and it is a good smelling time, and all my friends are WRONG about it OK? I am not an expert OK? I am trying my best OK? Best to keep trying to grow marijuana in my own peace and quiet!! It’s definitely gonna be a good buy 🙂

  25. Keiren Watt (verified owner)

    Mango kush is nice and smooth, laid back. It’s good for chilling on the beach and reading a book or maybe taking a paddle board out into the ocean. Pretty stoked for all the mango flavor packed into every hit of this amazing stuff. Looks just fantastic too, fuzzy and colorful and very fresh, you can’t get much better!

  26. Eamonn Russell (verified owner)

    Mango is a pretty righteous weed that gets the blood flowing in the brain and makes the mind all loopy and fun. I get very excited when I smoke this dope and I try to smoke it every day cause otherwise I just feel kinda like I am missing out on all the fun. I am pretty excited though to keep growing my own dope!

  27. Georgia Rivas (verified owner)

    Mango kush is laid back as it gets…reminds me of my days smoking weed in LA with my homies on the streets, lighting up joint after joint and getting totally baked. This stuff is really easy to grow in a big pot or something and it tastes just like some fresh cut mango mixed with skunk. Not too expensive either. Good buy!!

  28. hankypanky (verified owner)

    This mango kush is really something special….had to get some online….bought like 5 seeds….was too many lol….got about a million grams from 3 plants….2 seeds left over for later…..very much like mango….like a smoothie….heck yeah.

  29. blue nv (verified owner)

    I was really jonesing for some marijuana and I needed to buy my seeds online cause you can’t find them almost anywhere else. Had a great experience buying from Pacific, great prices, vast selection, fast delivery too. Put my weed seeds into the ground right away and they all 3 germinated beautifully, can’t complain cause this plant is growing like hell!

  30. Count Drac (verified owner)

    Mango is a real treat to have around the house. Kush strains, IMO, are the best to smoke out of a bong. They go down real smooth and you can take HUUUGE hits, and then get really baked. Best part is that it tastes like mango-flavored hookah, which is pretty rad. You’ll dig it for sure!

  31. Hilo Boys (verified owner)

    If you’re new to weed or have never grown your own strain before, I highly suggest you start with mango kush. Not only is it easy to grow, it almost always produces a high amount of mj, beautiful flower that is light, fluffy and sticky…perfection! Ordering online is simple and secure and the seeds arrive super fast. I am very satisfied!!!

  32. Night Ridder (verified owner)

    Mango is the best flavor of weed anywhere out there….it’s so refreshing and fruity and tropical…makes me feel like I am on vacation or something and I love that…gets me really stoned and the indica helps me relax…definitely a good buy for the price and makes big yield every time. Give it a whirl.

  33. kenny rogers (verified owner)

    Oh me, oh my, oh mango! I love this stuff like I love my cats and my cars! It’s one of my most prized possessions! It’s really easy to order online with Pacific, their customer service crew is really informative and the seeds shipped out quickly. I only germinated 2 of my 3 seeds cause I want to save one for later, but I was really super stoked about how this turned out. I got a HUGE yield, probably like 20 Oz. off just 2 plants, and all of it really fresh and sweet like mango, no regrets!!!

  34. cottage cheese (verified owner)

    Give me summa that mango kush! It’s about as relaxing as a tropical getaway, it’s so nice to have this marijuana in the house, especially after I come home from work at night, and it gives me a great way to relax, makes music sound amazing, and food taste better than ever. I like how easy the grow was, especially in my basement, and the yield was really surprisingly large. Such a solid grow, I will definitely buy more mj seeds!

  35. Summer (verified owner)

    You really cant go wrong with a nice kush strain. I got myself 3 seeds from Pacific delivered to my door and germinated one of them as a test. It did REALLY well in my backyard, I was so surprised, but kush strains are usually pretty easy to grow. At least I think so. The flavor is as you’d expect it, it’s very tropical tasting, definitely hints of mango in there too. Very relaxing indica strain, never really overpowering but excellent for stress and depression.

  36. oldman bob (verified owner)

    This is a very relaxing and uplifting strain, like whenever I am having a bad day, I spark up a bowl and just let my worries melt away. Had a great time growing this, it was remarkably easy and fast and the smell is intoxicating. I got a very generous yield, very healthy looking bud. love sharing this stuff with friends and family, always puts everyone in a good mood lol!

  37. Mark W. (verified owner)

    This weed is just so great for my joint pain and depression. I was recommended medical mj by my doctor and decided I would grow some myself and save some money. This strain did very well in my backyard and offered up an impressive yield. It’s a very sweet tasting weed with a nice mild high. I usually smoke in the evening to help me sleep and relax.

  38. Sasha Riddle (verified owner)

    This is the king of the kush weeds in my opinion. Its got the best smell, taste, and buzz of any of them, plus its really easy to grow and has a nice yield, even if you’re a novice. Ordering from PSB was super easy, was really impressed by their online selection, and what a killer seed these are! They grow super fast and were really reliable. Great job!

  39. Tara D. (verified owner)

    Nice weed, tastes great, and is easy to grow. I think this is a solid and delicious strain and there’s nothing bad to say about it. It helps me relax, does great work for my aching joints and helps me sleep at night. PSB has great weed seeds and I’ll definitely be back for more.

  40. Eric J. (verified owner)

    If you need some serious relaxation, this is an amazing strain for pain, headaches, depression and stress. Nothing cures the blues like the smell and taste of delicious mango! Great for growing indoors, you’ll get a really solid yield, and the buds look purple and delicious and amazing. Definitely worth a grow!

  41. Curtis Y. (verified owner)

    Guess I am a stress smoker, I usually smoke weed to unwind and get my mind off of work and whatnot. Mango kush is magic, grew in my backyard and had very few problems, plus ordering online was super easy! I got like 200 G, smaller than I was hoping, but it’s very high quality stuff, smells and tastes just like mangoes, which really helps my mind decompress and my worries just melt away! Delicious stuff man!

  42. muzaklvr21 (verified owner)

    This is my first time growing a kush variety and I can now say that I get it. I totally get it. My friends have been raving to me about this weed for like forever and I finally ordered me some. I got a quick harvest that left me with a ton of mj. Not to mention its an absolute joy to smoke! I know some of the kush’s have a little bit less sativa but I like the levels this one has right here. Thumbs up!

  43. feowol092 (verified owner)

    I love weed and I love mangoes so this strain was the perfect buy haha! Couldn’t have asked for an easier order online, seeds shipped out in no time and I was super happy with the grow results. My whole basement smells like mango now!!! Craziest thing about this bud is just how BIG these buds get, they’re like the size of my head, so it’s super rewarding to break up a massive nug and have it all to yourself. Smoking this on the daily, and all my worries just melt away. Magic!

  44. Reynolds P. (verified owner)

    Time and time again, I keep ordering these seeds. One of my favorite ones to grow. The buds always come out super pretty and suuuuuuuuuper purple. For reals smells like mangos! It takes you forever to pick em because you just keep stopping and smelling the buds. They smell so good. I also like growing weed because it seems to do well in my small space. I grow indoors and so that’s a big plus. Easy seeds to germinate and flower. Great place to buy.

  45. Pat B. (verified owner)

    Love the smell and the high! Online ordering was easy as pie and soon the seeds were in the ground out back. Been a weed smoker since the 70s and have been growing my own for just the past few years and it’s a huge treat! These buds are the size of my head! So I’m never running out and always have some around for when friends come by. Got my place smelling like mango which is just the way I like it. First time with Pacific and know I’ll be coming back for more.

  46. Jason K. (verified owner)

    Definitely a euphoric high. Not great for concentrating, but if you wanna space out and float away for a while, this is your weed. Dispensaries near me tend to run out, but I now know where to get my Mango on. Order extra!

  47. Grett T (verified owner)

    My oh my, what big buds you have! My mango buds were seriously the largest I’ve ever seen: about the size of a baseball! Good news is that they weren’t that hard to grow either; this is great pot for beginner growers. Also, gotta love that sweet mango smell … like my apartment was a fruit stand. Ahhh.

  48. Lu W (verified owner)

    HOLY MOLY mother of GOD. Mango Kush completely erased my pain like some kind of magic. I’ve purchased this strain before in the weed shop but this was my first time growing it. It’s amazing how happy this cannabis made me feel. The buds were gorgeous and flowered in just 2 months. This was such an easy grow I don’t know if I’ll ever buy it from a shop again. Fair price for quality seeds that all germinated. Can’t go wrong with the Mango Kush! Get some!

  49. Guy B. (verified owner)

    Sowing the seeds of love…the wife and I, being married 22 years, sometimes try different things to spice it up in the bedroom. A couple glasses of wine works well to get her relaxed and “in the mood” but alcohol tends to inhibit my performance down there. Since we started with the cannabis things are clicking much better. We’re not able to buy it where we live in the USA, so growing was the next best option. Enter Pacific Seed Bank. Y’all are doing a great service by making these seeds available online. The plants were easy to tend and the marijuana we grew was fantastic. Thanks very much.

  50. Pratik N. (verified owner)

    When I first tried pot in college I would just smoke whatever I could get. There were no choices about what kind or any of that. Now that I’m in my 40s both weed and I have matured and I’ve learned about what works for me and what doesn’t. This strain works for me. Can’t say exactly why; it just hits the right spot in my brain or something. Being able to buy it online is amazing. Kudos to PSB.

  51. Miguel T. (verified owner)

    I tried to grow this plant outdoors and it turned my grow area into an absolute tropical paradise! I love just sitting around these plants and reading or doing whatever because they are so beautiful and smell so nice. I didn’t have to do as much trimming as I thought I would but stil had a sweet harvest – no pun intended. 10 week flowering period. Definitely a sweet fruity aroma with nice, huge, colorful buds. The weed is a perfect middle of the road regarding indica and sativa, nice balance of thc and low cbd.

  52. Rachel K. (verified owner)

    Softball sized buds? More like football sized buds! I’ve never seen weed with such fat nugs before in my life, this is the best!! Such rad reds and purples throughout the leaves, this strain is great to look at while it’s growing. I tried growing it outdoors because it’s more than double the yield of indoor grows according to the site and it was right, I got right around 450 grams per plant which was excellent. Peaceful and worry free high, it’s a great stress relief.

  53. Elisha S. (verified owner)

    Every time I buy some seeds from Pacific I grab a small 3-seed package of Mango Kush. I just like this weed a lot, and so does my cousin — she smokes for medical reasons so I try to keep her in supply of what she likes. She has trouble sleeping and has really intense anxiety. She says this one is her favorite so I always add some to the mix. Plus I always get full germination from em and all of the other seeds I get from Pacific so its a good buy.

  54. Adele P. (verified owner)

    Not sure why this was listed as a medium sized plant, super duper tall in my opinion, plus it smells and tastes like mangoes, awesome right? Ordered online with PSB, seeds shipped out really fast, and all 3 seeds germinated using the paper towel method, an excellent indoor grow, will make your basement smell like the tropics, and the yield is a bit light, but this weed is like gold, so any amount is worth it!

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