If you’ve ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test before, you probably know just how scarily accurate the results can be. And if you haven’t taken the test yet, there’s no time like the present. Keep reading to find out your cannabis personality type!

The Myers-Briggs system is an adaptation of Carl Jung’s Theory of Personality Types, and there are 16 different varieties. They are a great way of understanding your unique personality and how you relate to the world. And, they can also be useful when it comes to finding a cannabis strain that suits you to a T(HC).

Personality Type

Understanding the Myers-Briggs Types

Each Myers-Briggs type is composed of four letters, each of which represents a different part of the personality. When put together, the four letters tell you your individual personality type. Here are the four different pairs:

E (extroverted) or I (introverted): This set explains the direction of your energy. If you tend to place your energy toward other people, things, and the outer world, you are probably more extroverted. On the other hand, if your energy deals more with ideas, information, beliefs, and the inner world, you are likely more introverted. 

S (sensing) or N (intuitive): The second pair of letters describes how you process information and things in your environment. If you like facts and having clarity, then you prefer sensing. If you would rather contemplate the unknown and think about new possibilities, you are more intuitive.

T (thinking) or F (feeling): The next set reflects how you make decisions. If you usually decide things based on logic and analyzing objective facts, then your preference is for thinking. If you make decisions from your values, such as who or what you believe is important, then you are more of a feeler. 

(J) judging or P (perceiving): The last pair describes your lifestyle. If you like planning things ahead of time and leading a more organized life, then your preference is for judging. If you would rather take a relaxed and go-with-the-flow approach, then you are more perceiving.

Personality Type

The Best Cannabis Strain For Each Personality Type

INTJ – The Architect

People with the INTJ personality type are known for being intellectual, reliable, logical, and imaginative. However, they have little patience for small talk or flirting, which can make romantic relationships challenging. Architects will enjoy a strain that opens their mind and inspires their romantic side, like Green Crack

INFJ – The Advocate

Inherent givers, INFJs care deeply about the people around them. They are passionate, idealistic, and helpful. But since they spend a lot of energy-giving to their friends and family, they can often forget to take care of themselves. That’s why a strain that helps them relax and practice self-care (much like CBD Critical Mass) is recommended for Advocates.

INTP – The Logician

Philosophical, curious, and practical, The Logician is hungry for knowledge and new experiences. They can sometimes go so deep into thought that they seem detached and often are a bit oblivious to the world around them. They might benefit from a strain that helps them concentrate and clear their mind, like Harlequin

ENTJ – The Commander

With their natural charisma and confidence, ENTJs are used to being the life of the party. However, sometimes they can become too over-ambitious and forget to relax. A strain like Blue Dream will help them stay social and relaxed for whatever comes their way. 

Personality Type

ENFP – The Campaigner

There’s much to love about empathetic Campaigners. They are charming free spirits who genuinely love to be around people and enjoy the moment. They can get easily stressed and are highly emotional, so a strain like Laughing Buddha will help balance them out and stay positive.

ESTP – The Entrepreneur 

Speed, thrill, and risk are all attractive things to the ESTP type. These active folks have a natural competitive drive and thrive on being the center of attention. A strain that puts them in full relaxation mode (much like Master Kush) will be greatly appreciated.

ENTP – The Debater

On a never-ending quest for knowledge, Debaters love to argue and fall easily into deep discussions. Having a strain like Purple Haze on hand will put them into a creative mindset and help fuel thoughtful conversation. 

INFP – The Mediator

The glass is always half full for The Mediator, an optimistic personality type known for its positivity. They see the good in everything but can sometimes be a little on the shy side. A strain like Orange Bud will help them break out of their shell. 

Personality Type

ENFJ – The Protagonist

Naturally charismatic and powerful, Protagonists tend to have excellent interpersonal skills and are good at seeing the big picture. However, they often have trouble making decisions. Jack the Ripper is the perfect strain for them since it can help them see things from different perspectives. 

ISTJ – The Logistician

The ISTJ type is family-oriented and has a strong sense of right and wrong, especially when it comes to their responsibilities. They tend to get easily frustrated when others are inconsistent or late, and as with other introverted types, they may seem a little cold on first impression. That’s why they would benefit from a strain that helps them relax and have a little fun, much like Strawberry Cough

ISFJ – The Defender

Driven by their desire to help and inspire others, Defenders are charitable and kind souls. But sometimes they can get so caught up with helping the people around them that they can neglect their own feelings. This is why they should try a strain like Quantum Kush. This sativa-dominant hybrid provides euphoric yet relaxing effects.

ESTJ – The Executive

Tradition and organization are two of the most important things for Executives. This extroverted personality type has a strong moral compass and prides itself on being a reliable friend. However, they can feel uncomfortable in new environments, which is why a mind-opening strain like White Widow is a great choice. 

Personality Type

ESFJ – The Consul

Charming and generous, The Consul personality type has a way with people. They embody the work hard, play hard mentality, and wear their hearts on their sleeves. While they are easy-going, they can also be sensitive to criticism. They will appreciate a strain that makes them more emotionally flexible, much like Jillybean

ISTP – The Virtuoso

Highly creative, Virtuosos are passionate creators and makers. When a project or journey worth their attention comes along, they launch themselves into it wholeheartedly. However, long-term goals are often hard for them to stay focused on. A strain such as Cinex will help them see their projects to completion.

ISFP – The Adventurer

True individuals, Adventurers march to the beat of their own drum. These folks are spontaneous, artistic, and curious. While they effortlessly attract people with their unique energy, they can also become easily stressed out. Therefore they might benefit from a calming strain like AK-47

ESFP – The Entertainer 

Never ones to shy away from the spotlight, Entertainers are fun, theatrical, and endlessly positive. These storytellers love being around people. A strain like Hawaiian will help them keep up their focus and social energy all day long.

  1. Dave Malaschak says:

    I’m a mix of ENTP and ISTP. I was an Engineer half of my adult life and also a musician/song writer. I’m totally screwed up lol. I really like Blue Dream for being creative and Lavender Jones for chillin and pain relief. I know that sounds backwards but honestly I can’t play music when high on LJ but totally get I to it with BD.

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