What Are The Marijuana Laws In Tennessee?

Generally speaking, the south has been a little slower in adopting a greener, more marijuana-friendly lifestyle. Medical marijuana is legal in Georgia and Florida, but not in Tennessee or Alabama. It seems the south still stand divided, even though the entire west coast have proven to benefit from fully legal marijuana without any constraints or paperwork. If you’re feeling slightly let down by Tennessee’s marijuana laws, maybe this will cheer you up. It’s still fully legal to buy marijuana seeds in Tennessee. All we ask is that you don’t plant them, smoke them, or do anything that relates to drug use. That’s what will get you in trouble with the law.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains

  • THC Level (%)
Kush XL AutofloweringACDC CBDMaxi GoM Autoflowering
THC Level17%2%10%
TreatsStress, Insomnia, PainPain, Stress, InflammationAnxiety, Stress, Depression
Flowering Time50-60 days60-70 days60-70 days

How Can I Grow Marijuana Plants?

Since Tennessee hasn’t legalized marijuana, unfortunately it’s not possible to grow your own garden yet. Most marijuana users either grow marijuana plants themselves after buying the seeds at a dispensary or online, or, they buy a baby plant and raise it as their own. Truthfully, it’s much easier to buy an existing baby plant. That way your only duty is to keep it alive. Like baking, it’s harder to start from scratch with none of the ingredients put together for you.


Order Weed Seeds Online

So, if marijuana laws haven’t passed in Tennessee yet, how are you supposed to buy weed seeds? Good question! Because the seeds themselves are legal, you can purchase through an online seed bank — like us! We’re based out of California but ship weed seeds to every corner of the United States. We do our best to keep the pricing fair so everyone can have access to our weed seeds and experience the beginning stages of marijuana.

Is Smoking Marijuana Good For You?

We’re honestly surprised marijuana isn’t legal in every single state, considering the hundreds of benefits behind it. Any way you choose to enjoy marijuana, whether it be smoking, drinking, or eating, it will change you for the better. Marijuana has the ability to

  • Take away chronic or mild pain
  • Relieve anxiety
  • Reduce seizures related to epilepsy
  • Increase appetite

Even if you don’t suffer from any medical conditions, marijuana is a healthy everyday habit to get into. We all suffer from the annoying headache or menstrual cramps from time to time. Marijuana can fix that!

Many people give me weird looks when I tell them I collect marijuana seeds. It’s a great way to invest in marijuana without having to smoke it or buy it, which is hard in a place like Tennessee. Pacific Seed Bank has a large variety of seeds to choose from. My collection is growing fast!
Mike H., Tennessee

Marijuana Seeds For Sale In Tennessee

Now, we bet you’re wondering where to buy marijuana seeds in Tennessee. Obviously there aren’t any dispensaries around, so what’s a girl or guy to do? Well, Pacific Seed Bank is here to save the day! We offer marijuana seeds online to make the buying process super convenient for shoppers. And, we don’t just operate out of Tennessee. We ship marijuana seeds around the United States to the address you provide for us at checkout. You don’t even have to be a Tennessee resident.

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