Wondering what the stars have to say about your choice in weed? Could there be a perfect marijuana strain out there to suit your zodiac sign? Humans have been charting and admiring the stars for thousands of years. The ancient practice of astrology can help guide us in matters of love, careers, personal growth, and anything else in life. Find the right strain of cannabis for your star sign below!

Zodiac Sign

The Fire Zodiac Sign

The Fire signs are often portrayed as passionate, quick-tempered, and energetic individuals. Those born under this astrological alignment are as quick to anger as they are to forgive and forget, and have a natural ability to motivate and engage with others. For hot-headed, hyperactive fire signs, we recommend our indica dominant strains. These relaxing strains will help overexerted fire signs achieve some much-needed chill.

The first sign in the Zodiac astrology chart, Aries is also the first fire sign. Those fiery individuals born under the sign of the ram are known for their competitive nature, confidence, and sense of adventure. Aries make for feisty lovers, and their dynamic personalities make them natural leaders in almost every situation. For this outgoing sign, we recommend a calming indica strain, like our White Fire OG Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This strain can help Aries achieve relaxation and a sense of calm, the one thing they can’t seem to get by sheer will.

Those born under the sign of the lion are blessed with natural good looks and unnaturally high self-esteem. Outgoing, assertive Leos are the second fire sign in the chart, and these vibrant individuals are known to have a flair for the dramatic. To help Leo achieve some much needed calm and balance to their fiery personalities, we recommend an-indica dominant hybrid like our Shiatsu Kush Feminized Marijuana Seeds. Leos will find natural relaxation and a deep sense of calm from this strain, which is essential to help these lions recharge and regroup in preparation for the next big thing.

The most amicable of all the fire signs, those born under the mythical centaur are a kinder, gentler type of fire sign. Unlike their more aggressive and dominant kin, Sagittarius is known for their down-to-earth, gregarious, and humorous outlook on life. Sagittarius are often optimistic and generous, making them successful in nearly all interpersonal relationships. For this final and more mellow fire sign, we recommend our White Gold Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This indica-dominant hybrid can provide a moderate calming effect that any Sagitarrius can easily appreciate.

Zodiac Sign

The Earth Zodiac Sign

Earth signs often get a bad rap for being boring, but these unpretentious and down-to-earth (literally) signs help ground the rest of the zodiac in the realm of the planet we call home. Realistic and practical, earth signs are also highly in tune with their emotions, and often have untapped wells of creativity within them. We recommend our uplifting sativa-dominant strains to help earth signs reach their personal and creative potential.

The first earth sign, Taurus’ are known for their strong-willed and stubborn personalities. Those born under the sign of the bull are dependable and know how to get stuff done. Although somewhat reserved, their natural tendencies towards both practicality and creativity make them efficient leaders and valuable collaborators. To help Taurus’ hone their creativity and come out of their shell, we recommend our Strawberry Diesel Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This sativa-dominant strain provides enhanced focus and helps boost creativity to help Taurus realize their talents and ambitions.

Those born under the sign of the virgin are natural caretakers and are well equipped to become doctors, nurses, teachers, or social workers. Their naturally gentle and nurturing personalities are balanced by analytical minds, and their ability to read others helps them to use their skills to the best of their ability. Virgos make great romantic partners as well as parents, as this sign feels a need to be needed. To help Virgo make the most out of their self-care and cannabis use, we recommend a sativa-dominant strain like our Dutch Dragon Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This strain provides energy and focus for a zodiac sign who never slows down.

Capricorns are all business, and this earth sign is well known for their serious nature and commitment to self-discipline. The most stoic and serious sign in the zodiac, those born under the sign of the goat are tenacious and independent and are skilled in the art of getting what they want. Capricorns crave security and are often highly successful in their careers. To help our Capricorns achieve some much-needed chill, we recommend our CBD MediHaze Feminized Marijuana Seeds. These strains are high in CBD and low in THC, so Capricorns can get some relaxation without forfeiting control.

Zodiac Sign

The Air Zodiac Sign

Air signs are the most social and personable of all the zodiac signs. These individuals thrive in relationships of all sorts and are skilled in the arts of communication and conversation. Their friendly nature and analytical minds serve as an asset to these signs, who often find themselves in positions of mentorship or conflict resolution. For air signs, we recommend hybrid strains that can help them relax without feeling too introspective.

Those born under the sign of the twins are naturally curious and are often highly expressive in their mannerisms and actions. Gemini is the first air sign in the zodiac, and the twins represent versatility as well as duality. While Geminis can be prone to superficiality, many use their dual nature to their advantage, helping them to see both sides of a situation and making them skilled mediators. To help Geminis achieve balance in their dualistic nature, we recommend our Double Tangie Banana Feminized Marijuana Seeds. This hybrid strain can help Gemini unwind without inhibiting their curiosity and thoughtfulness.

Often symbolized by the ancient Greek depiction of Themis holding the scales of Justice, Libras are renowned for their sense of fairness and their diplomatic nature. Those born under the sign of the scales may find themselves in positions where their natural inclination towards justice and equality are put to use, including work in legal aid, international relations, or journalism. For our Libras, we recommend Obama Kush Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds, named after one of America’s most fair-minded and diplomatic presidents. This strain can help Libra take their mind off of the news and get some much needed R&R.

Unconventional and uncompromising, Aquarians are known for their originality and strong A-type personalities. This sign is so committed to their brand of subversive originality, they’ve even claimed a watery sounding name in spite of not being a water sign. The last air sign, Aquarians would say that the best was saved for last. Those born under this enigmatic sign often find themselves at work in the creative field. We recommend a wild and unconventional strain for this equally wild sign; Alaskan Thunder Fuck Feminized Marijuana Seeds. With a high THC content, this strain will help Aquarius slow down while focusing their creative energy.

Zodiac Sign

The Water Zodiac Sign

Water signs are deeply emotional and sensitive beings. Scorpio and Pisces individuals are known for their intensity and air of mystery. These secretive signs are fiercely loving and loyal, once you break past their enigmatic exterior. As deep and profound as the ocean itself, those born under a water sign will want to seek a hybrid strain to help them achieve balance in their mind and bodies. 

Those born under the sign of the crab are known for their compassionate nature and their tendency towards sentimentality and are often protective of others who are close to them. These summertime signs make fierce and formidable friends and romantic partners. 

Scorpios are known for their dramatic and charismatic personalities, and those born under the sign of the scorpion often love to be the center of attention. These resourceful water signs make fearsome entrepreneurs and skilled performers. The second water sign on the zodiac sun chart, Scorpios should look for a moderate hybrid strain to help them blow off steam without losing their trademark edge. We recommend our Misty Kush Autoflowering Feminized Marijuana Seeds. Moderate THC content and ability to provide this moody sign with the relaxing vibes they need to make this strain perfect for tightly wound Scorpios.

Those born under the sign of the fishes are often deeply sensitive and highly in tune with their creative side. Pisces may come off as aloof to strangers, but form intense bonds with those closest to them, especially romantic partners. Their exceptional creativity can lead to success in artistic endeavors, although a propensity for daydreaming can get in the way. The third water sign, Pisces should look for a balanced hybrid strain to help them decompress and manage emotional turmoil. We recommend our Black Tuna Feminized Marijuana Seeds for deep relaxation to help this tumultuous sign achieve inner peace.

Strains and Stars Forever

Water, Fire, Earth, and Air signs all have their own unique personality traits and individual preferences. While these star sign markers can help provide us with insight about ourselves and others, it’s important to remember that there are several other contributing factors that go into your birth chart, including moon, sun, and planet positions. Consulting with an astrologist can give you deeper understanding into your own star chart, and help you find even more cannabis strains to benefit your sign.

Try our zodiac sign suggested strains today, and let us know in the comments if you enjoy our recommendations! 

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