New year, same stoner. There are some great weed gifts circulating the internet right about now for the most important smokers and tokers in your life. If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s how to appreciate the good people in our inner circle. Nothing says, “I care about you” like a weed cookbook. Or a marijuana-themed board game. Keep reading to see our favorite weed gifts!

While we’re still keeping our distance (at least until more people receive the vaccine), you can drop off presents at your loved one’s doorstep. We could all use more hobbies to enjoy around the house. And with the combination of weed, we may forget 2020 altogether. Marijuana has scientifically shown to reduce the side effects of the past year, including stress and anxiety.

Still struggling with the repercussions of 2020? We feel you. Treat yourself or friends and family to these one-of-a-kind weed gifts.

Weed Gifts

The Ganja Land Board Game

Dear fellow millennials, do you remember the Candy Land board game? With candy cane mountain? And gum drop valley? And licorice avenue? Well, the adult version of that lies in Ganja Land (available on Amazon). Play it with your roommates and/or live-in partners to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

A Marijuana Subscription Box

Do you know someone who hates running errands? Or leaving the house, in general? A marijuana subscription box would be the perfect gift idea for them. Everything you need to enjoy a relaxing smoke session arrives right in these boxes: smoking pieces, rolling papers, trays, matches, even apparel. We highly recommend the SensiBox or The Rollers Club subscriptions.

Weed Gifts

The Marijuana Cookbook

Throughout 2020, I personally relied on comfort food and a potent indica strain to cope with all the madness. Really, nothing pairs better than food and weed. The foodies in your life absolutely need this marijuana cookbook titled, Bong Appetit. It features cannabis-infused recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, midday snacks. The best weed gifts are the ones you make for yourself.

The CBD Bath Bomb

CBD, without a doubt, is one of the most versatile health products on the market. You can find it in bottled water, beauty products, a variety of foods, oils, kinds of butter, and so on. The self-care preacher in your life is going to love this CBD bath bomb that dissolves in hot water to release comforting and relaxing vibes. It can also relieve inflammation, and sore muscles.

Weed Gifts

The Aroma Therapy Candle

Shoutout to our friends who live in less weed-friendly states. Actual marijuana products might not fly in Georgia or Texas but, at the very least, your loved ones can enjoy the aroma of cannabis with this 4/20 candle. It smells of a potently delicious strain with notes with bergamot, bud, musk, and cedarwood. These strong scents are all known to fill a room with aroma.

The Ultimate Question Book

How many times have you remembered—and then immediately forget, an important note during your high? The last time I smoked, I skipped 99% of my typical grocery store checklist. Clearly, weed and short-term memory don’t go hand-in-hand. That’s why we recommend this book: Everything You Want to Know But Are Always Too Stoned to Ask.

The Stylish Grinder

Take a look at your coffee table…what’s front and center? Is it a flipbook? Your laptop? A candle? Your weed grinder? Most marijuana-related tools and gadgets lack that aesthetic look, with the exception of this golden grinder. It’s the perfect weed gift for people who love to display their marijuana paraphernalia. Functional and beautiful.

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