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Pacific Seed Bank is the premier place to buy marijuana seeds in Maine. We work closely with our trusted and experienced team of growers to bring you the very best cannabis seeds available on the market today. Our seeds are lab tested for genetic quality, handpicked just for you, and shipped in contamination-free glass vials to ensure the quality of your seeds.

Shop our online inventory to get started! Our fast and discreet delivery service will ship the seeds directly to you in as little as five days. Don’t wait, get growing today! With the help of Pacific Seed Bank by your side, you get only the best of the best marijuana seeds delivered to your home. Our shipping comes with a flat-rate for all 50 states but if you spend more than $500 on one order, possibly for wholesale needs, you qualify for free shipping. Pacific Seed Bank is the number one place to shop for wholesale marijuana seeds in Maine.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

  • THC Level (%)
Girl Scout Cookies Feminized Blue Dream Feminized Laughing Buddha Feminized
THC Level20%17%18%
TreatsStress, Pain, DepressionStress, Depression, PainNausea, Pain, Anxiety
Flowering Time55-65 days60-70 days80-90 days
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Learn How to Grow Weed Seeds in Maine

Interested in growing your own marijuana plants, but aren’t sure how to get started? It’s easier than you think! Pacific Seed Bank is here to guide you through the process of cultivating your very own marijuana plants. You’ll find everything you need to know on our website, including information about

  • Germination
  • Vegetative Stage
  • Flowering Stage
  • Harvesting
  • Curing

We want you to get the most out of your growing experience; that’s why we offer a 90% germination guarantee on all of our weed seeds! That means that if at least 90% of the pot seeds you buy from us don’t sprout, we’ll replace them at no cost to you. Find out more about our germination guarantee here. If you experience anything less than 90%, we invite you to

  1. Contact customer service via phone or email
  2. Inquire about replacement seeds
  3. Send us video/photo of the seeds that did not pop

Maine’s Best Marijuana Seed Bank

Maine is known for its deep, dark forests and spooky ghost stories. A quick Google search brings up lots of local legends, some dating back as far at the 1700’s. Featuring an isolated and severe landscape, it’s no wonder these legends abound. Love to tell ghost stories around the campfire? Boost your storytelling potential with a potent strain of sativa from Pacific Seed Bank! Sativa is known for its ability to boost creativity and help its users reach that next level in their creative outlet. Shop our selection of sativa strains to find the one that’s right for you!

Something tells us that Maine isn’t poppin’ with seed banks on every corner. Even though recreational marijuana has been legal in Maine for a few years now, it still has that “small town” vibe with limited choices when it comes to marijuana seeds. Luckily for you, Pacific Seed Bank has got your back! We deliver marijuana seeds straight to your door in under two weeks. We make it easy, effortless, and seamless for customers to buy marijuana seeds online in Maine.

Is it Legal to Grow Marijuana in Maine?

Growing Marijuana in MaineIn 2017, recreational marijuana was legalized in the state of Maine! While recreational dispensaries won’t be open until 2019, medical card holders may visit a medical dispensary to buy their medical marijuana. Not a card holder? That’s okay, you can still grow your own marijuana plants! Maine residents may grow up to three plants at a time for personal recreational use. Ready to start growing your own weed plants? Let Pacific Seed Bank help you get started! We offer dozens of strains of fully feminized marijuana seeds in our online inventory. Shop today for your favorites, and get your weed seeds delivered right to your door!

The beauty of recreational marijuana is that growers don’t have to hide their plants! Growers in Maine are free to harvest marijuana plants outdoors as long as it’s on private property, like your garden or greenhouse. The only issue with outdoor growing in Maine is the freezing cold winters and snowfall. Most marijuana strains do best in warm-ish climate. If outdoor growing is your cup of tea, we suggest building a greenhouse so you can have more control of your plant’s environment.

Since the dispensaries aren’t open yet, I thought I’d try my hand at growing my own weed plants. The grower’s guide helped me through the entire process, and I ended up with three big beautiful plants! I already ordered more seeds for the next round.
Jim H., Bangor, Maine

Buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Whether you’re a medical patient looking for CBD seeds or a recreational grower who wants to relax or get a boost of creativity, we have the weed seeds you need! We carry

  1. sativa
  2. indica
  3. kush
  4. CBD strains
  5. fully feminized marijuana seeds to fit your lifestyle.

New to growing? Try one of our auto-flowering strains, and follow our handy grower’s guide for step-by-step instructions on how to germinate your seeds. Whatever your skill level or needs, Pacific Seed Bank is the best place to buy marijuana seeds in Maine. Check us out on social media to stay up to date on the latest growing trends and seasonal sales, and don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter for a chance to win free seeds!

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