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Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds

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Don’t fight that tickle in the back of your throat, Strawberry Cough marijuana is meant to do that. If you can endure the inevitable coughing fit associated with this sweet strain, you’ll enjoy its high potency, which is easy to grow and yields a moderate crop.

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They say if you cough it makes the high hit harder, and Strawberry Cough marijuana will cause even the most seasoned smokers to feel a tickle in their throat. You may not like feeling like newb but you’ll love the cerebral high that leaves a smile on your face and kicks stress and worries to the curb.

Twenty percent THC is nothing to sneeze at, though Strawberry Cough marijuana tends to be more easygoing than overwhelming, and feelings of elation and euphoria will settle in gently for energy that lets you feel refreshed, and relaxation that can make social situations more enjoyable.

Warning: Strawberry Cough marijuana may also leave your mouth watering, thanks to its overpowering aroma of fresh strawberries, coupled with an earthy tang of spring flowers. Sweet like candy, there’s also a deliciously sugary, strawberry aftertaste that lingers.

Strawberry Cough feminized marijuana seeds are of the kind that thrive in the outdoors – this strain enjoys a lot of sun, and hot, tropical climates. It tends to be resistant to most common pests and molds that can affect cannabis plants and comes highly recommended for beginner ganja gardeners. Indoor or out, you can harvest upwards of 400 grams of sweetly scented bud from this photoperiod strain.

Take a deep breath and cough – it’s okay, it’s expected with Strawberry Cough feminized marijuana seeds – order now!

Additional information

Cannabis Species



80% Sativa/20% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days



CBD Level

Low (<2%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, worries


Earthy, Spicy, Sweet

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






49 reviews for Strawberry Cough Feminized Seeds

  1. ForestWarden (verified owner)

    I always enjoyed smoking strawberry cough back in the day….now it’s time for me to grow my very own! I ordered 10 seeds online, just thinking it might work out for me….so far so good! The seeds have all germinated (yayyy!) and they are looking pretty healthy so far. 100% germination is a GREAT start and I am excited for the rest of the grow this summer. Always start your MJ plants indoors kids!

  2. S. Wilson (verified owner)

    Whooo… this is for those big smokers out there cuz Strawberry Cough is no joke! As soon as you hit it, get ready for the coughing. It’s worth it because you get potency that’s no joke. This is the high you need to embrace because it makes you feel so relaxed and so, so good. Don’t sleep on this one!!

  3. Zack Flores (verified owner)

    Best tasting strawberry cough I have ever tried. It’s fresh, sticky, and hazy. This weed makes the world into a surrealist painting, and turns my mood into childish glee!!

  4. Amir Johnson (verified owner)

    The smoke is harsh but tastes of strawberry. Loving the fresh weed and the easy online ordering. My favorite part is when the plant just starts flowering and it looks amazing. Beautiful, fresh, and very hard to find elsewhere, especially at this price. Give me more of these seeds and you can expect me to grow them next year. Looking great so far. 2023 is going to be the year of strawberry cough!!

  5. Remington Rodgers (verified owner)

    I had heard so many great things about pacific seed bank from my friends I had to try it out myself. We’re all getting into growing our own weed now, and mine is coming out pretty fantastic. Turns out I am a natural at this! My skills are supplemented by hours of YouTube, and blogs from this website. TONS of great tips and tricks….the best one being to SOAK your seeds before planting….helps speed germination like nothing else!

  6. E B (verified owner)

    Bring home the bacom with strawberry cough fem marijuana seeds. This CLASSIC strain is even better when you grow at home and smoke with your friends! The strawberry flavor is undeniable, it’s bright, fresh, and all around strong! Just from 3 plants, I am able to manage 400 G of pot and usually keep it fresh for days on end. Great weed!

  7. Lesley Noel (verified owner)

    Soooo beautiful! Strawberry cough is tall, dark and handsome. Some really vibrantly colored red nugs, just like little strawberries. Did GREAT on my back porch! They loved all the morning sunlight and produced a LOT of flavorful nugs that smell and tastes like strawberry. Don’t get other seeds without this much flavor. Pacific is always the best choice for online buying!

  8. Imaad Melendez (verified owner)

    All the weeds make you cough….but this one is a SPECIAL COUGH!! That basically means that when you smoke this weed and cough it out it has a distinct strawberry flavor! I have been a loyal customer of Pacific seeds for many years, and I gotta say I am always impressed with their products. Been growing since I was 21, now I am 45 and still loving it!

  9. Duncan Knowles (verified owner)

    Focus on the strawberry and less on the cough. This weed is like smoking a smoothie! Great boost of mood and energy, helpful for all levels of stress and anxiety. Hopefully I am gonna be getting baked on this strain for a long time. It was ridiculously easy to grow myself!

  10. Israr Mustafa (verified owner)

    The drive between Ocean shored and Portland takes a long time and I need to do it on the regular. I like buying marijuana and then growing it at home, it just saves me time and money and I am a practical man, Hopefully i can get my greenhouse set up in time for next season.

  11. Saoirse Ross (verified owner)

    A relaxing and uplifiting strain. An ideal hybrid that combines the best of what this site has to offer. I broke my harvesting record, got nearly 700 grams this time around, and it’s looking pretty darn fresh. The key is regular fertilizing, and consistent watering schedule.

  12. Sumaiya William (verified owner)

    The cough is real…definitely leaves you wheezing but don’t worry the strawberry flavor makes it all worth it! Buying mj online is quite helpful and useful, gives me something to do now that I am unemployed. Buying online is easy peasy. The seeds ship fast, they germinate well, and usually have given me a heavy mood boost. Happy as can be!

  13. Viktor Burrows (verified owner)

    Been growing my own weed for years, very excited to have this strain coming in from Pacific. They have a smooth and clean online ordering system with great selection. The seeds always arrive fast and germinate well. Have grown this seed in the past, and I have nothing but beautiful flower forming after 5 months in the ground. Get stoked!

  14. Anees Duffy (verified owner)

    Get coughing and feel the strawberry smoke coming out your FACE. Bought 5 seeds man, and lemme tell ya, they all germinated beautifully, and they look GREAT. Made some great progress as a grower, with easier grows and faster flowering times with the use of fertilizer.

  15. Virgil Burton (verified owner)

    So much weed, so little time. Strawberry cough is a new growing experience for me. It hits real good, makes me sweat! Bought 5 seeds online, got them shipped to my place in less than a week. Hoodoggy! I’m a regular customer now!

  16. Derek Ford (verified owner)

    Get your cough on with strawberry cough. Man this stuff looks amazing, all covered in crystals, dank sticky nugs….Mmmmmm. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I break open a pack of mj seeds from PSB and they grow beautifully every time!! I have never had an issue with this stuff, and will definitely buy more of it.

  17. Julius Andersen (verified owner)

    Strawberry is preeeeety nice when you’re getting high. It’s like inhaling all the flavors of spring harvest :)))))

    Hot tip: this weed makes for GREAT weed butter, and it also makes for some FIRE cookies!!!

    Easy to buy online, just try it out and you’ll see!

  18. Delia Tyler (verified owner)

    I am kind of a lightweight when it comes to marijuana. I smoke just a little bit and I am stoned for HOURS! Makes for a great buy though, and it helps me deal with stress and depression nicely. Will definitely buy more of this marijuana, because it’s a lot of fun! I just love working in my garden, especially the worms 🙂

  19. Wilma Padilla (verified owner)

    Cough your little heart out with this strawberry-flavored marijuana. It’s one of the finest strains you can find. It’s crystalized and bright green, and an absolute gem when you’re in a weed pinch. It crumbles soooo nicely between your fingers, get ready to pack the perfect bowl or roll the perfect joint. You’ll be happier than ever!

  20. Aisling Cottrell (verified owner)

    This is ooooone heck of a weed, it has that sweet strawberry flavor and the harsh smoke that will make you cough and cough. It definitely lives up to its title, but I love the harsh buzz and smoking this stuff out of a bong is absolutely great! The vibes are super chill and my body feel so much more relaxed, def gonna buy more!

  21. Damian Salinas (verified owner)

    This weed is alll about flavor….it gets me nice and stoned and it keeps me where I wanna be for HOURS at a time!!! I worship Pacific…nobody delivers weed seeds around Canada, but I know Pacific has my back, and the shipping time is just soooo fast you can barely get ready. No sweat though, great buy!

  22. Viktor Correa (verified owner)

    The name really says it all cause it’s definitely got that strawberry flavor that will get you all giddy inside. Very excited to see this stuff growing in my backyard, always a joy to take care of in the morning, first thing, and get the cold air on your face to wake you up, it’s like nothing else. The amazing yield is also something to look forward to.

  23. Cleanwindowspro (verified owner)

    You never really know until you try. This was my first time growing weed and my first time with Pacific seed bank. Was amazed at just how many strains were around on their website, ordered the strawberry cough cause it’s always been my fave, and this is some good stuff! Easy ordering, good to put it in the ground, get your hands dirty. I feel really accomplished, having grown my own bud in just a few month’s time. Great buy!

  24. farmlamb194 (verified owner)

    Strawberry cough, very nice stuff. It definitely has that high-quality strawberry taste. Gets me real high and helps me relax too. Can’t wait to get my next batch up and growing. Very impressive strain, maybe the best there is. I will absolutely buy more weed!

  25. lampslampslamps (verified owner)

    Oh boy, you’re in for a real treat! This weed is bound to get you good and high and it makes your whole mind just whirl around in space. It’s a chill time in reality, and the taste of strawberry will linger in your nostrils for hours…pretty exciting to grow it out back, got a sweet yield, super clean and delicious weed!

  26. Burnside (verified owner)

    Cough your way to greatness with the strawberry cough strain…it’s wicked fun to grow and super relaxing and totes tastes like strawberry. It’s sweet and crumbly in your hands…makes for a great spliff…the BEST spliff actually and is always a nice buy if you’re new to growing mj. Try it out!

  27. jam. gardener (verified owner)

    Strawberry cough really lives up to its name. Great flavor, very sweet and berry-like, especially when it’s fresh off the vine. Very uplifting stuff, great for smoking during the daytime or in the evening. It’s not gonna keep you up all night, but usually gives me a nice little surge of creative energy, makes my fingertips feel buzzy. I definitely wanna buy more and grow indoors next time!

  28. I know better than U (verified owner)

    You have probably come across this weed and never knew it. It’s super popular out here on the west coast and it makes for a great smoke when you are having a stressful day. I really like the smell of it, cause obviously it smells like strawberries, but the best part is the buzz which feels truly great and very relaxing, especially when you grow your own with Pacific. I’m telling you this weed is hella fresh, and the flowers are bright green and sticky. Can’t complain!

  29. blankslate (verified owner)

    Yeah this bud definitely makes you cough, which is pretty funny and it definitely does taste fruity like strawberry! I got a great little harvest my 3 plants, all grown indoors, and the bud is fresh and top quality. I smoke it on the daily, get real high and then ride my bike around town, waving hello to all my favorite people. I feel like a king, and this weed helped me get there. I am definitely gonna order from pacific again, they have the BEST seeds in the USA!

  30. Nolan (verified owner)

    sweet fuzzy candy weed, like seriously this stuff smells like fresh berries and yeah I guess it makes you cough if you don’t have a high tolerance, but I smoke everyday so don’t really have any trouble with it. It’s suuuuuper relaxing and man does it brighten up my day. I feel so relaxed and have such a nice time. I play my bass guitar or go for a ride on my bike through the forest and the colors are just swirling around my head, brightly colored streaks of red and green and splotches of sun rush by…such a memorable high!

  31. Patrick huang (verified owner)

    Any seasoned stoner knows (and probably loves) this strain of weed. It’s some fresh, dank herb coated in sticky crystals and it totally tastes like strawberries, delicious! I ordered online with PSB and had the seeds delivered to my door. Very high quality stuff, comes in this medical grade glass packaging so was able to store long term in the basement. Finally grew them this year and what an amazing result! Definitely worth it!

  32. desmond (verified owner)

    This is an excellent buy, especially if you’re new to weed. Like, I have been smoking weed for years but this was my first time growing. Turns out I am a natural and I love the process. This plant germinated beautifully and gave me a ton of nug after just 4 months of growing. It’s got that classic strawberry flavor and its so relaxing on the mind and body. What a treat! Love this stuff!

  33. Brett Coleman (verified owner)

    You really can’t go wrong growing this strain. It’s always a winner, at home or even at parties. Super easy to get this stuff to germ and only 3 months later there’s flowers growing on the plant, hooray! It smells and tastes just like strawberries and yes, it makes you cough. It’s a great high, very mental and focused with a great mood lift!

  34. Wyatt E. (verified owner)

    Definitely one of my all time favorite strains of weed! I obviously love the smell and taste, so sweet like berries and vanilla. Truly delectable herb, easy to grow and gives a really great yield! I was so happy I got to finally use my greenhouse in the backyard! Smoked like 3 grams on my first harvest day! And now I love sharing with my gf and family!

  35. skatestuff89 (verified owner)

    Not sure if the legends are true, but I definitely do cough when I smoke this stuff and I DEFINITELY get baked!!! A lot of fun to grow in my garden, my yield outdoors was pretty darn impressive, I got almost 400 G and this is my very first grow. Such a delicious weed, with a stellar flavor, a classic strain for sure. Definitely not good for cotton mouth and always gives me the munchies, so have water on hand. PSB has amazing seeds!

  36. Craig N. (verified owner)

    Dry mouth and dry eyes, but nice high. Taking off a star for those reasons alone but other than that it’s spectacular. Easy to grow indoors, but this weed (I read) likes lots of light so have a decent light setup ready if you aren’t growing it outside. About nine week flowering time left me with about 400 grams a plant which is superb. This stuff smells like April, if that makes sense, really fresh strawberry aroma and nice and flowery. Made my indoor grow smell like a garden.

  37. Jarret J. (verified owner)

    What’s even better than a hybrid that’s a perfect mix of indica and sativa? When it’s easy as hell to grow. Couldn’t believe how well this grow went, and I’ve been at this shit for awhile. My seedlings took off after germinating. Very fast growing! My plants have been 100% trouble free, which doesn’t happen for me that often. Great customer service and fast shipping.

  38. Gayle A. (verified owner)

    Beeeeeaaaautiful yellow-orange trichomes on this bud. Very satisfying grow. Didn’t know I could find these seeds online till I ordered em from Pacific. Always thought you had to clip straight from a clone. Anyway, got em in the mail and germination went smoothly. Grew indoors in abotu nine weeks. The buds were really big which I didn’t expect but was pleased with of course. Very easy and would highly recommend for beginners.

  39. Raul G. (verified owner)

    Medical marijuana user here, primarily for social phobia and agoraphobia. Pretty much a novice grower so I went for something easy and potent. I’m pleased to say that my seeds from PSB germinated and grew into lovely, sweet-smelling plants. A little bit overwhelming, aroma-wise, which makes me wish I could grow outdoors. Sadly that’s not gonna happen in my part of the USA anytime soon. (Fuck republicans!) Anyway I feel much more comfortable being around people when I’ve had a couple hits of this weed. Cool cool cool.

  40. Harry W (verified owner)

    Cough and you’re off! Haha, love the name. Love the weed. Really great for medical uses. Treated my PTSD and made me feel as if I didn’t have a care in the world. These ladies were also incredibly easy to grow with an impressively large yield that will keep me stocked for months. This is my go-to for treating some of my anxiety because it doesn’t cause me to panic or get paranoid. My all-time favorite for feeling relaxed and at ease with the world. Would recommend to anyone on account of the easyness in growing. Would also recommend pacific for the seeds. Best buy so far.

  41. Bill B. (verified owner)

    Easy grow for some dank weed! Smells like strawberries and mmmMmmm what a good high. Got a good relaxing pick-me-up from this bud that had me giggling and feeling social. All of my seeds arrived looking good and sprouted into some really nice plants. Harvested without any problems whatsoever. Love it and gonna get me some more.

  42. Camille M. (verified owner)

    Sooo I have mixed feelings about this weed. I live in Hawaii so I grew it outside, where it’s hot and sunsoaked, and it grew like a weed (haha)! I wanted to use it to treat nausea for me and my gf and it worked well. HOWEVER, that tickle in the throat is weird. The sweet taste is nice but having to cough when I smoke it makes me feel like a stupid teenager, lol. I’ll go for something more fruity that doesn’t make me cough next time. I will however buy from PSB again, ordering from them is the best; very professional and awesome customer service.

  43. Elisa D. (verified owner)

    OMG this is FOR SURE my fave strain of weed!!!! I love how it just tastes like a bowl of fresh strawberries and leave me feeling high as a kite. What a treat this was to find online and grow in my own backyard. Beautiful stuff!! Definitely causes cotton mouth though, so just keep that in mind. It’s got great munchies attached to it as well. What a treat!!

  44. Laura W. (verified owner)

    I’ve had some pretty intense depression and PTSD following a traumatic car accident a few months ago. I ended up having major surgery and the anesthesia did a number on my brain. I haven’t been able to get any relief until I found strawberry cough. I’ve grown my own weed a few times before, I just plant my sprouts in with my garden. I started these plants a month after my surgery and now that I’ve had a chance to harvest and smoke some of this amazing bud I’m grateful I put the time in.

  45. Celena G. (verified owner)

    This is an excellent strain of MJ. Heavy on the sativa side of things, so maybe not great before bed, but it really does taste nice and fruity and can make you cough for sure lol. I ordered my seeds online through PSB and had them shipped right to my door. Grew this in my backyard and had some marked success, great yield and delicious bud. I smoke usually during my lunch break and this really helps with depression, stress, and anxiety.

  46. Halie D. (verified owner)

    My friends laughed when I said I had strawberry cough cannabis, but now they’re laughing because they love the marvelous high of this strain! Honestly, everyone I know who has tried strawberry cough mj loves it. The berry taste is sooo amazing, it’s like a strawberry lollipop! It’s so juicy and sweet. And as I’ve already said, it’s a strain that makes you feel good – you’ll love the people you are with even more and you’ll all be giggling and having a fun time. What’s more, strawberry cough is pretty easy to grow: just plug and play as the growers say! Good seed, good order makes for a good time!

  47. Khloe L. (verified owner)

    To the list of “Things I thought I couldn’t do but actually can” I’m happy to add “Grow excellent pot.” Yep, I grew my own Strawberry Cough in my backyard and it came out great. More than a pound of top-shelf marijuana from seeds I got here. This was my first order, can’t wait try try something else. I’m not a cannabis expert but my friends who are say my crop is as good as weed they got in Amsterdam. So there you go.

  48. Luz V. (verified owner)

    Well well well, would you believe it this weed tastes like strawberries! Haha, who’da thunk!?! This grow was easier than strawberry pie. I didn’t have to work for it at all and I got lots of mj at harvest time. That’s pretty good in my book. There are so many varieties on Pacific’s site I don’t know that I’ll be buying this one again that soon because I have more that I want to try. But I’d recommend this one to beginners and people who love a nice sativa dominant hybrid.

  49. Denver M. (verified owner)

    Strawberry Cough has be hacking up a lung like weed did when I was 13!! Heavy sativa that slowly sets in as the gears get going it makes you feel like getting up and doing anything, it’s a really fun and happy high. Little bit of indica keeps me from feeling kinda cracked out like pure sativas do sometimes, though. It says to grow it outside or in a greenhouse but I grew mine indoors and just made sure to keep the heat up and the light direct and I had no problems from germination to harvest!

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