It’s one of the first issues that come up when new marijuana growers begin their marijuana-growing journeys–how do you actually plant marijuana seeds? While the process can certainly be rewarding, there are definitely some considerations that go into planting seeds properly and there is a ton of available information about just how to do it.

With more than 2000 strains of marijuana available, there are a lot of combinations of seeds, growing environments, and soil to choose from. Let’s dive into the basics.

Plant Marijuana Seeds

Germinating your weed seeds

After you receive some high-quality cannabis seeds (say, from a quality retailer like Pacific Seed Bank), the first thing that you’ll need to do is germinate those cannabis seeds. In order to properly germinate marijuana seeds, you just need to provide them with three basic things: warmth, darkness, and moisture. While there are a variety of different ways in which you can germinate your marijuana seeds, the tried and true method that Pacific Seed Bank relies upon is known as the Water Glass/Paper Towel method.

Whatever method you prefer to use to germinate your marijuana seeds, you’ll know that they are ready to be planted when you can visibly see small tap roots emerging from each of your seeds. Once these seeds have sprouted, take great care when handling them, because they are quite delicate.

Planting germinated seeds

Once your marijuana seeds have germinated, you can finally get prepared to plant them. A seedling tray or pots that are 3 to 4 inches wide are ideal, and it definitely pays to ensure that your growing medium has the appropriate pH for cannabis seeds.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the process of planting your seeds:

  • Press the soil in your tray or pot down lightly, making holes that are roughly half an inch deep using either a pencil or your finger.
  • Place your germinated seeds in the vertical position with the root tip facing downwards (shoot facing up), gently tapping soil down on top of the hole to cover it.
  • Water the planted seeds using water that has a pH level of 6.5 or 6. Unless you’ve tested your tap water to be sure that it has the proper pH, please avoid using that. It definitely pays off to make sure that you water your marijuana plants evenly, taking care to make sure that they don’t get too soggy or waterlogged.
  • Use a small cup or even a spoon to water your marijuana plants instead of just dumping water in.
  • Make sure that you place your pots and trays in a spot that is warm (ideally under lighting with a temperature of 75 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer). But, at the same time, make sure that the soil doesn’t dry out. In order to combat dry soil, make sure to water correctly.
Plant Marijuana Seeds

Things to avoid when you plant marijuana seeds

While planting your own marijuana seeds isn’t a super complex process, there are definitely a few things that new growers have tried that haven’t worked well. So, we’ve compiled a list here of things that should be avoided in order to ensure the growth of a healthy marijuana plant.

  • Don’t use too much water or not enough water
  • Don’t put a plastic cover over your pots
  • Don’t keep the room you germinate your seeds in cold or dark
  • Don’t expose your marijuana plants to frost or extreme cold
  • Don’t fertilize your marijuana seedlings
  • Don’t use water with an incorrect pH level
  • Don’t spray marijuana seedlings with organic tea or pesticide
Plant Marijuana Seeds

Choosing the right marijuana seeds is key

It may not come as a surprise to learn that the seeds that you buy will play a large role in the success of your marijuana plant’s growth. Depending on what effects you are looking for, you may prefer to purchase either Indica dominant or Sativa dominant strains, although there are options in between that are hybrid strains.

Keep in mind that Indica dominant marijuana strains are closely tied to relaxation, while Sativa dominant strains tend to be associated with a mild high. It’s also important to consider the environmental considerations that your chosen seeds prefer. Some are super low key and easy to maintain, while others require a bit more attention to detail and have very specific needs. It’s recommended that newer marijuana growers stick to the strains that have a reputation for being low-maintenance to grow.

Make sure you have space to grow

Another important factor to keep in mind when you plant marijuana seeds is how tall they are going to grow. Those tiny little seedlings might sprout to up to eight feet in height, so it definitely pays off to keep in mind how tall your available ceilings are when you prep your marijuana growing space. Sativa plants are often taller while Indica plants may be shorter and wider.

  1. Fred says:

    I bought Island Sweet Skunk last year and they turned out huge with almost a pound per plant outdoors. Very easy to grow in 20 gallon fabric pots, late September harvest. Good uplifting saliva high for daytime activities, and conversation. Good for pain. I have rheumatoid arthritis and it did the trick. Going for hash plant indica this year for night night bud.

  2. jim ammerman says:

    i have bought approx 2 dozen seeds in the last 18 months from 3 different vendors of which less than half even germinated and of the rest6 made it to maturity thats about 25% used same technique each time 5 auto flower grew and one giant feminized good quality but lots of $ wasted looking for closer to 50% results is there a “sure thing” out there? im 69 and retired so if corona don’t get me I expect to buy more
    gonna look at what you have I like sativa for house chores and yard/veggie garden Indica allows me to sleep thru the night with cronic pain issues any suggestions Jim

    • Russ says:

      Hi I’ve had the same problem bought seeds from supplier half germinated we’re all supposed to feminized but all turned out to be auto flowers was a wast of time and money ordered some from pacific still waiting for delivery been about 3 weeks going to call this am hope I get what I ordered not just what they have I like to grow a mother and take clones works better for me last one lasted over two years now having trouble getting a good plant for cloning the og kush is great for indoors grew diesel out doors last year with fair results I’m from Michigan short growing season so I mostly grow indoors with good results the problem is getting good seeds hopefully pacific will solve that problem

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