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Jillybean Feminized Seeds

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With a candy-flavored smoke offering a deliciously soft but intense high, Jillybean feminized marijuana seeds are easy-to-grow and easy to enjoy!

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When you want to satisfy your sweet tooth without the overindulgence, try Jillybean marijuana – it smells (and tastes) just like a handful of tropical jelly beans! Boasting deep purple and green leaves with a smattering of bright orange pistils, the crystal covered buds of this sativa-dominant hybrid result in an intense cerebral high coupled with an uplifting body high that boosts energy and focus for hours.

Offering up a moderate level of THC and CBD (1%), the rush of happiness combined with a boost in creativity make Jillybean marijuana as popular for social gatherings (especially if you like to giggle), as it is for patients – a soothing but invigorating full-body high has many medical applications, like addressing discomfort, managing prolonged stress, and supporting individuals in navigating mood-related challenges.

Jillybean feminized marijuana seeds are resilient, resistant to common molds and mildews. They do well outdoors, but these short sativas prefer a warm, dry environment, and these small but dense and fragrant bushes will produce up to about 400 grams per plant after about 60-70 days.

Treat yourself to a tropical delight – order Jillybean feminized marijuana seeds now!

Additional information


Original Kush

Cannabis Species



60% Sativa/40% Indica

Flowering Time

60-70 days

CBD Level

Moderate (3-10%)

Feels Like

Euphoric, Happy, Uplifted

Yield Indoors (per m²)

Up to 300g/m²

Yield Outdoors

Up to 400 gr

To Treat

Depression, Pain, Stress


Citrus, Sweet, Tropical

Skill Level


Plant Sex


Flowering Type






49 reviews for Jillybean Feminized Seeds

  1. Dick Mooney (verified owner)

    Tastes like jellybeans…. a little sour and sweet….good for stress and anxiety and helps with depression. Buying online makes the whole process a lot easier….and usually the MJ itself is pretty high quality. I recommend to anyone trying to start their own MJ growing project!

  2. J. Harrison (verified owner)

    Sweet like candy, Jillybean is a fun new strain for me. I love to try different things and this has been one of my favorites. These feminized seeds germinated within days and I was ready to plant. I chose to do it indoors since I don’t have a bunch of room. They grew perfectly and didn’t take up too much space. Once you smoke, you’ll have all the laughs and giggles!!

  3. Markus Lyons (verified owner)

    Jillybean is a delightful strain that truly lives up to its name! I had a “giddy” experience growing this beauty. The high is euphoric and uplifting, leaving me feeling incredibly happy. With its easy cultivation and impressive yield, Jillybean is a winner in my book!

  4. Space6Scribe (verified owner)

    I recently purchased Jillybean feminized marijuana seeds and I couldn’t be happier with the results. All of my seeds germinated successfully, and the plants have been thriving. The buds are covered in crystals and the aroma is absolutely delicious. The high is a perfect blend of cerebral and body effects, leaving me feeling happy, uplifted, and focused.

  5. Conner Pacheco (verified owner)

    Finally got my greenhouse up and running. I am so incredibly stoked. This season is going to be great. I am already soaking my pot seeds and will be planting them indoors in a few weeks fingers crossed.
    I’ve had great experiences with Pacific in the past, their seeds ship quickly and the MJ itself is remarkably fresh and strong!

  6. Robert Ashley (verified owner)

    Easy going easy growing plant. Been growing this on and off for a few years and it has always been worth the time. Averages 10 weeks to flower and always gives a solid yield. Most of the time I’d say 90% or more of my seeds from PSB germinate.

  7. Real Slim Shady (verified owner)

    One of the easiest-to-grow strains I have done, this is an excellent choice for newer growers and gives you a great entry point into the world of growing. Short enough to fit into any garden and has a great destressing value to its high. Cannot recommend this enough.

  8. Augusta Nixon (verified owner)

    A really nice hybrid with a good mix of Sativa and Indica, this strain is very smooth and the CBD level is really good for medicinal use. The yields from this were quite moderate and I enjoyed how small this plant is and easy to care for.

  9. Peregrine Riley (verified owner)

    Freshly harvested, this weed is looking stellar. Got about 300 G, never measured just guessing. Also, how in the heck do you measure THC? I don’t have the modern tech to do that, but I can tell ya, from one bowl of fresh jillybean, I am stoned as a toaster friends. Good vibes at just the right price!

  10. Marissa Merritt (verified owner)

    This fresh weed tastes a lot like candy and helps with stress, anxiety and depression. It’s the perfect grow for anyone living on the west coast. It does well outdoors but really thrives indoors and needs a lot of love and attention. I highly recommend it, no matter who you are, to try it out and see how you do. There’s a lot to learn but it’s well worth the journey for the great, delicious weed at the end!

  11. Keaton Khan (verified owner)

    This fresh as heck weed is great for my mental health. Yep, that’s right, this weed has helped me manage my stress, anxiety, and depression, all without the need for medication! I definitely enjoyed burning through my supply. It went too darn fast!

    Did my weed look like the picture above? Not really, it was a smaller plant for sure, but 400 G across 3 plants is not too shabby. Any thoughts?

  12. Ryley Dunlop (verified owner)

    Be one heck of a challenge to grow a full greenhouse with Jillybean….It’s a challenge I am willing to accept! Gonna buy wholesale seeds right now!

  13. Bradleigh Mcclain (verified owner)

    Smooth and fruity, like a fresh fruit smoothie. A great amount of work went into growing these plants. It’s a very aggressive grow, and if you don’t harvest your flower fast enough you’ll have a handful of new seeds!

  14. Colin Thornton (verified owner)

    This weed got me straight trippin. Jillybean tastes like your favorite flavor of jellybean! It’s sweet and sour and generally very uplifting. You might wanna grow indoors, in a greenhouse or something, to ensure success. Give yourself a chance! Weed is a game of patience and skill. Are you up for it?

  15. Corrina Downes (verified owner)

    Sour and sweet, tastes a lot like the candy, plus it it has some great mental benefits that bring me a lot of happiness and joy. Nothing better than growing your own weed, cause not only is it rewarding, it’s also a great way to be more active in your garden and of course, to smoke more weed!

  16. Arianna Naylor (verified owner)

    I lurrrve Jillybean. This variety of marijuana is so bright and fruity it’s like smoking a smoothie. Yummmm. Maybe not as healthful as a smoothie, but a great addition to my mj collection at home. Have worked with a number of seed banks in the past. but this one is definitely my favorite. Their shipping times are excellent, their germination rate quite high.

  17. Keira Pena (verified owner)

    jillybean is sweet and sour and everything in between. Great for indoor growing or even in your yard. You will not be disappointed! Gives me a very nice sativa head buzz and lets me sink right back into my daily life, never keeps me down or slows me down. It’s all about movement, energy and euphoria!

  18. Kyla Haney (verified owner)

    Gonna get some jillybean weed for the summer and I am gonna be happy happy happy that I ate some beans. Ordered this online, got it shipped to my place in Washington and started growing last year,. Had GREAT results with this weed, and I am definitely stoked to keep buying it. It’s the most convenient way to score some pot seeds online!

  19. Jokubas Zavala (verified owner)

    I will absolutely keep buying from this website, it’s suuuuch good weed, and like an amazing time. I will definitely be buying more from Pacific cause they just do me right! They give me a lot of good seed, and I put it in my garden and watch it grow like a maniac, it’s so chill and relaxing, and I’ll totally do it again.

  20. Fraser Cornish (verified owner)

    Sooooo much weed in my life now! I am like totally saturated with marijuana.I didn;t think I would get THIS much weed from one grow, but here we are and things are LOOKING UP!!! I got a good vibe every time I smoked it, I even stopped calling my ex griflriend. Wow what progress!!

  21. Danyaal Palmer (verified owner)

    I was smoking jillybean with my friend the other day and literally eating jelly beans and I gotta say this some amazing stuff. I am smoking this weed almost constantly now, it’s amazing and very lighthearted stuff. It’s also pretty easy growing. I like the vibes especially when It’s late at night and I want my mind to be melted into the couch lol

  22. Sharmin Morgan (verified owner)

    Jilly bean gets me PUMPED for some summer fun. I ordered it online and it shipped right out to my house in the backwoods of Washington Lickety Split! Was toking this stuff down by the river and feeling like a boss. A real gem in my garden, looking pretty impressive, and smells just fantastic as well. awesome purchase!!!

  23. Jannah Vazquez (verified owner)

    Jillybean…what a cool name for a strain…it grows best indoors I find cause it really likes the heat. I grow it on a heat mat with some extra love from my overhead watering system, how awesome is that. I will definitely keep buying from this website cause they have never let me down, great seeds!

  24. Kaden Dodson (verified owner)

    Jilly Jilly! This weed is what I used to smoke back in college and it’s been my favorite ever since. Something about the candy-sweet flavor gets me every time, and it helps me manage all that pain and stress I got through the day. I JUST ordered my own seeds online and started growing last month and I am so very pleased so far!!!

  25. Phillip Schultz (verified owner)

    Jillybean is a great find, and it’s so hard to find on the internet!!! Very pleased with the result, got a NICE yield from this grow, nearing like 500 grams of sweet sweet nug. The online selection here in just HUGE, PSB has everything you could ever want, and I definitely decided to switch it up and grow something more in the sativa lane this time 🙂

  26. IUKM Unlimited (verified owner)

    The jillybean is one of the sweeter strains you can find on the internet. Absolutely stunnin in color and flavor, grew bigger than the roof of my house, and it just looks amazing. I really enjoy the growing process, helps me stay focused and stress-free. Gardening is so good for your spirit, so good for the soul. A nice sativa hybrid friends!

  27. drwnm63 (verified owner)

    Definitely will not disappoint. This weed is chill and it is relaxing…it helps me manage my pain and my stress and it is nice to have around the house. I have a small greenhouse out back, made for a nice project during the summer, which led way to a strong fall harvest. Got a very nice vibe from this weed, it never fails to make me smile 🙂

  28. Hoodie Chic (verified owner)

    Dilly dilly! Jillybean is your new bestie! Like omg it’s so much fun and I love gardening lol it’s like my Instagram sport lol u don’t know insta sport well if u don’t know now u know lol! I smoke weed with my HOTT bf and we totally eat cinnamon roles and rob my mom’s purse. wutever it’s so much fun buying seeds.

  29. Drew Forest (verified owner)

    I love sour weed and I love jelly beans so I thought why not get the best of both worlds and buy the jillybean strain online with Pacific? Got myself a beautiful yield, bigger and better than I expected and let me tell ya, these plants just get HUGE! I am super excited about having my own homegrown herb in the house, definitely worthwhile!

  30. hulihuli chicken (verified owner)

    Jillybean is a sweet and sour strain with a hot dose sativa to get you feeling hot and hoppy as the day goes by! I smoke this before I leave the house in the morning. Gets me real stoned and I love the way it makes all the colors on my bike ride to work super bright and saturated. I always feel like I can work and concentrate better on this weed and definitely recommend buying some if you like a powerful weed!

  31. nicolai (verified owner)

    In these troubling times, we all need a little pick me up. Jillybean has been that answer for me. I am so glad I ordered these last year and harvested just in time for stay at home to take place. I don’t mind quarantine all that bad. It’s going pretty well for me actually. I smoke this mj most afternoons for a little energy and mood boost, then I mellow down with a heavier indica in the evening. Pretty exciting to have my own mj at home!

  32. Wolfman Jack (verified owner)

    Yum yum yum, if marijuana was a candy it would be this amazing strain! It’s super sweet and a little sour and grows really well in an indoor setting. I love growing mj, have been doing so for nearly 10 years, but I am a first-timer with PSB and I was really wowed by their huge online selection. Easy ordering and fast delivery…even germination was easy. Great genetics on these seeds and a wonderful mind buzz that’s great any time of day. Give it a whirl and you’ll see!

  33. StickyRice (verified owner)

    This stuff is pretty wicked awesome! I love the way this stuff makes me feel, it’s super bright and happy and relaxed and helps me deal with depression and anxiety. I finally got my greenhouse all set up and this weed does AMAZING out there and I am super proud of it! I love the way it grows and has this strong fruity smell to it, it’s like an early Xmas gift to myself, what a world!

  34. Tina Jones (verified owner)

    I’ve had great experience ordering online with Pacific and this one is no exception. Seeds arrived fast and all 3 of them germinated beautifully. Got 3 nice tall healthy plants and they all produced a ton of nug. Very sweet flavor to this weed, a little sour too. Helps me relax and unwind at the end of work, and gives me a little creative energy so I can do my artwork too. I am pretty happy about this stuff, I’ll be back!

  35. franklin clark (verified owner)

    This is some strong, fruity weed, has some amazing flavors, it’s kinda like smoking candy, but it gets you really high! I love the delicious vibes and the tasty smoke. It’s great for anxiety and depression and feels just perfect when it comes to socializing with friends and family. I love to pack a joint and pass this around. Great grow, especially if you’ve got the room indoors!

  36. Keagan Barclay (verified owner)

    This is some delicious herb! I really loved the sweet and delicious taste and smell of this weed. A real treat to grow, and super easy to do. I got a great space in my backyard and my 3 plants fit perfectly. I dig the buzz, very mellow and euphoric. I’ll be back for more seeds for sure!

  37. Mia O. (verified owner)

    This is some seriously relaxing weed, and very easy to grow indoors. Lucky enough to have a greenhouse on my property and have been growing mj for years, so nice to have a new variety! It’s super gorgeous bud too, with HUGE green nugs and orange pistils. Very relaxing stuff, not hard to get addicted to it, so watch out!

  38. Laurel P. (verified owner)

    Tasty stuff, better than candy and gets you really high! This was a very enjoyable grow and I got a nice 300 gram harvest, not bad for my first try at growing mj. The selection online at PSB is amazing and it was hard for me to choose just one strain, plus the seeds shipped out really fast and reliably. I got all 3 of them to germinate! The plants get really big and they smell super sweet and delicious. Definitely worth a go!

  39. Jay Q. (verified owner)

    (In my Mr. Burns voice): Exxxxxxcellent! My first experience with growing marijuana and it totally came out great. My sister and I were so frustrated over the lack of pot in town that we bought seeds from this site and damn if they didn’t grow into some superfine happy weed! We germinated them like it says in the germination guide on the site and grew them in the backyard. I was worried about nosy neighbors but nobody ever said anything and now we’ve got ounces and ounces of this sweet sweet ganja. Ahhhhhhh.

  40. Antonio S. (verified owner)

    I’ve been recovering from surgery and have had a lot of pain and anxiety as a result from the whole thing. Jillybean has been a godsend to my recovery. Just a few hits and my mood brightens. (Some) of my aches and pains dissolve, and it helps me not care about the others. If you’re a medical user and your looking for something medical I would highly recommend this strain.

  41. Wyatt A. (verified owner)

    The flavor of this cannabis is uncannily like jelly beans! It’s literally like smoking candy, it’s rad. I like the balance of sativa and indica leaning towards sativa, it’s a good weed for relaxing or being up and at it, it really fits whatever mood. So this was my first time growing indoors and it was a great experience overall, the plants stayed pretty small and I only needed some minor trimming to get a hefty yield. Good strain all around!

  42. Rowan J. (verified owner)

    My friend told me I could grow this outside and he was right – it grew bushy and dense and strong! Very happy with it. I live in So Cal, so the conditions here are perfect for this strain of cannabis. Love Jillybean always, such a sweet, tasty treat. It makes my brain high but also uplifts my whole body in such a cool way. Great mj for focus, I worked on a home project for hours after smoking this weed. Happy with my order.

  43. Joel K. (verified owner)

    These are great party favors! From the fruity smell, to the pretty array of colors, to the incredible smell … adults should get hooked on this instead of candy! I also felt energized after smoking the Jillybean strain, so I’ll have to stick with it. The seeds came quickly, in about six days, and they took about 50 days to grow in my tiny greenhouse.

  44. Sophia K (verified owner)

    TOtally tastes like jelly beans! Love the fruity flavor. Got lots of weed of fmy plants. The high was a good pick-me-up. Smoked with my friends and we had a great night rolling joints. Felt giddy and happy and overall great sense of well-being. They should prescribe this instead of anti-depressants! Took a couple months to grow, pretty average. Can’t wait to grow again. Fast shipping, great price!

  45. Bria T. (verified owner)

    Super easy! I can’t believe I never grew my own weed before. It’s like the easiest, cheapest thing in the world and you get so much mj! Not sure I’m ever going to buy from a dispensary again, haha. I haven’t tried that many strains yet but I really like Jillybean. It’s a nice hybrid that makes you feel giggly and happy, which what I like to smoke weed for — good feels. Would recommend this one if you like feeling good and cheerful.

  46. Tracy T. (verified owner)

    Seriously some of the best tasting/smelling weed in the entire world! First time ordering online with Pacific and super fast delivery. Grew in my tiny backyard greenhouse and had literally huge plants and almost 400 G! Nice buzz all around, I swear I can’t stop giggling and laughing when I smoke this stuff! Great to share with friends or pass around at a party, I tell ya! You’ll be a hit, and everyone will want to know what smells like a candy store! They’ll love you even more when they find out it’s weed!!!

  47. Cristina F. (verified owner)

    OMG, soooo yummy! For a sweet, candy-like taste, I think nothing is better than jillybean mj! I don’t even have that much of a sweet tooth, but I have to admit that these are the best when you’re in the mood for suger, but don’t want those empty calories! Also, the high is way tight, you can literally feel lifted throughout your entire body. I don’t have pain, but I imagine if you did, this would be legit treatment. I love jillybean, want more jillybean now!!

  48. Ida L. (verified owner)

    Love those mj strains with a good mix of THC and CBD and jellybean is like the best. I have pretty bad anxiety and jillybean soothes me like nothing else. Also, it is such a beauteous weed, purple and green with lots of shining crystals. Grew this outside because I learned it likes a warm environment and where I am, in the dessert, it did great. Very happy with my purchase.

  49. Leo R. (verified owner)

    This weed is seriously the most fun I have ever had growing or smoking anywhere. Grew in my greenhouse, and had a ton of success, it smells like a candy factory and smokes like one too LOL, I love the taste of this bud, it really does taste like Pez or Smarties and it never fails to make me giggle and smile for hours, I love to smoke this and take a walk through the woods, what a treat!

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