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Bubba Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

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One toke of Bubba Kush autoflowering marijuana and you’ll understand why this 19% THC strain has become a world-wide favorite. An unfussy strain if ever there was one, beginner, intermediate and master gardeners will have success cultivating this sweet and pungent strain for both medical and recreational purposes.

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Bubba Kush Autoflowering

Few cannabis strains are as notorious as Bubba Kush, a near perfect indica strain with a delicious 19% THC. A preferred strain across the United States, subtle notes of coffee and chocolate come through the smoke of this Bubba Kush, delivering head-to-toe relaxation and a decent measure of euphoria.

The indica effects of Bubba Kush autoflowering come through loud and clear, as this strain is an excellent muscle relaxer. Ultimately, this is a strain you’ll want to save for your evening enjoyment.

The prettiest of Bubba Kush autoflowering marijuana specimens exhibit a variety of hues, ranging from forest green to pale purple, depending on the environment. Beginner level gardeners should have no trouble cultivating this sturdy strain indoors or out, especially when using a hydroponic set up. Naturally resistant to common marijuana pests and just generally unfussy, you can end up with somewhere between 300 and 500 grams per plant depending on its environment.

Find out what all the fuss is about – bring home Bubba Kush autoflowering marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



90% Indica/10% Sativa

Flowering Time

50-60 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Happy, Relaxed, Sleepy

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 500 gr

To Treat

Insomnia, Pain, Stress


Earthy, Sweet, Woody

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






47 reviews for Bubba Kush Autoflowering Feminized Seeds

  1. Clyde Hopkins (verified owner)

    A sweet and pungent melange of flavors and smells. Gives me a great energy, usually indica heavy with a small shock of sativa after first hits. Great buy for an exemplary price, with fast shipping all over the USA. 100% germination every time (I use the screen of green method) and it works like a charm. Bubba is a CLASSIC and is great for growers of all experience levels.

  2. Windy2Walrus (verified owner)

    I recently tried the Bubba Kush Autoflowering Feminized seeds and I must say, it was an experience to remember. The high was amazing and the plants grew beautifully, with full germination. I loved how easy it was to cultivate these plants, even as a beginner. The euphoria and relaxation I felt after smoking this strain were top-notch.

  3. Rylee Sandoval (verified owner)

    Bubba Kush is THE HEAVY. You feel it all through the body, gives me an incredible buzz, puts me into a relaxed headspace and makes me really hungry!! Which is good cause we all need to eat, and I struggle with appetitie.
    Thanks for the great seeds Pacific. Love that you ship anywhere in the USA! Free weed for all!!

  4. PuffPlanetary82 (verified owner)

    Bubba Kush is a fantastic strain that exceeded my expectations in every way. The germination process was flawless and the growth was easy and rewarding. The high is perfect for relaxation, with a calming body buzz and a euphoric head high that left me feeling happy and content. The earthy and woody taste is a nice touch, and the yield was impressive.

  5. Casimir Rivera (verified owner)

    Basic bubba kush is a classic that goes waaaay back to my personal heyday of weed, which was in the early 90s! I hadn’t started growing my own weed until earlier this year, and I JUST found this site by pure chance and thought I’d try it. Since I live in southern California, the seeds ship out quickly and reliably. It’s an easy grow in SoCal, the climate is basically built to sustain weed plants, but still, the more you give the more you get from these strains. Happy I decided to FINALLY pull the lever and begin growing my own pot. It’s been great!

  6. Natalya Grant (verified owner)

    Great looking marijuana. I am a BIG fan of these big fluffy nugs. They smell and look amazing. They hit just the right spot. They are the perfect indica for relaxation and sleep. If there’s any problem with your order, Pacific will replace the seeds for 60 days no questions asked. VERY exciting!

  7. Michelle O’Doherty (verified owner)

    Been a bubba kush fan since the dang 90’s. This weed has a ton of potential and looks great in almost any setting, with some HUGE arse nugs and a great yield you really can’t go wrong, especially ordering online 😉

  8. Talitha Ochoa (verified owner)

    Love these light fluffy nugs. They’re so fresh and hit just right. I am thrilled at the harvest I got. It’s almost 600 grams! Beautiful flavors and a delightful smell.

  9. Waseem Cain (verified owner)

    This bubba kush is pretty alright by me. I got VERY high the other night and I didn’t realize just how strong this weed can be, and I like that it never seems to slow in tolerance, Good times every time.

  10. Charmaine Benitez (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is light, fresh, and relaxing. The perfect “beach” strain that gives me a great sense of relaxation and happiness. Had no problems germinating, took about 5 months to grow but worth the wait. Never seems to let me down. I will buy more from pacific cause their shipping times are super fast. Great stuff 🙂

  11. Fenella Whitehead (verified owner)

    Gotta get some bubba kush in your life if you are at all feeling down, depressed, or anxious, which I think all of us are these days. When I get these seeds online, I know I am buying quality. The smell and taste of the early veg alone is really enticing, and the general high is one of relaxation and stress-melting indica action!

  12. Ingrid Conley (verified owner)

    Sweet and mellow, this mj is the cure for any level of stress and anxiety you may be experiencing. It has been a good vibe from the start. All of my seeds germinated within a few days, and they look absolutely fantastic. I ordered online, got it shipped (Fast) to my home in Oregon, and I am really sailing on by on this weed!

  13. Ed Andersen (verified owner)

    Sweet dreams every night when I get my smoke in before bed. Have a stressful job so I am usually a little too wound up at the end of the day to get good rest. It’s been nice to have this stuff on my radar though. Pacific is a great site with some nice variety and very helpful grow tips for beginners like me. Never had any issues!

  14. Cillian Nava (verified owner)

    Been smoking HUGE bong rips of thr Bubba for some fast-acting, long-lasting relaxation. I am VERY immensely invested in mj stock and in growing my own. The future of weed is the white market and I want to get in on that. I have a very small grow operation in my home, and I usually just sell to the dispensary down the street. It’s looking pretty great though!!!

  15. Erin Henry (verified owner)

    Oooooh man we are gonna get LIT tonight. This is some dope ass dope! It’s too good to be true, but here it is, and it looks great and I feel just as good. This is the fluffiest and fattest cannabis on the market, and it just gets me baked in the right way. I am soooo happy about this and will definitely buy some more!!

  16. Jaya Kennedy (verified owner)

    I am kind of a big guy, and not all weed tends to get me stoned cause I have such a large BMI, but bubba kush very much feels like the weed for me, it’s a strong indica with a sweet flavor that always gives me a rocking buzz. I am pretty stoked about growing this stuff at home, not too difficult and always looks nice in the yard.

  17. Saffron Sawyer (verified owner)

    Bubba kush is a really chill strain as you can imagine, with a name like Bubba you really can’t go wrong. I am also named BUbba, all my friends call me that cause I am FAT! I love being a fat guy, cause nobody expects anything of you, but when you grow weed and give it to your friends, they love it!

  18. Victoria Rose (verified owner)

    Been working the land for some time now in the backyard and wanted to try out growing some weed. The bubba kush seemed pretty good for beginners and growing it was a good buy for sure. Ordered online and had it delivered to my home. Got a nice yield after 5 months, did a lot of watering and pruning during the summer!

  19. eric ridge (verified owner)


  20. Feliciabanks (verified owner)

    Never seen nugs so fat in all my life. A brilliant buy from a great company. I really loved growing this stuff in my backyard…made me feel like a true farmer and also a better weed grower! Helps me with my stress, depression and anxiety. Ordering online is also really nice and convenient. Highly recommend!

  21. Legit Grow (verified owner)

    Watch yo self when you smoke this weed, cause I am usually the guy that falls asleep lol! I am super glad I got this weed through cause it’s easy to grow and makes a great strain for stress and depression. Mostly it’s good at night when all the pressures of the day are gone, but ideally you can grow indoors to get a FAT yield!

  22. Salad Dressing (verified owner)

    Don’t fool yourself, this weed is a true American hero! It’s a very easy grow, perfect for beginners, makes these fat green nugs that are sometimes the size of my fist and smell just fantastic…I really like how easy it was to order these online…Pacifc is a great website and is the perfect choice for new gardeners. Try it out!

  23. Wolfie (verified owner)

    The blue dream always hits the spot. It’s right where I want to be, between being super stoned and super relaxed. It’s got a great earthy flavor and it’s a little sweet. Very nice and sticky nugs, fresh off the plant, perfect for smoking with your buds or when you’re just relaxing at home. I never had a problem germinating or getting these babies growing, and I definitely recommend you try it for yourself!

  24. Sunflower (verified owner)

    Bit of a weed snob…have always been a fan of kush strains for their beautiful fluffy flower and the ease of growing them, and this strain is definitely at the top of my list. Great buy from pacific, makes for an excellent backyard or indoor grow and usually produces more weed than you can smoke! Very relaxing also, definitely a good buy for anyone who is stressing out about work or their social life. Bubba will chill you out hardcore. I highly recommend!

  25. High Castle (verified owner)

    Nice growing, very straightforward and easy to do at home, in the basement or the backyard. Ideal if you have a greenhouse, makes for an excellent little side project to all my regular projects. I can’t believe how easy this was, ordering online was a breeze, and the seeds shipped out fast. I love the way this weed makes me feel, very relaxed, in my skin, and ready to take it slow for the remainder of the evening. I am a happy camper!

  26. Hot Joe (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorite weeds…it’s got the science of CHILL built right into its DNA, plus it’s an easy grow with a consistently solid yield. I’ve been buying this strain from pacific for a while now, just have been too lazy to write a review. Their seeds never fail to impress me, consistent germination high yielding, autoflowering seeds makes the weed growing process that much easier. Plus this is the best strain for sharing with friends and having a good laugh!

  27. Crushingit (verified owner)

    One of the best strains I’ve com across in years. It’s wicked fluffy and sticky and just plain DANK herb! I got probably 1,000 grams from just 3 plants, more than enough to last me through the winter. It’s perfect for lazy days when you just wanna chill on the couch and watch some TV. Smoke some at your Xmas dinner and you’ll love the taste of your mashed potatoes even more. I can’t believe how nice this stuff is, can’t wait to smoke it tonight after work!

  28. Tony roberts (verified owner)

    It’s an easy grow, trust me cause I am new to this whole growing weed thing, and this stuff really makes for an excellent beginner’s grow. The yield is unbelievable, and the bang for your buck is really apparent. I am pretty stoked about how delicious this weed tastes, gets me stoned and puts me to sleep actually, so it’s been great for insomnia as well. Good vibes!

  29. Meghan Callahan (verified owner)

    It’s clear why this weed is called bubba kush. The nugs are so huge they earned the name Bubba! It’s easy to grow, like all the kush strains, and it produces a really nice yield that’s gonna make your head spin! It’s great after a workout at the gym and you’re feeling a little swoll and tired as well, great for getting those muscles to relax! I really dig this stuff!

  30. Jacques Banks (verified owner)

    I’ve been growing weed for years and this strain happens to be the easiest one on the market. It was super easy also to order my seeds online with Pacific, they shipped out quick and I got 100% germ on my five seeds! Yay! I also have a nice greenhouse in back where these plants grew tall and beautiful, and I got a nice medium yield from each of them. Enjoy the relaxing indica buzz. Couldn’t be happier!!!

  31. Mario F. (verified owner)

    WOAH! I am new to weed, growing and smoking, and I am SUPER happy I gave this strain a shot. Ordered my seeds online thru PSB and they shipped out hella fast! Got them to germinate using the paper towel method and WOW they all grew into solid amazing plants with a very high yield! This stuff is PUNGENT so keep that in mind for nosy neighbors, but holy cow I love smoking this stuff. It;s really relaxing and uplifting. I am rich in weed y’all!

  32. Quintin A. (verified owner)

    Long story short, I’ve had a really rough year this year — I got divorced, lost my house and my job. It’s been a pretty terrible time, and as you can imagine I’ve been so stressed out I’ve had trouble sleeping. The one thing that has brought me joy has been maintaining my little weed garden, and when I finally got a chance to harvest and smoke this amazing plant, I got the sweetest reward — a solid night’s sleep. Definitely going to grow this one again!

  33. Ahmed J. (verified owner)

    Suh-weeeet! Nothing but good things to say about my buddy Bubba. It grew big and fast, medium-sized yield compared to my few other plants, but man what a buzz. It’s relaxing as hell but not quite to where I’m comatose and immobile. I probably wouldn’t operate heavy machinery on it though.

    Kudos to Pacific Seed Bank for quick delivery and excellent service. This is my one and only place for cannabis seeds. Ya’ll rock.

  34. Leonard E. (verified owner)

    I live in a pretty arid part of the United States so I ordered these seeds specifically for outdoor growing, and I couldn’t be more satisfied! PSB shipped lightning fast and my 10-pack of seeds germinated successfully. Good yield, a little under 500 grams per plant, and this weed basically did all the work on its own. It’s a good indica, nice and happy and makes me go to sleep whenever I’m ready for bed which is a huge plus.

  35. Kaci S. (verified owner)

    Probably the most relaxing indica I have ever smoked! I turn to the Bubba Kush in the evening for pain management, headaches, stress, and even sleep. It’s your best buddy when you’re looking to unwind and don’t want to drink haha! VERY easy to grow, got all 5 seeds to germ and grow, amazing genetics! and the buds are really fuzzy and green with orange pistils, smells like like citrus. Amazing weed!

  36. Cam H. (verified owner)

    Happy I gave it a go! Ordered online with PSB and had excellent customer service. I planted the seeds in my backyard and Voila 3 months later I have nearly 450 G of weed! I don’t even know what to do with all this sticky bud (besides smoke it lol). I usually spark a bowl of this weed in the evenings after work, it really helps my tensed muscles relax, sitting at a computer all day can be surprisingly stressful, and this stuff definitely helps calm me down. A classic strain and a really chill high. Till next time!

  37. Thomas F. (verified owner)

    Very successful grow. Germination was fast, and plants grew tall with some really nice, long colas. Not the heaviest yielding plants ever, but the nugs themselves were grade A quality. I didn’t have any issues at all. Absolutely no mold and no pests, which was really great. Highly recommend managing the canopy to help with light and air circulation. Also makes for an easier harvest. The high is classic for indica. Relaxing, sleep inducing, etc. I grew this for my wife and she loved it. All in all a good grow and will order this strain again.

  38. Karen L. (verified owner)

    This was so fun to grow. Good growth right away with not much coaxing. Not too big to grow indoors and turned out a very nice color, kind of a purpley green. I love smoking mj for relaxing and bubba kush fits the bill exactly. I seriously feel calm from the ends of my hair to the ends of my toes. Ahh! Supreme muscle relaxer. Great quality seeds, I’m getting it online again.

  39. Nick P. (verified owner)

    Total stress eraser. Like buh-bye worries and stress and anxiety. It’s all gone now. Bubba Kush is here, so just rest your little head and kiss your worries goodbye. Got a pretty good indoor yield. Easy going from germination to harvest. Delivery was quick, much faster than I expected. I plan on ordering another set for next month. Love this site and love the seeds. Great experience all around.

  40. Tricia F (verified owner)

    Floaty! Fun! Brilliant! Euphoric! Tantric! Feel like a beautiful sexy goddess! Amazing aroma. Made my whole apartment smell so good. Nugs were really pretty. Intense lavender hues that only nature could make. 🙂 I have a small indoor set up and it went so easy. I was out of town for half of it bit my houseguest took care of it with no problem. Such beautiful weed. Easy time ordering online. Will buy again!

  41. Amani W. (verified owner)

    Recently a friend asked me where to buy cannabis seeds and I told her Pacific Seeds was the best. And they really are! Such fast, professional delivery and they use nice, discreet packaging. The quality of the seeds is also awesome, always get nice plants from their seeds.

    Bubba Kush sends me to another place … they should almost call it Budha Kush. Srsly, I’ve felt at one with the world when tripping on this mj. Also had a pest-free grow, it was almost ridiculously easy to grow. Insert seed, water, light and let it do its thing!

  42. Olivia R. (verified owner)

    When my friend told me bubba kush was not fussy to grow, I thought : I’m in! It took very well to my hydroponic set up and I got weed with a pretty lavender color. People love this pot to relax tight muscles and I have clients that swear by it for this reason. Also helps give people wonderful, deep sleep. PSB is a winner company, so glad I found them!

  43. fluffybunny64 (verified owner)

    Delicious and fun weed – both to grow and smoke. Nice malty chocolatey coffee taste that I really really like. I grew it outdoors (read about this weed being pest resistant) and had a really easy time with a great harvest. I got between 18-19 oz per plant. This strain works wonders on anxiety and anxiety related insomnia, it gets me super sleepy and relaxed and I fall asleep right away. It’s the best feeling when you find something that eases anxieties like this strain does.

  44. Braxton C. (verified owner)

    My older brother was the real pot afficianado of the family, but when he died in 2016 it sort of fell to me to take his place. I started growing last year. With this strain I got some really beautiful and potent buds, growing outdoors with good sunlight. I’ve found several sources for seeds online and Pacific seems to have the best in terms of quality. Good service, fast shipping too.

  45. Alexa F. (verified owner)

    It wasn’t that long ago that I was learning to grow weed with regular seeds that weren’t feminized and weren’t auto-flowering. They took so much work! Had to monitor for males, always had to pull like half my plants. Also had a tough learning curve in learning when to switch over the light. Now I don’t have to worry about any of that. So glad weed is legal in USA now and we can innovate awesome seeds that do all the work themselves. Killer weed and great service.

  46. Daisy E. (verified owner)

    Unfortunately do not have an indoor grow space but backyard growing was exceptional for this strain. Evening toker for sure, really helps with all the aches and pains gathered throughout the day and usually helps me sleep at night as well. Have been growing weed for many years now, and a big fan of the Kush strains, love the smell and the dense nugs you get from a successful grow. PSB has an excellent selection of seeds, will be back for more.

  47. Monica D. (verified owner)

    This is hands down one the best strains I’ve ever grown. I love the auto varieties and bubba kush takes the cake. Its great, tasty, high thc… all good qualities. The plants are also just straight up beautiful. Plus this strain is an easy grow. I think if youre a beginner gardnener just starting out you shouldn’t have any problem getting a good harvest from these seeds. Really nice weed and worth the time and (small) effort!

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